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Independence from abusive government

Monday, July 4, 2011 (reposted)

This was sent to the Director of the FBI in Washington, DC with the Montana US President letter; perhaps that is why my telephone is monitored.

webmaster note: Montana Ted, or the Unibaomber was from Lincoln, MT and eluded the FBI for nearly 20 years; Ted's brother turned him in by recognizing the Unibomber Manifesto.

The Montana US President Letter from 2009, BANNED from the
Bitterroot Public Library (taxpaper supported, public funds).

Independence from Abusive Government

Independence from Abusive Governments
By Michael Spreadbury

In the course of human events it becomes necessary for the people suffering from abuses outside constitutional rights unite: the people of our republic.
We are connected by commonality: judicial madness. Our solace and original meeting place locally which we thought was a place for thought, reflection, and rights turned out to be the epicenter for violating rights also spending public funds improperly: our county library.
It is our opinion that law enforcement in Montana with exceptions are not trained in respecting citizen’s rights. However, an oath is required prior to employment. Ignorance to law and rights equate to the abuse of Americans who live in Montana. Our state ranks last in the continental United States for justice, which means we have none, and we are under the rule of collective men making law. All men are created equal unless that man wears a law badge in the State of Montana.
SIDEBAR: live example of no rights:
unlawful search, unlawful entry under "color of law"

City of Hamilton, Montana Chief of Police Ryan Oster
making new policy: we will enter your house when everything is OK
Montana has a fine state Constitution with many more rights bestowed than the US Constitution, which it is supposed to work alongside of for protection of Americans that live in Montana. The State Constitution was created by the people, currently ignored, neglected by abusive Montana governments.
Life, Liberty, pursuit of Happiness is not bestowed equally in Montana. Those whose life began within the State of Montana seem more prone to providing assistance to the destructive nature that Montana Governments have become. In the course of events, our governments have slipped away from national and state values for FAVORITISM. Like a glob which absorbs the rights of man, virtue and ethics are replaced by fear, threats to go along. Conspiracy is nothing more than agreeing to go along. Stockholm syndrome keeps the people cooperating.
We as a People have a right to refuse this form of government that gives no liberty.
Mankind is disposed to suffer under man’s rule say the founders, removed from the laws of nature, laws of God that create men equal, law badge or not. While the evils are sufferable by men, those methods of governance may be abolished. While accumulating these abuses over the years, it is a man’s right and duty to reduce the usurpations that take liberty from Americans in Montana.
Our requests have been made to the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of our republic since 2007. As higher priorities than the American people’s request arose, we watched and wondered if corporations are more important than people as our supplications continued.
Has our Criminal Justice System replaced our manufacturing base in our republic? The Officers of the court assigned to prosecute “crimes” are protected from perjury, false information in the furtherance of “justice”. As this condition progressed within the human condition we tend toward more evil, and a fundamental loss of these basic rights of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. The swearing in ceremony is where the republic’s constitution is easily forgotten for lawyers, and law enforcement, or they are merely not trained in 2011.
As members of the republic, we wonder how our government has forgotten their sworn duties to protect our rights. The example is quite simple: greenbacks can be made, control over the populace by rounding corners on established rights in America. Swearing an oath means nothing when no ramifications arise for their failure. United States Code 18 USC s. 242 for depriving rights must be born again.
The neglect of rights is ignoring the toil, the sacrifice of our revolutionary past as we created this great republic. Neglecting rights of Americans subverts the wonder our world had for our living document, supreme law of our land, the Constitution for the United States of America. Lawyers, and lawmen of America are taking treasure from the people by circumventing their established rights: we are a republic lost; caring for the bottom line, contrary to the well being of fellow Americans. We cannot allow the pathology of power (rule of men) to replace our republic. The return to basic rights must be a top priority of our great nation.
We the People of Montana met to remove the pathology of power in Ravalli County Montana by peaceful means; we made a Documentary, we wrote to the sitting US President, and we made websites watching, documenting the horror. The republic has not heard our cry from the wilderness. We see the tyranny in our local and state governments and wait patiently for relief as we have exhausted all remedies in good faith. All established constitutional rights have been deprived of us, and Montana officials, private actors work toward making sure all appears well. Group effort against the people does not bring equality or more rights; it brings public fraud, civil & criminal conspiracy by our local, state government in Montana and every other state in the Union.
A government that does not care or lawfully exist: Hamilton MT
We declare independence this July 4th from the tyranny within America. Corporations are not more important than people, and governments are not corporations. The American republic serves, and is vested in the public citizen. No state in our union escapes this constitutional creep away from American’s rights. We are literally a voice in the wilderness for a return to our republic.
As we declare our Independence from abusive governments, the siren is sounding for law and order within our republic. Erosion of basic rights does not allow the justice Americans deserve. In our travels, we found that “Justice brings Prosperity”. Could America use justice and prosperity this July 4th in 2011?
Our republic deserves the highest standard as constitutional rights are center stage once more in American history. We as citizens must declare independence from judicial tyranny running without a governor since our federal government has all eyes on terror threats, not the criminal prosecution of tyrants who abuse Americans on their own soil. The biggest loss to America since 2001 has been the lack of domestic eyes on our established rights as Americans.
Declare your Independence from abusive governments by becoming engaged as the rights are taken from your neighbors. We the People, are vested in all power in the governance of our republic. If our federal legislative, executive, and judicial branches are asleep at the switch, or too interested in profiteering, or protecting the profiteering of Americans, we are going to need more than a declaration of Independence, we will need a 21st Century version of George Washington himself.
We hope it does not come to that. We live in a great nation which needs some correction to protect basic rights of its citizens. We can, however document and watch very carefully the abuse of our governments who don’t respect our rights.
Happy Independence Day 2011.

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