Friday, January 28, 2011

Ravalli County: many firsts

Ravalli County can be proud: they are un-knowingly the first to do some very unjust things:

1) Allow a law student to practice law although violated constitutional rights.  This is the first time in United States history perhaps the world where this has happened.
[no one is astounded, ashamed, humiliated, or contrite--like a negligent car crash--keep going]
                                                                 Angela B. Wetzsteon
                                   Prosecutor, Ravalli County Attorny Office, Hamilton, Montana
The FIRST law student to practice law without a license, without supervision.  If you or I did that, or violated a court order, we would be in the just depends who you are in Montana. No laws, no rights, no justice, no rhyme or reason, just the ignorant hateful people with group mentality.

2) The clerk of Court for the State Judicial District "unfiled" a pleading before the court; by white-out and red pen over the filed stamp.  The best part was acting on behalf of a judge without a signature.

Like the Schlitz Beer commercials--IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!!

3) Ravalli County lost 4 of its detainees in 2005 under the close watch, and Hollywood tears of Sheriff Chris Hoffman who was not sure he was going to run for office, but did so in 2006 and 2010.

4) First President declared wildfire in the year 2000 that brought down the south county timber and made lots of match sticks to look at now.

5) We house the City that does not legally exist, Hamilton, MT.

6) Crime to sit peacefully on public property, convicted to jail with United States flag over courthouse.

Visit the State of Montana soon, just don't ask the Highway Partolman if they got a test score, or if they had probable cause for taking your greenbacks.  We are a territory without a Constitution or a conscience.  Come see Yogi bear in Jellystone Park, just give up your rights at the Montana boarder.