Monday, June 24, 2013


Travel Advisory for State of Montana USA
The Montana Recreation website has carefully analyzed travel safety of recreationalists and has issued a travel advisory for all entry of all Americans and foreigners to Montana USA:

Due to malicious activity of the Montana Highway Patrol (and other justice system actors in Montana), along with this site's desire to warn potential recreationalists, we are strongly encouraging those seeking recreation in Montana to book excusions in other states. The Montana Political News website (avail. confirms the State of Montana is a corrupt state. The US Justice Department ranked Montana 48/48 in 2007 which says justice is for the native locals, and those willing to be in criminal conspiracy for judicial favors.

WE suggest you dont do this.....
it's what is BENEATH THE BEAUTY that could affect you forever.

It has been reported that peole have been arrested for sitting on public property, speaking in public, writing with sidewalk chalk, other formerly protected activities in the USA and killed indiscriminately by Montana Law Enforcement. The Montana Highway Patrol decides which recruit gets a test score, blames victims of accidents, and "throws" accidents to the benefit of native Montanans. The court system is not much different.

The Boycott of Montana and NW USA states:

Montana is best described by the Legends of the Fall (1994) production, and also A River Runs Through It. It is a place without respect for its taxpayers, or those different from native Montanans.

Legends of the Fall ending scene
More than 150,000 views of this example
we think its not from a 20 year old movie--Its about Governor Steve Bullock
[this dude looks like his clone] 

If you value your family of self safety, please stay out of the State of Montana in the United States. You are not tougher than a corrupt official from Montana, nor can you elude them.  Even as a US Justice Department investigation in 2012-2013 showed problems with prosecuting rapes the officials in Montana strongly feel that nothing is wrong.  Your safety is at risk by visiting Montana.

We asked for protection, and rights from our congressmen, the FBI, and civil rights from the first African US president in 2009; nothing changed.   We tried to work with our Law Enfocement Academy, the Attorney General, and local governments.  This is our "Montana US President letter" read on every continent on Earth:

The treatment is echoed by global corporations that have no problem killing Americans such as 200+ in Libby Montana by WR Grace Co of Columbia Maryland. These killings were allowed, due to payoffs to our Congressmen in Montana.  The US Government does not protect federal employees or US Citizens in Montana from the Hamilton, MT Rocky Mountain Labs NIH and NIAID facility which houses the HQ for USA Ebola resopnse; no hazmat facility or federal firestation exists, accidents with infectious agents happen which could have been prevented, and a history of self expirimentation (cowboy science).

It is all beneath the beauty.....we made a documentary about it.
Beneath The Beauty Documentary:

about how Montana residents have no justice.

Please inform all in your party, and your social network: Montana is not the place to visit, recreate, retire, or to send a child to University. Besides, who is willing to pay $200/night to come here in the peak summer months. Hotels spike their rates to gouge you and take you hard working dollars, euros, KRW, or yen.

This is a public service annoncement: stay out of Montana USA if your livelihood means anything to you.
This has been a "We The People MT" public service announcement.

Travel Safe,
Recreate Safely
Live Well.


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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jim McGowan Missoula

Jim McGowan works for Lee Enterprises, the company whose stock was warned twice by the NYSE (thats the New York Stock Exchange) that it would be kicked off the market.  Lucky for Jim McGowan, some guy named Warren Buffett bought a stake in the company.

Jim McGowan's Lee Enterprises went bankrupt, yet paid thier execs Millions for successfully doing so.  Jim McGowan's Lee Enterprises, based in Davenport, Iowa screws their retirees:

Post Dispatch Employees of Lee on Strike
As a newspaper "man" Jim McGowan feels peaceful assembly is criminal trespass.  Thats right, first amendment people like Jim McGowan who work at newspapers like the Missoulian in Missoula MT feel a person's picture, and a story that "it took less than 10 minutes to convict" someone of a first amendment right.  Sounds like Jim McGowan is a company man.
In response, I put a video asking the Missoulian if I were trespassing now:

"trespassing" at Jim McGowan's Missoulian
Here is the most pathetic part about Jim McGowan: he had to call nine (9) people to ask if he could remove a story from the internet that violates a person's rights.  How incompetent is Jim McGowan or compromised to doing the right thing?
Jim McGowan made me write a short summary of why each of five stories should be removed....and then never responded.  Most people would call that an asshole, I would call him a pathetic company man who got his job for being a yes man.
I retired Jim McGowan's prior publisher at the Missoulian.  She decided to lie to Lee counsel who made a sworn statement to a federal judge.  I had asked the sister paper Ravalli Republic not to defame me on July 9, 2009 and the Hamilton Police Chief showed up.
Funny, the police Chief entered my house unlawfully, and Jim McGowan's Missoulian did not publish a thing, nor did the police chief get fired, disciplined etc. (see second video for criminal charges that can be filed).

FYI this is what I told my city council about him.  It all fits....the corruption that is.  Jim McGowan was chosen due to being able to fit in, and work with the worst corruption in the USA.

Jim McGowan facilitates, gets paid to write defamatory garbage via Lee Papers.
(I'm using my protected opinion and personal knowledge of Lee Enterprises)
Would you want to hire Jim McGowan, publisher if he cant make is own decisions?
[I mean REALLY, nine people?]

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Barry Beach petition

This Blog is to give the URL to the petition from the public to ask for new trial, or free a man who has served more than 30 years in prison, and has questionable evidence against him for a murder in Poplar MT.

Barry Beach has had many organizations including the innocence project act on his behalf.  As the We the People blog of Montana, I am using my speech to further this cause.  While I will hold judgement about the issues here, I am merely allowing people more access to this petition.

Signing this petition does not FREE Barry Beach.  This petition gives public support, and pressure to the Montana authorities.  It only appears that many mistakes were made in the Barry Beach case, and we collectively believe in guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  There is a reasonable doubt that Barry Beach did not commit this crime 30 years ago, so a signature would bring awareness to this issue.

The Missoula Independent paper has done several articles on Barry Beach, much convincing evidence has been brought with respect to his case.  This blog can only publish opinion, that which is protected by free speech.

This is not a problem unique to Montana.  Any state can make mistakes.

Please make you own decision, as thousands of other people have signed for Barry Beach.  The link
 to the petition for Barry Beach is:

or type in Barry Beach in to get to the peition.


please encourage friends to sign.....we are so close to meeting the goal for Barry Beach.  It is common opinion that daughters of law enfocement may have been involved, and this information is being covered up, for a possible US Senate bid by the former Beach prosecutor. is now requiring 25,000 signatures not 15,000 no one is fessing up to the change, misrepresentation.

A WORLDWIDE travel advisory from travel in Montana USA
[for US residents, foreigner travelers to the USA]

NOTE: a signer of the petition for Barry Beach indicated that most members of the current Montana Supreme Court worked for the Beach Prosecutor Marc Radicot (SIC).  A few people are trying to save face, and save their jobs in the Montana Judiciary.