Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bitterroot Public Library patrons

Library Patrons unwelcome

Reports coming in from the Bitterroot Public Library patrons in Hamilton, MT are that they dont feel welcome in their own library.

Is is because the library staff are free to remove their privileges outside of Montana law?

Is it the fact that the taxpayers in Ravalli County and City of Hamilton pay more than a half million a year to pay for a library who doesnt know how to serve the public?

Or perhaps a community which is so abusive to its own taxpaying people, that a library like the Bitterroot Public Library feel they can charge trespassing [August 20, 2009] date of this video.

Note:  The Bitterroot Public Library attempts to hide this video, share it with everyone you know.

warned of trespass on public property by a US police officer
Hamilton Montana

Hamilton Montana claims incorporation of 1894, and its county Ravalli claims 1893.  Even though there is a dumbing down in America, these public cities cannot lawfully exist.  Here is the map of Hamilton incorporation that I took of the official map purchased at the Ravalli County Clerk and Recorder

Breathe deep Hamilton, here are the truths of your public fraud, public abuse of taxpayers and patrons of Bitterroot Public Library.  Wonder why people dont feel welcome, perhaps its the 15 police officers who are abusive to the people who pay their salaries.  They arent smart enough to figure out to be nice to the people who pay their salary.

Law enforcement in an ideal world (outside of the United States) would have an IQ above 100.  The 75 level is the actual retard level [now called cognitive delay].  Emptying a clip into a double amputee in a wheel chair, or a defenseless person is what we now have for law enforcement in the United States. 

The connection to the Bitterroot Public Library and the law enforcement is clear in the top video.  The second encounter with Hamilton Police they were unlawfully in my house.  The police chief made policy to enter my house when a call was made specifically calling him off.  Here is that video.

So if you get a job at Rocky Mountain Labs, Hamilton MT perhaps you should rethink the career move to Hamilton Montana.  Abusive, excessive amount of law enforcement who abuse peoples rights.
The Rocky Mountain Lab in Hamilton MT

A library in Hamilton MT who is willing to use these people to abuse their patrons who pay for the library.  A letter to the US President asking for civil rights, and the Black US president ignored our pleas.  We Dubbed it "The Montana US President Letter" linked below:

What kind of small think is involved to limit the material included in a library?  What kind of people make fun of patrons, disavow their American Library Assoc. principles.  Simple.  The Bitterroot Public Library in Hamilton, MT where no law exists other than abuse the people.

Ready to move to Hamilton, MT?

Karma is still taking its toll on Hamilton MT and the Bitterroot Public Library.  I am just reporting the news for Hamilton, MT.  It continues to NOT be pretty.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Youtube videos are free speech

What presidential candidate will stand up for the US Constitutional rights?  Neither.

Wouldn't the support of the right to speak elevate a US Presidential candidate into the white house?
It should.

It is sad that our elected officials, paid by public dollars cannot cut to our base belief, from the US Constitution.

I have Youtube videos, and they have already changed the problems that I was trying to highlight.  It was my right to speak and record these videos on public property.  Two of them are about public property, one about rights of private property (my home).

The videos have cut back against corrupt local governments, and warned public institutions that the public are watching them.  Youtube videos are a great way to exercise your first amendment right to free speech, or peaceful assembly.

Why cant America have a presidential candidate that will uphold and speak to the US Constitution.  It is obvious that no one else, besides the public are seeing that the rights are slipping in America.
Youtube: the new way for Americans to uphold their rights.  Tough luck for the rioters in the middle east.  Americans will speak, or make fun of whatever we want.  Because it is our right.

Monday, September 17, 2012

GOP should drop Games-Neely

The GOP in Berkeley Co. WVA needs to drop the incumbent, Pamela Games-Neely from the County Attorney race in Martinsburg VA.  What Republican prosecutor can charge terrorism for running or Physical Training (PT) with your training equipment.

Step in Pamela Games-Neely.

Candidate Neely 2012 Berkeley Co. West VA

Pamela Games-Neely thought she could turn off public opinion by turning off her public email account. The former way to communicate with Ms. Neely was (this email is no longer active.)

Who is Pamela Games-Neely answerable to: Soccer moms? Can we prosecute Americans because we have unreasonable fear? Should we be fearful of those in the military that are protecting us?

Pamela Games Neely has already resigned her post as prosecutor in Martinsburg, VWA. A violation of her oath to protect the laws of W.VA and the United States discredited her as a public servant.

Read more on the William Alemar case Ms. Pamela Games-Neely prosecuted:

Open Email to Pamela Games-Neely

Dear Prosecutor Neely,

I am writing this to you with the respect you dont deserve.

There are more than 425 signatures on William Alemar's behalf. A few weeks ago your courthouse witnessed more than 50 people gathered in support of William Alemar. When charges go from multiple felony to simple assault, you are to blame, and should be more than ashamed.

Ms. Neely, you have brought shame on Berkeley Co. WVA, and Martinsburg, WVA. Not to mention the nation.

My question is, most times it is an egotistical MALE prosecutor; Pamela you have proved that no matter the gender, a prosecutor can be dumb. I'm sorry, stupid.

While I do not know your support in your community,it should not support continued public service. Ms. Neely, as soon as a prosecutor steps away from their oath, their career goes right with them.

While I am not aware of what two attorneys are planning behind closed doors to resolve this situation, please compare a few worried mothers to a few few million pissed off military moms. I believe one of them used to be your hairstylist.

The point standing here is the refusal to uphold a sworn oath. It appears that more than interpretation occurs, you redefine life as a prosecutor.
The power you have Ms. Neely is to uphold the law, not interpret it as you feel right, or outright defy it in Mr. Alemars case. Perhaps the real evaluation, and threat are prosecutors who disobey the people, and their sworn oaths to those people.

I am not only hoping that you learned a lesson, but that the decision that you made will destroy your career. Because it was your doing.
If you are respectful of the people's wishes, it requires resignation for the disgrace to the precepts of our Nation by way of William Alemar.

All the best for your future,

Mike Spreadbury
It does not get more disgusting than prosecutors acting outside of their duties to the public. Ms. Neely decided that her oath to the public did not matter. It does.
She will realize this the day she is out of work for the Public.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The US Media is corrupt

The LEE AP Special

Lee Enterprises from Davenport, Iowa was given the helm of the Associated Press in the United States. Mary Junk, the milti-millionaire ethic less CEO of this shameful company sits as chairman of the AP. The most stupid stories are put up on the "wire" to promote the US President.

The US President's friend Warren Buffett has bailed out Lee Enterprises twice since their bankruptcy in Deleware this past January-May 2012. When a friend of the US president literally owns part of the parent company for the Associated Press (AP) then we have altered news in the United States.

Take, for example the case of Specialist William Alemar of the Virginia National Guard:

The Associated Press wants you to see this man, in his mug shot as a gun toting CRAZY.

Specialist William Alemar is an Iraq veteran, applied for the Naval Academy, and was merely training for the deployment oversees to "protect our freedoms" in the United States.

Here is a different picture of Specialist William Alemar:
This is a disgusting display of what is wrong with Lee Enterprises, the American Associated Press, and the politicization of everything. It does not help that the prosecutor is a hyphenator, a publicly outspoken against right to bear arms, and was stupid enough to charge Specialist Alemar with terrorism. Any charge that goes from terrorism to simple (misdemeanor) assault should mean forced resignation of Prosecutor Pamela Games-Neeley of Martinsburg, West Virginia.


Who is safeguarding our rights when the US media, US Prosecutors are removing rights like peaceful assembly, speech, or even wearing whatever we want, as long as there is not a threat.

Specialist Alemar was carrying an AIR RIFLE. it had an ORANGE TIP indicating that the weapon could not kill anything.

I would like to welcome officials and citizens from China, and Russia. Please read, document the shame of the United States. The people cannot trust the media under Lee Enterprises and the AP, and it cannot trust people who take a sworn oath to protect our rights. These same people like Pam Games-Neely are paid by the people.

Lee Enterprises is paid to alter the truth. Another example is the Treyvon Martin photo (the one where he is 12 instead of huge and 17 years old).
read more:
15 facts kept from you by Lee Enterprises and the US Media
By Lee Camp, R rated.

The US media is altering the US Presidential race, all paid, or paid influence of Warren Buffett owning a portion of Lee Enterprises. This is why they suck.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Steve Bullock is WIKI finished.

Steve Bullock John Walsh campaign

Steve Bullock, running for Governor of Montana in 2012 is our chief prosecutor.

The voters in Montana are not aware of how Steve Bullock abuses his role as public servant in Montana. This blog post will quickly give Montana voters a glimpse of how Steve Bullock works for his own power, not our protection.

Montana Election Comedy 2012: Bullock asks for help from Gov. Schweitzer:

Steve Bullock, as Montana Attorney General protected the unlawful act of a law student in Montana who did his dirty work, and the work for one of his employees, George Corn in Ravalli Co.

The Montana Law Student Angela Wetzsteon

Angela Wetzsteon, from Montana Law '08 practiced without a license Aug. 8, 2007. Wetzsteon practiced a case which violated the Defendants inalienable rights, and US Constitutional right to confront witness, and have speedy trial protections. Steve Bullock is better than US Constitutional rights.

In fact, Steve Bullock is better than the FBI (or in bed with them) for violating their #1 criminal priority: use of public funds to protect a felon: Angela Wetzsteon. Your state funds in Montana.
[perjury, impersonation of state officer]

Steve Bullock violated Montana Ethics rule 5.5 for helping Wetzsteon practice law without a license or Montana Bar License. Even Steve Bullock's bar license means nothing if he does not protect it.

Steve Bullock asked for a criminal culpability statement for the Lincoln Co. Recall for petitioning their government. This is violation of direct wording in the First Amendment and the Montana Constitution. Steve Bullock is above the law, the constitution, and Montana ethics laws.

How Steve Bullock prosecutes:
and deals with the "problematic" public

Spreaking in public was also not protected. Without threat, Felony Intimidation charges filed by Steve Bullock's Attorney General Office. As you'll see below in affidavit form, Steve Bullock did the actual threatening. As hundreds have already viewed, please find a threat of speaking in public:

Steve Bullock rolled for the feds in their raid of Medical marijuana sites in Montana. A medical marijuana ballot initiative is on the ballot in 2012 and will the be downfall of Steve Bullock. Steve Bullock has an ASTOUNDING 40 people show up in Missoula: do you wonder why Steve Bullock?

Up in Smoke: Steve Bullock for Governor:

The biggest Led Zeppelin for Steve Bullock as Montana Attorney General is the Zyprexa lawsuit he handled for the Attorney General office in 2007. Note that Steve Bullock claimed he did not work for the Montana Attonrey General Office to try an avoid culpability for a threat to a Montana voter. Chanllenge his County Prosecutor (George Corn) and loose your home, and your job from trumped up charges. Note: Corn lost election, home was retained, reputation was not.
[ ]

The Montana Zyprexa lawsuit defrauded the victims of the judgment. They were not mentally ill, and Steve Bullock made a "Mental Health trust fund" to benefit non-victims. This public fraud by Steve Bullock Montana Governor candidate was $14 Million dollars. Steve Bullock stole $3.5M for the Montana Attorney General/Dept. of Justice in Montana from US.

Here are 7 reasons (with links) why Steve Bullock John Walsh should not be elected in 2012. For John Walsh, he engaged in electioneering by using his Montana Guard Troops for political reasons. The photograph taken of the troops is unethical, and unlawful.

The SEVEN reasons Steve Bullock should see and end to his public life:

Unlawful entry by state and local enforcement officers
protected not prosecuted by Steve Bullock Montana Attorney General

Bullocks office claims no responsibility
for unlawful acts of Montana Law Enforcement.
[video translated into 9 languages---Good for Montana Tourism Steve Bullock?]

This information of Steve Bullock is the truth, and we as Montana voters must stop Steve Bullock in November 2012. Not like it is a big threat, only 40 people showed up for his talk on education. Perhaps that is due to Steve Bullock throwing educators under the bus like the Ennis Superintendent, then wanting our votes. Steve Bullock should have thought about that one first.

Unless Steve Bullock is a psychopath. Addicted to his power in Montana.
with Steve Bullock's demonstrated problems with public finds (Zyprexa, Angela Wetzsteon) do we really want a dangerous person as our Governor?

Affidavit of Steve Bullock's "public figure" behavior.

The Biggest Difference between Steve Bullock and Rick Hill is their public service. Steve Bullock doesn't listen to the public, he controls them through fear and judicial system abuse.

Rick Hill has served Montana in the US Congress, and is listening to the peoples concerns about Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks....he is going to change the agency from top to bottom. Steve Bullock looks the other way for FWP in Lake County, and uses them for his power plays over the Montana people (for political favors).

Steve Bullock has next to no signs in the Missoula or Hamilton area. One of his signs is obscured by trees to where it is barely visible. With few people turning out, let him FALL politically and not become governor, or anything else on a national scale...what a problem that would be!

Governor is just a stepping stone for Bullock. Lets make sure the people make Steve Bullock very aware in Montana that his public life is OVER.

Please vote November 6, 2012 in Montana for Governor. For Rick Hill.