Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Michael Spreadbury committed

Michael Spreadbury has been committed to everything he does in life.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency would agree with this statement.  In 2007 Michael Spreadbury was so committed that he earned an award for exceptional service for FEMA due to his committment.

Michael Spreadbury has been committed to exposing Governor Steve Bullock as he threatened Michael Spreadbury's livelihood; specifically his job a FEMA and his house.  This statement is now contained in a FBI file on Steve Bullock just in case he is tapped for anything like a US Attorney General post for a Democratic US President.  The vetting process should find the two affidavits attesting to Steve Bullock's threat.

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Michael Spreadbury is committed to exposing the felony practice of Angela Wetzsteon and the many, many powerful people who assisted this crime in Montana.

More Information:

Michael Spreadbury is so committed to exposing the fraud, crime and misconuduct in Montana which  led to a direct path to the 44th Presidential Administration of Barack Obama via his Montana Staff, specifically Jim Messina of Montana as former Deputy Chief of Staff.

More Info: see the Angela Wetzsteon War

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Michael Spreadbury was so committed to exposing misconduct that his work retired many Montana Operatives who were unethical:

Michael Spreadbury is so committed that it takes an army of unethical people to attempt to counter his committed work in Montana.

Never question Michael Spreadbury's committment to hard work, dedication, and excellent, if not exceptional professional practice.

Viewers are invited to visit or search CHEE BURNSIDES who attempted discrimination, and defamation against my character to cover up the public murder of a suspect in custody in Williams AZ in 2006.  He also ordered a dog to die outside the law, and engaged in perjury to become a police officer in 2004.  A real savory person; worthy of two blogs owning him on the internet.....because someone has to stop him.

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  1. I was once told that only 1% of the FEMA employees are granted exceptional service award. My work in Korea involved an international security clearance, well beyond the DHS national secutiry clearance issued by the FBI from Washington DC in Jan 2008.


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