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John Lewis D-Montana US House

John Lewis US Representative  (originally written/pubished in 2013)
John Lewis just announced he is a Democratic candidate for US Representative for Montana. The election is in 2014. We want to show you some of John Lewis handiwork.  It is not really what John Lewis did specifically, it is what he looked away from, and damage he knowingly allowed in Montana, specifically when he was in a position to do something about it.

John Lewis was Max Baucus's chief of staff.....this should tell you a lot. Mr. Lewis looked the other way for Max, as he asked for the arrest of dissenters to the Affordable Care Act who wanted universal health care. John Lewis ignored the request of Montana residents asking for help of their senator.

John Lewis claims that he wants what's best for his kids, but he cannot help people who are being abused in the State of Montana. The Congressmen and their chief of staff like John Lewis should not ignore their constituents. Montana should ignore John Lewis and his claims about listening to and doing what is best for Montana. This blog has proof that John Lewis is not right for the US Representative for Montana.

John Lewis looked the other way as Max gave $1.7M to the Montana Law School who allow students to practice law prior to graduation (felony impersonation, perjury).

John Lewis was no doubt aware of the US Presidential appointment in 2008 to former Dean Edwin Eck to the IRS by Max Baucus to cover the dean's misconduct of allowing students to practice law unsupervised.
John Lewis looked the other way for felony crime that damaged many peoples lives.

John Lewis enabled a substance abuse addict, otherwise known as US Senator Max Baucus

John Lewis was this man's chief of staff, and plugged the holes, and enabled a terrible man to not represent the people of Montana. Now John Lewis wants to follow in his former chief's footsteps.

Believe that John Lewis allowed Montana voters to suffer even when they asked for his help specifically. John Lewis is not candidate material for Montana US Rep. in 2014.

Please read this authentic letter below to John Lewis, Chief of Staff for Max Baucus from October 5, 2010. The successful 2014 Montana representative in the US House cannot ignore the voters.

Mr. John Lewis                                                                        October 5, 2010

State Director, US Senator Max Baucus

30 W. 14th St. Suite 206

Helena MT 59601

RE: Rights of Montanans as US Citizens


Dear Mr. Lewis,

On August 29, 2007 a group of people from Hamilton, Montana sent a letter to Max Baucus requesting all federal funds to Ravalli County be frozen so civil rights may be restored. Our honorable US Senator has granted us $70 Million in US 93 highway funds, several million in grants (to which much has disappeared), and payment in lieu of taxes (PILT) funds to Ravalli County, government. We were verbally abused by Ms. Melodee Hanes, your predecessor, (now Max Baucus wife) who now apparently works for the US Justice Department. Former Baucus chief of staff, Jim Messina ignored our requests of October 17, 2007; now he serves as a Deputy Chief of Staff to the 44th President of the United States.
NOTE: It was NOT John Lewis's doing or actions that brought the FBI to investigate Ravalli County Montana in 2014.  It was our work, our documentary which caused county officials to "freak out" about fraud, criminal activity and REMOVE financial data from the county buildings.  This led the Treasurer, Stamey to call for FBI investigation due to federal funds missing, and improper sale of tax liens in violation of state statutes.
[see blog footnotes for link to documentary, US President letter from Spring 2009]

The bottom line is that basic constitutional rights are not being upheld in Montana. The state was ranked 48th in the nation for justice in September 2007 by the same agency Ms. Hanes went to work for. Chief Justice Roberts spoke at the University of Montana Law School in Missoula, MT that month, telling us of the importance of the responsibilities of upholding justice. Since 2007, our group has found 4 counties in western Montana that has recorded serious problems with civil rights, or constitutional law issues. These problems include:

· Induced suicide in two Montana County detention centers by law enforcement

· Suspected rape of 6 women by law enforcement

· Police intimidation of employers to deny employment of citizens

· The take-down of a citizen with a pellet gun by aggressive law enforcement

· Law enforcement acting outside of jurisdiction

· The seizure of property without warrant by law enforcement.

· Entering of property without warrant, outside of law enforcement jurisdiction.

· Arrest of citizens with outdated, warrants under conditions that were satisfied.

· Malicious Prosecution which violates inalienable state and federal rights.

· Equal protection violations by public officials.

· Violation of court rules to maliciously prosecute US citizens.

· A Montana Attorney General who is more interested in Corporate Law than protecting the citizens of this state.

· A US Attorney office that could not accomplish successful prosecution of W.R. Grace Company of ColumbiaMD who killed 200 residents in Libby, MT

· Your congressional office is supposed to represent Montana; staffers feel these above problems are “personal legal matters” (Jennifer Ewan, Missoula office)

· A felony hit-and run accident on September 14, 2007 committed by a Hamilton City Councilman put a member of the public in the Hospital, while

Letter to State Director, US Senator Max Baucus, pg. 2 October 5, 2010


Hamilton City Police cover up the accident, and Montana Highway Patrol refused to investigate. It begs the question, who enforces the rule of law in Montana?

· A Bank robbery in 2005 which ended in suicide yields $200,000.00 missing and several law enforcement units, including a federal one has taken the funds.

· A county attorney who is a “friend of Max”controls an entire county justice system from lawyers, judges, law enforcement, and county public officials.

· Untrained law enforcement harassing, and abusing their power against US residents which includes deaths via lethal force, pain via taser weapons.

· An FBI agent was verbally abusive and vehemently supports “local law enforcement” had no concern about federal property, and the safety of federal employees or US citizens. Is Montana within the United States?

· Local Justices of the Peace who issue false arrest warrants, and permanent restraining orders which alter the course of US citizens lives.

· Freedom of Speech violations which include the right to petition, vote, and the right to include materials into a public library, or enter a public library.

· The harassment of eight (8) disabled veterans on January 15, 2009 by county employees of the Ravalli County Road Department 100 miles outside of Ravalli County while riding in a federally registered vehicle returning from Fort Harrison, the VA Hospital in Helena, Montana.

· The intimidation of US residents by law enforcement, which included parking in driveways 15 miles outside jurisdiction, and tailing motorists.

· Montana Highway Patrol stalking women, charging victims of accidents with crimes. No test results given to recruits to enter this state law enforcement.

· Municipal and County Law Enforcement charging victims of crime as the perpetrator of the crimes in Ravalli County Montana.

· The prosecution of US citizens against their constitutional rights in Montana.

· The access of federal crime database by a non-sworn officer of the City of Hamilton several hundred times, each one considered a felony.

Your staff did not think the above items warranted a congressional inquiry, something seven (7) of your constituents asked for in the August 29, 2007 letter which gained the attention of the Deputy Director of the FBI. It amazes us the extent that justice is a political football, instead of equal; something etched in stone in the US Dept. of Justice.

While we understand US Senator Max Baucus is busy passing a health care bill, we also understand that he has received more money from health care interests than any other congressman (source: Democracy Now). It is obvious that Senator Baucus has ignored his constituents in 2007, and sold them out in 2009; we are wondering how he can ignore the justice problems presented in this letter. If he is such a powerful senator, we recommend that he ceases to protect the Ravalli County Attorney, GEORGE CORN [available: ] and direct the US Attorney for Montana Michael Cotter to protect the US residents who now reside in the State of Montana. Since Mike Cotter is confirmed, we would like this to be his


Letter to State Director, US Senator Max Baucus, Pg. 3 October 5, 2010


top priority. Mr. Lewis, your office works for the people of Montana. We will not allow these justice transgressions to continue in our state.


Your ability to effectively serve the people of Montana as State Director, and how Max is viewed by the nation will be reflected in the action taken to investigate, and uphold our US Constitutional rights in Montana. Our group was less than impressed with Ms. Hanes: her professionalism and her public service. She has no business working for the US Dept. of Justice in DC. We take credit for blocking her US Attorney appointment. (see the Montana US President letter (2009), read on every continent on Earth).


In review, personnel in your DC office are not returning phone calls to constituents, even when they provide phone numbers and ask for information. Your predecessor did not take action on justice issues in Montana, and was unprofessional. Max Baucus has protected constitutional criminals, and taken excessive funds from interests groups and corporations who stand to profit if a Health Reform Bill passes. Max has shown his resolve by arresting proponents of an alternative viewpoint. We have seen this in Montana for ourselves. Max apologized to the nation, did he forget his constituents?
Read more: and

Will Ms. Hanes protect Max from indictment as an insider to the USJustice Department? As a backup, will Jim Messina, (staff of the White House) protect his former boss, Max Baucus who in Jim’s own words “…was like a father to me (Montana Democrat Dinner Helena, MT Spring 2009)?”


“We the People” was organized to counter the intimidation, and constitutional crimes in our local area. We have found problems in 4 western Montana Counties, and systemic problems within the state justice system. Is Max concerned with our list and Montana’s ranking 48th in the nation? If not, national newspaper reporters and past Presidents already talk of internal conflict in our nation.

This letter will be published on the internet, and sent to other public servants. They have received our August 29, 2007 correspondence about Montana justice. Your constituents are requesting assistance. We elected Max to office to work for us. To ignore this issue for three years only proves that our political system needs improvement.


“We the People” spokesman Michael E. Spreadbury


Published online on "The Bitterroot Rising archives", elsewhere

Senator Tester

Representative Rehberg
[and John Lewis's opponents in the 2014 race for US Representative in Montana]