Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creating jobs--State of Montana

The State Legislature is in session in 2011 and is charged with helping the State create jobs.

While the individual legislature members don't get it, some people in the state really do.  We need to stop targeting our own within our 48th ranked justice system.  We need to legitimize our law enforcement with a mission of public service instead of abuse, rape, and maliciousness (these have all been documented, attempted with mute response to our congressmen and the 44th President).

When our accident rate is highest in the nation, do employers want to come to Montana?  Absolutely not.  The remoteness, and the length of travel to come and go, and the climate make it hard enough.  What happens when the legal climate, the high rate of lawsuits that drive potential investors away?  Schweitzer, Bullock all know these figures, and data yet prefer to continue with blinders on.

So who is actually stopping the progress of the state?  Our own justice system officials, and chief executive Brian Schweitzer.  It gets worse when the Attorney General refuse to 1) obey laws, rules, and constitutional rights of Americans who live in Montana, and 2) oversight groups like the Office of Disciplinary Counsel from the Montana Bar, and the Montana Judicial Commission do nothing more than pat each other on the back. We are destroying Montana's future by not upholding any standards that foster economic growth.

Montana residents get more desperate for work, more desperate to get more done on the farm, desperate to make visible progress at work to avoid getting laid off, which result in more accidents.  Accidents lead to personal injury lawsuits.  Lawsuits scare off industry and viable business interests in Montana.

Reputation of law enforcement in Montana

The reputation of our law enforcement, and judicial officials are getting far ahead of Americans who live outside Montana who decide to reside, or vacation within the state.  The justifiable police shooting in Hamilton, Montana is a top video on the Internet.  As much as we think we operate in a wonderful vacuum, our actions are having very drastic implications that this state may never overcome.

Will the current judicial "generation"walk away and leave the bits for the "survivors" who dare stay in a state without a future?  We look for economic causes of our downturn, and they are far removed from the drop in tourism (although our "reputation" doesn't help).  The arrogance in the State of Montana will also be its downfall: we have some very bad habits which will not ever convert to jobs, investment, and viable future.  Montana will remain in decline until we reform our justice system, reduce the accident rate, and stop abusive governments which prey upon its own people, outside established constitutional rights to unlawfully fill its coffers.  A new way of looking at prosperity starts at established practices in the State of Montana.