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Spreadbury's Retirees

This post will list the political, and corporate Retirees that probably were not expecting to lose their job so soon.  Michael Spreadbury's goal was not hatchet man in Montana, these were the political casualties of getting in his way, and Montana actors acting unethically in Hamilton MT.  If you try to correct the corruption, you will be destroyed.

1.  Montana State Librarian
Darlene Staffeldt--did not uphold Montana library mission, hold library accountable, has hypocritical about applying policy equally in Montana.  She was most unhelpful about library rights.
Photo of Darlene in this post:

2.  Bitterroot Public Library Director
Gloria Langstaff--charged trespassing on public property, rejected Montana US President Letter.  This library director attempted to use the Hamilton Police force to harass patrons.  The best payback is the $510,000 loss of funding to BPL each year, approximately $2M since 2009.  As the Montana US President letter is read on every continent on Earth, viewers now know it was banned from the Bitterroot Public Library too.  A true world famous library.

warned re: trespass on public property

3.  Hamilton MT City Attorney
Ken Bell--accessed NCIS database hundred of times without being sworn attorney, charged/prosecuted peaceful assembly on public property.  Entered civil courtroom as city attorney, misconduct.  Municipal fraud in re: Bitterroot Public Library insurance coverage for their civil rights lawsuit .  Ken Bell resigned his contract as Hamilton City Attorney prior to its term.

Ken Bell, on far L: on City Council without incorporation: Hamilton MT
courtesy of not a legitimate government
charging for utility base rate for "air" for no water use.
4.  Ravalli Co. Attorney
George Corn--the reason for the Montana US President letter or civil rights violations.  Mr Corn has destroyed many lives over 20 years and I bet he wishes he never attempted to mess with my life.  Thats right George Corn I own your name on the internet. [  ]

Corn with the Montana Governor who threatened my livelihood
Steve Bullock courtesy of his AG bid in 2008--see below for more.
George Corn in tie and egotistical grin as his public duties ended shortly after.

5.  Lee Enterprises Publisher
Stacey Mueller lied to Lee Counsel, almost imprisoned for false sworn statement to Fed. judge.  Back to 2006 several editors and the prior publisher at Missoula & Hamilton ousted by whisleblowing.  Lee Enterprises still thinks it is a crime to peacefully assmeble on public property.

Note: Lee decided a new publisher was necessary within a week of the Angela Wetzsteon alias issue was published on

6.  University of Montana Chief Counsel
David Aronofsky--admitted Law Students commit felony crime of impersonation at UM Law.

7.  Two consecutive MHP Commanders
Paul Grimstad--did not investigate felony/injury hit and run accident in Hamilton, MT
Mike Tooley--did not give national test results to MHP recruits 11/15/08
see affidavit in this post:

Montana Dept. of Justice


8.  Max Baucus US Senator
gave money to Lee to defame Spreadbury (opinion), drunk behavior, did not help civil rights.  Oh, and that ugly stint at the University of Montana covering up FELONY crime with US Presidential appointment by the Montana Hero, Jim Messina formally the Deputy Chief of Staff for Obama.  Former Senator Baucus gave $1.7M to the worst ranked law school: Montana Law.
Baucus was exiled to China to uphold Montana Coal sales.                        
he is in the white shirt.                       


9.  Chief Public Defender Montana
Randi Hood--failed to answer written complaint for 1 yr.  These archives were more powerful than the regional "newspaper".  Our blog removed Ms. Hood within 10 days, Missoulian article did not.
see Bitterroot Rising archive 238 pages

Randi Hood via Missoulian and Bitterroot Rising

10.  Former Deputy Chief of Staff--Obama
exposed Jim Messina for confidential leaker, swiping letter to Obama about civil rights.  He was booted from the Obama Administration due to the University of Montana Law school crimes.  He is presently attempting to elect Hillary Clinton as President.

11.  Audit of NIH Rocky Mountain Labs
Marshall Bloom--scientific fraud of noise emissions, known fraud of sound contractor endangering
public.  That and no Federal Firestation at Rocky Mountain Labs where the most dangerous substances known to man on earth are studied, but Americans in Montana are "fair game".
This video shows dangerous accident at RML
that I whistleblew to NIH

12.  PHS Officer Kelly Hudson
mastermind of federal law violations at RML, and knowingly endangering public in violation of his public health (miltary) oath.  A hubris filled "person" who cared not for others.  Hudson was removed as construction project officer due to our information.  NIH continued to violate laws, public trust.
[Who is laughing now Mr. Hudson?]

The Dangerous People at NIH:

This however has not stopped the NIH bastards and thier love of looking in microscopes while creating Low Frequency Noise in Hamilton MT with infectious agents and next to no protection.
house destroyed in Hamilton MT for a NIH parking lot
13.  University of Montana Law School Dean (second)

U of MT
This Dean has not aged well since this 2009 file photo--corruption doesn't pay.
and has been assigned an Ethics text so Montana law grads will abide by something.

Although Dean Irma Russell has submitted her resignation April 3, 2013 she was a domino from David Aronofsky admitting third year law students in Montana practice unsupervised (a felony crime).  My letter of May 3, 2013 implicates the law school and Russell on the UM rape crisis reported by CNN and investigated by the US Justice Dept.  Problems began by protecting 2008 grad Angela Wetzsteon's  2007 solo practice by Montana Governor and former White House staff.
Angela Wetzsteon and Irma Russell Video
[practicing law without a license]

more on Angela Wetzsteon:

14. The Honorable Chee Burnsides
New Mexico newspaper
Chee Burnsides WAS a Ravalli County Deputy and appointed Judge.  He made the mistake of sentencing me to 3 days detention without supporting Montana Code.  I looked up the past history of this public official finding a false sworn statement in 2004 to become a police officer, and a killing of someone in his lawful custody in Williams AZ in 2006.  That, and his desire to become a lawyer so badly that he paid website TWICE to list him as a lawyer; problem was Chee Burnsides did not have a Bachelors degree, or JD.  This blog helped:

 Honorable mentions & special tribute of counting coup:

1.  Michael King, Tort Division Montana Attorney General
LA Law episode as Michael Spreadbury won oral argument re: student unsupervised practice.  Attorneys and friends thought I worked for the AG office, not Mr. King.

2. Partners of Boone Karlberg PC Missoula
LA law episode of oral argument, written brief of public information disclosure, protecting a librarian using public funds from the unincorporated city of Hamilton, MT.
--these unlawful executives liked to tamper my mail (just for fun).

proof that laywers have no fear

Here is the brief that killed Boone Karlberg PC

3. The Most Honorable Donald W. Malloy US District Court Judge
protecting the unauthorized, unsupervised practice of a law student who clinic-ed at his court, and with conflict as paid advisory board for the University of Montana.  The judge resided in Tuscon AZ as he replaced Judge Roll killed there for a short time.  Notice the scum yet?

4.  Scott Burke, CEO First Security Bank Missoula MT
Scott Burke decided to give false and defamatory information to the Montana Div. of Banking and Financial Institutions, and covered up discrimination and mistreatment at FSB in Montana.

5. Montana Probation Supervisor Kristina Bessenyey
I was assigned to Kristina Bessenyey after speaking in public became Felony Intimidation in Montana. Ms Bessenyey harassed me, broke many policies, then decided to enter my house without "reasonable suspicion" when all she had to to was make up a reason.  Ms. Bessenyey is now an administrator, not allowed out of the building after this was taped:

video was translated into 9 languages in 30 days
has over 3000 views.
6. Hamilton Police Chief Ryan Oster
Ryan Oster is a wonder as a police chief.  He covers up felony injury accidents, fails to investigate or disipline police officers, asks pre-trial inmates in the county jail to kill themselves, and tells customers not to return to stores although nothing had gone wrong.  Oster went to the FBI academy, and as his resignation letter states, he merely doodled in class:

Here I am asking the City Council to do something, but the stupid white people just stared at me:

7. The State of Montana
photo taken Feb. 13, 2009
local law enforcement intimindated employer, promoted.
After making the Documentary:, promoting the letter to Obama asking for Civil rights, then issuing travel advisories, and stating prior Boycotts of Montana, the international rape crisis at the University of Montana, viewers in the world are getting the message that Montana USA is no place to visit, spend vacations, send university students or retire.
Approximately 3,000 per month (100 per day) read my material about Montana USA
---and have been since 2009.
---people talk and share information with family, friends, and co-workers.
--LOSS: Missoula MT via University of Montana rapes lost $28M in 2012-2013.
--my material is read on every continent on EARTH.  Consistently.
Library Thing website for Pilkey's 2009 letter to Obama: 3.65M views
Travel Advisory from Montana Recreation Website
Roy P. Pilkey's 2009 letter to Obama [read on every continent on Earth]
8. Montana Governor Steve Bullock
In 2007 Steve Bullock, then working in the Montana Attorney General Office, (something he lied about initially) he threatened my job with FEMA and my house because I questioned the constitutionality of his county attorney George Corn [available:].  He tried to be a good criminal by just saying his name was Steve.  I asked how he planned on threatening me since I did not work in state, or in Ravalli County where I asked for oversight of the County Attorney.
"Do you like your job with FEMA, do you like your House?" --quote from Steve Bullock's threat to my livelihood (2007).
--this threat to livelihood against a federal officer should put Bullock in Jail for 18 USC 372 AND PREVIOUSLY 18 USC 242 for Civil Rights.
Steve Bullock then protected the agent of this threat, a Montana Law student by the name of Angela Wetzsteon '08 as she prosecuted solo on August 8, 2007 in Hamilton, MT.  Ms. Wetzsteon's dean Edwin Eck (now Attorney General Chief of Consumer Protection) got a presidential appointment so he would not discipline or disbar her.  Steve Bullock violated Montana Ethics Rule 5.5 by protecting Angela Wetzsteon [available:].
The presidential appointment has politically nullified the man who re-elected US President Obama, Jim Messina.  It was probably a factor in US Senator Max Baucus's decision to not seek re-election.
As the saying goes, what does not kill you only makes you stronger.  So as the current Governor of the State of Montana threatened my livelihood, it only made me stronger.
Dear Steve Bullock, Governor of Montana:
acting unethically, and covering up crime, not to mention threatening a citizen of Montana will stop you short of becoming anything outside the state of Montana.  Undoubtedly there is a FBI file on you, as your threats to me are contained in two (2) affidavits.  As you are "vetted" for a cabinet positon in the future, these unfortunate documents will show up.  If not this blog will.
Not to mention the zero possiblility of re-election of Governor in Montana
Arrogance and abuse of public power does not pay Governor Bullock.
Shame on you for stealing the Zyprexa settlement from the Montana Elderly in 2007.
[none of the victims were mentally ill].
All thats left for you is the corrupt and broken state of Montana, which world viewers are seeing is not a place to send university students, retire, or vacation.
As Montana falters becasue of direct action of Montana Governor Steve Bullock, I am at peace knowing I spoke the truth, and he probably wont advance politically due to his misconduct.

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  1. It looks like messing with a decorated FEMA officer really payed off Montana. As affidavit indicates current Governor Steve Bullock threatened my livlihood, make sure not to even drive through Montana. Its Highway Patrol did not give test results to recruits, they know who they want harassing you, taking your rights.


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