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Perry Backus Reporter, Ravalli Republic

This piece will use a photograph of a felony injury accident that Perry Backus refused to cover, and affidavits used against Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic in Court, and actual pieces of his "writing" that was so defamatory, that there is no excuse for any PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST to protect Perry Backus, now senior reporter at the Ravalli Republic Newspaper Hamilton, MT.

The Single Car Accident      

Sokul photo

On September 14, 2007 a Hamilton MT city councilman T-boned a 2006 Dodge quad cap pickup pictured above.  Perry Backus refused to cover the accident, because he is paid to write stories that the local government wants, admitted in a Ravalli County Meeting in 2007.

Some professional journalists dont believe that Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic is scum.  What kind of professional refuses to cover a injury accident in Hamilton, MT on the main highway, in broad daylight....well that would be Perry Backus.  Need more information on Perry Backus from the Ravalli Republic Hamilton, MT.  Why we have this information sourced into a sworn affidavit:

The Affidavit 

So there you have it, Perry Backus is scum, unprofessional, and a paid hack in Hamilton MT for Ravalli Republic.  For all of those professional journalists out there attempting to protect Perry Backus from Hamilton, MT originally from Dillon, MT just go back into whatever hole you crawled out of.
Some thing we forgot, Perry Backus was demoted at the Ravalli Republic from editor to senior reporter after missing the article about an oral argument where I handed the Montana Attorney Representative, and the Boone Karlberg partner there backus's ---said licensed attorneys and attendees, but Perry Backus's reporters at the Ravalli Republic decided to defame me instead.  Pay attention to the underlined portion.
The Defamatory Article

The Ravalli Republic, with Perry Backus as then editor published that I was convicted of disturbing the peace, something I was never even charged with---ever.  How lucky it was for Perry Backus that I had to travel abroad for work---and I dropped the case against Ravalli Republic's parent Lee Enterprises.  It took Warren Buffet President Obama's buddy to rescue Lee after bankruptcy.
I want all of the journalists to ask Perry Backus why Lee Enterprises no longer uses people's last names in their articles.  My opinion is that after more than 33 against me, most with defamatory comments and the suit filed in federal court, they thought Perry Backus should be demoted to senior reporter at the Ravalli Republic.
The "Correction"
For those of you who cannot read Perry Backus' correction I will type it out for you:
"An article on the front page of the August 9 edition of the Ravalli Republic (above) incorrectly identified a charge against Hamilton Resident Michael Spreadbury.  The article should have stated that Spreadbury was appealing a conviction of criminal trespassing (on public property), a charge that the city dropped earlier this month after the Montana Supreme Court upheld an order of Protection (not what they did) restraining Spreadbury from entering the Bitterroot Public Library (against Montana Law) for five years."
Perry Backus parent company convicted:
Here is the problem for Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic: The Montana Supreme Court denied an appeal on August 10, 2009.  The original Ravalli Republic "story" was published a day before on August 9, 2009 which is the article posted above.
  1. The correction does not correct the charge of disturbing the peace, or mention the charge specifically.
  2. The Montana Supreme Court found the day after August 9, 2009 Ravalli Republic article was written: only Perry Baucus thinks he can correct something that happened a day later.
  3. Peaceful assembly is a 1st Amendment right that reporters like Perry Backus should know, and it should never be reported as trespassing.
  4. The charge of trespass on public property was not dropped due to the Supreme Court decision.
  5. Spreadbury was never asked to leave the library, or knowingly violate the rules, which is required by Montana Law MCA 22-1-311 to have rights to enter taken away.
  6. The Bitterroot Public Library has lost $510,000/yr. in public financing and has been read about on every continent, including 3.6 million to Library Thing website:
read more: Library Thing views

Trespassing on Public Property

 This video removed Perry Backus publisher within 10 days of publication, and is now the highest youtube video on Lee Enterprises.  The Site: Lee Enterprises sucks had highlights of "Profiteers Without Ethics" and "Lee Needs Viagra (to get stock price up)".  Several people in Montana have killed themselves due to unethical reporting and practices of Perry Backus's parent company.
The Criminal Scheme with Montana Government
Perry Backus was involved in a criminal accident scheme with the Montana Highway Patrol, and the Ravalli County Attorney office in December 2008 and published an article implicating a victim of that accident.  The story is detailed in the website that holds Perry Backus name.  A professional journalist refutes a personal account.  We we hope she enjoyed the sworn affidavit included here.
Perry Backus criminal schemes using his "journalism" knowledge:
The truth is told about Perry Backus....part of it.  Perhaps if you know Perry Backus Ravalli Republic Reporter you can ask him WHY?  Why do you get such pleasure victimizing people?  Why dont you do your job?  Why do you publish defamation, and then print more?
Who taught you to be evil Perry Backus...?????
Depriving Right to Liberty
Perry Backus was central and the "voice of corruption" for the criminal conspiracy to deprive civil rights, the very reason the Montana US President Letter was written in Hamilton MT in 2009. 
The Montana US President Letter: The reason for the group deprivation of my rights:
This letter asked the first African US President for civil rights, and was ignored.
Here is the press release talking about Perry Backus role at Lee Enterprises, with others.
The Press Release

March 7, 2011

Michael E. Spreadbury
We The People of Ravalli County

Bitterroot Public Library, City Hamilton, Lee Enterprises, Boone Karlberg sued for $22M
(this was later modified to $27M due to Perry Backus article above)

 Defamation, Negligence, Conspiracy to Deprive Civil Rights, Intentional & Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress charged.

Hamilton, MT — a lawsuit has been filed in the 21st District Court against The Bitterroot Public Library and three other defendants for intentional infliction of emotional distress, conspiracy to deprive civil rights, defamation, and negligence.  Plaintiff Michael Spreadbury of Hamilton filed the case after an attempted to place written material into the library’s reserve collection, later to be maliciously prosecuted for an established right: peaceful assembly on the library’s public property almost two months later.

The case contains 20 charges, including procedural due process, a protected right to have administrative remedy preventing arbitrary decision affecting life, liberty, or property.  Spreadbury claims that the library removed his privileges improperly, with no staff, or law enforcement requesting his removal, or indication of violation of library rules.  Montana law states that a person’s library privileges can only be removed with willful violation of the rules, and by the decision of the library board in MCA§ 22-1-311.

Lee Enterprises affiliate, The Ravalli Republic created 2 Associated Press (AP) articles related to Spreadbury being charged with a crime while peacefully assembled on public property owned by the City of Hamilton.  The USA Today published the material in August 2010, with readers throughout the United States, and the United Kingdom.  More than 30 articles in less than 36 months have been written about Spreadbury in at least six (6) Lee Enterprise newspapers.  Lee’s AP stories generated a state wide response by radio, TV, and internet in the State of Montana.

A criminal matter Spreadbury faced in 2010 related to speaking to a librarian outside the Library on November 4, 2009 is currently under appeal at the Supreme Court for the State of Montana.  Freedom of Speech, Assembly are pivotal to Spreadbury’s case against the Bitterroot Public Library et. al., a lack of administrative remedy: for the submission request, and Spreadbury’s library privileges.

A request was made of the State Judge, later the Federal Judge for Perry Backus arrest, allowed by Montana Law for knowingly attacking someone's character.

No one arrested Perry Backus, but I am the only one who tried. 
Perry Backus can be reached at or (406) 363-3300 [Mountain].  Make sure to send Perry the link below to this story that rings true.  Perry Backus is hearing about his past that does not sit well with him, and apparently his kids too.
FOOTNOTE:  I almost forgot...Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic decided to tamper with my jury to decide if asking a person in public for help is a felony.  Perry Backus was a crime reporter at the time, and knew what he was doing at the Ravalli Republic in Hamilton MT.
Perry Backus parent company, Lee Enterprises convicted of being a global corporation:
Perhaps people wont wonder why OUR Website has a travel advisory:

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  1. Perry Backus remains a "reporter" at the Ravalli Republic Defamation Factory, and is the butt of Peter Pilkeys joke in the Montana US president letter: Officials in Hamilton, MT swear an oath to the local newspaper (instead of to the United States Republic.


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