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Michael Spreadbury committed

Michael Spreadbury has been committed to everything he does in life.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency would agree with this statement.  In 2007 Michael Spreadbury was so committed that he earned an award for exceptional service for FEMA due to his committment.

Michael Spreadbury has been committed to exposing Governor Steve Bullock as he threatened Michael Spreadbury's livelihood; specifically his job a FEMA and his house.  This statement is now contained in a FBI file on Steve Bullock just in case he is tapped for anything like a US Attorney General post for a Democratic US President.  The vetting process should find the two affidavits attesting to Steve Bullock's threat.

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Michael Spreadbury is committed to exposing the felony practice of Angela Wetzsteon and the many, many powerful people who assisted this crime in Montana.

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Michael Spreadbury is so committed to exposing the fraud, crime and misconuduct in Montana which  led to a direct path to the 44th Presidential Administration of Barack Obama via his Montana Staff, specifically Jim Messina of Montana as former Deputy Chief of Staff.

More Info: see the Angela Wetzsteon War

This is my youtube channel.

Michael Spreadbury was so committed to exposing misconduct that his work retired many Montana Operatives who were unethical:

Michael Spreadbury is so committed that it takes an army of unethical people to attempt to counter his committed work in Montana.

Never question Michael Spreadbury's committment to hard work, dedication, and excellent, if not exceptional professional practice.

Viewers are invited to visit or search CHEE BURNSIDES who attempted discrimination, and defamation against my character to cover up the public murder of a suspect in custody in Williams AZ in 2006.  He also ordered a dog to die outside the law, and engaged in perjury to become a police officer in 2004.  A real savory person; worthy of two blogs owning him on the internet.....because someone has to stop him.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dean Irma Russell

Dean  Irma Russell was the first woman to head the University of Montana Law School.

Dean Irma Russell, University of Montana

--prior to being asked to step down from UM Law
(see picture with a smiling Dean Irma Russell below)

2015 update: Two more law student prosecutors in summer '15 and a 68% Bar pass rate.  The Blewett Law School will let any student prosecute, because they blew it when they applied and enrolled.

2014 Update: former Dean Russell can be accredited with a drop of 30% in the passage rate of the Bar Exam at the U of Montana.  The former passage rate was 94% and current 64%.  Hope she is fond of Montana corruption because these stats dont make her attractive as a candidate for any other law school. Dean accepted after candidate process.  U MT Law hired an interim dean Greg Munro who also wont meet with the public.
2013 UPDATE:
Dean Irma Russell Salary has been searched quite a bit.  Many people want to know how much it pays to take the helm of the unlawful behavior of the University of Montana Law School.  The UM office of Policy and Budget has offered a range for the salary of $170,000 to $185,000.  Dean Irma Russell's salary is also in the $170,000 to $185,000 range presently, according to the policy and budget office.

University of Montana

Dean Irma Russell was asked to look the other way for Angela Wetzsteon, as she prosecuted law unsupervised, otherwise known as felony impersonation of a public official.
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Dean Irma Russell appointed Peggy Tonon, and former Dean Eck to a paid advisory board.

These two former staff of the University of Montana Law School were instrumental in allowing Angela Wetzsteon to avoid prosecution (and are reciving public fund paybacks).

Dean Irma Russell got a 10 page formal report from the American Bar or ABA about Angela Wetzsteon and unlawful (unsupervised) student practice.
Dean Irma Russell ignored the report.
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Dean Irma Russell decided that she would not meet with members of the public who pay for the University of Montana law school.  Dean Irma Russell made a big mistake.

Today, Dean Irma Russell was asked to resign.

Dean Irma Russell was sent this letter:

Honorable Dean Irma Russell                                        May 3, 2013

University of Montana Law School

Missoula, MT 59812-2576


RE: Former staff approved to be paid advisors for the Montana Law School

It has come to my attention that two former faculty as Angela Wetzsteon ’08 practiced unsupervised August 8, 2007 are paid advisors to your law school.  Wetzsteon’s practice has been protected by officials in various levels of importance, from US District Judges in conflict, on the UM Board of visitors, to the current and former Montana Attorney General, to Governor appointment in 2013, even 2008 US Presidential appointment to your predecessor Dean Eck.

The level of crime involved is hard to grasp when so much unethical behavior is involved.  Assisting the unauthorized practice of any person (including alumni of UM Law) violate Montana Ethics Rule 5.5.  While you have standing as an ABA Ethics scholar, my Webster’s Dictionary lists ethical as “conforming to acceptable standards of conduct.”  This is where the problem originates.  By not meeting with citizens at a publically supported University, protecting the criminal and unethical conduct of a former student, then approving staff that were integral to the criminal acts of Angela Wetzsteon ‘08 as paid UM law advisors reached strike three.

The University of Montana recently has seen the departure of Chief Counsel David Aronofsky who admitted third year law students (3L) continue to practice unsupervised. 
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The University was plagued with a rape crisis, exacerbated by UM law alumnus unable to break corruption in their professional endeavors to prosecute rapes at UM.  That lawyer “product” are UM graduating law students, who impersonate public officials as students, and in Wetzsteon’s case enjoin perjury by swearing 21 May 2010 supervision.  These crimes are serious felonies, just as the many rape offenses transpired on the University of Montana Campus without prosecution.

Your law school, under your direction is the origin and etiology of the rape crisis.  Crime does not pay, nor does conspiring or agreeing to cover it up, or pretending it doesn’t exist Ms. Russell.

Jim Messina ’93 on the Alumni Board for the University of Montana is finding this out by way of great significance to insignificance, as is his protégé, US Senator Max Baucus.  The UM Chief Counsel, to former Dean Edwin Eck, and now your former clinics director Peggy Tonon need to learn this valuable lesson.  Before UM’s accreditation is removed by the AALS, ABA as this lesson is not yet learned, please step down before it compromises future law education in Montana.   Tell UM President Engstrom: ignoring crime was your downfall as UM Law Dean.

I have written a comprehensive report about the Montana Law School sent to you by the American Bar Association indicating on October 20, 2007 your faculty knew or should have known that a student practiced unsupervised, a felony crime.  As other students have practiced unsupervised or bragged about it online, your faculty is negligent; and as their Dean, their leader.
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There is an organization called the European Law Student Association or ELSA.  They span forty-two (42) countries and have 37,000 members.  This organization promotes human rights, and effective use of law skills.  They endorse the disbarment of UM’s Angela Wetzsteon for unsupervised prosecution, use of tampered evidence, and violations of protected, and sworn rights.  Your law school got the ELSA’s attention in the USA by covering up those crimes.
reseach ELSA:

Since you have promoted, and pay former staff of the Montana Law School to advise your school on criminal acts, you entered the same category as David Aronofsky.  Any faculty or staff at the University of Montana who promote or cover up criminal acts have no future on campus. 

You’re fired.



Michael Spreadbury ’01 UM School of Education

cc: Royce Engstrom UM President

      Chairman, Montana Board of Regents

      Susan Prager, CEO American Association of Law Schools (AALS)
      [Ms. Prager left the AALS in shame]

      Consultant on Legal Education, ABA Chicago
Angela Wetzsteon's supervisor as a law student: George Corn

Montana Governor Steve Bullock protecting Wetzsteon:
This is what I said to the American Association of Law Schools about Dean Irma Russell:
Dear AALS,
I wanted to thank your staff for its diligence with regard to UM law. I am asking for the removal of the Dean due to appointing two faculty responsible for criminal acts with respect to law education (Dean Ed Eck, Cinics Dir. Peggy Margaret Tonon) to a board of clinics for the law school. The school is under US DOJ investigation, and has condoned looking the other way for crime.
Attached is the letter sent to Ms. Russell, Dean today as well as ABA, our state Board of Regents, and the UM President.
Thank you for your time, and consider sanctions, or removal of this school from AALS.
Michael Spreadbury
victim of Student prosecution from University of Montana
This is what I said to the American Bar, Consultant on Legal Education about Dean Irma Russell
Dear Legal Consultant to Education
American Bar Association
Please be aware that since my comprehensive report dated November 5, 2010 addressed to your section of the ABA in Chicago, (available: the Dean of the Montana Law school has appointed two faculty who were responsible for the unauthorized practice of a law student at the Univeristy of Montana. The campus has seen international attention for rapes not prosecuted due to incompetent law alum (still under US DOJ investigation) and a $28M shortfall in budget which is seeing widespread cuts in the University budget.
I was handled especially abusively by a paralegal in your department who is blindly getting a copy of this correspondence.
Please note the European Student Law Assn in 42 countries is aware of this situaiton in Montana. Attached is the letter sent today to Ms. Irma Russell, formerly an ethics scholar with the ABA. Would this organization now consider sanctions against UM law Missoula MT?
Michael Spreadbury
victim of 2008 law student who practiced unsupervised August 8, 2007 (felony impersonation of public official),
sworn statement May 21, 2010 that Angela Wetzsteon was supervised (felony perjury; protected by Governor Bullock).
This is what I said to the UM Presidents office about Dean Irma Russell:
Dear Ms. Power,
[Assistant to UM President Engstrom]
enclosed is a copy of a letter sent today to Dean Irma Russell. By looking the other way for student crime, then appointing former faculty to advise who were engaged in crime is described in this letter. I would assume that any staff covering up crime on the UM campus, or paying people who engaged in it would no longer be welcome at UM.
This is how the last two years of deficit occurred on campus: ignoring crime.
Thank you so much for passing this onto your boss, Mr. Engstrom President of the University of Montana.
Michael Spreadbury
Good luck Ms. Irma Russell. 
[if I could make a suggestion for your upcoming "ethics" text Ms. Russell]
why dont you echo the Montana Bar intorductary ethics clause:protected activity (speach, assembly, protecting self/property) should never be prosecuted, along with known innocence.  Your law students and alum of UM law seem to miss this after graduation.
you probably need some serious ideas anyway!