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Montana Freemen were right

This letter published in the Bitterroot Star Weekly Newspaper in Stevensville MT is how local governments are not lawful in Ravalli Co. Montana where Montana Freemen had located.

Freemen were right about local government

In 1996, the Montana Freemen were a well-known group. I’ve heard Ravalli County Sheriff Printz rode out on horseback to negotiate their surrender, later to win a court case in the US Supreme Court letting local governments off the hook for paying for firearm background checks. While it is wrong to threaten government officials, write bad checks, or place liens on public officials, the Montana Freemen were right about Ravalli County, Montana. It was about the only thing they were right about.

Marcus Daly wanted the county seat for Ravalli County, Montana to be in Grantsdale. Today it is purported to be in Hamilton. It isn’t. James W. Hamilton annexed the City of Hamilton to Missoula County in September of 1890, confirmed today on the official plat map of the City of Hamilton.
In August of 2009, I enjoyed public property at State and 4th Sts. in Hamilton. The then City Attorney refused to swear an oath for six years to the office, and charged criminal trespass on public property. In the preparation of my defense, I bought a certified map of Hamilton from the Ravalli County Clerk which showed me the truth about Hamilton and Ravalli County.

Any person today can look at the floor mats in the City Hall (223 S. 2nd Street, Hamilton), embossed with the City Seal and hopefully won’t be charged with a crime. The mat attests to incorporation in 1894 without official paperwork to incorporate a municipality in Montana law [MCA 7-2-4101 to 4105]. Current City of Hamilton Mayor, Jerry Steele, verified in official meeting in 2009 captured on video (available: ), that the city has no incorporation paperwork. The Montana Legislature formed Ravalli County in March 1893. Look in the foyer of the Ravalli County Administrative Building (215 S. 4th Street, Hamilton) for the painted County Seal to prove this date. Hopefully, you will not have your employer intimidated for doing so, or be “investigated” for entering public property—that we all pay for.

So the Montana Freemen were right to challenge Ravalli County in 1996 due to mistreatment by government officials, and it continues today with Commissioners overlooking criminal conduct in the County Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office, and their own lawful existence.

I wrote a letter to Governor Schweitzer which came back in the form of mockery from the Missoula Independent as word of my letter to the State’s chief executive was published. The US Justice Dept. FBI priorities are established to trigger activity; their top criminal priority is public fraud of taxpayer funds. The (unincorporated) City of Hamilton extracts $13.5M from taxpayers without lawful status, and Ravalli County seeks $16.2M which constitutes $30M in 2013 of public fraud. It happens every year, without the consent of taxpayers in Hamilton and Ravalli County. All of the government officials go along either knowing or not knowing about the public fraud.

Montana law [MCA 7-2-2103] says that a county cannot be established without a legitimate seat. Commissioner Kanenwisher’s quick departure is suspect, as he was made aware of this problem and decided to further his nursing career out of state – immediately. As Hamilton never incorporated, and Ravalli County was established unlawfully by the legislature a year before the City of Hamilton claimed incorporation, it is clear that local government is not on the up and up.

While the Freemen were attempting to disqualify all governments, at least they were right when it came to local government in this area. When the FBI is quick to squelch outliers like the Freemen, what happens when they ignore their top criminal priority of public fraud? We are all Freemen now.
Ravalli commissioners are aware of their unlawful status, but with salaries of $50,000/year plus benefits, it is easy to ignore the truth. The Montana Freemen were onto something, and probably didn’t even know it. They were right about local governments in Montana. As State and Federal governments ignore their oaths to taxpayers, it is time to think like the Montana Freemen until our tax dollars are going to lawful governments. Local government officials are doing nothing more than engaging in high value white collar crime, and allowing lawlessness of their employees using our public funds.

2014 Update:  We welcome the FBI to Ravalli Co. to find what they can, and attempt to bring law to a very lawless place.  Many people lost their lives, and livelihoods to criminals who have done nefarious things with public funds in that area.

Michael Spreadbury

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FOOTNOTE: for a taste of how unlawful governments work together, view how a "professional reporter" from hamilton, MT behaves in the link below:

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Prosecute George Corn for Murder

This post is published as all copies of this letter have been removed from the internet.  George Corn is being politically protected although guilty of 18 USC 242 which should sentence him to a year in federal prison.  His friends covered up felonies with US Presidential appointments, and Millions of US Dollars. 

--See Ethics Complaint site for Civil RIghts, 18 USC 242 violations:
--See The Angela Wetzsteon War for more details on bribes, appointments:


 George Corn, in red tie with now Governor Bullock
Bullock for AG (2008)

Friday, September 3, 2010
Prosecute George H. Corn for Murder

In true hypocritical fashion, the Ravalli County Attorney has wanted to prosecute the 43rd president for Murder for the war in Iraq. Isn't it a psychological strategy to shine the light on something else to take light off of your own issues, and possibly criminal behavior? I believe it is called "wagging the dog".

Don't get me wrong, I've read the book which made the case that any county atty could prosecute the matter with respect to George W. Bush....and it’s compelling. George Corn signed on as the Democratic prosecutor in Ravalli County on Bugliosi's webpage to go after George W. Bush.

Not many people know George Corn is a Democrat, in a very conservative valley and state. Deceptiveness is the first key to criminal behavior. Making allies and alliances within the entities in the Bitterroot valley makes sure he is never questioned, and never loses...even if he is wrong.

In 2005 his "outreach" and services to his constituents went overboard. Judges, on his command such as Justice Robin Clute (his former employee) turned up the heat, and violated citizens rights to reasonable bail. The US Constitution is the silent enemy here, judges hate the 8th Amendment right to reasonable bail. It gets in the way of George Corn's agenda.

Reasonable for Robin Clute is to follow all orders of George Corn. Usually, this is called being an accomplice; we'll indict Robin Clute for conspiracy to murder. Ignorance to the US Constitution is not an affirmative defense available for JP Clute; neither is stupidity.

The New York Times investigated the suicide rate in the county (twice national average) and the four accomplished in the Ravalli County Detention Center in 2005. Excessive bail was deemed the reason for the suicides. They came from Clute who did not alter or examine the requests from George Corn. When the justice system has no checks against each other, catastrophe happens. When Corn needs to destroy people to feel powerful, we are his subjects, and the local justice system his employees and conspirators.

An example in 2010 of the ludicrous requests: $200,000 for conspiracy to assault with pot in possession. No shooting, no vehicular homicide, no rape. Clute went with Corn's office suggestion. Can stupidity, and arrogance lead to murder? Just ask OJ Simpson.

The Ravalli County Attorney office has no rival, no conscience, no law, nor the US Constitution. We, the people need to understand the deception (The Ravalli Republic Newspaper), the problem...Robin Clute, George Corn, and the a person that can reject the Ravalli County Attorney Office and George Corn....Justice Nancy Sabo.

George Corn and his conspirators who take away our rights, use law enforcement to intimidate us need to be stopped. He is murdering our rights, he contributed to the murder of 4 inmates, and countless lives altered, and destroyed in Ravalli County...for his ego.

Watch one of Corn's deputies in the courthouse sometime. Always being right, always getting your way leads to brats, and dangerous public officials. Corn has bullied commissioners, for any budget he wanted; he has disallowed citizens their right to vote, and petition our government. This is the Declaration of Independence from George Corn, a man who has taken personal pleasure in making lives unnecessarily difficult.

His friends such as Max Baucus and Steve Bullock cannot influence your vote. Baucus has helped to keep Corn in office for 20 years. There is evidence that George Corn should be indicted for Murder, more so than a President who enjoys complete immunity from liability. Mr. Corn only enjoys a system he alone controls in the Bitterroot, and his liability protection stops at reasonable actions, and knowing that violating rights will make the buck stop at him. George Corn may be more of a liability than any publicity from the 2005 suicides.

Voters can hold George Corn accountable on November 2, 2010. Others of us can hold him accountable for how unreasonable he has been with our rights. The dead can haunt him for being so arrogant. Let’s let him be as arrogant as he wants, but not on our Payroll in Ravalli County. George H. Corn has murdered thoughts and dreams, and made it seem like it was the Public's or the individuals fault. The former Detainees know the truth: Corn led the justice system that violated their rights and made them give up. Let’s change the judicial system with one vote: NOT FOR GEORGE CORN.

[George Corn from Hamilton MT inspired the Montana US President letter asking Obama in written form who is George H. Corn of Ravalli Co.]
read more:
No Rights in Ravalli Co. Montana due to George Corn of Hamilton:

The commissioners must stand up to Corn. None have. This is a post from the Blogs now removed from the internet and from .  See Bitterroot Rising, terrorism on the American people; a site ordered down by George Corn:

Prosecute George Corn for Constitutional deprivations (Civil Rights)
and Ethical Complaint against George Corn Hamilton MT:

Jerry Steele track record--Hamilton MT Mayor

This letter was not published by local newspapers, perhaps to protect Jerry Steele and the City of Hamilton, MT which has not "found" their incorporation paperwork yet.  When Jerry Steele has to go up for re-election in 2013 it is hoped that many voters will see this information.

Hamilton Budget 2012-2013

This letter is to report to the public in Hamilton, and surrounding areas the state of the current budget for the City of Hamilton Montana.

The budget in 2009 was $12M dollars.

The budget in 2013 is $13.5M dollars.

As Montana suffers through a prolonged recession the city of Hamilton, MT decided to increase its budget by $1.5M or 12.5%.

A few other things were worth reporting:  The City made $300,000 off of our water bills, and the City made $100,000 off of our sewer bills within one year.

Approximately $75,000 was transferred into the general fund from the water profit, and approximately $25,000 was transferred into the general fund from the sewer profit.

Many residents, and seniors are fixed income and do not expect their government to make money off their water bills, or sewer bills then deposit them in a general discretionary fund.

The line item for the Bitterroot Public Library (BPL) was $250,000 in 2009 is no longer found.

The Ravalli County Budget for BPL for $270,000 in 2009 is now approximately $10,000/yr.

Jerry Steele’s job is up for grabs at the end of the year and any person who is a resident of the City, above the age of 18 can pay the fee to run for Mayor of Hamilton from May 15 to June 30.

Hopefully, that candidate will not double their own salary as Mr. Steele has from approximately $17,000 in 2009 to over $32,000 in the current budget.

This information is available at

Government which does not work for the people, or is not able to change to current times and conditions needs someone who is willing to work with the city council and for the people.
Jerry Steele Hamilton MT mayor has doubled his salary since 2009.  Jerry Steele Hamilton MT Mayor has allowed profits from water and sewer bills from Hamilton MT.  Jerry Steele refuses to hire appropriate numbers of police officers (4) for a city with 4,000 people.  Jerry Steele refuses to supervise police officers in Hamilton MT.
Jerry Steele acting as Mayor of Hamilton MT
the city does not lawfully exist (public fraud).
MCA 7-2-4101 to 4105; MCA 7-2-2103 are legal citations to support unlawful municipal actions.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NIH letter to top brass

This letter was sent to the NIH recipients as seen at the bottom of the letter.  The dangers to the public were clearly defined, and sent to the NIH chief Engineer.  The letter in its entirety, without links, photos or videos is below.

Mr. Tony Clifford                                September 20, 2011

Chief Engineer

NIH Office of Research Facilities (ORF)

Building 13 Suite 201 MSC 5759

Bethesda, MD 20892-7172


RE: Engineering/Safety issues at Rocky Mountain Labs, Montana



Dear Mr. Clifford,

This letter comes to you from Hamilton, Montana and gives proper respect as chief engineer of the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Office of Research Facilities (ORF).  The intention of this letter is to inform you and those at NIH of the IDLH conditions at NIH’s Rocky Mountain Labs (RML) Hamilton Montana.

When I say IDLH, that is a Hazardous Material (Haz-Mat) designation for Immediate Danger to Life and Health; these issues are being communicated to you and other NIH officials in this correspondence.

1.0 Sound Emissions from RML

Beginning spring 2011, baseline empirical data for RML sound emissions were collected with a digital sound meter.  The meter should not register readings if RML were operating within World Health Organization (WHO) standards for Low Frequency Noise (LFN).  LFN is generated by industrial process like RML sound emissions in Hamilton, Montana.  The WHO published a document for the United Kingdom Health Service (known as Defra) that 30dbA was a suggested range to have LFN fall below. [Leventhall, A Review on Published Research on Low Frequency Noise and its Effects May 2003 ]

On February 2, 2011 a NIH contractor measured sound emissions for RML in Hamilton, Montana.  A reading of 43dbA was taken, and observed by Ken Pekoc, RML public relations, as well as RML Associate Director Kelly Hudson on my property.  The February visit by the sound contractor was not unknown, or independent of RML.  RML purposely reduced sound emissions on the day of arranged tests with its contractor, commonly known as scientific fraud.

At time of the contractors visit, I observed RML sound sources in a digital bar graph on the contractors meter falling below 500 Hz; with several sound sources from 0 Hz to 500 Hz.  Multiple sound sources within LFN range become additive to the problem at RML (see DEFRA publication). This observation confirms that the spectra of RML sound emissions were:

1) less than 500Hz

2) Low Frequency Noise (LFN).

The “voluntary standards” set by Big Sky Acoustics of 50dbA 1900-0700hrs and 55dbA 0700-1900hrs using the A Weighted scale would alter and distort the actual sound emissions by up to 14 db (an order of magnitude).  World Health Organization, within the referenced Defra (UK) report states that A weighted scale is unreliable for LFN, and should not be used.  For RML, or its contractors to use the A scale is falsity of data, and scientific fraud.  More importantly for an engineer, it is endangering the public by altering the actual sound emissions from RML in the form of LFN, which has published negative physiological effects.

LFN has physiological effects such as systolic heart rate increase, early morning wakefulness (sleep deprivation), and up to 30% increase in depression.  Of note, RML is within Ravalli County Montana:  ranked #171/3200 in the United States for suicide.  Any death within a half mile radius of the laboratory, or any staff of RML could result in a significant wrongful death claim against RML and NIH.

An empirical data set measured on February 2, 2011 [day of NIH contractor “tests”] indicated that RML reduced its sound signature by 10-14 db; an order of magnitude for sound emissions.  The measurement technique, using A weighted data, the NIH contractor misrepresented sound data by up to 2 orders of magnitude on February 2, 2011 in Hamilton, Montana.  Several readings around the RML campus confirmed that RML purposely reduced its sound emissions the day of the tests Feb. 2, 2011.  NIH actions on Feb. 2, 2011 do not include scientific integrity, integral to the NIH mission, as is accountability to the public.

As RML allows 55dbA during work hours, the “permissible” sound, using WHO recommended C weighted scale for LFN is 69dbC.  At 69-70db that is approximately 3-4 times the magnitude of safe sound emissions that are 0-500Hz as are found at RML in Hamilton, Montana.  NIH cannot allow dangerous levels of LFN due to its mission statement of scientific integrity, public accountability, and engineering best practices.  This letter serves as notice of fraudulent sound measurement, its danger to employees, residents near RML in Hamilton, Montana.

2.0 Material Safety/ Strategic Stores of Emergency Equipment.

On or about 12 September 2011 a construction crew severed a telecommunications optic cable and completely compromised the Ravalli County 911 system; recently upgraded.  No telephone calls could reach the emergency operations center, and were routed through an adjoining county.

All land lines, internet services, and most cell phones were inoperable.  As NIH relies upon Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department for emergency response; how would emergency services know of a problem at Rocky Mountain Labs, Hamilton, Montana?  Does NIH honestly expect 29 volunteers to cover the RML campus, in addition to any emergency in Ravalli County in such a situation?

Material safety teams currently come from Missoula Montana, a 90 minute trip in clear, non-emergent conditions.  A small manned station at RML with strategic storage of equipment and supplies would serve NIH well in an emergent situation.  Allowing NIH employees to work in an environment without material safety or biological safety professionals onsite is negligent in comparison to the on-site emergent capabilities of NIH Bethesda Campus.

This topic has been ongoing since 2007.

3.0 Conclusion

Sound measurements at RML, Hamilton Montana was not consistent with NIH mission utilizing fraudulent measurement techniques.  The Rocky Mountain Lab has enjoyed 100 years with the City of Hamilton making great strides towards microbiology advances, including discovery of cures of diseases, advances in once incurable diseases such as HIV.  To use improper sound measurement is to jeopardize public trust, and working relationship developed over the years.

The modification to sustain the current RML emission level is not prohibitive, caps over the noise sources, and other engineering design can be placed.  An Acoustics Engineer in Denver described the professional insight that the NIH contactor knowingly used an improper measuring method in his practice Feb. 2, 2011. 

The NIH cannot continue with its distortion or actual sound emissions from RML.  NIH must provide safety protections from dangerous levels of sound coming from RML in the form of LFN. The remote setting of RML infectious agents requires material safety onsite, federal personnel at a fire station on the RML campus.

Thank you for your attention, NIH must improve RML conditions immediately.



Michael Spreadbury

Hamilton, MT 59840


CC:    Daniel Wheeland, Director Office of Research Facilities NIH

          Alfred Johnson, Director of Office of Research Services NIH

          NIH Office of Management (OM)

          NIH Executive Office of the Director (IMEO)

          RML Public Affairs, Hamilton Montana