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NIH Fraud

NIH fraud: world embarrassment not enough

standing in solidarity with other victims of NIH Fraud:

This blogpost will visually show all of the emissions stacks in Hamilton, Montana, and the planning and environmental disaster at Rocky Mountain Labs (RML) in Hamilton, Montana by the National Institutes of Health, or NIH.

Sound Emissions Video: Rocky Mountain Labs, September 25, 2011

Beware of the Military Industrial Complex:
these people have no rules, no ethics, and answer to no one....

The Rocky Mountain Labs (RML) facility is willing to stand behind fraudulent sound data. When measuring Low Frequency Noise (LFN) the "A Weighted" measurement purposely filters out up to 14 decibels (db) which is equivalent to doubling the ACTUAL sound. Not only was the sound not measured correctly, but the NIH facility known as Rocky Mountain Labs (RML) turned down their process the day of the sound tests by 10-15 db as supported by emperical data. Better yet, the engineer is licensed out of state, and used his PE license improperly on the report. It is all about NIH in Montana not protecting the public in violation of the NIH goals.

The Sound of Silence at Rocky Mountain Laboratories

In a March 15, 2011 Memo from Rocky Mountain Labs Hamilton, the NIH facility was willing to "stand behind" the data. Query from US Representative Rehberg's office resulted in the same sentiment: NIH is more than willing to stand behind fraudulent data. It wouldn't be such a big deal, unless you know that Low Frequency Noise (LFN) is hazardous to humans health.

This Document is putting in writing on DHHS letterhead that the government is willing to stand behind fradulent data, which is knowingly harming the US public in Hamilton, MT. 
Dangerous NIH "people"
The sound contractor, Sean Connelly of Big Sky Acoustics cannot practice engineering or Acoustics in Montana without a license due to his fradulent and incompetent work at Rocky Mountain labs--where US Government scientists have no respect for the public they serve.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is endangering their employees, and Americans who live in the residential community that surrounds the lab that studies INFECTIOUS AGENTS. The sound criteria from the World Health Organization (WHO) say less than 30dbA is acceptable. NIH says 50-55dbA are OK. This "self imposed limit" allows NIH TWICE the sound level as deemed healthy. Every change in 10 db is a doubling of the sound, approximately. The RML sound contractor was busted by the State of Montana:

RML Contractor Busted by the Montana Board of Business Standards:
--a Nov. 2, 2011 cease and desist letter for practicing engineering without a license

The NIH also decided that Montana residents are expendable: no emergency protection exists on the Federal Property, and nearest Haz Mat response is 50 miles away in high elevation terrain in Montana.
[see NIH Bethesda, MD USA firestation pictured below]


August 21, 2009 Denny Rehberg's "Listening Session" in Hamilton, Montana

The Fire Danger is extremely high in Ravalli County Montana: The first Presidential fire declaration in Year 2000 included Ravalli County Montana (where NIH's Rocky Mountain Labs is located):
David Erickson Photo
Photo of fire season 2010
Helecopter scooping water within few hundred yards of NIH-RML Hamilton MT
no on campus RML fire protection, Haz Mat crew.
[Americans in Montana are expendable]

David Erickson Photo
This May 2010 photograph shows a truck blocking access to fire personnel on US 93 North of Hamilton Montana.

Trees blow onto road and block US 93 as well, as documented in Emergency Room visits; US 93 also on top ten deadliest highway ranking (see white cross on right side photo)
Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, Hamilton, MT


This is not just an issue of fraudulent data, and NIH standing behind it. This is NIH endangering the neighborhood in Hamilton, Montana with added stress, wakefulness, and loss of enjoyment of property. Low Frequency Noise (LFN) can increase depression up to 30% . Hamilton Montana within Ravalli County is ranked #107/3102 in the USA for Suicide:

New York Times article on Ravalli County Montana Suicides from 2005:

This reading should put NIH "scientists" in Jail
71 db C is 3-4 times healthy limit.
"Got Headaches?"

The most important aspect is the NIH facility in Hamilton Montana reducing its sound signature on the day of tests February 2, 2011 by 10-15db which means reducing the noise by half the day of the tests. The contractor misrepresented himself with a PE (Professional Engineer) licensure and measured the sound with A scale which does not pick up < 500 Hz. All of the sound emissions, as observed from the contractor's spectrum meter of frequencies February 2, 2011 emitted from RML were below 500 Hz. Low Frequency Noise (LFN) is sound emissions from industrial process below 500 Hz. NIH officials admit the sound is coming from the stacks for scientific fans as seen below.

Here are the series of photos showing the Stacks at Rocky Mountain Labs, Hamilton Montana. Webmaster note: these pictures were taken in my slippers due to being disturbed at my desk by the stacks in the pictures.  If you work inside you need a top secret clearance, if you live outside, all you need is a camera to document the scientific fraud.
NIH fraud includes no sound suppression of noise emissions at Rocky Mountain Labs
[front entry at S. 4th St and visitor center with red roof]

No sound suppression on Integrated Research Facility--hows this for your back yard?
NIH biolevel 4 facility at Rocky Mountain Labs Hamilton Montana USA

Emissions Stacks from NE Cor. of RML facility, no sound suppression
[view over the Administration (grey) Building at RML]

Emissions Stacks and proximity to neighborhood south of RML lab on 4th St.
[These were generating very significant sound emissions at time of photo]
Note: shrubs are private residence, black fence is RML property line

Sound Emissions at S. 5th St. near Montana St. Hamilton MT
Can anyone figure out that sound can only go out to this residential community due to a literal brick wall that bounces all sound waves towards residences from RML?

RML sound stacks on BSL-2 taken from East side of property
noise was very evident at this location
no sound control devices to stop sound intruding into neighborhood.

BSL-4 Stacks beyond tree over visitor center

Moral of the story: Americans are not important. RML will conspire with a fraudulent contractor to defraud the public and produce as much sound as we wish. RMLRML will use tens of millions of gallons of MUNICIPAL water for their cleaning of Bubble Suits and the residents must listen to this RACKET and PAY for this racket from RML, one of 27 NIH facilities in the country.

Letter to top NIH Brass about RML problem:

RML photo
NIH RML level IV biosafety suit which must be washed with our municipal water (and flushed out into the Bitterroot River [60 Million Gals./yr]

So do you think NIH is out of control? Do you think Americans who purchased homes should be allowed to sleep at night, or do you think a government lab should be able to commit scientific misconduct in the name of the National Institutes of Health?


No Emergency Protection at the NIH-RML facility
here is the Bethesda facility emergency services (on campus)
NIH Firestation at Bethesda, MD campus.


We have learned today that NIH cares for its "MUCKY-MUCKS" like Dr. Anthony Fauci of NIAID. We learn that embezzling municipal water for industrial purposes [RML has 4 industrial wells on the Hamilton site, but would prefer to have the residents pay for their water instead of paying the electric bill to pump it out of their own wells].

Keeping Hamilton, MT residents awake with their process, as North, East, and South are residential as close as 10 feet from fences. Who is the planner for this catastrophe?
Dr. Marshall Bloom MD in bowtie, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci tie
Bloom planned RML facility expansion for 5 years prior, and now needs more land, cant contain sound, no emergency protection on site. Dumping of 60Million gallons of wastewater in this fly fisherman's river!!
[Medical Doctors are not supposed to do harm--ooopsy!]


Dr. Marshall Bloom [seated] on the Bitterroot River Hamilton Montana

Mr. Marshall Bloom, Associate Director RML Hamilton, MT
Dr. Marshall Bloom was called at his published residence telephone on September 25, 2011 with the new data. Apparently, medical doctors for NIH ignore new information. "We have already answered you" and hung up. Well, the NIH has not answered to their worldwide fraud in Hamilton Montana, or why they retain directors like Marshall Bloom in Hamilton MT who have been on the NIH tit since 1979. Medical Doctors from NIH are not attuned to listening to new information, they are TOO BIG and TOO IMPORTANT for the general public. Our taxpayers wasted their money on Dr. Bloom. When the man's license plate says "DR TROUT" how interested is he in his job? Dr Trout (Bloom) destroyed the the Bitterroot River where he flyfishes. Bloom is also in denial of the worldwide fraud caused by his inability to plan the NIH-RML facility. Bloom was chair of the planning for the disasterous RML expansion planning in Hamilton MT five years prior to construction, and sits on the Montana Terrorism task force.

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, Director National Institute Allergic & Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
(apparently Dr. Fauci and Forbes did not want a picture on this blog, we're honored to continue)
Dr. Anthony S. Fauci spoke at the Hamilton MT Performing Arts Center in August 2011.
Here is my blogpost about that talk--I actually was impressed:
There is a darker side. Although I identified with Dr. Fauci's intellect and sentiment, his suit, shoes, and demeanor seemed a little lavish even for a director of NIAID since early 80's (the youngest NIAID director).
There is information that Dr. Fauci has researchers strategically placed on boards of Rx companies, or development companies. When $45B is spent on HIV/AIDS research in the world, is Dr. Fauci dipping his ladle into that resource a little too deep? Other speculation is his patents that allow him to profiteer off AIDS research, and not so ethical use of his position as NIAID director. Again, the dots connect...especially when he is proud of his close association with several recent US presidents. I remind Dr. Fauci and the public that even during his AIDS talk in August he was aware of being spared of service in Vietnam by choosing the Public Health Service in the 1960's--the NIH.

Public service means service to the public. NIH has forgotten this in Hamilton, Montana at Rocky Mountain Labs.
Actual Truck purchased for HVFD by NIH
(and used for parades for people to sit on and wave to the crowds)

The Hamilton Volunteer fire Department did cone "drills" in the parking lot after Dr. Fauci's talk. Lets watch them answer a call for infectious agents at NIH-RML. Or better yet, lets switch NIH Bethesda with HVFD Hamilton MT. The NIH helped secure $250,000 for a aerial ladder truck for HVFD (above) we don't have any buildings above three stories, and it comes out for parades for people to sit on.
Peter Pilkey, retired Seattle Captain explained to President Obama in 2009 that it was the "most useless piece of equipment" the HVFD could have in his letter about NIH-RML and Montana corruption:

Mr. Marshall Bloom MD [his medical license is not active in Montana]
--on Terrorism task force for Montana [lets show you his handiwork]

S. 5th St. Hamilton is a dragstrip prior to entryway protected by chain link fencing:

A speeding truck would have had no problem penetrating Dr. Blooms Administration Building
[worth $31Million]
until they were informed of the security problem and installed barricades.

RML is on the flightpath for final approach to the Ravalli County Airport
[so small planes have no restriction over this Bio level 4 laboratory;
with no on-site emergency safety staff or equipment]
--the county airport is in the bottom right of the map below.
IF NIH AND NIAID had abided by their mission statement, and protected the public, this facility would not be world known.
Link to Map of Hamilton, Montana:
Hamilton, MT air photo map
Rocky Mountain Labs is located at the southern end of Hamilton, MT at the Bitterroot River
[bottom center of above landsat--available on the internet]
Why did PHS Officers ignore public health in Hamilton, MT AND dumpedhundreds of cubic yards of fill material (dirt) in a floodplain on the NIH property at RML?
(I watched this happen; and a PHS officer had to "go" immediately when I confronted him at a public meeting on RML construction)
The Coordinates of my former residence 200m N. of the facility:
N 42.2406 W -114.1593
So in this nice small town nestled in the Rocky Mountains who lived together with its NIH lab for 100 years, it is now taking over the town. Top secret crap, 15 federal law enforcement for 35 acres, embezzle resources and dump waste into Bitterroot River. Make as much noise as necessary to keep infectious agents (Ebola, Flesh Eating Bacteria) cool.

NIH Police outside Jurisdiction
and not protecting their level 4 Bio-Laboratory
[other than a dog that can detect exposives in the back of this Tahoe.]
NIH Community Policing Missoula International Airport:
[see video above]
This has been a public service announcement: Montana is fair game.
The US government lab will defraud the public instead of accountable to the public.
NIH tells the public: you are expendable; Americans living in Montana.
The US Surgeon General resigned, who protected the Hamilton, MT NIH NIAID facility which is knowingly damaging the public. [June 2013].


  1. The resignation of Marshall Bloom has been requested, published and seen. If Mr. Bloom needs pad and pen, I would provide it since he destroyed my property value and ability to sell my residence within 2 blocks of RML.

  2. The RML facility does not have an Engineer covering their emissions as thier prior contractor is disallowed from practice in Montana. The NIH ORF (Office of Research Facility) is willing to stand behind a person practicing Enginering without a license. The public sufffers as NIH has no ability to operate RML without harming the public.


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