Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ken Bell Hamilton MT

Kenneth S. Bell, former Hamilton MT City Attorney is running for office.

This information will tell voters in Hamilton MT just what Ken Bell is all about.


Ken Bell wrote to the City Council in 2007 that "It would be "ridiculous" for him to swear an oath of office" as city attorney.  The reason: he was violating Montana Code Ann MCA 37-61-413 by practicing law as a private civil attorney for Bell and Bell Inc Hamilton MT and being a paid city prosecutor at the same time.  The title of the statute is "Former prosecutors not to defend" [also see]

Would it not be a conflict of interest as Ken Bell does private work, and acted as Hamilton MT City Prosecutor then expects to "represent" ward 3 for the City of Hamilton in 2013?

Ken Bell refused to release public information, including police reports in Hamilton, MT.
[Montana Supreme Court brief]

Ken Bell charged trespassing on PUBLIC property in Hamilton MT.  This is a VIOLATION of the oath that Ken Bell refused to take, and an unlawful activity in the United States. Ken Bell is not suitable for public office by defrauding public of public funds or acting unlawfully as Hamilton MT city attorney.

When law enforcement warns, Ken Bell Prosecutes for trespass on public property.
Ken Bell appreared in civil court outside Montana law that said Bell could only act in a criminal court, or as directed by the Hamilton City Council.  Ken Bell needs no directions; he makes his own.

Ken Bell engaged in public fraud (#1 criminal priority of the FBI) for the Bitterroot Public library for a civil rights lawsuit which saw the removal of $510,000 in taxpayer funds from the Bitterroot Public library from the City of Hamilton, and Ravalli Co. Governments.

BPL article about Ken Bell (approx. $250, 000 fraud with public insurance, and orchestrating the city pay for the library's representation [using our taxdollars]).

Ken Bell lives/resides on the margin of the imaginary city of Hamilton, MT and the Rocky Mountain Labs, and knows that the city does not have incorporation documents (more public fraud).

Official Plat Map of the City of Hamilton, MT [without incorporation documents]
Known to Ken Bell of Hamilton MT

The Rocky Mountain labs were given a blank check to harm the public as Ken Bell was the City attorney in Hamilton MT.
This house, paying Hamilton city taxes, along with 7-9 others destroyed for RML parking lot.
Municipal water, subsidized for RML bubble suit washing at RML OK'd by Ken Bell
Ken Bell was city attorney, and was in charge of the Hamilton Police as their chief entered a house unlawfully, and a letter to US President Barack Obama was written asking for civil rights for Montana.  It is called the Montana US President Letter (read on every continent on earth)
MT US PRESIDENT LETTER---written about the chaos in Hamilton MT under Ken Bell.
Here is the brief that exposes Ken Bell for not allowing public information, something contained in the Montana Constitution in Art. II. S. 9--something Ken Bell would have to swear he would uphold, and has demonstrated that he is not able to.  Public information stops corruption.
Ken Bell running for ward 3 Hamilton City Council loves corruption, and hates oaths.
Ken Bell does not protect the public, and does not give information to the public as will be required in his oath, if he is elected as ward 3 councilman.
Ken Bell is a liability to the City of Hamilton
Ken Bell does not like laws, and Ken Bell likes to defraud the public when he was city attorney and a private attorney for Bell and Bell Hamilton MT.
Hamilton MT has about 4,000 people, with about 15 police officers.
the city of Hamilton MT should have 4 police officers.
Ken Bell made sure the city of Hamilton was terrorized by Hamilton Montana police.
Misconduct by Ken Bell's Hamilton City Police:
Ken Bell would fit right in ignoring police crime in Hamilton MT
as ward 3 councilman (not protecting Hamilton voters and residents)
Chief of Police unlawful entry Hamilton MT
translated into 9 languages, viewed more than 2,200 times.
This spontaneous video is 32 seconds long when the Hamilton Chief entered unlawfully:
did Ken Bell ask for the Hamilton police chief's resignation or termination?
nope, just a good old boy in Montana allowing crime of the people....
Should the people allow Ken Bell to be a councilman of Ward 3 Hamilton?
If the US President was summoned to help with problems and civil rights problems in Hamilton MT, should the people elect the epicenter of those problems, Ken Bell Hamilton MT?
Ken Bell was forced out of the City attorney office due to fraud of the MMIA [Montana Municipal Interlocal (formerly insurance) Agency].  In other words, Ken Bell went to the Bitterroot Public Library and told them the NON-city entity would be covered by the people's insurance for kicking a person out of the library.  This was approximately $250,000 worth of public fraud by Ken Bell of Hamilton, MT.
Should the voters of Hamilton in 2013 elect a "man" who follows no law, violates oaths, refuses to take oaths for 7 years as city attorney in Hamilton MT, defrauds the public, prosecutes in violation of this oath, any shred of common sense to abuse the public?
This article has been written as Ken Bell's name is published in the Bitterroot Star Newspaper Stevensville MT as candidate for Hamilton City office.
  • Ken Bell is a danger to the public, its laws, its constitutions.
  • Ken Bell should stay retired by vote of the people in Hamilton MT.
  •  Ken Bell is a lawyer, who should not be trusted in Hamilton MT.
Please investigate and review Stacey Lewis's record in Hamilton MT.
[running agaisnt Ken Bell for Ward 3 Councilman]
Ken Bell is a disaster of corruption, looking the other way, and misery for Hamilton MT.
Obviously Ken Bell was in denial of the problems he caused while city attorney in Hamilton to think he can run for office for Ward 3 Hamilton MT in 2013.
Ken Bell is on a list of retirees for out of bounds behavior
One More Example:
 Ken Bell allowed building in the Floodplain in the City limits at the Fox property.
{remember the city of Hamilton MT is not incorporated}
FYI: FEMA, in charge of floodplain found 70 violations in Ravalli Co
after this issue was presented to the State floodplain administrator
good old boys like Ken Bell and George Corn looked the other way for cash payouts for riverfront footage in Hamilton, and Ravalli Counties Montana
read more: 
These protected opinions are presented against Ken Bell running for Hamilton MT City Council in good faith, without malice as they are understood and are describing to the voting public in Hamilton MT and elsewhere.
Now that Kenneth S. Bell is a councilmember of a city that does not exist,
There is nothing more cruel than a coward.  Cowards understand they are violating the public's trust, but get paid by them.
I'm out.  Hich a ride if you have to.
(not like there are any jobs anyway)