Friday, June 15, 2012

First Security Bank Sucks

First Security Bank Hamilton: STAY THE HELL AWAY from these idiots!

First Security Bank does not want your business!  Even when a business customer returns after abuse and paid fines for a bank error, the bank feels that money is still owed. Even when the account posts a zero balance.....for more three years!  FSB does not seem to realize that their financial reputation is important to them.  Paying bogus fees to First Security Bank nets more bank misconduct.

Lets see, national security clearance, excellent credit, and international business means First Security Bank does not want business, will discriminate (that means treat someone differently than anyone else) and defame you.  First Secutiry Bank is your bank in Montana.

What dumb asses.

The vice president and president of the bank in Hamilton, MT made mis-statements about "owning money" to the bank on a "charged-off account". No First Security employee checked.  FSB took all the fees (for their mistake) from me in 2009.  This happened at a FSB in 2012.

When the collections Deptartment hands you a bank check to end an account, does that mean that the customer owes more money to First Security Bank? I never knew people with their heads so far up their asses in my life. Wrong me twice First Security Bank.  Now its wrong me three times. 

First Security Bank Hamilton has struck out....three times.

Now you will lose potential customers too.

So this is how we create jobs in Ravalli County Montana? When a person needs to start a business account, they get thrown out like they are black, or inflicted with elephantitus?

A confirmation call was made today to collections at First Security Bank. Sure enough, the fees assessed from a First Security Bank error were paid in 2009 (not finally paid as FSB president Scott Burke said to the Montana Banking Commission). Three years later, these employees of the bank cannot figure out to call in, or look up what actually happened in their own computer banking system.

Does First Security Bank think this is the way to win customers in Montana?

Fist Security Bank--we treat you like crap once, then we treat you like crap again (all while being wrong all together).  Then the Bank President will defame you---third strike.

So if you are computer illiterate, have no customer service skills, or professional skills then please come work in Hamilton, MT at the Fist Security Bank. We don't know what the heck we are talking about, and we don't admit error, and we don't allow people who we have mistreated in the past to open an account.
read more about discrimination at First Security Bank Montana:

Fist Security Bank. No business is good business......
"We reserve the right to refuse service if we make ignorant judgments of prospective customers....therefore please bank elsewhere."--The Management
PUBLIC BEWARE: happier customers are elsewhere.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thomas Leonard Boone Karlberg PC

Thomas Leonard is the definition of a fat bastrard.

Thomas went to the worst law school in the country, and does the dirty work for an old boy law firm Boone Karlberg PC in Missoula MT.

Boone Karlberg PC

A nobleman once said: payback's a bitch.

This wont be too much of a pitch or sell: lawyers suck.

They suck because they take lots of money to defend someone or something. In the case of Boone Karlberg PC, they took the public's tax money to exclude someone from a library, and protect a librarian that lied to a judge, several times.

The Bitterroot Public Library

Boone Karlberg Missoula MT defended the Hamilton City Attorney who committed a crime by entering a civil courtroom to get an order of protection.

There is no standard for non-family members as no facts that a threatening event occurred in Montana. Boone Karlberg defended a family law statute for a non-family situation.

Boone Karlberg lied to a judge in open court recorded on transcript regarding a city attorney entering a civil courtroom. The Lee Enterprises affiliate in Hamilton MT lied in the account of the oral argument, which in itself is a crime.

No crime was charged against the librarian, nor the newspaper, no misconduct against Boone Karlberg for lying in court.

This is what Boone Karlbeg PC protected:  The lies, corruption in Montana.  When 80 reported rapes result in no trials, the world knows about Western Montana and its attorney problems.

Lee Enterprises sucks:  they are paid to defame people (e.g. printing a conviction for something not charged)

Boone Karlberg presented papers that would have stopped my ability to file more cases, essentially a threat in itself, so I would not get information on the felony hit and run accident covered up by Hamilton police chief Ryan Oster.

Chief Ryan Oster decided to unlawfully enter my house: when he was called off specifically by this woman who had no reasonable suspicion to enter my house.
Thomas Leonard got paid due to public fraud of Hamilton, MT taxpayers.  This is the #1 criminal priority of the FBI.  Do you think Thomas Leonard is affraid?  Nope because he works to the most corrupt law firm in Montana Boone Karlberg PC in Missoula MT.

Boone Karlberg protected these officers in Hamilton, MT.

Boone Karlberg did not care that accepting public funds and the use of them are the #1 criminal priority of the FBI. Boone did not mind due to them being old connected boys who could put out any fire, no matter the criminality of the activity.

Photos of mail tampering by Boone Karlberg PC. [just to prove they could do it].
Dumbass of the Year: Boone Karlberg PC: they tamper with mail to show their power.


[my photos cant up uploaded]--happens when Google is in bed with Obama.
no crime when the right people are doing crime--like mail tampering at Boone Karlberg PC.

Boone Karlberg, representing an unincorporated City had no problem requesting my personal medical information, and the Judge chimed in that I "asked for it" by trying to show in this case that the Bitterroot Public library removed my privileges without cause, and I was defamed by Montana newspapers.

Montana law required the library to removed privileges when a willful violation of the rules occurred. The director at the Bitterroot Public Library admitted no staff of hers asked me to leave the library.

I requested the Montana US President Letter be entered as temporary reserve.

The old boys, protected by Boone Karlberg laid waste to my life, my dignity, and were being paid by the Hamilton taxpayers by fraud of services.

I was accused of 4 crimes, went to jail twice and lost most of my friends.

Boone Karlberg made sure they were paid well to accomplish everything that happened to me.

Boone Karlberg got special treatment in the courts that I did not get.

Boone Karlberg played special tricks to win like not following court orders...then blaming me.

Boone Karlberg decided to tamper with my mail, and no one would do anything about it. Boone Karlberg can break the law when they want.

How do I know that Boone Karlberg tampered with my mail? Its easy, out of the two years that I delt with them, they were the only sender that tampered with my mail, consisting of several pieces of mail.

A March 3, 2012 letter from Boone Karlberg PC

A November 2, 2011 letter with Boone Karlberg Missoula MT mail stamp

Mail tampering by Boone Karlberg PC Missoula employees.
no other sender sent me mail, nor could US Postal Employees be involved....
the letters would consistently come this way from Boone Karlberg PC only.
this is the November 2, 2011 letter from the other side.

These lawyers at Boone Karlberg do not follow the same ethics, or law book that you and I do. This is what happens when old boys make up the rules. This is what happens when the judges join the old boys and dont uphold the law. The Missoula Co. Atty and Bill Crowley, executive partner at Boone Karlberg PC Missoula MT are CLONES. One is under international scutiny, the Boone Karlberg partner is in denial that he is doing the same thing.....JUSTICE FOR HIRE.

Boone Karlberg in Missoula MT is a disgraceful firm. There are no lawyers in Montana, only criminals. Boone Karlberg lied, cheeted, broke laws, and had the court on their side. It was not a fair fight. My briefs were citing law, controlling authority....none of it mattered.

Boone Karlberg PC billed from Missoula MT and came to Hamilton MT for oral arguments, arguments that I easily won, even against the executive partners of Boone Karlberg in Missoula. It was no contest as seen by lawyers, friends, and people in the gallery who could not believe I was kicking the ass of a partner like Boone Karlberg, or The Attorney General representative of Montana.

Montana ranks last for justice, and old men like principals of Boone Karlberg decided who gets prosecuted, who gets defended. As soon as Montana plays favorites, law firms like Boone Karlberg make lots of money for protecting and engaging in crime.

Notice in the THIRD example of Boone Karlberg tampering that the end was ripped UP and the signature hole in the front occurred.

Boone Karlberg retains attorneys from the University of Montana law school---ranked last in the nation 145/145. So when you get an attorney from Boone Karlberg PC Missoula, you are getting the

Boone Karlberg Missoula MT gave $25,000
for this criminal training ground.

But Boone Karlberg PC will make you pay the highest in Missoula MT.

In more ways than one.

Boone Karlberg are not in jail because they pay high rents off of your dollar. In the case of the Library, to protect evil people who took privileges from a person who were never asked to leave, who also used the improper Hamilton Police who charged trespass on public property.

But Boone Karlberg lawyers in Missoula MT would disagree....because they are paid to disagree.
Paid with fraudulent tax dollars.
Your dollars to protect crime.

If you are in a bind and need a lawyer, do not retain Boone Karlberg PC in Missoula MT.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Bitterroot Public Library

The Bitterroot Public Library banned the letter to the first African American US President asking for civil rights. It is a reason not to recreate, move, nor accept employment in Montana.

The Montana US President letter banned from the Bitteroot Public Library Hamilton MT

The removed director of the Bitterroot Public Library said in sworn testimony that no staff had EVER asked Michael Spreadbury to leave the library...something required in the Policies of the Bitterroot Public Library and Montana Law: MCA 22-1-311 [Use of Library--Privileges].

Speaking of law, who takes on the two top law firms, against partners as a pro se to uphold the right to sit on public property, and freedom of speech from a library? The Federal judge found Dr. Robert Brophy DVM and the Hamilton Police negligent in their actions at the Bitterroot Public Library.

On a summer day August 20, 2009 Michael Spreadbury was using his laptop on the public property owned by the City of Hamilton MT.

the "trespasser" was seated in this gazebo
West View--Bitterroot Public Library Hamilton MT
Without a trained view, someone charged with Trespassing on public property would be in violation of equal protection, and the act of peaceful assembly would be protected by the Federal courts. Think again. The US Constitution does not exist at the Bitterroot Public Library, or on a sidewalk in New York City for Occupy Protesters.
The same day, I went with a retired police officer, and my cameraman to explain myself, and the Montana law that says a library board is the only entity that can take your rights away. The Bitterroot Public Library can do what ever it wants because it is not an incorporated city, and the court case was mis-use of public funds....the #1 criminal priority of the FBI and the US Justice Department, but who's keeping track, especially at the Bitterroot Public Library.
by a Hamilton Police Officer. (11 min)
Montana Law does not matter in Hamilton, MT
due to the city not authoized to exist by law.
MCA 7-2-4101 to 4105
The nice part is that in the world, over three million people have loo
ked at the Librarything website and seen my warning not to come to Montana, and the unlawful practices, all true that have occurred at the Bitterroot Public Library in Hamilton, MT.
Librarything website for the Bitterroot Public Library over 3 Million views

I guess the question is do you ever want to go back to the Bitterroot Public Library when staff call you pathetic, publish this fact as you asked for the policy that was promised in the directors letter to you rejecting a written work such as a letter to the US president asking for civil rights?

Do you want to go to a library, or live in a town where the City Attorney commits crime to get a unlawful restraining order, and the Judge admits that no finding of fact, or conclusion of law are part of his decision due to the public being too stupid to understand Family Law (that doesnt apply)? Welcome to Hamilton, MT and Judge Michael J. Reardon, USMC JAG at your service.

Can you ever associate with the evil librarians who relish in charging a criminal charge for enjoying the public grounds, and not disturbing anyone? Can you ever understand why a city such as Hamilton MT would ever charge a crime for literally sitting peacefully on public property that you pay for by taxes? What is wrong with these people at the Bitterroot Public Library?

What is wrong with our police force who are supposed to protect people, yet instead conspire with the Bitterroot Public Library to take away rights to those who pay for the library and the police force? The former Bitterroot Public Library director tried to claim stalking with Detective "Braintrust" Murphy for asking for the US President Letter (my property) back. One officer at the HPD actually told the director is is not harassment, or stalking to talk about people in a website, or ask for your belongings back.

As we got no answer from President Obama, and we watch as peaceful protesters are arrested for the same thing I was cited and prosecuted for: peaceful assembly at the Bitterroot Public Library. Peaceful assembly used to mean everything from protesting to sitting quitely. We have no more rights as all of them were clearly taken in Hamilton MT from 2007-2009.

No Rights in Ravalli County:

NOTE: below is my information about the Bitteroot Public Library from research as I was running for Mayor of Hamilton MT.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bitterrroot Public Library Hamilton, Montana

Bitterroot Public Library wants your house.

Deception at the Bitterroot Public Library Hamilton Montana
Self deception image of

In the last two editions of the Bitterroot Star, the Bitterroot Public library is claiming that they have funding "gaps" for their FALL FUNDING DRIVE. The only gap is the public misinformation about the Bitterroot Public Library budget.

Let me help you with that one.

In the 2009-2010 budget the Bitterroot Public Library had $500,000.00 US in the bank of your tax money. Apparently, this is not enough for a small one room library to operate with their $500,000 combined annual budget from Ravalli County and the magical unincorporated City of Hamilton. When the Bitterroot Public Library spends your tax dollars from the unincorporated City of Hamilton, MT and Ravalli County MT taxpayers purchases of books only amounts to 1 in 9 budget dollars.


The North Valley Library in Stevensville, MT has plans for expansion, has far superior community programs, staff, and operates on a fraction of the Bitterroot Public Library tax revenue (see link below for the North Valley Library). Moreover, The North Valley Library ACCEPTED the US President letter denied by the Bitterroot Public Library (link is below). Here is a PDF view of the remodel/expansion plans in Stevensville MT at the North Valley Library: (wait for upload)

Here is a vision, a snippet of life in Hamilton, MT site of the Bitterroot Public Library: Hamilton Montana Police more than willing to transfer expertise to the Bitterroot Public Library when asked.

Shooting from January 2010 Hamilton MT
[warning, gunfire, death of American by Hamilton Police]

Pulled over for "Being in Wrong Lane"
The City of Hamilton is not lawfully incorporated, not historically either.
The Davis family has cause of action for WRONGFUL DEATH.

NOTE: an unincorporated city cannot have police, employees or a gov't

Now if anyone brings this up, beware of the 15 police officers who are far from imaginary.

Hamilton Montana is a community with many older seniors, so why shouldn't the Bitterroot Public Library seek those estates for use of their budget? How would the public know that the Bitterroot Public Library actually have a giant surplus? It is called deception at best, and fraud is not too far off.

In the 2009-2010 budget, 63% of the funds went to pay themselves (Administrative Costs). Lets compare the Bitterroot Public Library with the North Valley Library, a bigger, more community minded outreach, AND had plans to expand, with ACTUAL GAPS in their budget.

The North Valley Library is a great organization. Their volunteers laugh, are fun to talk to, and are helpful. Please give to the Stevensville Library if you have money to give. They operate a much better library with MUCH LESS tax revenue (or deception).

It is proof that the Bitterroot Public Library feels money from the public is theirs to spend, at their desire, and ask for more in Hamilton Montana. The Bitterroot Public library has another secret: Hamilton Montana taxpayers have footed a court bill for an estimated $250,000 for removing privileges, charging crime for sitting on public property as the former director admitted no requests were made to leave the library (under oath) for any behavior issue in violation of their policies, or Montana Law [MCA 22-1-311] which states a "willful violation of the rules" is needed prior to removal from the library. Many people in Hamilton were removed outside of this policy.

The Bitterroot Public Library commons

It is estimated that the Bitterroot Public Library has removed at least 10 patrons rights to enter the library, and the details are not known beyond that.

What is known is that the Bitteroot Public Library wants more of your gifts, be it your house or your hard earned money when they mis-use public funds as they violate Montana law, and patrons rights.

An upshot of the "Ban" from the Bitterroot Public Library has been the "Library Thing" website with a revolving readership of 3Million readers about the Bitterroot Public Library. The other upshot is the letter to the first African-American US President asking for CIVIL RIGHTS within the FIRST paragraph; the Montana US President letter has had more than 10 million confirmed views.
Read the 10 page letter banned from the Bitterrooot Public Library in 2009:

The Bitterroot Public Library pays $1 per year for their space to the City of Hamilton. They want more from you, although you pay for their mistakes, as improper use of public funds is the #1 criminal priority of the FBI although no one is seemingly breaking a sweat at the US Dept. of Justice.
Former Prosecutor Geoff Mahar
(photo from bankrupt Lee Enterprises)

While the public, and The Bitterroot Star's Michael Howell go ballistic over spending $250,000 of public money for Geoff Mahar's retirement at the Ravalli County Attorney Office, no one is making a peep over the misuse of Hamilton Taxpayer funds to the same sum to improperly benefit the Bitterroot Public Library in Hamilton Montana.
read more:
here is the Library Thing webpage about the Bitterroot Public Library: 3 Million hits on one site.

About 6 months ago, this blog network encouraged the boycott of the Bitterroot Public Library and a link to the reasons should make it very clear that something is very wrong in Hamilton Montana.

It just seems intuitive to give to a library. The Bitterroot Public Library is not an ordinary library. It has lost a director, and the state director for protecting the Bitterroot Public Library in Hamilton Montana. A library is for the public, to discuss ideas, obtain reading material, and congregate outside to enjoy peace. Peace is not what is at hand at 306 State Street in Hamilton Montana, site of the Bitterroot Public Library.

Please guard your finances from the Bitterroot Public Library. They have a right to ask you for money, but you have a right to know how public funding is being spent, or not being spent.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Montana Law Students

Montana law students are pushing to have trial experience prior to graduation from the University of Montana Law School. Many students of Montana Law have no idea that their law school is ranked LAST in the nation (#145 by US NEWS).

What they are spoon fed is that they are getting a GREAT VALUE !

Read the ABA report indicating below standards at UM law Missoula

How much of a value is it when Montana law students are learning how to become criminals?

the $40M expansion to cover up
Angela Wetzsteon's '08 solo student practice August 8, 2007.
Angela's Dean gets a US Presidential appointment
to look the other way.
The former Dean Edwin Eck came out of his skin as I happened into his row in the George Dennison Theater (formerly the Montana Theater) to hear US Attorney General Eric Holder in Feb 2011.
[so you think there is not guilt about Angela Wetzsteon's unlawful student practice in Montana?]

There were a slew of law students all dressed up to hear from the "general" as Bob Bennett referred to the chief criminal, Eric Holder who kills of US Boarder Patrol agents as a "mistake"
The big mistake University of Montana law officials made was to assume that their Student Practice Rule that applies in all 50 states did not apply to them. Even worse was when Jim Messina '93 [Journalism] on the alumni board gave the sense that all crimes committed at UM were also immune due to his work in the While House.
For a picture of Messina and unlawful Montana law student practice, please visit:
When Montana Law Students practice unsupervised
in a courtroom
they commit felony crimes.
your supervisor and you will get plenty of trial experience as DEFENDANTS.



The Montana public is encouraged to dial 9-1-1 as suspected law students practice law in Missoula, Helena, Bozeman, Billings and other cities such as Butte.  Officials in these cities, and state officials have been notified of the criminal nature of Montana law students without supervisors in court.

The collusion of Montana lawyers and University of Montana law professors is criminal, has affected many people's lives, and it it is nothing short or unethical.  Dont let anyone convince you otherwise.

Most of these Montana law students practice in misdemeanor trials for pre-graduation trial experience.  There is no trend, there is no other action other than violating a court order from the Montana Supreme Court, and felony crime to enter an unsupervised courtroom as a law student.
Watch More on this topic:
Video dedicated to unsupervised and criminal conduct of Montana law students

The University of Montana Law School
Read about your former Faculty at UM Law and Chief Legal Counsel
(before he publically backed unlawful law student practice in Montana--and lost his 22yr. job)

The Montana law school was ranked in 2012 by US News & World Report as 145/145.  Is it worth going to the worst law school in Montana AND becoming a criminal too?

Do you want US Presidential appointment to protect your crimes from UM Law Missoula?