Monday, October 15, 2012

The NO RETARD Act 2013

The no retard act is very simple.  Do not allow retards to be law enforcement in America.

US President Bill Clinton had the wonderful idea of having 100,000 more law enforcement on the streets.  Unfortunately for America, about 900,000 retards showed up for the job.

When an IQ test is given, any score 75 and below, and prior to 1990 you were a retard.  Police officers who are retards shoot handicapped people, and people without all four limbs or screws upstairs.

If legislation were passed that only allowed non-retards into law enforcement, less problems like excessive force, corruption, and sheer stupidity would result.  More importantly, the basic rights of people would be upheld.

The No Retard Act of 2013 would save American lives.

Tell your congressmen: we dont want retards in law enforcement, they must pass above 100 on an IQ test.

Examples of Retards in Law Enforcement:

 warning a US citizen of trespass on public property.

unlawful entry, trespass by law enforcement
Not sure of Jurisdiction, federal law enforcement

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scoreboard Hill 23,000 Bullock 1,600

For the Montana Governor election, it is telling to look at the Youtube viewers for this race in 2012.  The highest video viewership Steve Bullock has is 1,600 views.

Here is Steve Bullock trying to be Old Fashioned.

On the other hand, Rick Hill has has a viewership of over 23,000 people for the following video about creating jobs and moving forward:

So I am not sure why Montana needs to stay in its old fashioned corrupt ways like Steve Bullock Desperately wants our state to stay, but Rick Hill has sailed away with the Governor race in Montana in 2012.  Looks like those out of state attorneys no matter how badly they want their friend Steve Bullock in power, will not win the election on November 6, 2012.

While you are out voting for the next Montana governor, Rick Hill make sure to make Barrack Obama know how upset you were with the FBI, DEA and Steve Bullock's law enforcement violating our voter approved law for medical marijuana.  No matter how you feel about medical marijuana in Montana, it was passed by the voters, and will be approved again by Montana.

If state law cannot be upheld by Steve Bulock the Montana Attorney General, well, I guess we as voters in Montana can send him packing.

Before you go, here is another video which has been viewed by Montana voters.  It looks a lot like Steve Bullock, and the tactics are the same.  Bully and threaten those who pay your salary.

For more on Steve Bullocks threats and transgressions, google Recall Steve Bullock or Prosecute Steve Bullock.  For now, enjoy the video clip more than 80,000 viewers have seen (thats three times more than the Rick Hill Video).  Paybacks a bitch Steve Bullock.

Thats all for the Montana Governors race in 2012.  Steve Bullock will continue his practice as a private attorney, but will end his bid for national attention as Montana's Governor.  Perhaps Steve lost his way when he decided to use the public power for his own intimidation.

Whatever the case, he is now rightly out of the public eye, and public payroll.  Rick Hill has proven on the campaign trail that he is willing to work his hardest against the toughest problems that faces Montana.  One of them was the Fish Wildlife and Parks Department.  As a candidate, that was a brave stance.

Welcome to the Governors Mansion Mr. Hill.