Monday, May 14, 2012

support Lawless America Documentary

Lawless America was founded by Bill Windsor, a person thrown out of the Federal Judiciary in Atlanta Georgia.  Mr. Windsor is attempting to make a documentary about the lawlessness in America.  This film will be called lawless America--The Movie.

There are astounding accounts in the United States today of people losing their basic rights.  Bill Windsor and Lawless America have found 750 victims and they will be telling their stories to the public that the media are directed to NOT cover.  Your support for Lawless America the Movie is needed now.

a paypal account is located on the home page to contribute:

Here is one of the most profound movie clips to date from Alabama with Lawless America:

Veterans with Bill Windsor of Lawless America

Many ways American citizens are attempting to save America--what is left of it.  Bill Windsor is attempting to raise $50,000 to shoot this movie.

Your allowance is needed now--to make information known about the injustice in the USA in courtrooms, and perpetrated by law firms throughout the United States--and our governments overrun by lawyers--making the USA lawless.

Here is the promotional video for the Lawless America MOVIE.

Victim and author: Attorney's above the law from Lawless America Movie.

visit the lawless America website for more information, or tune into Bill Windsor's web TV program, sign the petition, and other connections to the anti-corruption issues in America.  [blog for LA; site was hacked--revealed too much corruption] 

Please contribute to the Lawless America movie, even a dollar, or $10,000 here's why:

Bill Windsor of lawless America group.
Weekly Talkshoe internet program

Tell your friends on facebook, share, and restore America by telling our collective story.
If you are lucky enough to NOT have an injustice story,
then read and follow Lawless America.
[you will be glad you did].

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