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John Lewis US Representative

John Lewis just announced he is a Democratic candidate for US Representative for Montana.  The election is in 2014. 

John Lewis was Max Baucus's chief of staff.....this should tell you a lot.  Mr. Lewis looked the other way for Max, as he asked for the arrest of dissenters to the Affordable Care Act who wanted universal health care.  John Lewis ignored the request of Montana residents asking for help of their senator.

John Lewis claims that he wants what's best for his kids, but he cannot help people who are being abused in the State of Montana.  The Congressmen and their chief of staff like John Lewis should not ignore their constituents.  Montana should ignore John Lewis and his claims about listening to and doing what is best for Montana.  This blog has proof that John Lewis is not right for the US Representative for Montana.

John Lewis looked the other way as Max gave $1.7M to the Montana Law School who allow students to practice law prior to graduation (felony impersonation, perjury). 

John Lewis enabled a substance abuse addict, otherwise known as US Senator Max Baucus

John Lewis was this man's chief of staff, and plugged the holes, and enabled a terrible man not represent the people of Montana.  Now John Lewis wants to follow in his former chief's footsteps.
Believe that John Lewis allowed Montana voters to suffer even when they asked for his help specifically.  John Lewis is not candidate material for Montana US Rep. in 2014.
Please read this authentic letter below to John Lewis, Chief of Staff for Max Baucus from October 5, 2010.  The successful 2014 Montana representative in the US House cannot ignore the voters.
Mr. John Lewis                                                                                   October 5, 2010
State Director, US Senator Max Baucus
30 W. 14th St. Suite 206
Helena MT 59601                                                                              
RE: Rights of Montanans as US Citizens
Dear Mr. Lewis,
On August 29, 2007 a group of people from Hamilton, Montana sent a letter to Max Baucus requesting all federal funds to Ravalli County be frozen so civil rights may be restored.  Our honorable US Senator has granted us $70 Million in US 93 highway funds, several million in grants (to which much has disappeared), and payment in lieu of taxes (PILT) funds to Ravalli County, government.  We were verbally abused by Ms. Melodee Hanes, your predecessor, who now apparently works for the US Justice Department.  Former Baucus chief of staff, Jim Messina ignored our requests of October 17, 2007; now he serves as a Deputy Chief of Staff to the 44th President of the United States.
The bottom line is that basic constitutional rights are not being upheld in Montana.  The state was ranked 48th in the nation for justice in September 2007 by the same agency Ms. Hanes went to work for.  Chief Justice Roberts spoke at the University of Montana Law School in Missoula, MT that month, telling us of the importance of the responsibilities of upholding justice.  Since 2007, our group has found 4 counties in western Montana that has recorded serious problems with civil rights, or constitutional law issues.   These problems include:
·         Induced suicide in two Montana County detention centers by law enforcement
·         Suspected rape of 6 women by law enforcement
·         Police intimidation of employers to deny employment of citizens
·         The take-down of a citizen with a pellet gun by aggressive law enforcement
·         Law enforcement acting outside of jurisdiction
·         The seizure of property without warrant by law enforcement.
·         Entering of property without warrant, outside of law enforcement jurisdiction.
·         Arrest of citizens with outdated, warrants under conditions that were satisfied.
·         Malicious Prosecution which violates inalienable state and federal rights.
·         Equal protection violations by public officials.
·         Violation of court rules to maliciously prosecute US citizens.
·         A Montana Attorney General who is more interested in Corporate Law than protecting the citizens of this state.
·         A US Attorney office that could not accomplish successful prosecution of W.R. Grace Company of Columbia MD who killed 200 residents in Libby, MT
·         Your congressional office is supposed to represent Montana; staffers feel these above problems are “personal legal matters” (Jennifer Ewan, Missoula office)
·         A felony hit-and run accident on September 14, 2007 committed by a Hamilton City Councilman put a member of the public in the Hospital, while
Letter to State Director, US Senator Max Baucus, pg. 2                         October 5, 2010
Hamilton City Police cover up the accident, and Montana Highway Patrol refused to investigate.  It begs the question, who enforces the rule of law in Montana?
·         A Bank robbery in 2005 which ended in suicide yields $200,000.00 missing and several law enforcement units, including a federal one has taken the funds.
·         A county attorney who is a “friend of Max” controls an entire county justice system from lawyers, judges, law enforcement, and county public officials.
·         Untrained law enforcement harassing, and abusing their power against US residents which includes deaths via lethal force, pain via taser weapons.
·         An FBI agent was verbally abusive and vehemently supports “local law enforcement” had no concern about federal property, and the safety of federal employees or US citizens.  Is Montana within the United States?
·         Local Justices of the Peace who issue false arrest warrants, and permanent restraining orders which alter the course of US citizens lives.
·         Freedom of Speech violations which include the right to petition, vote, and the right to include materials into a public library, or enter a public library.
·         The harassment of eight (8) disabled veterans on January 15, 2009 by county employees of the Ravalli County Road Department 100 miles outside of Ravalli County while riding in a federally registered vehicle returning from Fort Harrison, the VA Hospital in Helena, Montana.
·         The intimidation of US residents by law enforcement, which included parking in driveways 15 miles outside jurisdiction, and tailing motorists.
·         Montana Highway Patrol stalking women, charging victims of accidents with crimes. No test results given to recruits to enter this state law enforcement.
·         Municipal and County Law Enforcement charging victims of crime as the perpetrator of the crimes in Ravalli County Montana.
·         The prosecution of US citizens against their constitutional rights in Montana.
·         The access of federal crime database by a non-sworn officer of the City of Hamilton several hundred times, each one considered a felony.
 Your staff did not think the above items warranted a congressional inquiry, something seven (7) of your constituents asked for in the August 29, 2007 letter which gained the attention of the Deputy Director of the FBI.  It amazes us the extent that justice is a political football, instead of equal; something etched in stone in the US Dept. of Justice.
While we understand US Senator Max Baucus is busy passing a health care bill, we also understand that he has received more money from health care interests than any other congressman (source: Democracy Now).  It is obvious that Senator Baucus has ignored his constituents in 2007, and sold them out in 2009; we are wondering how he can ignore the justice problems presented in this letter.  If he is such a powerful senator, we recommend that he ceases to protect the Ravalli County Attorney, and direct the US Attorney for Montana Michael Cotter to protect the US residents who now reside in the State of Montana.  Since Mike Cotter is confirmed, we would like this to be his
Letter to State Director, US Senator Max Baucus, Pg. 3                   October 5, 2010
top priority.  Mr. Lewis, your office works for the people of Montana.  We will not allow these justice transgressions to continue in our state.
Your ability to effectively serve the people of Montana as State Director, and how Max is viewed by the nation will be reflected in the action taken to investigate, and uphold our US Constitutional rights in Montana.  Our group was less than impressed with Ms. Hanes: her professionalism and her public service.  She has no business working for the US Dept. of Justice in DC.  We take credit for blocking her US Attorney appointment.
In review, personnel in your DC office are not returning phone calls to constituents, even when they provide phone numbers and ask for information.  Your predecessor did not take action on justice issues in Montana, and was unprofessional.  Max Baucus has protected constitutional criminals, and taken excessive funds from interests groups and corporations who stand to profit if a Health Reform Bill passes.  Max has shown his resolve by arresting proponents of an alternative viewpoint.  We have seen this in Montana for ourselves.  Max apologized to the nation, did he forget his constituents?
Will Ms. Hanes protect Max from indictment as an insider to the US Justice Department?  As a backup, will Jim Messina, (staff of the White House) protect his former boss, Max Baucus who in Jim’s own words “…was like a father to me (Montana Democrat Dinner Helena, MT Spring 2009)?” 
“We the People” was organized to counter the intimidation, and constitutional crimes in our local area.  We have found problems in 4 western Montana Counties, and systemic problems within the state justice system.  Is Max concerned with our list and Montana’s ranking 48th in the nation?  If not, national newspaper reporters and past Presidents already talk of internal conflict in our nation. 
This letter will be published on the internet, and sent to other public servants.  They have received our August 29, 2007 correspondence about Montana justice.  Your constituents are requesting assistance.  We elected Max to office to work for us.  To ignore this issue for three years only proves that our political system needs improvement.
“We the People” spokesman Michael E. Spreadbury
Published on
Senator Tester
Representative Rehberg

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Big Pharma's USA plans

This piece is opinion, and a play on words, like Wizzard of OZ, and Oliver Twist, but it just may be true.  As a piece passed on to me, it was worthy of republication.  The author attributation is at the bottom, and by no means am I trying to violate any copywrite.

Priests in white coats kill a baby of the State

Priests in white coats kill a baby of the State
-a short story-

by Jon Rappoport
September 14, 2013

I'm writing this on June 24, 2036.

Right now I have the dubious status of being the most wanted man in America. Number one on the FBI's list.

Let them try to find me. I'm buried deep.

You all know the sensational story of Baby Joe and the Serenity Hospital in Tenafly, New Jersey. That is, you know what the press is reporting non-stop.

I'm here to correct the story. I'm here to talk to all the sleeping citizens in their homes and the bureaucrats and the police and the doctors and the lunatics in Congress and the parents who are taking orders from the State and the reporters who are selling themselves out every day of their lives and following the party line and the teachers who are trying to sound like doctors and the killers at the FDA and the DHS robots...

Here is what really happened at the hospital.

On June 1, at three in afternoon, after the mother of Joe had been in labor for an hour or so, the doctor gave her a shot and let her float. Then he delivered Joe, who started crying. A nurse calmed him down. They put Joe on his mother's belly and she reached for him and took him in her arms.

A new doctor walked into the room and held up a syringe and said he was going to give Joe a shot. The Hepatitis B vaccine.

There was no argument, contrary to what the Times wrote. The mother said, "I only have sex with my husband, and I'm not an IV drug user." Those were her words.

She said this because the Hepatitis B vaccine is supposed to prevent Hepatitis, which comes through sexual transmission and IV drug use.

The doctor said, "It's mandatory. Your baby has to have the vaccine. And I can already see he has a problem. His head is lolling a little. His eyes are unfocused."

This was a lie. The baby's eyes were closed. His head wasn't lolling, it was cradled in his mother's arms.

The mother did not then sit up in bed. She didn't threaten a lawsuit. She didn't argue. She just said, "No vaccine." Again, the Times was wrong.

The doctor said, "I can't release the baby from the hospital until he has the shot. If you won't give your permission, I'll have to notify Child Services. They'll send someone over. You don't want that."

He stepped over to the mother and bent down and looked at the baby. He said to the mother, "You and the baby are in our care. We have to do what's best for both of you."

She said, "Joe is mine." She didn't tell the doctor not to touch Joe. The Times misreported that, too.

The doctor said, "You're covered under national insurance. The rules say we decide what's best for the baby. If you refuse treatment, you can be deleted from the program. You'll be uninsured."

Once more, the mother said, "No vaccine."

The doctor said, "I'll have to call Child Services, and they'll bring the police with them."

Now, the mother sat up in bed. She tried to shake off the effects of the pain killer. She said, "The government doesn't own my baby."

The doctor said, "No, but we control its medical treatment. You have to go along with this. And if you refuse, then the State does take custody of the baby. Then the State decides everything that happens to the baby."

The mother said, "They can't own my boy."

A nurse standing next to the doctor said, "They can. They will. And a judge will back that up."

I was standing in the room. That's how I know everything that was being said.

And I acted on it.

I said to the doctor, "Back away."

He looked at me. He said to his nurse, "Call security."

She took out her cell and pressed a button.

The doctor said to me, "You realize this baby has to come to the hospital every three months for the next six years, for checkups? I'll be here. If I say he's depressed, I'll put him on an anti-psychotic, or any drug I choose. If I say he has ADHD, I'll give him some kind of amphetamine. I'm the one who decides."

I walked over to the doctor and grabbed him by the throat.

I didn't punch him. I didn't try to strangle him. I just put him under control for the moment. I said, "Don't move."

He didn't move.

Then I kneed him hard in the groin. He yelled and I let go of his throat. He doubled over and fell on the floor.

There was a second nurse in the room. She laughed and said, "Damn!"

So this was the situation. The mother was still holding Joe. She was looking at me. Her expression, understandably, was one of shock. The baby was all right. He wasn't crying. He was lying with his head on his mother's chest.

The second doctor, who had delivered Joe, backed up against the wall. He was afraid. The nurse who'd signaled for security bent down to help the doctor who was on the floor. The nurse who laughed stood near the bed and just smiled.

The nurse who was bending down helping the doctor on the floor looked up at me and said, "You're going to the psych ward."

"No I'm not," I said.

"You're a terrorist," she said.

I didn't bother to reply to that.

The nurse who was smiling took a step toward me. She said, "By the time this baby is four years old, he's going to have sixty shots. The vaccines have poison in them. Aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, foreign genes. I'm not going to do this anymore."

She didn't say, as the Times reported, that she was going to help me get out of the hospital. She didn't say, "I'm a rebel." I know she's in the hospital psyche ward, as I write this. I'm sure they've drugged her.

Then, before I realized what was happening, the nurse who was helping the doctor on the floor, picked up the syringe, walked over to Joe and injected him with the vaccine. It happened fast. The baby screamed.

I walked out of the room. I made it to the elevator before security arrived. I got off in the lobby and was in the street when I heard alarm bells ringing.

I caught a taxi and rode a few miles north in the city. Then I took a subway east and...that's all you need to know about my escape route.

The press has reported that Joe died because I attacked him. The mother was taken into "protective custody," so we won't be hearing from her.

I'm now wanted for murder. The press is stating I'm an investigator for a "militia-style" anti-vaccine group called Stop Injection.

DHS has labeled me a domestic terrorist. If I'm caught, I could spend the rest of my life in prison. The vice-president of the United States has said I should be shot if I resist arrest.

This tells you how hard the government is protecting the pharmaceutical industry. Now that vaccines are mandated for every child by federal law, we're a nation under the gun and the needle.

The government will do whatever it takes to inject poison into children. They don't care about the truth. They're covering up the actual rates of injury and death from vaccinations. They're labeling these injuries with various disease names.

They're even using tax dollars to fund research into finding the germs that "cause" these diseases, when they know it's the vaccines.

The sun may be shining where you are, and it may be a beautiful day, but we're all living in a concentration camp, where doctors inject poison into every child.

If you believe what I'm saying is true, the government and its media allies will call you a primitive savage or a religious nut. That's how they keep the population under control.

There is no way out of this except by active resistance.

I have files with me. Every week or so, I'll be releasing portions of them. Evidence that the State has been lying to you about vaccines. Evidence that the human damage and destruction is much, much greater than you imagine.

The government has banned many independent reports and books about vaccines and taken them out of circulation.

I see there are rumors about whether I'm still in the country or have fled to another nation and secretly applied for political asylum. Let me set the record straight. In this world, as it exists now, no nation would grant me protection.

I could steal secrets about US war plans or about surveillance of private citizens or rigged elections, and I'd be able to live in some distant place and avoid extradition. But when it comes to titanic medical crimes, there is no safe haven.

You should visit a kindergarten or elementary school at your earliest convenience. Notice the burgeoning enrollments in special ed units. Many of these children have suffered vaccine damage, as well as the toxic effects of psychiatric drugs and "ordinary" medicines.

Even in conventional normal classes, schools have vastly simplified lesson-plans, because the children can't handle the usual material. They, too, many of them, are dealing with neurological damage.

The state-sanctioned daily "periods of silence" for meditation are now longer. This is an attempt to avoid the burden of trying to teach physically compromised children how to read, write, and do arithmetic. The "social interaction studies" are gaining as well. Sitting, talking, sharing---this postpones the moment when the teacher actually has to embark on substantive instruction.

Everything possible is being done to prevent an individual child from having to stand on his own merit---and reveal his educational deficiencies.

Last year's outbreak of pertussis among thousands of children in Indiana? The State suppressed a report revealing upwards of 80% of those children had been vaccinated against pertussis---the real cause of the outbreak was the vaccine.

A hundred thousand people in Southern India suddenly developed paralysis last summer, as health workers were injected 14 million residents with the Gates-Buffet polio vaccine. This, too, was shut out of the press.

There is much, much more.

I only ask that you examine the information I'll be releasing shortly. Then you can make up your own minds.

My files are divided into four sections:

unpublished drug-company studies that document maiming and death in an extraordinary number of children who were given vaccines in clinical trials;

company and FDA data analyzing intended and unintended toxic ingredients in several dozen vaccines;

unpublished government statistics on outbreaks and epidemics caused by vaccines;

drug-company memos documenting over 50 refusals to carry out studies comparing the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

The holocaust is here. It has been here for some time.

Now, in June of 2036, the President has just announced he is calling on DHS to make sure mandatory vaccination is enforced to the fullest. This means you'll be seeing agents in your cities and towns. In your schools.

In addition to that, a combined CDC/World Health Organization "crisis group" is moving into 30 major cities to monitor vaccination sites and guarantee they are adequately staffed.

There remain three questions. How did Joe die in the hospital? How did I obtain all these secret files? Who am I?

I came by the files through a government whistleblower you've never heard of. He was researching this subject for a book on his own. He gave up and passed his work to me. I took it because I wanted to learn the truth and the facts.

I have some medical training. I have a license as a physician's assistant. I obtained a job at Serenity Hospital so I could investigate reports of extreme vaccine damage there. I belong to no group.

The Times articles were correct on one point. Joe's body was cremated within two hours of his death. There can only be one reason for that. Hospital officials wanted to avoid a coroner's investigation that would show the Hepatitis B vaccine killed him.

He was a healthy baby. I was in the room. I saw that.

Who are the real terrorists here?

As a child, I incurred damage as a result of vaccines and medical drugs. You probably did, too, because all Americans are forcibly enrolled in the national health insurance plan at birth.

This is a system that extends from cradle to grave. That's the whole point. Imagine a long, long line of millions and millions of people trudging through life, receiving 40 or 50 diagnoses of diseases and disorders as they go. With each drug prescription, they develop new symptoms, and these symptoms are then called diseases, requiring more toxic treatments.

It's controlled life in half-light, and it moves inexorably toward the cemetery.

Is a population like this even going to be able to think about the political condition in which they find themselves?

There was a turning point in the first decade of the 21st century. The Congress, under tremendous pressure, without considering that they were supposed to represent the people, passed into law the skeleton of the present government health insurance plan.

It was hailed as a humanitarian victory.

But people in power knew what it really was. And they didn't care.

People above them in the food chain not only knew what it was, they insisted on it. They intended to use this heinous system as an instrument of control.

And now, in 2036, here we are.

Essentially, the country is on lockdown. We live in a medical police state.

It's called good science. It's called greatest good for the greatest number. It's called enlightened democracy.

Perhaps you read about the recent death of the oldest serving US Senator, Nancy Reid. One of the architects of the original vote that brought national healthcare into being, she died at a California rest home, when she leaped from the balcony of her 19th floor suite.

For the last years of her life, she was living in a psychotic state, having been driven mad by a cocktail of psychiatric drugs that cause motor brain damage and several rounds of "preventive" chemotherapy, which did, in fact, prevent the cells of her body from reproducing.

One more casualty in the war that never ends.

The United States is party to an international treaty that forbids the use of chemical weapons. What I'm describing in this message...I wish I could go back into the past and alert the people of, say, 2013, who were watching their government debate a proposed attack on a country called Syria, based on a charge that the president of that country deployed chemical weapons on his people.

The debate took place at the time when the US medical system was killing, at minimum, 225,000 Americans every year, like clockwork, with its medicines.

What kind of ignorance and brainwashing did it take, then, to make the people of the United States overlook the fact that this was sustained chemical warfare at home, on themselves.

Legal, praised, heralded chemical warfare.

Delivered by needles, by pills.

Every hour of every day.

Jon Rappoport
The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

Jon Rappoport
The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, and the New EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

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Ken Bell Hamilton MT

Kenneth S. Bell, former Hamilton MT City Attorney is running for office.

This information will tell voters in Hamilton MT just what Ken Bell is all about.


Ken Bell wrote to the City Council in 2007 that "It would be "ridiculous" for him to swear an oath of office" as city attorney.  The reason: he was violating Montana Code Ann MCA 37-61-413 by practicing law as a private civil attorney for Bell and Bell Inc Hamilton MT and being a paid city prosecutor at the same time.  The title of the statute is "Former prosecutors not to defend" [also see]

Would it not be a conflict of interest as Ken Bell does private work, and acted as Hamilton MT City Prosecutor then expects to "represent" ward 3 for the City of Hamilton in 2013?

Ken Bell refused to release public information, including police reports in Hamilton, MT.
[Montana Supreme Court brief]

Ken Bell charged trespassing on PUBLIC property in Hamilton MT.  This is a VIOLATION of the oath that Ken Bell refused to take, and an unlawful activity in the United States. Ken Bell is not suitable for public office by defrauding public of public funds or acting unlawfully as Hamilton MT city attorney.

When law enforcement warns, Ken Bell Prosecutes for trespass on public property.
Ken Bell appreared in civil court outside Montana law that said Bell could only act in a criminal court, or as directed by the Hamilton City Council.  Ken Bell needs no directions; he makes his own.

Ken Bell engaged in public fraud (#1 criminal priority of the FBI) for the Bitterroot Public library for a civil rights lawsuit which saw the removal of $510,000 in taxpayer funds from the Bitterroot Public library from the City of Hamilton, and Ravalli Co. Governments.

BPL article about Ken Bell (approx. $250, 000 fraud with public insurance, and orchestrating the city pay for the library's representation [using our taxdollars]).

Ken Bell lives/resides on the margin of the imaginary city of Hamilton, MT and the Rocky Mountain Labs, and knows that the city does not have incorporation documents (more public fraud).

Official Plat Map of the City of Hamilton, MT [without incorporation documents]
Known to Ken Bell of Hamilton MT

The Rocky Mountain labs were given a blank check to harm the public as Ken Bell was the City attorney in Hamilton MT.
This house, paying Hamilton city taxes, along with 7-9 others destroyed for RML parking lot.
Municipal water, subsidized for RML bubble suit washing at RML OK'd by Ken Bell
Ken Bell was city attorney, and was in charge of the Hamilton Police as their chief entered a house unlawfully, and a letter to US President Barack Obama was written asking for civil rights for Montana.  It is called the Montana US President Letter (read on every continent on earth)
MT US PRESIDENT LETTER---written about the chaos in Hamilton MT under Ken Bell.
Here is the brief that exposes Ken Bell for not allowing public information, something contained in the Montana Constitution in Art. II. S. 9--something Ken Bell would have to swear he would uphold, and has demonstrated that he is not able to.  Public information stops corruption.
Ken Bell running for ward 3 Hamilton City Council loves corruption, and hates oaths.
Ken Bell does not protect the public, and does not give information to the public as will be required in his oath, if he is elected as ward 3 councilman.
Ken Bell is a liability to the City of Hamilton
Ken Bell does not like laws, and Ken Bell likes to defraud the public when he was city attorney and a private attorney for Bell and Bell Hamilton MT.
Hamilton MT has about 4,000 people, with about 15 police officers.
the city of Hamilton MT should have 4 police officers.
Ken Bell made sure the city of Hamilton was terrorized by Hamilton Montana police.
Misconduct by Ken Bell's Hamilton City Police:
Ken Bell would fit right in ignoring police crime in Hamilton MT
as ward 3 councilman (not protecting Hamilton voters and residents)
Chief of Police unlawful entry Hamilton MT
translated into 9 languages, viewed more than 2,200 times.
This spontaneous video is 32 seconds long when the Hamilton Chief entered unlawfully:
did Ken Bell ask for the Hamilton police chief's resignation or termination?
nope, just a good old boy in Montana allowing crime of the people....
Should the people allow Ken Bell to be a councilman of Ward 3 Hamilton?
If the US President was summoned to help with problems and civil rights problems in Hamilton MT, should the people elect the epicenter of those problems, Ken Bell Hamilton MT?
Ken Bell was forced out of the City attorney office due to fraud of the MMIA [Montana Municipal Interlocal (formerly insurance) Agency].  In other words, Ken Bell went to the Bitterroot Public Library and told them the NON-city entity would be covered by the people's insurance for kicking a person out of the library.  This was approximately $250,000 worth of public fraud by Ken Bell of Hamilton, MT.
Should the voters of Hamilton in 2013 elect a "man" who follows no law, violates oaths, refuses to take oaths for 7 years as city attorney in Hamilton MT, defrauds the public, prosecutes in violation of this oath, any shred of common sense to abuse the public?
This article has been written as Ken Bell's name is published in the Bitterroot Star Newspaper Stevensville MT as candidate for Hamilton City office.
  • Ken Bell is a danger to the public, its laws, its constitutions.
  • Ken Bell should stay retired by vote of the people in Hamilton MT.
  •  Ken Bell is a lawyer, who should not be trusted in Hamilton MT.
Please investigate and review Stacey Lewis's record in Hamilton MT.
[running agaisnt Ken Bell for Ward 3 Councilman]
Ken Bell is a disaster of corruption, looking the other way, and misery for Hamilton MT.
Obviously Ken Bell was in denial of the problems he caused while city attorney in Hamilton to think he can run for office for Ward 3 Hamilton MT in 2013.
Ken Bell is on a list of retirees for out of bounds behavior
One More Example:
 Ken Bell allowed building in the Floodplain in the City limits at the Fox property.
{remember the city of Hamilton MT is not incorporated}
FYI: FEMA, in charge of floodplain found 70 violations in Ravalli Co
after this issue was presented to the State floodplain administrator
good old boys like Ken Bell and George Corn looked the other way for cash payouts for riverfront footage in Hamilton, and Ravalli Counties Montana
read more: 
These protected opinions are presented against Ken Bell running for Hamilton MT City Council in good faith, without malice as they are understood and are describing to the voting public in Hamilton MT and elsewhere.
Now that Kenneth S. Bell is a councilmember of a city that does not exist,
There is nothing more cruel than a coward.  Cowards understand they are violating the public's trust, but get paid by them.
I'm out.  Hich a ride if you have to.
(not like there are any jobs anyway)

Monday, June 24, 2013


Travel Advisory for State of Montana USA
The Montana Recreation website has carefully analyzed travel safety of recreationalists and has issued a travel advisory for all entry of all Americans and foreigners to Montana USA:

Due to malicious activity of the Montana Highway Patrol (and other justice system actors in Montana), along with this site's desire to warn potential recreationalists, we are strongly encouraging those seeking recreation in Montana to book excusions in other states. The Montana Political News website (avail. confirms the State of Montana is a corrupt state. The US Justice Department ranked Montana 48/48 in 2007 which says justice is for the native locals, and those willing to be in criminal conspiracy for judicial favors.

WE suggest you dont do this.....
it's what is BENEATH THE BEAUTY that could affect you forever.

It has been reported that peole have been arrested for sitting on public property, speaking in public, writing with sidewalk chalk, other formerly protected activities in the USA and killed indiscriminately by Montana Law Enforcement. The Montana Highway Patrol decides which recruit gets a test score, blames victims of accidents, and "throws" accidents to the benefit of native Montanans. The court system is not much different.

The Boycott of Montana and NW USA states:

Montana is best described by the Legends of the Fall (1994) production, and also A River Runs Through It. It is a place without respect for its taxpayers, or those different from native Montanans.

Legends of the Fall ending scene
More than 150,000 views of this example
we think its not from a 20 year old movie--Its about Governor Steve Bullock
[this dude looks like his clone] 

If you value your family of self safety, please stay out of the State of Montana in the United States. You are not tougher than a corrupt official from Montana, nor can you elude them.  Even as a US Justice Department investigation in 2012-2013 showed problems with prosecuting rapes the officials in Montana strongly feel that nothing is wrong.  Your safety is at risk by visiting Montana.

We asked for protection, and rights from our congressmen, the FBI, and civil rights from the first African US president in 2009; nothing changed.   We tried to work with our Law Enfocement Academy, the Attorney General, and local governments.  This is our "Montana US President letter" read on every continent on Earth:

The treatment is echoed by global corporations that have no problem killing Americans such as 200+ in Libby Montana by WR Grace Co of Columbia Maryland. These killings were allowed, due to payoffs to our Congressmen in Montana.  The US Government does not protect federal employees or US Citizens in Montana from the Hamilton, MT Rocky Mountain Labs NIH and NIAID facility which houses the HQ for USA Ebola resopnse; no hazmat facility or federal firestation exists, accidents with infectious agents happen which could have been prevented, and a history of self expirimentation (cowboy science).

It is all beneath the beauty.....we made a documentary about it.
Beneath The Beauty Documentary:

about how Montana residents have no justice.

Please inform all in your party, and your social network: Montana is not the place to visit, recreate, retire, or to send a child to University. Besides, who is willing to pay $200/night to come here in the peak summer months. Hotels spike their rates to gouge you and take you hard working dollars, euros, KRW, or yen.

This is a public service annoncement: stay out of Montana USA if your livelihood means anything to you.
This has been a "We The People MT" public service announcement.

Travel Safe,
Recreate Safely
Live Well.


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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jim McGowan Missoula

Jim McGowan works for Lee Enterprises, the company whose stock was warned twice by the NYSE (thats the New York Stock Exchange) that it would be kicked off the market.  Lucky for Jim McGowan, some guy named Warren Buffett bought a stake in the company.

Jim McGowan's Lee Enterprises went bankrupt, yet paid thier execs Millions for successfully doing so.  Jim McGowan's Lee Enterprises, based in Davenport, Iowa screws their retirees:

Post Dispatch Employees of Lee on Strike
As a newspaper "man" Jim McGowan feels peaceful assembly is criminal trespass.  Thats right, first amendment people like Jim McGowan who work at newspapers like the Missoulian in Missoula MT feel a person's picture, and a story that "it took less than 10 minutes to convict" someone of a first amendment right.  Sounds like Jim McGowan is a company man.
In response, I put a video asking the Missoulian if I were trespassing now:

"trespassing" at Jim McGowan's Missoulian
Here is the most pathetic part about Jim McGowan: he had to call nine (9) people to ask if he could remove a story from the internet that violates a person's rights.  How incompetent is Jim McGowan or compromised to doing the right thing?
Jim McGowan made me write a short summary of why each of five stories should be removed....and then never responded.  Most people would call that an asshole, I would call him a pathetic company man who got his job for being a yes man.
I retired Jim McGowan's prior publisher at the Missoulian.  She decided to lie to Lee counsel who made a sworn statement to a federal judge.  I had asked the sister paper Ravalli Republic not to defame me on July 9, 2009 and the Hamilton Police Chief showed up.
Funny, the police Chief entered my house unlawfully, and Jim McGowan's Missoulian did not publish a thing, nor did the police chief get fired, disciplined etc. (see second video for criminal charges that can be filed).

FYI this is what I told my city council about him.  It all fits....the corruption that is.  Jim McGowan was chosen due to being able to fit in, and work with the worst corruption in the USA.

Jim McGowan facilitates, gets paid to write defamatory garbage via Lee Papers.
(I'm using my protected opinion and personal knowledge of Lee Enterprises)
Would you want to hire Jim McGowan, publisher if he cant make is own decisions?
[I mean REALLY, nine people?]