Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Barry Beach petition

This Blog is to give the URL to the petition from the public to ask for new trial, or free a man who has served more than 30 years in prison, and has questionable evidence against him for a murder in Poplar MT.

Barry Beach has had many organizations including the innocence project act on his behalf.  As the We the People blog of Montana, I am using my speech to further this cause.  While I will hold judgement about the issues here, I am merely allowing people more access to this petition.

Signing this petition does not FREE Barry Beach.  This petition gives public support, and pressure to the Montana authorities.  It only appears that many mistakes were made in the Barry Beach case, and we collectively believe in guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  There is a reasonable doubt that Barry Beach did not commit this crime 30 years ago, so a signature would bring awareness to this issue.

The Missoula Independent paper has done several articles on Barry Beach, much convincing evidence has been brought with respect to his case.  This blog can only publish opinion, that which is protected by free speech.

This is not a problem unique to Montana.  Any state can make mistakes.

Please make you own decision, as thousands of other people have signed for Barry Beach.  The link
 to the petition for Barry Beach is:

or type in Barry Beach in to get to the peition.


please encourage friends to sign.....we are so close to meeting the goal for Barry Beach.  It is common opinion that daughters of law enfocement may have been involved, and this information is being covered up, for a possible US Senate bid by the former Beach prosecutor. is now requiring 25,000 signatures not 15,000 no one is fessing up to the change, misrepresentation.

A WORLDWIDE travel advisory from travel in Montana USA
[for US residents, foreigner travelers to the USA]

NOTE: a signer of the petition for Barry Beach indicated that most members of the current Montana Supreme Court worked for the Beach Prosecutor Marc Radicot (SIC).  A few people are trying to save face, and save their jobs in the Montana Judiciary.


  1. I want to thank Rocky Mountain Labs my neighbors for waking me up once again in the middle of the night. No I dont smoke crack, I get creative ideas in the middle of the night.

  2. Thank you for viewing for the petition to help Barry Beach, my last comment was to explain the 4am hour when I originally wrote this post. My public service was based upon the idea that the noblist service was in fact in the public good. As the public, we need to help Barry Beach in Montana.

  3. There was no evidence at the scene of the crime that put Barry there. Unfortunately, there are too many aggressive interrogators out there that just want a body to put in prison for a crime. When the evidence is ignored completely vs. an obviously coerced confession, we have a serious problem in this country. Soon there will be more people IN prison than out.

  4. I live in Missouri but know some good people from Montana and unfortunately there are some bad (the true killers and NOT Barry Beach) but either way, there was no justice for this man. When physical tangible evidence (there was NONE from him) is ignored over an obvious coerced statement, our entire COUNTRY has a serious problem. How many even know we institutionalize more people in our country than any other country on the planet?


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