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Bitterrroot Public Library Hamilton, Montana


Bitterroot Public Library wants your house.

Deception at the Bitterroot Public Library Hamilton Montana
Self deception image of

In the last two editions of the Bitterroot Star, the Bitterroot Public library is claiming that they have funding "gaps" for their FALL FUNDING DRIVE. The only gap is the public misinformation about the Bitterroot Public Library budget.

Let me help you with that one.

In the 2009-2010 budget the Bitterroot Public Library had $500,000.00 US in the bank of your tax money. Apparently, this is not enough for a small one room library to operate with their $500,000 combined annual budget from Ravalli County and the magical unincorporated City of Hamilton. When the Bitterroot Public Library spends your tax dollars from the unincorporated City of Hamilton, MT and Ravalli County MT taxpayers purchases of books only amounts to 1 in 9 budget dollars.


The North Valley Library in Stevensville, MT has plans for expansion, has far superior community programs, staff, and operates on a fraction of the Bitterroot Public Library tax revenue (see link below for the North Valley Library). Moreover, The North Valley Library ACCEPTED the US President letter denied by the Bitterroot Public Library (link is below). Here is a PDF view of the remodel/expansion plans in Stevensville MT at the North Valley Library: (wait for upload)

Here is a vision, a snippet of life in Hamilton, MT site of the Bitterroot Public Library: Hamilton Montana Police more than willing to transfer expertise to the Bitterroot Public Library when asked.

No law matters when it comes to the Bitterroot Public Library

Pulled over for "Being in Wrong Lane"
[warning, gunfire, death of American by Hamilton Police]

The City of Hamilton is not lawfully incorporated, not historically either.
The Davis family has cause of action for WRONGFUL DEATH.

NOTE: an unincorporated city cannot have police, employees or a gov't

Now if anyone brings this up, beware of the 15 police officers who are far from imaginary.


Hamilton Montana is a community with many older seniors, so why shouldn't the Bitterroot Public Library seek those estates for use of their budget? How would the public know that the Bitterroot Public Library actually have a giant surplus? It is called deception at best, and fraud is not too far off.

In the 2009-2010 budget, 63% of the funds went to pay themselves (Administrative Costs). Lets compare the Bitterroot Public Library with the North Valley Library, a bigger, more community minded outreach, AND had plans to expand, with ACTUAL GAPS in their budget.

The North Valley Library is a great organization. Their volunteers laugh, are fun to talk to, and are helpful. Please give to the Stevensville Library if you have money to give. They operate a much better library with MUCH LESS tax revenue (or deception).

It is proof that the Bitterroot Public Library feels money from the public is theirs to spend, at their desire, and ask for more in Hamilton Montana. The Bitterroot Public library has another secret: Hamilton Montana taxpayers have footed a court bill for an estimated $250,000 for removing privileges, charging crime for sitting on public property as the former director admitted no requests were made to leave the library (under oath) for any behavior issue in violation of their policies, or Montana Law [MCA 22-1-311] which states a "willful violation of the rules" is needed prior to removal from the library. Many people in Hamilton were removed outside of this policy.

The Bitterroot Public Library commons

It is estimated that the Bitterroot Public Library has removed at least 10 patrons rights to enter the library, and the details are not known beyond that.

What is known is that the Bitteroot Public Library wants more of your gifts, be it your house or your hard earned money when they mis-use public funds as they violate Montana law, and patrons rights.

An upshot of the "Ban" from the Bitterroot Public Library has been the "Library Thing" website with a revolving readership of 3Million readers about the Bitterroot Public Library. The other upshot is the letter to the first African-American US President asking for CIVIL RIGHTS within the FIRST paragraph; the Montana US President letter has had more than 10 million confirmed views.
Read the 10 page letter banned from the Bitterrooot Public Library in 2009:

The Bitterroot Public Library pays $1 per year for their space to the City of Hamilton. They want more from you, although you pay for their mistakes, as improper use of public funds is the #1 criminal priority of the FBI although no one is seemingly breaking a sweat at the US Dept. of Justice.
UPDATE: in 2014 the FBI are investigating Ravalli Co. Montana.
Former Prosecutor Geoff Mahar
(photo from bankrupt Lee Enterprises)

While the public, and The Bitterroot Star's Michael Howell go ballistic over spending $250,000 of public money for Geoff Mahar's retirement at the Ravalli County Attorney Office, no one is making a peep over the misuse of Hamilton Taxpayer funds to the same sum to improperly benefit the Bitterroot Public Library in Hamilton Montana.

here is the Library Thing webpage about the Bitterroot Public Library: 3 Million hits on one site.

About 6 months ago, this blog network encouraged the boycott of the Bitterroot Public Library and a link to the reasons should make it very clear that something is very wrong in Hamilton Montana.

It just seems intuitive to give to a library. The Bitterroot Public Library is not an ordinary library. It has lost a director, and the state director for protecting the Bitterroot Public Library in Hamilton Montana. A library is for the public, to discuss ideas, obtain reading material, and congregate outside to enjoy peace. Peace is not what is at hand at 306 State Street in Hamilton Montana, site of the Bitterroot Public Library.

Please guard your finances from the Bitterroot Public Library. They have a right to ask you for money, but you have a right to know how public funding is being spent, or not being spent.

NOTE: The Bitterroot Public Library, other than losing 90% of its public funding cites Montana Law Title 22 section 311 in its policy, yet cant have a tiered approach to TAKING AWAY LIBRARY RIGHTS.  A person must be willfully violating the rules, and must understand those rules.  So the Bitterroot Public Library cannot just take away rights for a day, a week or a month.  The collective board of the library must VOTE to remove priviliges.  I bet they regret taking my rights, without telling me to leave or indicating what I did wrong.

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Obama Stimulus Money

Here is the Oregon State University Athletic Director,

Bob DeCarolis.
Now Mr. DeCarolis was considering firing their

Basketball Coach.......

Craig Robinson
after an 8 -11 start (2-5) in the Pac 10 conference.

When word reached the Obama Administration
Undersecretary of Education,

Martha Kanter

[she resigned after you found out about Obama-stimulus-care]

Martha was dispatched to Corvallis, Oregon with $17 million in
Taxpayer Stimulus money for the university.

Thankfully, Craig Robinson's job as Oregon State Basketball coach now safe for another year.
Now comes the interesting part of our story....

For those of you unfamiliar with

Coach Robinson...

...he just so happens to be the brother-in-law

of none other than our country's...
"beloved" President,

Money Spreads the Wealth of Taxpayers......that's right
he is the brother of...Michelle Obama!

But hey, can't we all come to the conclusion that Coach Robinson's
new found job security--was
all just a coincidence?

I'm sure of it .... Aren't You?

Thank Goodness For The Stimulus!!!
But $17 million for one job? I wonder what mine is worth?

If this doesn't infuriate you, nothing will... remember to vote this fall !!!!!!!
NOVEMBER 6, 2012---make it a date.

Monday, March 12, 2012


NaturalNews can now report that 65-year-old senior citizen James Stewart, a raw milk farmer with no criminal history, was nearly tortured to death in the LA County jail this past week.
James Stewart in his natural food store in California, USA?

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This is a NaturalNews Red Alert - please forward, share everywhere, this story will shock you. Original article at:

Full text:
NaturalNews can now report that 65-year-old senior citizen James Stewart, a raw milk farmer with no criminal history, was nearly tortured to death in the LA County jail this past week. He survived a "week of torturous Hell" at the hands of LA County jail keepers who subjected him to starvation, sleep deprivation, hypothermia, loss of blood circulation to extremities, verbal intimidation, involuntary medical testing and even subjected him to over 30 hours of raw biological sewage filth containing dangerous pathogens.

This is from a county that has targeted and terrorized James Stewart for the supposed crime of selling fresh milk containing "dangerous pathogens." That's right - the only "crime" James has ever committed is being the milk man and distributing milk that is openly and honestly kept fresh and raw instead of pasteurized. So as part of his punishment of advocating raw cow's milk, he was tortured with raw human sewage at the LA County jail.

This true story of jaw-dropping dehumanization and torture -- conducted in total violation of state law as well as the Geneva Convention for prisoners of war -- is told in an exclusive audio interview recorded today between Mike Adams and James Stewart.

That audio recording, which has been released by Adams into the public domain for the purpose of widespread copying and sharing, is available for download at the following links:

128kbps MP3 file (47MB, Hi-Fi, suitable for posting online):
MP3 only:
ZIP file container:
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MP3 only:
ZIP file container:
Video files:

Watch the full interview on YouTube at:
or if YouTube censors it (as they now do almost any video critical of government), see it on the uncensored video site at:
Adams openly encourages members of the public to post these files on YouTube, Vimeo, bittorrent sites and anywhere else where they may reach the public.
"I thought I was gonna die in there..."

In this exclusive interview, you can hear James Stewart describe, in his own words, the shocking details of prisoner abuse right here in America. Among the highlights from his interview with Mike Adams:

• How James was subjected to severe food deprivation.
• How he was interrogated by deputies and accused of being a "sovereign," then branded with a red arm band (Nazi-style) to falsely indicate that he was a danger to the general population.
• How James was shackled in long chains wrapped around his waist multiple times, then had his hands cuffed behind his back which was bound to the heavy waist chain to restrict his movement. His handcuffs were so tight he thought his wrists would break.
• James was then handcuffed to a cold bench, restricting his movement to just six inches, then left on the bench for 4-5 hours.
• James was then forcibly subjected to various medical tests, including forced chest X-rays even while he was handcuffed.
• He was placed in a cold cell wearing only a T-shirt and pants, where he soon began to suffer from hypothermia and found himself violently shivering just to stay alive.
• How he was made to suffer through total sleep deprivation all night long as other prisoners were screaming and banging on the walls.
His cell was then flooded with raw human sewage, which flowed into his jail cell 2-3 inches deep, covering his shoes and shirt. LA County jail guards then ordered James to clean up all the raw sewage in his cell by handing him a small hand-held squeegee and demanding that he squeegee out all the raw sewage himself (which he reluctantly did).
• He was then forced to stay in the putrid raw sewage cell for over 30 hours, fighting off nausea and living in bacteriological filth that threatened his health.
All along, the LA County prison guards gloated over their treatment of prisoners while laughing and joking about their power to subject prisoners to such abuse. This behavior openly mimics that of Gitmo guards who took pictures gloating over their torture and murder of prisoners of war.
• During this entire process, James was not allowed a single phone call nor any visit from an attorney. His right to speak to an attorney was repeatedly denied.
At no point was James notified of what he was being charged with. He was never presented with an arrest warrant nor were any charges explained to him.
• James was mysteriously "lost" in the system and LA County officials claimed they did not know where he was. This was apparently a deliberate attempt to subject an individual to drawn-out torture without legal representation and make sure no one could locate them to check on their health or arrest status.
"Worse than torture... They're actually torturing you mentally and physically to break you down..."
• "I thought I was gonna die in there."
• "It was worse than torture. They're actually torturing you mentally and physically to break you down."
• "I wrote the 'torture' on a piece of toilet paper to try to tell everybody what I had gone through, because I was worried they were going to mentally break me and put me in a psych ward."
• "What I experienced in downtown LA was brutality."
• "It's trauma. And they create this thing where you're not even sure what's coming next. What has this country come to? I don't sleep well at night right now, and I don't think anyone would if they had been what I've been through."
• "I'm shocked that this is America. Because it seems like you're in some third world country, in a gulag, like in the movie Midnight Express, where you're absolutely just tortured. That was the experience I had. Your mind goes, how can this be? This is America?"
NaturalNews calls on Amnesty International, ACLU to intervene
What we are witnessing here is a gross violation of civil rights and human rights, not to mention fundamental due process. The treatment unleashed upon James was not merely against the law in California, it was also a violation of federal law and a violation of the Geneva Convention and its ban on torturing prisoners of war.

"What happened to Stewart is horrendous," health freedom attorney Jonathan Emord told NaturalNews. He's the author of the new book "Restore the Republic" which lays out a plan to overthrow tyranny and restore a government that works on behalf of the people instead of declaring the People to be the enemy.

The bail amount set for James ($1 million) and the torture to which he was subjected clearly indicate that James Stewart is a political prisoner of the State of California, which has decided to spend millions of dollars in taxpayer money to target and incarcerate a senior citizen farmer. (By comparison, bail for alleged child rapist and sex pimp Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State sports coach, was only set at $100,000 and was unsecured!)

NaturalNews calls upon Amnesty International and the American Civil Liberties Union to intervene in this extraordinary violation of basic human rights. For the record, James Stewart has no criminal record and is a permaculture farmer and fresh food advocate. His "crime" consists entirely of arranging for the distribution of raw milk to customers who actually line up to access this nourishing food (people love it!).

NaturalNews has no financial ties to James Stewart nor Rawesome Foods and has been the leading source of free press information covering this story. The mainstream media so far refuses to cover this story, most likely out of financial loyalty to the conventional (processed) dairy industry which stands to lose tens of millions of dollars if raw milk is allowed to be openly and legally sold.
Assistance efforts for James Stewart and Sharon Palmer, the other person arrested in this case, can be emailed
More details to be revealed on national radio Sunday
Mike Adams will be discussing this issue on live national radio, Sunday at 1pm Eastern time, 10am Pacific, on the Robert Scott Bell Show.

Listen in at:

In addition, NaturalNews has forwarded details to producers of the Alex Jones Show with the hope that Alex Jones will want to cover this for his own audience (InfoWars).Information is also being forwarded to the Ron Paul campaign, as Ron Paul has openly spoken out against the absurdity of laws targeting raw milk producers. As Paul is extremely busy running for President, however, he is unlikely to be able to comment on this particular issue.
Tips have been forwarded to Matt Drudge for his consideration of the issue. continues to be the breaking news source on this story with a voice of liberty and food freedom. Check for more details this weekend and all next week.
Action items:

• SHARE this story on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. You also have permission to download and share the audio files and video files of the interview. Post it on every bittorrent in the known universe...

• Contact your local newspaper editors with letters and opinion pieces to express your outrage at this vindictive arrest and torture of a California farmer.
• Write the officer of Governor Jerry Brown, who has done absolutely nothing to stop this outrageous abuse of California's by rogue DA operatives in both LA and Ventura counties:
• Contact the Los Angeles County DA's office at:
• Contact the Ventura County DA's office (which arrested James at his court hearing) at:
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65-year-old California 'milk man' subjected to week of extreme torture, hypothermia, biological sewage assault in LA County jail
(NaturalNews) NaturalNews exclusive report, please credit with link. NaturalNews can now report that 65-year-old senior citizen James Stewart, a raw milk farmer with no criminal history, was nearly tortured to death in the LA County jail this past week...
FBI in the process of creating a system for monitoring all conversations on social networking sites
(NaturalNews) If you're a regular reader of NaturalNews, you're already well aware of the fact that government, the courts and private industry have all essentially disregarded the intent and meaning of the ...

Slowly, we are losing our rights, and the abuses are mounting.  We either choose to live free, with liberty, or we succumb to the tyranny.