Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mathew Stevenson Missoula Attorney

I had previously written about Mat Stevenson Big Sky Legal to warn people that he "surfs" cases the way the Prosecutors wants them, and to beware of this shyster in Missoula Montana.  Well I just came in to new information about Mathew M. Stevenson.

Lets Make Mat Stevenson drive a Pinto instead of this:           
His defense to anything is that he "got the dismissal" for you via Stevenson Law Office Missoula.  What if the offense wasnt even a crime to begin with?

What if Mat Stevenson never followed through on that dismissal 7 years later?  What if your good name, and crimnal record was tarnished even when you pay his LARGE retainer at Big Sky Legal?  Maybe after 7 years a good case for negligence, or economic interfenence would set Mat Stevenson back just a bit.  Wonder who he would hire to defend himself?

When Mathew Stevenson screws his clients, even when he is ALLOWED to win that is all the public needs to know when they get a DUI in Missoula MT or other cities in Montana.  Dont hire Mathew Stevenson for any criminal defense.  The outcome of your case is only cashish $$ to him, and your future is at stake.

Dont walk the plank into Mat Stevenson's                      
Big Sky Legal Offices in Missoula MT                     

Mathew Stevenson, as I told you in my first post..."Kick Mat Stevenson in the Balls" lost his partner due to unethical activity.  Now Mathew M. Stevenson needs to lose lots of criminal defense clients.
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What his former partner did not know about Big Sky Legal is that Mat Stevenson, Missoula Attorney does not make sure your accquital sticks and is removed from your criminal history.  Why hire the Stevenson Law Firm in Missoula?  They dont do jack, it costs a lot, and their professional follow through screws you for future jobs.

Mat Stevenson of Big Sky Legal Missoula MT will lose clients due to this information.  How would you like to find out 7 years later that your attorney did not do his job?  Here's an easy way to do it:
  1. Kick Mathew M Stevenson in the Balls
  2. Do not hire Big Sky Legal in Missoula for criminal defense
  3. laugh and point at Mat Stevenson because he cannot even dismiss a case he won.
Please find other attorneys who can defend you, dismiss your case from your record after you are found not guilty.  Mat Stevenson, Missoula Attorney seems to have difficulty with basic professional standards.  What you need to understand is that Mat Stevenson relies on corruption to make him look legit, feed him cases, but in reality Mathew Stevenson DUI attorney in Missoula went to the worst Law School in the USA.

Here is a comprehensive report from 2010 to the American Bar Association (ABA) about problems with Mathew Stevenson's Law School:
Mathew Stevenson's Law School
[it might explain a lot]

if video unavailable, click link to view video on youtube homepage:

Please dont hire Mathew M. Stevenson for any reason.  You are not assured if your case will be thrown, because Mathew Stevenson is owned in Missoula and Montana by papa corruption.  Dont be a chump, Mathew Stevenson of Big Sky Legal is for chumps, and people who dont know they are throwing their lives away, and their money to Mathew Stevenson.

Mathew Stevenson doesnt even realize that when Ravalli Co. is being investigated, they will be looking into his symbiotic relationship with that county.  Good luck shyster Stevenson.

This has been a public service message from Mathew Stevenson's victims.  We get a false background check 7 years after he charged good money to defend something that was not a crime.  Even DUI defense should find representation elsewhere, Mathew Stevenson is a shyster.  On a scale of attorneys, Mat Stevenson DUI defense Missoula is a one out of 10.  Trust your future to someone, anyone else but Mathew Stevenson of Big Sky Legal Missoula MT.

I'm betting that the hundreds of people that have read about Big Sky Legal and Mat Stevenson Missoula lawyer/attorney have cost him.  It does not pay to be corrupt Mat Stevenson.  Your law practice in Missoula is the laughingstock of good people, and needy people needing defense are going elsewhere.  Mathew Stevenson, one cheap soul available for clients in Missoula MT.