Monday, September 17, 2012

GOP should drop Games-Neely

The GOP in Berkeley Co. WVA needs to drop the incumbent, Pamela Games-Neely from the County Attorney race in Martinsburg VA.  What Republican prosecutor can charge terrorism for running or Physical Training (PT) with your training equipment.

Step in Pamela Games-Neely.

Candidate Neely 2012 Berkeley Co. West VA

Pamela Games-Neely thought she could turn off public opinion by turning off her public email account. The former way to communicate with Ms. Neely was (this email is no longer active.)

Who is Pamela Games-Neely answerable to: Soccer moms? Can we prosecute Americans because we have unreasonable fear? Should we be fearful of those in the military that are protecting us?

Pamela Games Neely has already resigned her post as prosecutor in Martinsburg, VWA. A violation of her oath to protect the laws of W.VA and the United States discredited her as a public servant.

Read more on the William Alemar case Ms. Pamela Games-Neely prosecuted:

Open Email to Pamela Games-Neely

Dear Prosecutor Neely,

I am writing this to you with the respect you dont deserve.

There are more than 425 signatures on William Alemar's behalf. A few weeks ago your courthouse witnessed more than 50 people gathered in support of William Alemar. When charges go from multiple felony to simple assault, you are to blame, and should be more than ashamed.

Ms. Neely, you have brought shame on Berkeley Co. WVA, and Martinsburg, WVA. Not to mention the nation.

My question is, most times it is an egotistical MALE prosecutor; Pamela you have proved that no matter the gender, a prosecutor can be dumb. I'm sorry, stupid.

While I do not know your support in your community,it should not support continued public service. Ms. Neely, as soon as a prosecutor steps away from their oath, their career goes right with them.

While I am not aware of what two attorneys are planning behind closed doors to resolve this situation, please compare a few worried mothers to a few few million pissed off military moms. I believe one of them used to be your hairstylist.

The point standing here is the refusal to uphold a sworn oath. It appears that more than interpretation occurs, you redefine life as a prosecutor.
The power you have Ms. Neely is to uphold the law, not interpret it as you feel right, or outright defy it in Mr. Alemars case. Perhaps the real evaluation, and threat are prosecutors who disobey the people, and their sworn oaths to those people.

I am not only hoping that you learned a lesson, but that the decision that you made will destroy your career. Because it was your doing.
If you are respectful of the people's wishes, it requires resignation for the disgrace to the precepts of our Nation by way of William Alemar.

All the best for your future,

Mike Spreadbury
It does not get more disgusting than prosecutors acting outside of their duties to the public. Ms. Neely decided that her oath to the public did not matter. It does.
She will realize this the day she is out of work for the Public.

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