Friday, December 3, 2010

Montana Justice System in Crisis

Being ranked last in the nation for justice is not well known in the State of Montana.  Congressmen, Governors, Attorney General, and the FBI feel the problem can persist.  Its easier with a staff member in the White House since 2009 helping to cover up the problems....our own Jim Messina.

What happens when "built in protections" in the justice system become more mechanism for abusing rights of Americans who live in Montana?  When local judges know the prosecutors, and go their way on bail (8th Amendment), probable cause (14th Amendment), and other determinations (search and seizure; 4th Amendment) ordinary Americans in Montana are not getting their rights upheld.

That might be the reason we lost a Montana Highway Patrolman in Three Forks, MT this week.  While the Associated Press (AP) wishes the nation to believe this 56 year old dog trainer was "bitter" from a former snake bite complication, the bitterness is the loss of liberty, the loss of rights, and the loss of control normal people have in their lives due to our out of control criminal justice system in Montana.

In Montana it is big business to place orders of protection, with supposed large federal grants that never seem to make it to the bottom line of municipal budgets.  Required paperwork seems to magically appear, and Lee Newspapers are willing to fill in the blanks for a price.  We have no justice, or truth.

When an employee of the Attorney General office threatens a person's livelihood and house for questioning a county prosecutor, something is wrong in Montana.  That employee is now in charge of the Highway Patrol, and is also Attorney General, Steve Bullock (a Columbia Law graduate).

The MHP did not give test scores in 2008 to applicants "who did not make it" and had two uniformed officers put their hands on their holstered sidearms and asked the "unsuccessful" candidates to leave.

with letters, websites, blogs, and a documentary on justice, the Montana state and federal officials now need to understand that they were given information about the justice system prior to this officers ultimate sacrifice.  Denial is the first step, what is the next?
MT Dept. of Justice site

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