Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spreadbury's Retirees

This post will list the political, and corporate Retirees that probably were not expecting to lose their job so soon.  Michael Spreadbury's goal was not hatchet man in Montana, these were the political casualties of getting in his way, and Montana actors acting unethically in Hamilton MT.  If you try to correct the corruption, you will be destroyed.

1.  Montana State Librarian
Darlene Staffeldt--did not uphold Montana library mission, hold library accountable, has hypocritical about applying policy equally in Montana.  She was most unhelpful about library rights.
Photo of Darlene in this post:

2.  Bitterroot Public Library Director
Gloria Langstaff--charged trespassing on public property, rejected Montana US President Letter.  This library director attempted to use the Hamilton Police force to harass patrons.  The best payback is the $510,000 loss of funding to BPL each year, approximately $2M since 2009.  As the Montana US President letter is read on every continent on Earth, viewers now know it was banned from the Bitterroot Public Library too.  A true world famous library.

warned re: trespass on public property

3.  Hamilton MT City Attorney
Ken Bell--accessed NCIS database hundred of times without being sworn attorney, charged/prosecuted peaceful assembly on public property.  Entered civil courtroom as city attorney, misconduct.  Municipal fraud in re: Bitterroot Public Library insurance coverage for their civil rights lawsuit .  Ken Bell resigned his contract as Hamilton City Attorney prior to its term.

Ken Bell, on far L: on City Council without incorporation: Hamilton MT
courtesy of not a legitimate government
charging for utility base rate for "air" for no water use.
4.  Ravalli Co. Attorney
George Corn--the reason for the Montana US President letter or civil rights violations.  Mr Corn has destroyed many lives over 20 years and I bet he wishes he never attempted to mess with my life.  Thats right George Corn I own your name on the internet. [  ]

Corn with the Montana Governor who threatened my livelihood
Steve Bullock courtesy of his AG bid in 2008--see below for more.
George Corn in tie and egotistical grin as his public duties ended shortly after.

5.  Lee Enterprises Publisher
Stacey Mueller lied to Lee Counsel, almost imprisoned for false sworn statement to Fed. judge.  Back to 2006 several editors and the prior publisher at Missoula & Hamilton ousted by whisleblowing.  Lee Enterprises still thinks it is a crime to peacefully assmeble on public property.

Note: Lee decided a new publisher was necessary within a week of the Angela Wetzsteon alias issue was published on

6.  University of Montana Chief Counsel
David Aronofsky--admitted Law Students commit felony crime of impersonation at UM Law.

7.  Two consecutive MHP Commanders
Paul Grimstad--did not investigate felony/injury hit and run accident in Hamilton, MT
Mike Tooley--did not give national test results to MHP recruits 11/15/08
see affidavit in this post:

Montana Dept. of Justice


8.  Max Baucus US Senator
gave money to Lee to defame Spreadbury (opinion), drunk behavior, did not help civil rights.  Oh, and that ugly stint at the University of Montana covering up FELONY crime with US Presidential appointment by the Montana Hero, Jim Messina formally the Deputy Chief of Staff for Obama.  Former Senator Baucus gave $1.7M to the worst ranked law school: Montana Law.
Baucus was exiled to China to uphold Montana Coal sales.                        
he is in the white shirt.                       


9.  Chief Public Defender Montana
Randi Hood--failed to answer written complaint for 1 yr.  These archives were more powerful than the regional "newspaper".  Our blog removed Ms. Hood within 10 days, Missoulian article did not.
see Bitterroot Rising archive 238 pages

Randi Hood via Missoulian and Bitterroot Rising

10.  Former Deputy Chief of Staff--Obama
exposed Jim Messina for confidential leaker, swiping letter to Obama about civil rights.  He was booted from the Obama Administration due to the University of Montana Law school crimes.  He is presently attempting to elect Hillary Clinton as President.

11.  Audit of NIH Rocky Mountain Labs
Marshall Bloom--scientific fraud of noise emissions, known fraud of sound contractor endangering
public.  That and no Federal Firestation at Rocky Mountain Labs where the most dangerous substances known to man on earth are studied, but Americans in Montana are "fair game".
This video shows dangerous accident at RML
that I whistleblew to NIH

12.  PHS Officer Kelly Hudson
mastermind of federal law violations at RML, and knowingly endangering public in violation of his public health (miltary) oath.  A hubris filled "person" who cared not for others.  Hudson was removed as construction project officer due to our information.  NIH continued to violate laws, public trust.
[Who is laughing now Mr. Hudson?]

The Dangerous People at NIH:

This however has not stopped the NIH bastards and thier love of looking in microscopes while creating Low Frequency Noise in Hamilton MT with infectious agents and next to no protection.
house destroyed in Hamilton MT for a NIH parking lot
13.  University of Montana Law School Dean (second)

U of MT
This Dean has not aged well since this 2009 file photo--corruption doesn't pay.
and has been assigned an Ethics text so Montana law grads will abide by something.

Although Dean Irma Russell has submitted her resignation April 3, 2013 she was a domino from David Aronofsky admitting third year law students in Montana practice unsupervised (a felony crime).  My letter of May 3, 2013 implicates the law school and Russell on the UM rape crisis reported by CNN and investigated by the US Justice Dept.  Problems began by protecting 2008 grad Angela Wetzsteon's  2007 solo practice by Montana Governor and former White House staff.
Angela Wetzsteon and Irma Russell Video
[practicing law without a license]

more on Angela Wetzsteon:

14. The Honorable Chee Burnsides
New Mexico newspaper
Chee Burnsides WAS a Ravalli County Deputy and appointed Judge.  He made the mistake of sentencing me to 3 days detention without supporting Montana Code.  I looked up the past history of this public official finding a false sworn statement in 2004 to become a police officer, and a killing of someone in his lawful custody in Williams AZ in 2006.  That, and his desire to become a lawyer so badly that he paid website TWICE to list him as a lawyer; problem was Chee Burnsides did not have a Bachelors degree, or JD.  This blog helped:

 Honorable mentions & special tribute of counting coup:

1.  Michael King, Tort Division Montana Attorney General
LA Law episode as Michael Spreadbury won oral argument re: student unsupervised practice.  Attorneys and friends thought I worked for the AG office, not Mr. King.

2. Partners of Boone Karlberg PC Missoula
LA law episode of oral argument, written brief of public information disclosure, protecting a librarian using public funds from the unincorporated city of Hamilton, MT.
--these unlawful executives liked to tamper my mail (just for fun).

proof that laywers have no fear

Here is the brief that killed Boone Karlberg PC

3. The Most Honorable Donald W. Malloy US District Court Judge
protecting the unauthorized, unsupervised practice of a law student who clinic-ed at his court, and with conflict as paid advisory board for the University of Montana.  The judge resided in Tuscon AZ as he replaced Judge Roll killed there for a short time.  Notice the scum yet?

4.  Scott Burke, CEO First Security Bank Missoula MT
Scott Burke decided to give false and defamatory information to the Montana Div. of Banking and Financial Institutions, and covered up discrimination and mistreatment at FSB in Montana.

5. Montana Probation Supervisor Kristina Bessenyey
I was assigned to Kristina Bessenyey after speaking in public became Felony Intimidation in Montana. Ms Bessenyey harassed me, broke many policies, then decided to enter my house without "reasonable suspicion" when all she had to to was make up a reason.  Ms. Bessenyey is now an administrator, not allowed out of the building after this was taped:

video was translated into 9 languages in 30 days
has over 3000 views.
6. Hamilton Police Chief Ryan Oster
Ryan Oster is a wonder as a police chief.  He covers up felony injury accidents, fails to investigate or disipline police officers, asks pre-trial inmates in the county jail to kill themselves, and tells customers not to return to stores although nothing had gone wrong.  Oster went to the FBI academy, and as his resignation letter states, he merely doodled in class:

Here I am asking the City Council to do something, but the stupid white people just stared at me:

7. The State of Montana
photo taken Feb. 13, 2009
local law enforcement intimindated employer, promoted.
After making the Documentary:, promoting the letter to Obama asking for Civil rights, then issuing travel advisories, and stating prior Boycotts of Montana, the international rape crisis at the University of Montana, viewers in the world are getting the message that Montana USA is no place to visit, spend vacations, send university students or retire.
Approximately 3,000 per month (100 per day) read my material about Montana USA
---and have been since 2009.
---people talk and share information with family, friends, and co-workers.
--LOSS: Missoula MT via University of Montana rapes lost $28M in 2012-2013.
--my material is read on every continent on EARTH.  Consistently.
Library Thing website for Pilkey's 2009 letter to Obama: 3.65M views
Travel Advisory from Montana Recreation Website
Roy P. Pilkey's 2009 letter to Obama [read on every continent on Earth]
8. Montana Governor Steve Bullock
In 2007 Steve Bullock, then working in the Montana Attorney General Office, (something he lied about initially) he threatened my job with FEMA and my house because I questioned the constitutionality of his county attorney George Corn [available:].  He tried to be a good criminal by just saying his name was Steve.  I asked how he planned on threatening me since I did not work in state, or in Ravalli County where I asked for oversight of the County Attorney.
"Do you like your job with FEMA, do you like your House?" --quote from Steve Bullock's threat to my livelihood (2007).
--this threat to livelihood against a federal officer should put Bullock in Jail for 18 USC 372 AND PREVIOUSLY 18 USC 242 for Civil Rights.
Steve Bullock then protected the agent of this threat, a Montana Law student by the name of Angela Wetzsteon '08 as she prosecuted solo on August 8, 2007 in Hamilton, MT.  Ms. Wetzsteon's dean Edwin Eck (now Attorney General Chief of Consumer Protection) got a presidential appointment so he would not discipline or disbar her.  Steve Bullock violated Montana Ethics Rule 5.5 by protecting Angela Wetzsteon [available:].
The presidential appointment has politically nullified the man who re-elected US President Obama, Jim Messina.  It was probably a factor in US Senator Max Baucus's decision to not seek re-election.
As the saying goes, what does not kill you only makes you stronger.  So as the current Governor of the State of Montana threatened my livelihood, it only made me stronger.
Dear Steve Bullock, Governor of Montana:
acting unethically, and covering up crime, not to mention threatening a citizen of Montana will stop you short of becoming anything outside the state of Montana.  Undoubtedly there is a FBI file on you, as your threats to me are contained in two (2) affidavits.  As you are "vetted" for a cabinet positon in the future, these unfortunate documents will show up.  If not this blog will.
Not to mention the zero possiblility of re-election of Governor in Montana
Arrogance and abuse of public power does not pay Governor Bullock.
Shame on you for stealing the Zyprexa settlement from the Montana Elderly in 2007.
[none of the victims were mentally ill].
All thats left for you is the corrupt and broken state of Montana, which world viewers are seeing is not a place to send university students, retire, or vacation.
As Montana falters becasue of direct action of Montana Governor Steve Bullock, I am at peace knowing I spoke the truth, and he probably wont advance politically due to his misconduct.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boycott Montana dont VISIT

Northwest States Boycott: Wolf Hunt & Civil Rights
In response to the Wolf Hunt in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming several animal groups are proposing a BOYCOTT of these states, and products such as Beef, Idaho Potatoes, and Leather.

Notwithstanding the wolf situation in the northwest, Americans do not have rights in Montana. Americans do not have constitutional rights in the 48th ranked state for justice, Montana (of 48).
LIVE demonstration
No rights in Montana


unlawful search, unlawful entry Montana style: without Constitutional rights.
The right to speak, the right to assemble, right to equal protection is replaced with the right to go to jail, and law enforcement abuse your rights further (cruel punishments). Excessive bails are levied, which created 4 suicides in the Ravalli County Detention Center in one was charged, fired, and no one was awarded a significant wrongful death award.
Boycott Montana due to no rights!
here, no right to enter public property, have right to enter library outside Montana Law.

Right to speak charged with FELONY CRIME in Montana!

It is wonderful that so many Americans feel passionate about a species other than their own. Wolves are a natural predator, are pretty to look at, and if their hunt inspires Americans to boycott Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming in a time of limited tourism [Montana's ranking source of income] it might well have an impact.

Here is a wolf petition (we get thrown in jail for petitioning our government in Montana).

Defenders of the US Constitution get thrown in jail, livelihoods destroyed in Montana. This is the only reason why I support the Boycott against Montana, only for Constitutional reasons.

So if you love the Stars and Stripes, and what is left of America, please hear this call: we have no rights in Montana, our US District Judge Donald Malloy does not uphold the US Constitution, although he tried to protect the wolves as endangered.  Judge Donald W. Malloy is now in Tuscon AZ after he protected a law student (Angela Wetzsteon) who practiced unsupervised in Montana:
US Judge Donald W. Malloy on Montana Law School Board of Visitors
(protected a law student who attended clinic in his district)
US District Judge Malloy is center balding.
Angela Wetzsteon was protected by Malloy, Obama staff, the Montana Governor

Why Americans have to dis-associate and go crazy about animals is beyond me. Dealing with the Inhumane group of New Hampshire was just that--inhumane.

When a decision needs to be made about human rights vs. animal rights some of the animal people are just simply not taking in new information. Intelligence means changing your views when information creates no choice other than a shift in position. Americans need something to believe in, some have "blind faith" in something that does not talk back: animals.

Coming from an American in Montana, I support the wolf boycott, but only due to no human rights, nor constitutional rights in Montana. The Legislative rider overriding US Judge Malloy troubles me, only due to my Congressmen, my President ignoring the suffering of Americans in Montana, when queried. There is no America left when our rights are gone; even to petition Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming about a wolf hunt.

If wolves is your thing, great. I back the US Constitution, and cannot bear the suffering and death of Americans I have encountered in Montana. The wolf boycott will shed light on the justice issues Montana faces, not just with its wolf hunt. Our documentary is "Beneath the Beauty" available at [proceeds go to the cost of production].

The first African American US President ignored our pleas for civil and constitutional rights for Montana (as did the Congressmen). Americans are supporting wolves, what about rights?

The economy in Montana IS contingent on tourism. Please stay away from Montana, for your own safety from Grizzly attack, violation of rights, and to support your wolf advocacy.
Montana Governor needed in chains:

Helena, Montana
October 14, 2011
at Montana Capitol building NOON-2PM
[look out Montana--real economic boycott from a national & international audience]

Predator Defense Press Release about Montana Action:

[name your reason, there are many.]
US Traveler advisory to stay out of Montana---by the Montana Recreation website (recnmontana)
The Montana Attorney General website also issues a travel advisory to foreign and US travelers.
Boycott Montana for unsafe, unlawful practices
story copied from, although I am original author, and editor here.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ravalli County Montana

This letter was published on Wednesday April 17, 2013 by the Bitterroot Star Weekly available at  The letter is not available online due to the Editor saving me from defamation from the knuckledragger mentality, and the criminal conspiracy of the government actors which includes the Ravalli Co. Sheriff Office.  My phones continue to be monitored although I have never committed a crime, nor ever will.

Its scared officials violating the #1 Criminal priority of the US Justice Department, and being caught at the criminal game they've played since 1893--120 years.

True Freedom continued.

I’d like to answer the letter on true freedom from April 10, 2013.  It loosely defined freedom when a person takes responsibility for themselves, their property, and accepts the societal repercussions for their actions.  The author stated if Hamilton & Ravalli Co. were illegitimate government then the people must rebuild and shape a lawful government to better serve the people.  My question asks which is more dangerous: A group of people making believe the Government doesn’t exist (Freemen) or a group of people pretending they are the government (Hamilton & Ravalli Co. governments)?

Incorporation paperwork for a Montana municipality is required to be available for public inspection, yet currently absent for Hamilton, and worse: publically claiming a year after the county was formed.  Every county in Montana is required to have a legitimate seat; Ravalli Co. presently is out of compliance with Montana law, and cannot continue without this requirement.

To the people so inclined to create a lawful government, this power is vested to you in the Montana Constitution Art. I s.1: “All political power is vested in and derived from the people. All government of right originates from the people, is founded by their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole.” Section 2 states the people may alter, or abolish government whenever they deem it necessary.  Montana statutes for municipal incorporation give specific instruction for procedure: a census, petition, notice of election, defining municipal boundary, and other instructions that anyone can follow.

As I read common letters from the Bitterroot Star (County Planning Board, public meeting notice, public information) these problems would be eliminated as a lawful government would uphold these laws, and other requirements instead of finding ways that suit a group (commissioners) or an individual (county attorney).  Current City of Hamilton, Montana residents can decide the future of their City, and whether to provide a county seat, or to revert to its annexed status as a Missoula County outpost.  A newly created municipality can create a new county at the people’s direction as vested with that power in the Montana Constitution.

 We cannot continue the same old tradition of taxing the people, and forcing a criminal “mill” which includes 15 police officers as a city of 4,000 that dictates 4; unsworn, unlicensed prosecutors, in a locked compound investigating mostly fiction of their own making.  Do 12-15 felonies occur every week in “Ravalli County”?  Watch the 21st District Court Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9am and see the mill for yourself.  The 2005 suicides did not evoke a radical change of attitude: both county Judges are still on their respective benches, and mistreatment in the infamous Ravalli County Detention Center (RCDC) has not improved, nor did Sheriff Hoffman keep his 2005 claim to the New York Times of not running for office again.
Families of Inmates who were lost in the RCDC
who later walked out on Sheriff Hoffman.
picture courtesy of Lee Enterprises and

I accept responsibility for sitting on public property, speaking in public without threat, writing with sidewalk chalk without threat, and protecting property. Ravalli County knowingly failed to protect from a life threatening situation, ignored evidence, put a law student “prosecutor” in a courtroom, and made these normal acts into sensational criminal acts with the help of a “newspaper”. 

Lee Enterpirses--a paper that criminalizes protected activity
like assembling on public property. 

The real question becomes: when is the denial, the vilification (see NAZI psychology) and the void by local government not serving the people going to drive people to form government units that comply with Montana law?  As imposter local governments [City Seal:1894; County Seal:1893 FAIL] accept municipal funds from the public, they are engaged in municipal fraud and may get removed from their public office.

Local city and county governments can seal any person’s fate by use of tampered evidence, or other unlawful process (violation of right) condoned by every public official in Hamilton, and Ravalli Co.  A touted candidate for Mayor, a former County Commissioner ignored responsibility for the Ravalli Co. Road Department; the people paid for an unnecessary lawsuit that could have been avoided.  We deserve sworn public officials unwilling to comply with the Ravalli lawlessness, who listen to the will of the people which may include dissolving all government in this area, or alter the current government for true freedom.
The Montana US President Letter about Ravalli County can be read at:
we asked for civil rights from the first African president.....and ignored.

To see how a law student in Ravalli County can prosecute without a license or sworn see:

A travel advisory is issued for American travelers to Montana.  All foreign nationals are also advised to stay away from the State of Montana by the Montana Attorney General Website:

The Montana Recreation (recnmontana) website also says stay out of Montana:

Monday, April 15, 2013

First Security Bank SUCKS

Warning customers and future customers about bank practices of First Security Bank in Montana. Victim of Bank error, abuse, discrimination and poor service. If you value your assets, you will bank elsewhere.

Monday, April 15, 2013

First Security Bank Missoula, Montana

What I like the most about First Security Bank in Montana is their denial. It is similar to the University of Montana denial as the NCAA, US Justice Dept., CNN, and a world audience came to see the mentality of ignorant, stupid white people who by definition cannot even see their mistakes. The non-prosecution of rapes on the University of Montana has cost the area MILLIONS of dollars.

First Security Bank will have impacts due to the World understanding (they are not ignorant) that Montana was ranked last for justice by the US Justice Department. The University of Montana Law school is also ranked last by US News and world report. What does this tell you?

1704 Dearborn        
Missoula, MT 59801       
(406) 728-3115

this is their Orange St. @ Broadway location

Executives in Montana: Scott Burke of First Security Bank in Missoula (FSBMSLA) Montana will never take responsibility of abuse being dished out to customers. What First Security Bank also does not realize is that even if the Montana Banking Commission "saves" them from acting with discrimination, the public who is not attenting UM Missoula, and reading the internet see for themselves that stupid white people do no deserve their money from vacations, choice of college, and choice of Banking institution. Please keep reading about First Security Bank!

First Security Bank is snuggling up to other banks, online review sites to attempt to cover up their discrimination of customers. This "old boy network" has worked for Montana for decades, helping each other out, but First Security Bank thinks ignoring a problem makes it go away.

As I explained to Royce Engstrom, University of Montana president before the rape crisis that doing so would make the problem much worse....and looks like I was right. To the tune of millions of dollars away from the Missoula Community---which includes perspective customers from First Security Bank who should know better than to bank with stupid white people---who cover up misconduct at their bank......and think they can.

Discrimination at First Security Bank (FSB)

Ms. Sue Brown January 8, 2013

Human Resources First Security Bank

Missoula, MT 59801

CC: Sheryl Fisher, HR
RE: Discriminatory practices at Hamilton FSB branch.

UPDATE: The First Security Bank lied to the Montana Banking Commission about mistreatment, saying like a Bar, they have the right to refuse anyone. FAIR PLAY: consumers looking for bank accounts should stay away from First Security Bank (FSB) get on that horse symbol of theirs and ride well away from this bank.

"We reserve the right to refuse service if we make ignorant judgments of prospective customers....therefore please bank elsewhere."--The Management

Dear Ms. Brown,

I had left a message in HR yesterday morning about being denied access to a business account, and apparently this is so important to First Security Bank (FSB) that no contact was made by the bank. I tried again today, and again even the customer service employees at FSB could not reach their own in-house Human Resources Department.

The Human resources available at the Hamilton, MT branch are those bank officers at FSB willing to make judgments about prospective customers. I am taking the time to write this because I am sure FSB will continue to employ officers of this bank who wholeheartedly decide who should have an account with First Security Bank (FSB).

My prior business account was destroyed by these same officials who are employed by FSB in Hamilton in 2009. I paid more than $200 in fees for the Hamilton FSB error, something these apparently ignorant people felt would not be rectified by me three years ago.

I acquired the opportunity to work in Asia but needed a business account to successfully complete a project. Since I paid the FSB fees, and a period of three years had passed, my understanding was I could open a new account with First Security Bank in Hamilton, MT.

As I waited for all other customers to be serviced, or gossiped with by your accounts representative named Maggie, I was approached by Vice President Allen Hill of First Security Bank. I was informed I was a “charge-off” customer and the bank could not open an account. No computers were consulted, no phone calls made by any FSB official, including the Bank President Robert Whalen. The accounts representatives in Missoula told me very cavalierly that the computers in both banks obtain the same information; meaning the Hamilton FSB employees could have easily found out their judgment was false.

Last time I checked, I am not black, I don’t have leopard spots on my skin, and I was dressed professionally on the day in question in June of 2012. I also fully understand that women probably don’t have the same standing, and FSB will not take this seriously even though discrimination is a very bad idea at a bank who obtains FDIC insurance: read federal oversight.

Does FSB train its employees in its policies, or do employees and officers of FSB just judge people who come into its doors so to give FSB money via exuberant fees from their “free accounts”? While I freely admit, I told Mr. Hill I would Blog on this matter I have. More than [now 725] people have read and told friends about your bank practices at First Security Bank in Montana.

To be Honest, I have more faith in the general population than I have in FSB, or even the Montana Bank Commission. I was just wondering what a Human Resources person felt about the “resources” of FSB acting in such an appalling manner? I have faced several instances from FSB; what I would call unprofessional behavior. Your CEO’s in the Flathead are no better---they let this kind of behavior slide at FSB.

I had asked Mr. Hill to get someone on the phone, and explained that I had paid the (exuberant) fees. A slight bit of shock crossed his face as he repeated my speech that I paid the fees. Fees that FSB Hamilton stole from me, for that branch’s error. As the computers in Hamilton, and Missoula tell the same tale, this leaves the employees and officers in Hamilton who violated FSB bank Policy and Federal law. Why doesn’t FSB just do nothing as the public is aware?

How does a bank such as First Security Bank (FSB) acquire such human talent? Where does this bank find such judgmental employees? How does one company, First Security Bank have such disparity between offices? How is such a travesty allowed by a corporation such as Glacier Bancorp? Perhaps all outsiders who are not white old people known to these bank officers be treated with such disdain? How is Montana to increase its job force when a business is treated with such judgment?a

Read more about how First Security Bank sucks in Montana:

I don’t think Scott your bank CEO gives a crap, as long as he can afford a steak at the Montana Club, and play links in the climate weather. Perhaps Allen Hill will get a raise, and Maggie will continue to screw up royally as long as incompetent staff are above her. Remember all FSB branches represent the company, including Hamilton, MT.

So the real statement to be made here is that FSB embraces discriminatory behavior of its employees. The buck stops with its human resources, that would be you. As the disgusting, and non-lawful actions continue at your bank, the unknown supply of consumers will demand better service at a better rival bank, and hopefully will move their funds after hearing this account.

I am currently a proud credit union customer, and holder of two (2) business accounts at competitor banks. Never have I been treated as I have at FSB as described in 8-10 US States or several foreign countries. Please secure your bank with more professional employees.

Keep up the tremendous work, and don’t forget I documented the non-contact by FSB HR Dept.


Michael Spreadbury


First Security Bank FSB based in Missoula would rather give false statements to the banking commission in Helena than look at hard facts that they discriminate, their employees do not follow policy but the Montana Banking commission feel discrimination is called for.

"Its nothing new" said the Montana Banking Commission when provided evidence of being treated differently by FSB officials in Hamilton, MT. "Hire a lawyer" even though banking practices are in their mission statement in Montana.

Funny, I thought we pay for a banking commission in Montana to ensure sound banking practices. Apparently not in the case of First Security Bank (FSB).

First Security Bank would rather blame their customers, than treat them with respect.

First Security Bank in Montana would rather judge you than serve you.

First Security bank presidents would rather lie than deal with their own employees.

Fisrt Security Bank lost many customers when Citizens State Bank was bought out.

First Security Bank would rather blame customers for their own problems than deal with them well.

When did our society allow a bank like First Security Bank never be wrong?
When did First Security Bank think abusing its customers could be covered with published defamation.

First Security Bank is the Worst Bank that I have ever dealt with. Perhaps First Security Bank never heard the phrase "the customer is always right". The new phrase is First Security Bank is always right.

My assumption about First Security Bank was correct, Scott Burke does not give a crap about customer mistreatment, he is a small minded stupid individual just like his employees in Hamilton. Mr Scott Burke is stupid because he wrote defamation and false statements to the Montana Banking Commission.

The truth, as it happened is a threat to First Security Bank because its mangement or officers of the Hamilton branch did treat a member of the public differently, due to their own judgment which was entirely FALSE.

First Security Bank loves to charge excessive fees for their "Free Checking" and dont know how to handle it when someone actually pays the false charges. Please know if you are a business customer, that First Security Bank will judge you (most likely falsely) and be completely ignorant to their own policies at First Security Bank.

Unless you want to give your money away, do not start an account, and close your account with First Security Bank.

Free Checking at FSB

Free Checking to First Security Bank means THEY decide if you should have money in your account. Your assets are now First Security Bank.

FSB boasts free checking, but it comes with quite a cost. As a former customer, I can attest to loss of funds from an account from First Security Bank Montana error.

It quickly became my error. And my loss. And my credit loss.

UPDATE: First Security Bank CEO Scott Burke is considered a "visionary" for stealing business funds from companies in Montana and giving them to the Missoula Chamber.  This practice usually is reserved for criminals, and it was never visionary to steal other people's money.  It is not Scott Burke's money, its his customers or former customers like me who were disenfranchised from their funds by FSB Montana due to error, or not following policy.

If a customer of First Security Bank thinks this is security, or even the way a bank should handle things, please find a better bank than First Security Bank in Montana.

So...after this error, and payment of hundred of dollars of fees for FSB error, and three years go by. First Security Bank did not forget how terrible they treated me.

First Security Bank graduated to discrimination. You will be judged by stupid white people who are uneducated but love to hate their customers at FSB. Is this a place you want your business account, or your hard earned dollars....I should certainly hope not.

These bank employees seem to have trouble communicating with each other. When one person cuts a check to close account, another seems to think more money is owed. Idiocy I know, but those are the practices of First Security Bank in Montana. In a day of computerized account capture, even the telephone is too difficult to master of Vice Presidents of First Security Bank in Montana.

Again, is FSB a place where you want your funds?

The Montana banking commisison turned a blind eye to FSB and failed the Montana public.

Have you ever heard of a bank refusing to open a business account without checking ANY information whatsoever? This is First Security Bank's forte, and way of doing business.

Do you feel secure at how things are done at FSB?

The state informed me that FSB holds 100,000 accounts when there are 1 million people. The goal of this campaign is to reduce that number to 75,000 and/or get Scott Burke fired in Missoula.

Abusive, and discriminatory practices do not lend well for FSB to succeed in todays market. As FSB decides to limit the number of accounts allowed, this blog will certainly help First Security Bank achieve that goal.

While banking in the United States, I have never encountered the treatment of bank employees like FSB. Do not Bank with First Security Bank in Montana....

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Neighbors of RML Hamilton MT

This is one of my most fun, but most serious posts from 2011.  It was written with frustration with NIH scientists blowing off safety and the public they are supposed to serve.  The upshot in 2013 is the AUDIT to be performed regarding RML Hamilton MT.  Good Luck Dr. Anthony S. Fauci and Mr. Marshall Bloom.  PHS KELLY HUDSON soilded his uniform.

Neighbors of NIH/NIAID RML Hamilton Montana
The Rocky Mountain Labs has abused its 100 year relationship with the Hamilton, MT community by keeping them up with the sound signature from the NIH lab, lighting problems with vehicle traffic, and bringing liability not covered by NIH, amongst other things.

Rocky Mountain labs feel that they can defraud the public, endanger their health, because there is no agency, no regulation, and no more powerful people than NIH. Did RML miss the science class where scientists have obligation #1 to the public?

Did they forget the NIH mission statement where accountability to the public, scientific integrity is stated as their goals? Who was the scientific genius who decided to directly harm the public, then threaten the public with mass death with no remedy or way of stopping a catastrophe at Rocky Mountain Labs? Without answering this question, possible answers include the directorship, department heads, and Institute Directors.

Another harebrained idea by NIH

NIH counted on the 65% of the population in Hamilton Montana with only a High School diploma. Why scientists like NIH employees can shovel anyone a pile of crap, and expect them to 1) Trust them, 2) blindly follow NIH for kickback money to local governments.

If corporations like WR Grace can kill 200 Montana residents in Libby Montana, why can't NIH also get away with mass murder if anything should go wrong? I'm sure Senator Max Baucus could cover up anything with the right 7 digit donation.

Its stupid mentalities like this which make most people say: HOW CAN NIH EVEN CONSIDER GETTING AWAY WITH THIS CRAZINESS in Hamilton Montana at RML?

When you dont have ethics, responsibility to the public, nor scentific standards, you have Rocky Mountain Labs Hamilton, MT.  Who cares if they remove personnel when it does not stop the unlawful, harmful activity on bahalf of the US Government?
Accident at RML, and sound issue.

can you imagine NIH officials sitting around a poker table saying "Those suckers in Montana, they will just be glad we are there, just wait". We'll tell them everything's fine, we rebuild our own safety facility on our Bethesda campus, but those stupid bastards will have to settle for an aerial ladder that they wont even know how to operate even if there is a situation they'll need it.

Victims of this mentality surrounding the RML facility have no choice, and have no say. VIP's from NIH who swore to serve the public now lie to the public, deceive the public and damage the public in Hamilton Montana. How did someone convince public health service scientists to purposely and intentionally harm the public?

How long will the public that pays for the NIH have to be a victim of it?


NIH NEPA Complaint, Ebola issue

Montana victims of NIH should have a right to liberty from NIH dangerous sound emissions at RML.
Montana Victims of NIH should have a right to be protected from infectious agents.
Montana Victims of NIH have a right to the same protection that Maryland residents enjoy.
Montana Victims of NIH have a right to have RML be accountable for their actions to the public.

RML needs to be good neighbors in their community, instead of doing what they want. US Government status does not mean deaf to the public they serve. Victims are made by arrogant and defiant public officials who care not about the damage being inflicted on the public.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Angela Wetzsteon

This post will be a medley of Angela Wetzsteon writings since 2007. Apparently, if over a million US Dollars given, a White House Staff orchestrates it, and a State Supreme Court, a Federal Circuit, and a US District Judge (in conflict), a State Attorney General and Governor can erase FELONY CRIME.  Namely, Angela Wetzsteon.
for the list of possible felony crimes see:

If people are too stupid to figure out that the Student Practice Rule WAS violated, its as simple as no direct supervision for a law student in a courtroom.  Angela Wetzsteon laughed at me as I mopped a floor in a Hospital ER.  How funny is it that her boss and supervisor, George Corn lost his job, her clinics teacher lost her clinic job at the UM Law school, her chief Counsel/UM law faculty at UM lost his position, and two deans left the school as it was ranked LAST in the country.  People from all over the world are wondering how a corrupt place like Montana exists.  It exists to keep corruption and Angela Wetzsteon employed.  Visit Soon.

The Dean of Angela Wetzsteon's law school asked to resign:
  • Angela Wetzsteon '08 practiced law (solo) on August 8, 2007 and was promisied a job at the Ravalli County Attorney Office.
  • Angela Wetzsteon wore short skirts as an intern in 2007.
  • Angela Wetzsteon did not pass the Montana Bar exam until October 9, 2008.
  • Angela Wetzsteon never swore an oath to Montana or the United States.
  • Angela Wetzsteon's disbarment is supported by the ELSA .
  • Angela Wetzsteon is being protected by the Montana Governor, and White House staff
see for Governor Bullock involvement.
  • Angela Wetzsteon prosecutes law in Ravalli County, but a multiple felon herself.
  • Angela Wetzsteon was supposed to be supervised as a law student and was not.
SEE for ALL the details.
NOTE: The ELSA is the European Law Student Association in 42 Countries and 38,000 members. Montana bar is only 3,000 members.

Wetzsteon Bumpersticker
order your own at  
  • Angela Wetzsteon works in a county without a legitimate seat.  Montana Law says that Ravalli County cannot exist by way of Montana Code Ann. 7-2-2103.
  • Angela Wetzsteon is amongst a group of people who pretend to be the government and collect municipal taxes (total of $30M/yr in 2013) which is the #1 criminal priority of the FBI.
  • Angela Wetzsteon willfully attacked an innocent person which is the definition of EVIL.
  • In 2010 Angela Wetzsteon swore that she was supervised on August 8, 2007 and was NOT.
  • George Corn is responsible for Angela Wetzsteon and is protected

Angela Wetzsteon was protected from Felony charges of Perjury, Impersonation by the Montana Governor Steve Bullock, current Attorney General office, and former White House staff.  Federal Courts include US District Court for Montana, 9th Circuit Appeals.  Organizations include: Montana Bar, American Bar (ABA), American Association of Law Schools (AALS).  Faculty of the University of Montana Law school, Ravalli County MT Attorney.  

 Metallica's Official Unforgiven video
A Travel Advisory is in effect for US residents, and foreign travelers to the State of Montana by "WE THE PEOPLE MONTANA BLOG":
Boycott Montana (for several reasons)
No Vacations, No Work, No visits, No University training
Montana Recreation website issues travel advisory
The University of Montana Law School as the Highway to Hell: 
ranked in 2012 as 145/145 by US News and World Report--a great evil value

 US Senator Max Baucus (D-Obamacare creator) gave $1.7M and a US Presidential Appointment in 2008 to then Dean Edwin Eck to NOT discipline Angela Wetzsteon.
Angela Wetzsteon the criminal:
This Video is dedicated to Angela Wetzsteon who practiced without a license August 8, 2007 and is being protected by the American Bar Association, American Association of Law Schools, The US District Court Judge Donald Malloy (now in Tuscon, AZ), US Magistrate Jerimaih C. Lynch, The Montana Law School, George Corn ( Steve Bullock, and the Montana Supreme Court (which bent thier student practice rule for her--effective in all 50 US states).

The comprehensive ABA report about Angela Wetzsteon's unauthorized practice:
The Dean of Angela Wetzsteon's Law School wont meet with the public, and lost her standing committee spot on the ABA ethics group.---all for Angela Wetzsteon.
The Montana Supreme Court bent the rules followed in all 50 US States in USA.
--all for Angela Wetzsteon
Angela Wetzsteon is featured in the Montana US President Letter (2009) as the law student who prosecuted law August 8, 2007.  Angela did a favor for her job at the Ravalli Co. Attorney Office.
So much for Angela Wetzsteon being a Moot court champion...she cheated herself and others.
See Angela Wetzsteon write ups below:
  1. Angela Wetzsteon War
  2. Angela Wetzsteon file: Prosecutor Corruption
  3. When Wetzsteon "Screws up"

#1 archived story: The ANGELA WETZSTEON War

Note: links UPDATED. This post re-published to keep information online. The White House, US Senate , Montana Governor, American Bar Assn (ABA), American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Coverup is exposed in this post for Angela Wetzsteon a 2008 graduate of Montana Law School who prosecuted solo in 2007.

[This is a long post with LOTs of information]

NOTE: for an Angela Wetzsteon bumperstiker to "prosecute" her see:

The Angela Wetzsteon WAR

The University of Montana has sworn to uphold the criminal act of Angela Wetzsteon, the 2008 graduate of Montanistan Law. They swore an oath to the Chief Grizzly Alumni, Jim Messina of Montana, and his "dad" Maxmillian Baucus. Jim Messina is on the UM alumni board, and set up the US Presidential appointment of the UM law dean, Edwin Eck to absolve Angela Wetzsteon's crime of practicing law without a license. Read on American:

The Jim Messina Political Show:
read more:

[Note: Jim Messina, the 3rd most important "man" in the USA, is Obama's 2012 Hope for a change].

Jim Messina, formerly of White House Staff, falls on sword for US Senator Max Baucus to protect his friend George Corn [who was personally and professionally responsible for Angela Wetzsteon].

Video Dedication to Angela Wetzsteon:
The Montanistan Law School, Missoula Montana
the spoils of coverering up Angela's crime.

$40M expansion of the University of Montana Law School.
Here is the real heavy news folks. I own Angela Wetzsteon's name. You will lose. I dont care if the entire online assets of Univeristy of Montana, you threaten crime for asking to meet the University President, or you even push Angela Wetzsteon's name using many other resources. When there is a Presidential scandal, the internet goes wild for Angela Wetzsteon. When the American Bar Protects Angela Wetzsteon, the internet goes wild. When a blogger owns Angela Wetzsteon, its all over folks, you lost.  A white house staff lost his political career for Angela Wetzsteon.

The new Dean of the Publically Funded Montana Law School, Dean Irma Russell refuses to meet with the public; does she think money grows on money trees too? How does Dean Irma Russell of the Montana Law School think she lost her spot on the standing committee on Ethics?
I think it was the detailed report on the Montana Law School which told the ABA she is worthless.

read more: ABA report on Montana Law School below standards via Angela Wetzsteon, Aubry Shultz as the school was informed, the Dean MYSTERIOUSLY gets a US Presidential appointment to look the other way for misconduct, and gets his legacy $40M law school built, HMMM.

[Note: a comprehensive report submitted to official ABA channels---and ignored; HMM]

No other student in the University of Montana History has the school protected with online resources than Angela Wetzsteon. Nate Montana, Joe's kid who played quarterback for the Montana Grizzly football team NOW FOR THE SF 49ERS IN THE NFL got a DUI in Missoula Montana (sorry Nate, this is to expose the University of Montana not you). Jimmy Wilson, was charged with some form of murder in Lancaster, CA and served two years. Jimmy Wilson now proudly plays for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. Any other student accused of wrongdoing has NEVER been protected like Angela Wetzsteon.

Here is a printout of a Google Search of Angela Wetzsteon
September 2011:

Online Protection for Angela Wetzsteon--From UM law school.
Lawyers are more important than people because they protect the crime that corporations and politicians do, as do the judges in the USA. To to protect the crime of Angela Wetzsteon, the University of Montana has to protect her, which was the deal to get the $40M expansion of the Law School. The Dean, Dean Irma Russell has also sworn to secrecy....and lost her spot on the standing committee on ethics for the American Bar Association (ABA).

No seriously, if you are not laughing, the American Bar has an ethics committee that stands up? LMAO, and keep laughing. Lawyers define the law so none of them go to jail, few of them are disbarred.

The Montana Supreme Court bent the rules for Angela Wetzsteon, their OWN rule. Angela Wetzsteon's case was "unpublished opinion" so they could neglect their own student practice rule that is in force in ALL 50 states. When a student breaks this "rule" it comes with up to three felonies.

Neglect a profession that all of these people had to follow for Angela Wetzsteon.
The smartest one there is the Grizzly.

brief asking court to ignore the Montana Student Practice Rule:
[upheld in all 50 states in the USA]
For Angela Wetzsteon.

The Montana Attorney General via Mike King PROTECTED a crime
with public funds
read more:

FORMER City Attorney Kenneth S. Bell of Hamilton Montanistan, Wetzsteon


The University of Montana has experienced a down server as the students went back to campus, perhpas due to overloading the system......perhaps. [Angela Wetzsteon's law alma mater]

The Ravalli County telephone system went out on September 12,2011 which also took out most cell phone coverage, the 911 center, attributed to a break in an telephone optic cable....perhaps.
[Angela Wetzsteon works for Ravalli County Montana as a prosecutor]

It would be interesting to find out if more outages happen at the University of Montana, or in Ravalli County. Anonymous has to vote on a project to agree on its effectiveness. Taking peoples rights, threatening with crime for asking to meet with the University of Montana President probably qualifies.
read more:

UPDATE: The Ravalli County Tresurer (as seen in newspaper articles) reported to the Ravalli County Government that a hacker attempted to seize public funds in Jan 2013.


Angela Wetzsteon broke the law to prosecute outside of US Constitutional rights to purposely destroy a livelihood. Angela Wetzsteon celebrates her criminality:
Angela Wetzsteon celebrating criminal conduct in a courtroom.

LEARNED BEHAVIOR at University of Montana Law School
AUGUST 8, 2007

DisBar Angela Wetzsteon

Angela Wetzsteon, Ravalli County Montana "Student" Prosecutor
umt[dot] edu

Why is the University of Montana protecting a:

1) Criminal Act of a former law student (Angela Wetzsteon)?

2) Unethical act which should shutter their law school?

3) Ignoring the damage to their school reputation?

While it may "...not be advisable to bite the long arm of the law (Angela Wetzsteon, via Ravalli Republic Newspaper; June 1 2011)", it really isn't advisable to practice law without a license: a Presidential appointment, public fraud of the Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock protects a crafty 2nd place finish in the 2007 NW Moot court, yet Angela Wetzsteon practiced law in a real court prior to being licensed in Montana. This post will tell you all about it.

note: The Eurpopean Law Student Association supports DISBARMENT.

Fourty-two (42) European countries are concerned, or alarmed with Angela Wetzsteon. Thirty seven Thousand (37,000) young lawyers and students from the Euopean Student Lawyers Association (ESLA, founded 1981 net worth: tens of million of Euros) are the very people who Montana solicits to visit the state to pay for its bottom line broken budget. Protect Angela Wetzsteon, lose bottom line. The choice is very simple: do the right thing: disbar!

please carefully read the "scandal" section conveniently written in CAPS. [Scroll complete page]


On August 8, 2007 Angela Wetzsteon, as a Univerisity of Montana Law Student, certified by their Dean, Edwin Eck to be a legal intern, NOT a prosecutor, practiced law in Ravalli County Montana unsupervised, and without a license. Even University of Montana law students are not lawyers.

A SWORN statement of facts by the presiding Judge August 17, 2007 affirms WETZSTEON's criminal act of contempt of court in a Montana courtroom on August 8, 2007 in Hamilton, Montana. The Prosecutor who was supposed to supervise was Bill Fulbright, but did not show: Angela Wetzsteon's unauthorized practice August 8, 2007. Fulbright is now elected Ravalli County Attorney in Montana.
read more:

Angela Wetzsteon was admitted to the Montana Bar October 9, 2008.

Angela Wetzsteon's training camp--Montanistan Law School


Montana Code Ann. MCA 45-7-309(c) Criminal Contempt of Court Order
Angela Wetzsteon graduated from the University of Montana Law School, Missoula Montana in 2008.  Acts of alias, and non-licensed law practice carry felonies for impersonation of a public official, perjury for swearing supervision.

Angela Wetzsteon prosecuted law unsupervised August 8, 2007, Defendant in absentia.
[This is a constitutional right (Amend. VI) to confront your accusers, have case dismissed after 6 months...not in Montana]

George Corn's boss, Uncle Milty from Missoula MT--a gangster:Angela Wetzsteon's supervising attorney found political asylym (or protected from criminal acts)
dml law

see to view his current unlawful acts; and a MUGSHOT.

Per required documents, Angela B. Wetzsteon supervisor was George H. Corn. Contempt of court should disbar Corn as responsible party for Angela Wetzsteon as it did Mike Nifong of North Carolina. [available:]

The Montana Student Practice Rule: one of the first in the US; 1975

students; including Angela Wetzsteon must be supervised in a courtroom at all times, and the supervisor is "personally and professionally liable" for all acts of the student. All 50 US states have these rules.

Angela Wetzsteon '08 was hired by George H. Corn (her supervisor) to be a Ravalli County Montana prosecutor, although ALIAS, FELONY ACTS by this University of Montana law student on August 8, 2007. [Montana Code Ann. MCA 45-7-309(c) (Criminal Contempt of Student Practice Rule)]
Wetzsteon's practice mimicks how LA prosecutors charge GANG-BANGERS !!
[Spreadbury was a DECORATED FEMA officer (see certificate below)]

Obama has not sweat this bad since that Bengazi raid that killed his Lybian State Dept. official.

US President Nixon resigned in 1972: Watgate coverup, perjury.

The Montana US President letter from March 2009 to Obama: seeking civil rights!


Montana US President Letter (2009)
more information:

Dean Edwin Eck, Univeristy of Montana Law School
Missoula MT

Photo Courtesy of
Dean Eck came out of his skin when I sat in Feb. 9, 2011 on the fast and furious talk from Eric Holder at the University of Montana. This is commonly referred to as GUILT.

Former Dean Eck, University of Montana--sold out ethics for a Presidential appointment, after meeting with Spreadbury on October 20, 2007 and learning of Angela Wetzsteon's unauthorized practice.  This meeting also inspired Spreadbury's comprehensive ABA report on Montana Law.

BAUCUS without
IRS appointment for Dean Eck by US Senator Max Baucus in 2008--Protecting a friend, George Corn.
UPDATE: We found a $1.7M donation from Max Baucus to Former Dean Eck for the Law School:
[all so Angela Wetzsteon could practice law unsupervised, ruin my life, and get away with it.]
---Baucus appointed Girlfriend Melodee Hanes as US Attorney for Montana, then a USDOJ job.

US Senator Max Baucus drunk on senate floor [whining about "Healthcare"]
US Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.) attempting an intoxicated salute

[with liquid "courage"]

The 2012 Election Connection to covering up Crime--Watergate Style:
Jim Messina was Baucus's chief of staff in 2008--set up nomination of Dean Eck.
Now he runs President Barack Obama's re-election campaign and Hilary Clinton's for 2016
Jim Messina is also helping the UK with their gay issues for the 2015 election.

Covering up crime did not pay in 1972--(Watergate & US President Nixon) Nor now.
Do not elect Obama: his staff covers up crime.

President Obama's fixer--Jim Messina campaign manager 2012, University of Montana alumni Board
Jim Messina video interview at U Montana: [Video of interview with Jim Messina]

Jim Messina has been booted from the Obama Administration.
(and forced to consult to a foreign country for work)
Jim Messina-
The Biggest Loser to have ever worked in the White House
--We the People of Montana circa 2009.

DC blogs: "Messina is a tall douchebag who needs to be flushed from the White House."

Messina is a part of campaigns, but not Administrations

As a certified law intern in the summer of 2007:

Angela Wetzsteon entered tampered evidence after the discovery deadline:

self-inflicted damage to "victim"--too bad it was the wrong cheek!

Spreadbury was standing to LEFT, here RIGHT cheek scratched.

The Ravalli County Sheriff Department tampered with evidence, "produced" this photograph.
ANGELA WETZSTEON, law student, entered into evidence after discovery.

"We dont care if we do it wrong, we are preteding to be the Government;
catch us if you can"
(Ravalli County Government not lawfully incorporated)
Law enforcement in the United States go to jail for tampering with evidence.
Montana Code Ann. MCA 45-7-207. Tampering with or fabricating physical evidence
is a FELONY.

Ravalli Co. Montana cares not for felonies of public officials and employees because they do not lawfully exist and do not have to follow the law.  People who pretend to be the government are not a priority for the FBI--even though public fraud is #1 criminal priority--so dont believe in this super-protectorate FBI.

In Montana, it continues with impunity. In 2005, 4 inmates committed suicide in Ravalli County, perhaps it is due to NO Justice? The Judicial system is so bold they think allowing a law student to practice unsupervised can be slipped by if EVERYONE in Montana helps Angela Wetzsteon!




who "prosecuted" a case August 8, 2007

of Angela Wetzsteon:

1) barred by speedy trial protections in Amendment VI--CASE DISMISSED IN HIGHER COURT
Note-- Angela Wetzsteon had no business BRINGING the case, being alone in a courtroom as a "prosecutor" she was a law student August 8, 2007, graduated Montana Law in 2008.

2) Spreadbury protected as justifiable force--and inalienable right in Montana to protect property from life threatening attack (Art. II s. 3 Montana Constitution) as happened October 10, 2006--the incident in question.

3) Angela Wetzsteon bullied the witnesses on the stand until the Judge told her to stop.

4) Angela Wetzsteon tried the case in absentia in violation of Amendment VI US Constitution.

5) Angela Wetzsteon did not object to an arrest warrant when Defense Counsel present for misdemeanor, and Defendant did not "fail to appear".
[Montana Code Ann. MCA 46-16-122 (Absence of Defendant from Trial)]

Exceptional Service is < 1% of FEMA's workforce

Angela Wetzsteon '08 has career advantage over her victim, Michael E. Spreadbury, former decorated FEMA officer whose job, residence was threatened by Steve Bullock
read more :

Angela Wetzsteon's Defense Counsel: Steve Bullock
Montana Attorney General !!
[Angela Wetzsteon was not a state employee, but a county intern in 2007]

Angela Wetzsteon agreeing to abide by some sort of ethics...
and didnt.
--a proud member of the 48th ranked Montana Bar Assn. (2499 members and seeking)

BTW---there are no rules for students in the Montana Rules of Professional Conduct.

A warning to Montana Law students who wish to get "trial experience" like Angela Wetzsteon

Open letter to the Montana Law School which resulted in the "retirement" of their chief counsel.

Steve Bullock Montana Attorney General now Montana Governor
Protects unethical, criminal act of Angela Wetzsteon instead of protecting public
Ms. Wetzsteon is being protected by the Attorney General of Montana--Steve Bullock who is responsible for protecting the public, not criminal students, and supervisors in Montana:
Steve Bullock removed the investigator from the Montana AG office in 2013 to protect Angela Wetzsteon.  Steve Bullock is above the law.

This Consumer Complaint ignored by Steve Bullock Attorney General in 2010
Isn't Columbia law (ranked #5) so proud of the criminal scheme of their 1994 graduate who came "home" to protect crime in Montana [instead of protecting the people] ?
see for more info.

Steve Bullock, AG of Montana used his Tort Division to pay for the Defense of a law intern, [KNOWN AS PUBLIC FRAUD] for Angela Wetzsteon: an unlicensed and unsupervised LAW STUDENT, in a Montana Courtroom in violation of the Montana Student Practice Rule; AN ORDER from the Supreme Court, State of Montana: order #12982--The Student Practice Rule of May 1, 1975.  Angela Wetzsteon was not a state employee and should not have been protected by public funds paid for by Montana taxpayers.

Note: the FBI top criminal priority is public fraud-- see

Citizens who violate a court order, including lawyers, or student interns commit criminal acts. Montana Code Annotated MCA 45-7-309(c) [Criminal Contempt] is a misdemeanor. The Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock protects criminal acts of his employees, and non-employees (and is seeking higher office). Angela Wetzsteon has accomplished the perfect crime with Montana help.

SEE for specific findings of fact.

Angela Wetzsteon celebrating criminal contempt of Court in Montana
Ms. Wetzsteon also impersonated public official, purjury for claiming supervision
these are felonies in the State of Montana USA.

Angela Wetzsteon highlighted in the Montana US President letter as the prosecuting law student; found at

NOTE: asking for civil rights from the first African US President in above link.

Angela Wetzsteon (Montana Law '08) is from a recognized name in the Hamilton, MT area, and is being protected by the Montana Bar, the Montana Supreme Court, and The Montana Attorney General. Does the public wonder why Montana is ranked 48th of 48 states for Justice?


Come visit Montana soon. Don't enroll in the University of Montana Law school (ranked 172/200 of ABA "approved" law schools) or visit Glacier, Yellowstone National Parks
(unless losing YOUR livelihood is ok).


in good faith for unauthorized practice of law on August 8. 2007
"admission" to the Montana Bar October 9, 2008

Justice must be served....even in the last ranked state for justice--Montana
State Bar of Montana
7 West 6th Avenue, Suite 2B
P.O. Box 577
Helena, MT 59624 (59601 street)
Phone: (406) 442-7660
Fax: (406) 442-7763
Click for directions

The Power Block, Downtown Helena, Montana, Built in 1889

Bar Staff ContactsOffice hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday Mountain Time
Chris Manos
Executive Director

Betsy Brandborg
Bar Counsel, Disgruntled Clients, Ethics Opinions & Inquiries


Contact for Ravalli County Atttorney, below.... Please scroll
Note Geoff Mahar is on "leave"--actually on the run for the liability of suicide of a 2005 Detention Center Detainee; he failed to share information about inmates status to Sheriff.

read more: Geoff Mahar and the $250,000 payoff at the Ravalli County Atty Office.

Dean Irma Russell (wearing scarf) is so proud of her criminal conspiracy: US District Judge Malloy center (balding)
former Dean Eck (middle top) took Presidential appointment for Angela Wetzsteon's criminal practice.
University of Montana Law School is ranked 145/145ABA school "approved" to commit crime.

The Montana Law School $40M expansion
payoff and coverup:
For Angela Wetzsteon, George Corn's SNAFU

Angela's Law School Advisor
Professor Bari Burke (406) 243-4252
Law 208: Office Location
Current Law School Dean (Resigned 04/2013)
Remains as Professor--and writing "ethics" book.
Irma Russell (406) 243-4311
Office at South Entrance to New Law School Building

university of montana photos

Evil is defined as attacking innocent people.
[Dr. Philip Zimbardo, Stanford University]

Angela Wetzsteon as a VANDAL: she unlawfully stole Michael Spreadbury's livelihood (with help)


[share this post ]

Boycott Montana
[tell everyone you know]
story courtesy of website
Archived file #2 The Angela Wetzsteon file

How does a prosecutor who committed crime stand in front of a court and ask a Judge to sentence a convicted criminal? That is the confusion surrounding Angela Wetzsteon in Hamilton Montana.

Angela Wetzsteon
Prosecutor for the Ravalli County Attorney Office.

Ms. Wetzsteon practiced law in a Ravalli County Courtroom on August 8, 2007 unsupervised. The problem is, she graduated from Montana Law School in 2008, and was admitted to the Montana Bar on October 9, 2008. This means Angela Wetzsteon practiced law without a license in violation of the Montana Student Practice Rule, an order from the Montana Supreme Court (#12982).

Violation of a court order is a crime, criminal contempt Montana Code Ann. MCA 45-7-309(c). If you do favors for the right people in Montana, you are protected.

The current county attorney, Bill Fulbright was supposed to supervise Ms. Wetzsteon, and didnt.
Here is a video given to Bill Fulbright to prosecute unlawful activity of law enforcement. As long as the law enforcement is going after the right people in Montana, they are protected.

Unlawful entry
probation officers without reasonable suspicion to enter house
law enforcement criminal trespass.


Ryan Oster Chief of Police, Detective Murphy
Hamilton Montana.
[Defendant--$27M civil case for Constitutional rights]

Evidence at Ravalli County Attorney
DVD case with evidence of Law Enforcement misconduct (one is video seen above)
Equal Protection---Ravalli County Style!

Selective law enforcement used to be actionable by the FBI
Bill Fulbright is Angela Wetzsteon's boss, ran for office on upholding rights.
The Montana Law school where Angela Wetzsteon is a 2008 graduate will not meet with the public, did not respond to an American Bar Assn (ABA) comprehensive report about Angela Wetzsteon '08.
A $40M expansion was finished to the Montana Law school due to Angela Wetzsteon, and her criminal act August 8, 2007. The old law school entrance can be seen in this video which we dedicated to Angela Wetzsteon's unauthorized practice.

The Angela Wetzsteon Law School
where criminal activity is our motto, and we allow violation of Constitutional right.


"learn the criminal advantage"
University of Montana Law schoool.

The University of Montana law insider:  our blogs had more views that U Miami, and U Minn.
While Angela Wetzsteon's law school ranks 172/200 now 145/145 ABA approved law schools (to commit crime) it will never outlive the criminal act of a law student practicing law unsupervised.

It is a wonder that Angela Wetzsteon can wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. The cold, calculating BS that crime is OK in the justice system if the target is approved. A candidate for Governor in 2012 Steve Bullock helped to protect the criminal practice of Angela Wetzsteon. He is required to not help any person practice unauthorized via ethical rule 5.5 in Montana.

It goes furhter than Steve Bullock. The Montana Supreme Court violated their own order for Angela Wetzsteon. The Montana Justice system selects and chooses who can commit crime. Has anyone noticed that Mike McGrath has gained about 50#----ITs called GUILT.

read more: Montana Supreme Court Defy's Its own order for Angela Wetzsteon:

Montana Suprme Court protects corrupt officers like Angela Wetzsteon, City Attorney Bell

Do Montana residents wonder why we are last for economy, last for justice? When officials pick and choose who gets a pass for criminal behavior, and $40M law schools are rewarded for Angela Wetzsteon's unlawful conduct, there is no justice in sight.

The Angela Wetzsteon War--a post the CEO of GOOGLE and Jim Messina dont want you to see: www.

Angela Wetzsteon's law school

Angela Wetzsteon's Dean Eck got a PRESIDENTIAL appointment
to keep his mouth shut about
Angela Wetzsteon's unauthorized practice.
Payoff !!

Mike McGrath stole $4M for the Montana Dept. of Justice with Steve Bullock in the Zyprexa lawsuit in 2007. read more:

That same year, the Chicago Times said McGrath should be disbarred like Mike Nifong of North Carolina for DNA gaffes:
Like I said about George Corn, available IT IS ONLY A VICTORY WHEN YOU PLAY BY THE RULES.

Angela Wetzsteon said she would uphold ethics, and did not.
TAMPERED EVIDENCE. entered into evidence after the discovery deadline.
[the "victim" scratched the wrong cheek]
Spreadbury was standing to this woman's left. Right cheek scratched.
(and law enforcement who tampered with evidence in Ravalli County Montana)
Dont turn in complaints about law enforcement in Montana, you'll either turn up dead or in jail.
And forget working in "our" state if you question the governments due to criminal activity.
Tampered evidence is supposed to be a felony crime. Not if you are law enforcement in Ravalli County Montana.
Ethics decree by Angela Wetzsteon.....that means nothing.

Angela Wetzsteon is lawless, but "upholds the law" in Hamilton Montana as a prosecutor.

look at the website . It will give a chance for Angela Wetzsteon to give up her law license, in exchange for taking down all posts about her on the internet.

Pretty Good Deal for Angela Wetzsteon.
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Archived Story #3 When Wetzsteon "Screws up"

A recent "article" by a Lee Enterprise "newspaper" named a juvenile defendant as an "ARSONIST" in the title prior to conviction; 'alegedly' (Lee's favorite word) involved in criminal mischief in the Hamilton area...prosecuted by Angela Wetzsteon of the Ravalli County Attorney Office. The article, linked below did not name the charges against the juvenile, but named him several times, labled him an arsonist. This is the journalistic lynching that Montana residents face, then face the 48th or worst justice system in America.
read more: Residents of Ravalli County Convicted prior to trial, prosecuted by criminals:

Bullock for AG
Bullock and Corn (shorter of two) with a "Backdoor Handshake" in Ravalli County.

A favorite by Ravalli County prosecutors (started by George Corn) is to prosecute minors in adult court. It cost a 15 year old boy 5 years of his life due to the Montana Supreme Court not being able to find a transfer to adult court---because it does not exist.
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As a juvenile Probation officer was begging the court for custody of the minors, Angela Wetzsteon asked what would happen "if they screwed up again". Well before we answer that question, what happens when Angela Wetzsteon screws up. George Corn calls Max Baucus. Steve Bullock and George Corn violate ethical rule 5.5 in Montana for aiding Wetzsteon in her unauthorized practice of law (as an unsupervised law student).

Steve Bullock is arrogant enough to run for Governor of Montana and use fraudulent public funds to protect Angela Wetzsteon.
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Steve Bullocks Montana: being above the law is what an 800Lb Prosecutor means...  

George Corn as prosecutor (and Angela Wetzsteon's supervisor as a law student) decided that the 8th Amendment was not necessary in Ravalli County Montana which caused 4 inmate suicides:
George Corn's Legacy:

Angela Wetzsteon was taught and protected by the BEST Montana has to offer.

Cheers to that.

When Angela Wetzsteon "screws up" the entire state of Montana and beyond comes to her aid. What happens when Angela Wetzsteon is a mom and cannot even understand her own evil? Kids make mistakes, that is why they are minors, and they have PARENTS, or FAMILY. GOD help Angela Wetzsteon's child WHEN he/she screws up, will it be "prosecuted" by mommy Wetzsteon?

Read the Angela Wetzsteon War

Perhaps if a murder, rape had occurred and no reform was possible as spelled out by experts, then attempt to put them away. Shame on Lee Enterprises for publishing minor's names, not detailing charges filed, only "alleged activity". Way to ruin 'em early for profits. PS your company is on the waste chute to bankruptcy, especially if these parents get wind of this article.

Prosecution, law enforcement more than willing to lie all dont help children who are allowed to make mistakes, unless you are in Angela Wetzsteon's jurisdiction. If you are Angela Wetzsteon, you can defy a rule known, and enforced in 49 states besides Montana. When you violate this rule and order of the Montana Supreme Court, and violate Montana Criminal Code, and your name is Angela Wetzsteon, you can abuse the people, their rights, and collect a large public salary.
[Ref: MCA 45-7-309(c) Criminal Contempt of the Montana Student Practice]

Prosecutors are supposed to help the public, and seek justice for victims.
In Montana, Prosecutors have no ethics, no law, and no common sense.
For Angela Wetzsteon bumperstickers:
To Call the Ravalli County Attorney Office: (406) 375-6750 mountain time; Angela Wetzsteon employer since she practiced unlawfully and committed Perjury, Impersonation.
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How does a "person" like Angela Wetzsteon knowingly violate every ethic taught to her in law school including tampered evidence, prosecute against protected right (protect property) and without a license or sworn oath to office as prosecutor do what she did August 8, 2007?
Where do people like Angela go when they die, and how do they live every day?
How does Angela Wetzsteon go to work every day without wanting to blow her brains out?
What keeps Angela Wetzsteon from becoming a junkie, or alcoholic, the DENIAL?
If Angela Wetzsteon was such a 2007 NW USA Moot Court champion, why did she have to cheat?
{ a WTF moment brought to you by WE THE PEOPLE }