Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lee Enterprises convicted

Last fall, last week, and last hour Lee Enterprises was convicted by a jury of their peers.

As phone hacking is required in the United Kingdom to get secret phone messages, Newspapers like Lee Enterprises in the USA need only go along with abusive governments and get live calling data, not merely phone messages. We have freedom of speech in the United States, which means Corporations like Lee Enterprises, if they are good corporate people can listen into their foes.

Federal judges are a pushover in the United States. Having a problem, or getting sued by a defamation victim? Why merely go along and the Federal Judiciary would be more than happy to accommodate the corporate US media. The inquiry in England is being conducted by Lords, and arresting editors. In the United States, editors and media companies can make known false sworn statements to a court, and lordy be, nothing happens to Lee Enterprises.

Sources tell the Lee Enterprises Sucks blog that Lee Enterprises claimed they were too invested in defamation to take down the articles which contain known false information. So not only will US print media have no standard to abide by, the US District courts will allow them to listen in on what was private conversations, and commit defamation as long as the price is right.

The Price is right if Lee Enterprises is doing favors for contestants
Lee Enterprises has no standard for editing, or reviewing articles for validity. No matter, as federal judges find outside of controlling authority, and even outside of federal statutes.

Lee Enterprises gets favors in the US Bankruptcy courts and their own employees suffer. Lee Enterprises are convicted of being a corporation. Corporations love profits. The problem arises when Warren Buffet, personal friend with the above contestant give favors by having friends of the administration invest 4% of Lee Enterprises.

Lee Enterprises shafts employees, bonuses to execs for Bankruptcy
a true corporation where people dont matter

The Guardian Newspaper in the United Kingdom is trying to convince a European audience that "newspapers still have value". Well, as the NYSE value of Lee Enterprises was below the $1 minimum and has been hovering around $1.13 before and after the announcement by Buffet, it appears that Lee Enterprises still is having a problem getting its stock up.

Lee Needs Viagra:
Lee got Viagra in the form of Warren Buffett--on command of the White House investing in Davenport Iowa based Lee Enterprises, so their stock would not be kicked of the NYSE.
As world media outlets are no different than Lee Enterprises, they are being convicted for being corporations. Bottom line matters as no one is buying newspapers anymore, and newspapers are merely the co-servants of abusive governments. As real people pay for these corporate governments, they are getting the shaft, as no real information, only manufactured "news" comes from the new corporate media. If the media work with the government, even protected rights can falter.

Lee Enterprises flagship Missoulian Newspaper in Montana
publishes front page stories about Trespassing on Public Property

Lee Enterprises is even using its improper influence as a news provider for its own benefit, and to support its own investments. Lee Enterprises is in real trouble if they use their power of the pen to protect their investments.

Improper influence at Lee Enterprises:
Stems from thier protection and Psyops for the White House agenda via the Associated Press (AP).  The media works for governments, from local to federal in the United States.

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