Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crime In Ravalli County, Montana, the Nation.

Jeff Fowler pled guilty to felony theft; isn't it interesting that the powers that BE waited after the election of November 2010 to settle this case?  The alleged stealing of ammunition was in early 2009, it all seems too convenient.  Read below the strange comment from Sheriff Hoffman of Ravalli County regarding Fowler.

One of my colleagues knew Fowler pretty well.  He was in charge of the lock up, where I am going to say multiple Deputies made the ammo theft their "slush fund".  The criminals wear badges like the one pictured above.  When these deputies watch porn, get in drunken brawls, tamper with evidence to make crime, Ravalli County is out of control for law enforcement.  Showing up at a house in the middle of the night for a civil service does not bode well for law enforcement here.

Out of Control Law Enforcement in Montana

unlawful entry, Montana law enforcement & Probation Officers.
Chief Ryan Oster trained by Sheriff Chris Hoffman, Ravalli County.

Their municipal brothers are willing to intimidate grandmothers and their grandchildren in public, force them to take pictures to implicate innocent people. 
This occurred at a public Library, attempting to accuse trespass on public property.

Actual day "trespassing on public property" went down.
Hamilton Montana Police 8/20/09

Too bad it leads to malicious prosecution, in a court of law.  When local, county, state, federal judges are all in on it--you have a rogue state within the United States that has no reason to be receiving federal funding--to put out our historic annual wildfires amongst other "needs".  When constitutional rights are criminalized, everyday Americans suffer in Montana.

NY times photo, as 4 suicides occurred: Ravalli County Detention Center (RCDC) in 2005
Our Sheriff, the exalted Chris Hoffman of Ravalli County has threatened his opponent, and a separate citizen running for office.  "Watch your step in Ravalli County" says Hoffman.

Well, I'm just 40, and I think I will easily outlive Mr.Hoffman, looking forward to the day I can tell his family and friends that he threatened me while Sheriff, and I am here to tell you about it.

With respect to the Grand Theft AMMO in Ravalli County, Montana within the Sheriff Department, Fowler stated to a State Judge that he did not do it.  Hoffman answered to Montana Public Radio that "He does not know why he would say that."  I do, its because good cops, and good people are set up to continue the most intense criminal conspiracy, easily covered by state and federal officials protecting Montana.

Ravalli County puts new meaning to the "good old boy" network.  The current one is protected through the White House in Washington DC with Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina "from Missoula", but actually from Boise, ID originally.

Our fatherless fraud includes former US Senate Speaker Mike Mansfield, current US Senator Max Baucus, and his former employee, Messina.  One other fatherless specimen of note: 44th President Barack Obama.

So welcome to Montana, where we fly the US Flag, but give no rights, uphold no law, other than "protect thine own" in the 48th ranked state for Justice.  The US Justice Department tolerates this garbage from Montana, but is now sending in "Speakers" like Chief Justice Roberts, Right Honourable Canadian Chief Justice, Anton Scalia, and on February 9, 2011 the US Attorney General Eric Holder.

The going theme in the White House is "actions speak louder than words".  It's high time to get tough with crime within the last ranked justice system in the country.  Montana is the largest criminal and civil conspiracy in the United States.  Good thing the Justice Department and Obama's Administration are speaking to criminals.  Speak to the Montana Attorney General who threatened AND protected unethical, criminal actions of one of his state prosecuting officers.  Criminals don't listen to authorities, even if  the messenger wears a badge.  Now this man is Governor of Montana---can corruption and political criminals be stopped?

Indictments will speak much louder than words:
Prosecute Montana's Governor Steve Bullock & George Corn

google image--austrailia

Former Sergeant Fowler professed his innocence.  I believe him.  Time to stop the "anything goes" justice that has predominated Ravalli County, Montana and is now infesting itself to the Nation via Montana officials occupying the White House and US Senate.  Jim Messina is now President Obama's re-election manager for the 2012 election.  Max Baucus is marrying his former staff who gladly called me to say that Montana would NOT get a Congressional Inquiry into civil rights in 2007.

The Jim Messina Political Show: the biggest scam in US history.

See our April 2009 letter to Obama:

 no response received about Civil Rights in Montana from the first African-American President of the United States.  Do you think Jim Messina "from Missoula" snatched it from his boss?  Our group could be the biggest mistake made at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since Watergate..... now back to the Ranch:

Its time to stop covering up for a criminal department in Ravalli County, and make a clean cop take the rap.  The arrest, and criminal implication of innocent people for political reasons is fodder for Communist Russia, not anywhere in America.  Just because you are vested with the public's power, or work in the most important white house in the world, doesn't mean you have the power to destroy innocent lives like Sergent Fowler, or anyone else.


Note: Russia slams Obama, US on worldwide human rights violations. (they've been reading here).

Friday, December 3, 2010

Montana Justice System in Crisis

Being ranked last in the nation for justice is not well known in the State of Montana.  Congressmen, Governors, Attorney General, and the FBI feel the problem can persist.  Its easier with a staff member in the White House since 2009 helping to cover up the problems....our own Jim Messina.

What happens when "built in protections" in the justice system become more mechanism for abusing rights of Americans who live in Montana?  When local judges know the prosecutors, and go their way on bail (8th Amendment), probable cause (14th Amendment), and other determinations (search and seizure; 4th Amendment) ordinary Americans in Montana are not getting their rights upheld.

That might be the reason we lost a Montana Highway Patrolman in Three Forks, MT this week.  While the Associated Press (AP) wishes the nation to believe this 56 year old dog trainer was "bitter" from a former snake bite complication, the bitterness is the loss of liberty, the loss of rights, and the loss of control normal people have in their lives due to our out of control criminal justice system in Montana.

In Montana it is big business to place orders of protection, with supposed large federal grants that never seem to make it to the bottom line of municipal budgets.  Required paperwork seems to magically appear, and Lee Newspapers are willing to fill in the blanks for a price.  We have no justice, or truth.

When an employee of the Attorney General office threatens a person's livelihood and house for questioning a county prosecutor, something is wrong in Montana.  That employee is now in charge of the Highway Patrol, and is also Attorney General, Steve Bullock (a Columbia Law graduate).

The MHP did not give test scores in 2008 to applicants "who did not make it" and had two uniformed officers put their hands on their holstered sidearms and asked the "unsuccessful" candidates to leave.

with letters, websites, blogs, and a documentary on justice, the Montana state and federal officials now need to understand that they were given information about the justice system prior to this officers ultimate sacrifice.  Denial is the first step, what is the next?
MT Dept. of Justice site