Thursday, October 13, 2011

Protection racket in Montana

When an official is in trouble and needs online protection, the criminal conspiracy is not too far off.   Harvard Law Review v. 35 says any group who work together to overpower any other part of society committing CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY.  Even if the group is not commiting any crime.

By working together, to take rights priviliges, etc from the other group.


violating a court order, and getting online protection from Lee Enterprises.
[should we tell her Lee Enterprises Sucks?  

Lee Enterprises defames people, and protects Montana Officials for a price.  We saw it, we heard it in practice in a county government meeting: reporting on demand from governments in Montana.

Pulisher Stacey Mueller paid a price for telling fibs to their own lawyers, and resigned.  Did we tell you Lee needs Viagra (because they can't keep their stock price up).  The crash of Lee Enterprises means they can't protect Kristina Bessenyey.

Montana Probation officer Bessenyey

The other day, I had a visit from Kristina Bessenyey, my probation officer for asking for help in public, which is a felony in Montana. The general understanding of probation officers is that they need reasonable suspicion of a violation of probation, or unlawful activity to request entry of your house [I provide the written contract (published below) with my household].

Kristina Bessenyey does not need such understandings.

Kristina Bessenyey, Supervisor of the Hamilton office of the Montana Department of Corrections calls in law enforcement when she does not get what she wants. Then she calls them off using a radio code, but ads a trinket so the law enforcement show up to harass the probationer:

These two Hamilton Police officers are Defendants in a current Civil Rights lawsuit.
Chief Ryan Oster Hamilton Police
[graduate of the FBI Academy circa. 2009]
OSTER's Resignation:
Detective Murphy Hamilton Police Department

Read our Letter to President Obama asking to switch Hamilton PD with Chicago PD
read more: [more than 10 million have]
Should a police chief be standing in your parlor if there is nothing wrong, how about a Detective? In the unchecked world of Kristina Bessenyey, this is a natural and wonderful consequence of too much power. In this post, we are going to explore the goals, ethics, and policies of the Montana Department of Corrections, and how Kristina Bessenyey, is completely off the map with respect to these documents. Her superiors in Helena, MT do nothing with written complaints, so this is being taken to a world audience; it should be noted that Ms. Bessenyey's supervisor, Ron Alsbury has covered for Kristina Bessenyey violating policy, a judges order, amongst other things.

Not only does Kristina Bessenyey abuse the public (not a goal of the Montana Department of Corrections) but she abuses her co-workers with condescending speech, and even discriminating remarks to other women: an EO complaint was filed by the receptionist in Hamilton; she has not been seen since.


The Job description asks for a person with "people service skills" which apparently means entering without the proper authorization, and harass with law enforcement.
Notice on here, that a good communicator is required, one that can provide documents, policies, when a probationer is confused about the process. Kristina Bessenyey communicates with the local law enforcement to harass, and intimidate the "offender". Who is being offensive in this situation?

This is the only document that was provided to my household about searches. It says a reasonable suspicion of violation is the only time. The 4th Amendment, if it still exists, says no unreasonable searches by Kristina Bessenyey in color of law (thats wearing a badge, under authority of state government).

Remember, I asked Kristina Bessenyey for a policy that allows her to enter my house. The supervisor over Ms. Bessenyey said it was "watery" or "undefined". It looks pretty clear to me: you have to suspect criminal activity, or contents not allowed: weapons, pepper spray to protect from bears while hiking, bongs, etc. The worst part, as you can see in the video above, Kristina Bessenyey brought a subordinate to teach them how to violate rights as an officer under color of law. You act under the law, the constitution, not above them Ms. Bessenyey.

I had asked for a policy that describes the initial process paperwork that the sentencing judge specifically described as not needed. The Montana Department of Corrections policy for this is P&P 30-1 and it spells it out very clearly: the Probation officer is responsible for the post sentence investigation. Ms. Bessenyey had me fill out the Pre-Sentence documents (ordered not needed by the Judge) in a forceful and confrontational manner. Kristina Bessenyey is not subject to Department Policy, Judge Order, or the US Constitution in Hamilton Montana.
It helps to be above the laws and constitution when your family friend is your boss, or the Montana Department of Corrections Probation and Parole Division. Kristina Bessenyey is a descendant of the late Marcus Daly (namesake of Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton, MT; Daly Mansion State Historic Site). Ron Alsbury covered for Kristina Violating Policy 30-1 for the Montana DOC, which is covering for criminal conduct per Montana Code Ann. 45-7-309(c) above.

The receptionist who filed an Equal Opportunity complaint on Kristina Bessenyey and never seen since, said Ron Alsbury Division Chief of Probation had a meeting in Hamilton with the employees and Kristina Bessenyey gave all the right answers which made the receptionist sick to her stomach. The other probation officers in the Hamilton officers feel she talks down to them, disrespectfully. Lets look at some more critical documents that Kristina Bessenyey is supposed to uphold, and doesn't:

Kristina Bessenyey, Supervisor of the Hamilton Montana Probation and Parole office violates public trust by showing up to a house without reasonable suspicion, then uses abuse of power (Amendment 14, US Constitution) with too much presence of law enforcement, officers in color of law. Ms. Bessenyey on two occasions misled, and did not give Department policy [because she was violating it]. The goals are to provide timely, accurate information [like when you are attempting to visit a house].

Instead of helping probationers succeed, Kristina Bessenyey does her best to "revoke" them, intimidate them, and mislead them. Professionalism to Ms. Bessenyey means abuse of power, intimidate, and manipulate offenders by playing on their fears of returning to prison, or threat of law enforcement involvement. Personal responsibility means do what you want to Kristina Bessenyey, without any respect for rights, laws, or policy of the Department that she works for.

[Post Publication add]: Kristina Bessenyey went upstairs to my bedroom alone, out of sight from the subordinate Probation Officer. While filming, notice the subordinate had a hand on her gun; is this how Kristina Bessenyey trains her subordinates or searches homes? See 30 sec. video above.

Bessenyey knows no such ethic.

As a former teacher and decorated FEMA officer (with a national security clearance), I would not classify Kristina Bessenyey as someone with honesty, integrity, or impartiality something contained within her Department's Code of Ethics. Ms. Bessenyey does not have respect for her colleagues, nor treat people with dignity, respect, or compassion. Ms. Bessenyey in her capacity as Supervisor of the Hamilton Montana Probation office uses fear, and outside of her job descriptions listed here.

Ms. Besenyey vows to not discriminate against any probationer, AND DOES.

Kristina Bessenyey vows to not demean offenders or probationers, AND DOES.

Ms. Bessenyey vows to uphold the US Constitution, and performs an unlawful search, one that does not offer equal protection to the probationer, as compared to other probationer.

Kristina Bessenyey will conduct herself in a manner that will not discredit or embarrass the Montana Department of Corrections......AND DID. [see video at top of post].

Here is Kristina Bessenyey's actual getaway photo after the demonstration of the abuse of power in Hamilton, Montana USA:
Kristina Bessenyey as the driver. I feel for the poor subordinate (whom I have intentionally kept anonymous). Notice the law enforcement vehicle from the Hamilton Montana Police in the background that Kristina Bessenyey called in, then called off via radio code "she thinks". I think they were in my house. I think Kristina Bessenyey abuses her position, and is protected in Montana.


as a demonstrated leader, I recommend these attributes. I have, to my students who needed me for that direction in their lives. I have turned around hundreds of lost lives. Kristina Bessenyey doubfounds me, and the manipulation she can yield is astounding. For an explanation of Bessenyey's conduct, look to Dr. Philip Zimbardo with the "Stanford Prison Experiment": a person in power will abuse that power, until exposed, or proper oversight (none above her in Montana DOC).

Stanford Prison Experiment--how roles like Probation Offier can lead to destruction:

KRISTINA BESSENYEY IS A LOST SOUL (who abuses people with manipulation & power)

keep hiding from the rules, ethics, policies, and US Constitution girl.

I am paying for this treatment through fees. I think I have paid enough of a price.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Police Chief unlawful entry

On October 4, 2011 Chief Ryan Oster entered a house in Hamilton, Montana AFTER a call of everything is ok. As the chief, he just made a new municipal policy: the City of Hamilton, Montana will enter a house, onto property when everything is fine.

Ryan Oster is a listed defendant in a $27M civil rights case, and did this once before.....
at the Ravalli Republic place of "business".

Chief Ryan Oster enters a house, property without authorization.
both of these "officers" are named in the civil rights lawsuit.
Proof once more that Mayor Steele has no control over his police force.
Keep paying your taxes citizens, these people will bravely wont protect you......from themselves.