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Steve Bullock Responsible


Buck Stops with Bullock ---Is there now proof that Americans do not read, or care to read about their politicians who are corrupt, or criminals?

----Dont blame me, I blogged about Steve Bullock and his ways in Montana


As the Missoula area is being scrutinized by the US Justice Department the bottom line is the ineptitude and known covering up of Steve Bullock's employee Fred Van Valkenburg the Missoula Co. Attorney who oversaw the rape investigations, prosecutions in Missoula County, Montana.

abc news
The Missoula Co. attorney investigated by the US DOJ (blue tie)
Steve Bullock is in charge of the Missoula Co. Attorney Van Valkenburg

Steve Bullock running for governor 2012
responsible for the failure in prosecuting rape cases in Missoula Montana.   The decision to (NOT) prosecute was on Steve Bullock, but the training failure was on the University of Montana Law School overlooking crime of their students impersonating public officials.  As you will see in this post, Steve Bullock protected one of those law students who did his dirty work.

Comprehensive report to American Bar (ABA) about the Montana Law School allowing Angela Wetzsteon and others to practice law unsupervised:

read more: Letter requesting the second Montana Law dean in 4 years to step down:
Implicates Steve Bullock for protecting felon Angela Wetzsteon.

The Angela Wetzsteon online archive: details Steve Bullock's involvement in coverup:
On or around May 21, 2010 Angela Wetzsteon swore she was supervised, which is felony perjury.  She entered a Ravalli Co. Courtroom August 8, 2007 as an unsupervised law student.  Graduation was 2008.  Steve Bullock protected Ms. Wetzsteon with public funds via MT Attorney General.


Montana Ethics rule 5.5 says no lawyer should help any unauthorized practice, so Steve Bullock as a Columbia law trained lawyer does not respect law, ethics, or care for FBI priorities on fraud of public money as Steve Bullock protects criminal law students like Angela Wetzsteon.
Steve Bullock protects corruption in Montana as a native of the state, Bullock also abuses all Montana citizens rights, has the worst law enforcement in the country. The US DOJ ranked Montana 48 out of 48 states in 2007.

Bullock protects Montana corruption; Election Comedy first....

2013 UPDATE: Steve Bullock appointed Jennifer Anders out of the Montana Attorney General office to protect Angela Wetzsteon in early 2013.  The protection by Bullock was pulling out the official (Anders) who was responsible for assigning a special prosecutor to investigate Wetzsteon.  It is obstruction of justice by Steve Bullock.  Protecting a crime Steve Bullock was involved in from 2007.  Steve Bullock is violating Montana ethics rule 5.5 by protecting unauthorized practice of a Montana law student who carried out his threat [see affidavit below].
Does it come at such a surprise that Steve Bullock, native of Montana is protecting its 48th/48 ranked status for justice? This proof has been published in the "Missoula Independent" in their Vol. 22 No. 48 edition out December 1, 2011. In the article listed as "above the law" it describes law enforcement in Montana as just that. Steve Bullock is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Montana. The link to the Missoula Independent Story is below, as is plenty of our own evidence.

Law Enforcement in Montana
Steve Bullock is running for Governor of Montana

In the sworn affidavit for Steve Bullock's recall it is mentioned that Bullock refused to improve the State of Montana from last state for justice, the Missoula Independent confirms that direct requests from high ranking officials in the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, other Law Enforcement were ignored. Steve Bullock refused to investigate as Montana residents were killed, animals poached, and other serious law enforcement misconduct, and crime took place.

Seven reasons Steve Bullock should be out of public service in Montana:

The Legends of the Fall Movie (1994)
as Bullock mimics the corruption portrayed in the movie:

Steve Bullock's clone demonstrating Montana corruption
[Over 150,000 views of this example]
they are learning about Steve Bullock fraud, not about a 1994 movie
Here is the sworn affidavit which goes on to say that basic rights are criminalized by Bullock:

read the article on all of Bullocks shameful conduct:


2014 UPDATE: since it's flyfishing season, the FBI is now investigating Ravalli Co. Montana

"Do you like your job with FEMA?....Do you like your house?"--Steve Bullock (2007)
Steve Bullock took a lot more than this from me.  This affidavit is one of two created.  I was later prosecuted for intimidation by Steve Bullock in 2009, resolved in 2011 for asking a librarian for her help in public without threat.


....ITS TOO BAD EVERYONE BUT ME IS ASLEEP AT THE SWITCH.  Because I just proved that Steve Bullock conspired to deprive my rights with George Corn which is 1 yr. JAIL.  Click on the link above to see proof of 18USC 372 & 242.
NOTE--bank employees refused to make other affidavit
corruption has many tentacles in Montana

see our US President letter with Steve Bullock mentioned: Read on every continent on EARTH.  It asked the first African American US President for Civil Rights for Montana due to Steve Bullock.

Missoula Independent Describing Lake County Law Enforcement;
Steve Bullock blowing off legitimate claims of law enforcement misconduct.
[link to article is below]

[Steve Bullock expose continues below]

The Missoula Independent article could have been talking about Flathead, Missoula, or Ravalli Counties. The same methods: ammo stolen, evidence tampering, porn on computers, covering up murders as suicides or "accidents". Throwing elections by rolling the election cart to the back hallway. Here is a turning the wrong cheek issue of evidence tampering used by a unlicensed law student Angela Wetzsteon PROTECTED by Bullock using OUR public a case thrown out for speedy trial and defending property, life as Ravalli County Sheriff failed to protect.

Steve Bullock flatly refuses to investigate law enforcement. The Missoula Independent story talks directly to evidence that Steve Bullock refused to discipline law enforcement in Lake County:

Missoula Independent Story describing Steve Bullock,
Montana Attorney General blowing off law enforcement crime:

MT DOJ website

On November 15, 2008 I tried out for the Montana Highway Patrol. These successful recruits now work for Steve Bullock. I DID NOT GET A TEST SCORE after getting an 85% in Arizona in 2004. I caught three MHP officers committing fraud to throw an accident at Marcus Daly Hospital in Hamilton, MT on December 6, 2008.  The Lee Newspaper in Hamilton, Ravalli Republic decided to publish on its front page that a MHP officer was implicating a victim, published around Jan 20, 2009.  The victim did not see any tail lights on a vehicle in front of him, so the MHP ignored his statement, and implicated him, and George Corn County Atty charged him.  I lost my ER job for that one, and saw three MHP officers making up a story.

Steve Bullock on campaign trail 2008
Bullock for AG
Steve Bullock protected Ravall Co. Prosecutor George Corn.
threatened the public as complaint/action against Corn was requested
[above affidavit].
Steve Bullock ignores and stops citizen initiatives:
The accident conspiracy [joint function] included (the former) Ravalli County Attorney, and a local newspaper as false information was published in conspiracy to prosecute a victim with the help of MHP officers under Bullock. The January 20, 2009 article blaming a victim of the accident is on Bullock: The MHP officer blamed a innocent participant to the accident with the help ot Steve Bullock's Ravalli County Montana prosecutor/employee George Corn.

As the 1 year anniversary passes for a Montana Trooper killed in action in Three Forks, Montana residents should blame Steve Bullock for gross negligence. He knew of the conditions of the Montana judicial system as worst in the nation, and knows we know in Montana:


Live Demonstration
Probation, Law Enforcement Misconduct:
Steve Bullock's AG office: we have no "jurisdiction"!

NOPE--Its just that Steve Bullock wants Montana above the law.

unlawful entry, trespass, common law no reasonable suspicion
this video has been translated into 9 languages.
The Hamilton MT Police Chief is still on the job!

As Steve Bullock does not protect the citizens of Montana, it does not create jobs, or bring justice (which brings prosperity). See our article about creating jobs, that Google is hiding from the internet for favor of Jim Messina of Montana (current Obama 2012 manager in Chicago). Find it at the Montana Political News site:

In my original article about Steve Bullock, written the day he finally declared office for Montana Governor, I give a bulleted list which should shock Montana residents as to Steve Bullock and the known protection of law enforcement, and upholding the corruption he grew up with in Montana. See the article about Steve Bullock's Montana that should influence you as to Bullocks protection of corrupt officers in Montana. Read Steve Bullock's Montana:

Steve Bullock is claiming as Montana Governor candidate that he is trying to get corporate money out of politics in Montana. Why are national blogs, out of state attorneys floating his campaign then?

ITS STEVE BULLOCK's PRETEXT ARGUMENT. [see the blog about Bullock's pretext below]
Corporate dollars out of politics, yet Bullock represents a corporate party...where money talks.

WE, the VOTERS of MONTANA must end the Corruption !!
As residents of Montana, it is time WE stop corruption, because our sworn officials wont. This blogpost is to alert voters to the harm of Steve Bullock, not endorse a candidate for Governor.


[Note: for Zyprexa court scam and Bullock see the November 2011 link below:]

...Steve Bullock embezzled $4M from the Zyprexa court case for the Montana DOJ with the help of Mike McGrath in 2007.  A total of $14M taken in total from the Montana people.


Steve Bullock owns the State of Montana. It is Steve Bullocks Montana, and he feels he can run for Governor because nothing is stopping him. Montana Voters can stop Steve Bullock from becoming Governor in 2012 in the November 6, 2012 election.

Steve Bullock's Montana : you reap what you sew. [maybe that's why Gen. Walsh is bailing on him---he cant stand the stentch of Steve Bullock in the capitol]

Welcome to Steve Bullocks Montana, where criminal acts are covered up for Montana Officials
So Steve Bullock can run for Montana highest office: Governor of Montana.

We the People informally began our effort to expose corrupt law enforcement in the Montana's Bitterroot Valley, Summer 2007. We made a documentary, wrote a letter to a US President and rolled back corruption and abuse of Americans living in Montana.
[see footnotes of blog for links to our other works, or see link below]

We never imagined that we would stop a Deputy Chief of Staff from the White house, contribute to the early retirement of a 40 yr. veteran US Senator, remove a County Attorney from office for abuse of the American people, as well as other victories.  Steve Bullock used the press, and the judiciary to win the Governor race in Montana in 2012.

Steve Bullock is Montana's Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Steve Bullock is part of the problem; his terror over Montana is described in our 10 pg. letter to President Obama:

This blogpost is to show the citizens of Montana what Steve Bullock does, and what he doesn't want you to know about Montana law enforcement. This post ends with a bulleted letter:

Steve Bullocks Montana.

Bullock for AG
Steve Bullock with FORMER County Atty. Corn
Corn was considered "invincible"; we canned Corn, soon Bullock for this handshake.
see website for details.
It is such a shame that Steve Bullock did not use his ivy league education for the public good, only for abuse, money, and power:
Death was not chilling for Steve Bullock, due to ice in his veins

According to the US Department of Justice ranking in 2007, Steve Bullock is responsible for the worst ranked justice system (State of Montana) in the United States of America...and should NOT be promoted.

Steve Bullock has no respect for the US Constitution or the people of Montana:

Steve Bullock personally made sure his recall was not "approved". The First Amendment says the people can petition their government. It is a criminal activity in Steve Bullock's Montana

[or simply see affidavit above]

As a lawyer, Steve Bullock does not respect Montana Ethical Rule 5.5 for unauthorized practice of law. Steve Bullock used public funds to protect unauthorized practice in Montana.

The FBI's top criminal priority is public fraud: [#4 overall]

Steve Bullock as Attorney General
Here is the brief before the Montana Supreme Court protecting Angela Wetzsteon (Montana Law '08) which is public fraud.

Google is helping to cover up the Wetzsteon issue. Top political operative [Jim Messina] in Chicago lunches with CEO of Google Eric Schmidt. Perhaps the heat is on for covering this crime....and they want it quiet !

Google has supressed posts on Angela crap.
Google has stopped online searches for George Corn Hamilton, MT and my website:

all those who covered for her unethical, unlawful practice
Steve Bullock using PUBLIC FUNDS via Michael King in the MT AG office



learn how to commit Montana crime here.
(watch at if down)
Steve Bullock protected Angela Wetzsteon '08 Montana Law.
The spoils of protecting Wetzsteon was this $40M expansion
at the Montana "Law" School.

Michael King is the Tort Defense employee of Steve Bullock at the Montana Attorney General office. The Division of Consumer Protection at the Montana AG is supposed to protect the public from unauthorized practice; in Steve Bullock's Montana he protects unethical and criminal acts of unauthorized law practice.

New Chief of Consumer Protection is Wetzsteon's Dean.  There is so much corruption, they recycle their own crappy people.

In Steve Bullock's Montana there is no protection, only what Steve Bullock wants to do because it is HIS state. Steve Bullock does not have to obey Ethical Laws (Rule 5.5; Unauthorized Practice), Or protect the public of Montana (consumer protection), Steve Bullock can use HIS public funds to protect criminals (Angela Wetzsteon: criminal contempt of Montana Student Practice Rule).....

Law Student Practice Rules are upheld in all 50 United States.  Steve Bullock can alter the rules.

Why Angela Wetzsteon should be disbarred: Steve Bullock for Governor protects Wetzsteon:
read more:

Reward !!

There will be a reward of $100.00 US to the first person who asks Steve Bullock running for Governor why he protected the unauthorized practice of Angela Wetzsteon on VIDEO, or a reporter who publishes a widely distributed article in Montana. Please send links, video or usable proof


Funny, the Missoula Independent (sorry did we say "Independent" we meant Democrat)
republished a story about Steve Bullock being the 800 lb. Gorilla for Montana Governor.

Here is the WIKIPEDIA definition:
800 lb gorilla is an American English expression for a person or organization so powerful that it can act without regard to the desires of others or the law.

Wikipedia Definition of Steve Bullock, the 800 Lb. Gorilla for Montana Governor.
[otherwise known as the truth]

So the Democrats are saying like it is: Steve Bullock is too important for the law, and is so powerful that rules, laws, ethics rules are too unimportant for this candidate for Governor.
As an independent, I think the People of Montana as individuals (as grains of sand) are more powerful than Steve Bullock, even as an 800 Lb. Gorilla: Quicksand swallows 800 Lb. Gorillas!

Steve Bullock is not above the law in Montana. [Steve Bullock violates election law in Montana; defrauds public]

Read the Pretext argument that Steve Bullock is trying to keep Corporate money out of politics as a corporate party candidate:

Steve Bullock in front of US Congress

Steve Bullock making pleas to end big money in politics, although he embezzles, and misappropriates public funds which is the #1 Criminal priority of the FBI

As Steve Bullock solicited money for his campaign that did not declare office, the Commissioner of Political Practices affirmed Steve Bullock is above the law, more important than everybody else.


Steve Bullock made sure to get national attention by investigating Greg Mortenson of Bozeman, MT who has done more for foreign policy in Central Asia than any US President [and has high respect from US Army Generals]. How is Steve Bullock as Attorney General any better than his accused, Mr. Mortgenson?
Welcome to Montanistan, Greg!
Montanistan is the State of Montana without rights or law.  Steve Bullock can bend laws, rights.  Because it is Steve Bullock's Montana.

We think Steve gets his money for nothing, and his law students for free: So does the Helena Independent Record, and 42 European Countries agree about Steve Bullock; The ELSA or European Law Student Association (37,000 members).

Steve Bullock's theme song:
(Public) Money for nothing, Law Students practice for free
(especially when they carry out threats to livlihood for Steve Bullock)
I should have learned to play people like Steve Bullock
MONTANA is so corrupt, there is no fixing it.

How Steve Bullock rolls in Montana:

Here is Steve Bullock's Montana as documented to our Montana Congressmen October 5, 2010 as property was seized by Montana Law Enforcement for speaking up about.....WELL, Montana Law Enforcement in Lake County Montana. [see letter just below video]

Bulleted list sent to Montana Congressmen (and Ignored)


· Induced suicide in two Montana County detention centers by law enforcement

· Suspected rape of 6 women by law enforcement

· Police intimidation of employers to deny employment of citizens

· The take-down of a citizen with a pellet gun by aggressive law enforcement

· Law enforcement acting outside of jurisdiction

· The seizure of property without warrant by law enforcement.

· Entering of property without warrant, outside of law enforcement jurisdiction.

· Arrest of citizens with outdated, warrants under conditions that were satisfied.

· Malicious Prosecution which violates inalienable state and federal rights.

· Equal protection violations by public officials.

· Violation of court rules to maliciously prosecute US citizens.

· A Montana Attorney General [Steve Bullock] who is more interested in Corporate Law than protecting the citizens of this state.

· A US Attorney office that could not accomplish successful prosecution of W.R. Grace Company of Columbia MD who killed 200-400 residents in Libby, MT

· A felony hit-and run accident on September 14, 2007 committed by a Hamilton City Councilman put a member of the public in the Hospital, while Hamilton City Police cover up the accident, and Montana Highway Patrol refused to investigate. It begs the question, who enforces the rule of law in Montana?

· A Bank robbery in 2005 which ended in suicide yields $200,000.00 missing and several law enforcement units, including a federal one has taken the funds.
SEE MONTANA US PRESIDENT LETTER (see foot notes of blog pg.) or search online

· A county attorney who is a “friend of Max”controls an entire county justice system from lawyers, judges, law enforcement, and county public officials. [George Corn]

· Untrained law enforcement harassing, and abusing their power against US residents which includes deaths via lethal force, pain via taser weapons.

· An FBI agent was verbally abusive and vehemently supports “local law enforcement” had no concern about federal property, and the safety of federal employees or US citizens. Is Montana within the United States?

· Local Justices of the Peace who issue false arrest warrants, and permanent restraining orders which alter the course of US citizens lives.

· Freedom of Speech violations which include the right to petition, vote, and the right to include materials into a public library, or enter a public library.

· The harassment of eight (8) disabled veterans on January 15, 2009 by county employees of the Ravalli County Road Department 100 miles outside of Ravalli County while riding in a federally registered vehicle returning from Fort Harrison, the VA Hospital in Helena, Montana.

· The intimidation of US residents by law enforcement, which included parking in driveways 15 miles outside jurisdiction, and tailing motorists.

· Montana Highway Patrol stalking women, charging victims of accidents with crimes. No test results given to recruits to enter this state law enforcement.

· Municipal and County Law Enforcement charging victims of crime as the perpetrator of the crimes in Ravalli County Montana.

· The prosecution of US citizens against their constitutional rights in Montana.

· The access of federal crime database by a non-sworn officer of the City of Hamilton several hundred times, each one considered a felony.

Make sure to see "recall Bullock" online to see the affidavit to the Threat to Livelihood by Attorney General Bullock. If he were a Republican, this same information would be posted.
{NOTE--the affidavit is above on this post--Thank the Secretary of State for helping him with the recall petition rejection.  We spoke on the phone, and she signed my Educator License in 2001}

Do we want to live in Steve Bullock's Montana? Where threats are carried out if you disagree or attempt to uphold your US or Montana Constitutional rights?

Steve Bullock for Governor of GITMO?
[I'm sure he'd at least feed us forcibly through tubes, and blast rock music all day]

This post does not promote a candidate, it exposes Steve Bullock's Montana. Steve Bullock is NOT Governor material for Montana.
Steve Bullock scams the people of Montana then expects them to elect him Governor in Montana. 

Steve Bullock, candidate for Montana Governor does not respect the real victims in Montana, in this case the elderly of Montana that were NOT mental health patients.

Steve Bullock and the Zyprexa Court Scam
Steve Bullock on Zyprexa

Steve Bullock took the makers of the drug Zyprexa, Eli Lilly to court for pressuring doctors in Montana to prescribe the medication outside of its tested, and approved parameters in 2007. Why are physicians who did this misconduct not sanctioned by the Montana Attorney General?
[it due to certain people being protected in Montana--At Steve Bullock's choice]

For Steve Bullock's bid for Governor, and what Steve Bullock's Montana is about see:


The Drug manufacturer Eli-Lilly was the defendant in this case, who made this same mistake of pushing its anti-psychotic drug for other medical treatment. See this blog post for more:

The whistle was blown long before Montana's 2007 suit; about Zyprexa, Steve Bullock merely jumped on the easy money train. No Montana official expected anyone to uncover the fact Bullock stole millions in public money for his Attorney General Office in Montana with Mike McGrath, the 2007 Attorney General. My previous site which published this information, was ordered down by Steve Bullock's prosecutor in Ravalli County: George Corn [].

[the MT AARP did not budge, or care]

In 2007 the Chicago Times said McGrath is guilty of the same crime Mike Nifong was: saying someone was guilty when the DNA proved innocence. Mike Nifong went to jail, and was disbarred; Mike McGrath was elected chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court.

Steve Bullock made threat to livelihood, protected the unsupervised (and therefore in criminal contempt) law student Angela Wetzsteon with our public funds: instead of protecting the public.
[this statement is backed by TWO affidavits--one is above]

Montana Supreme Court case DA-10-0492

Steve Bullock's secret: he uses public funds, and steals public funds (protect unlawful law student).

The threat to livelihood can be seen at "Recall Bullock" online [or see affidavit above]
or see Honorable mention #8 (Steve Bullock) for his actual threat:

The biggest scam in Montana history is Steve Bullock. He has no problem abusing public funds, stealing them, hiding the improper use of them, and NOT protecting the public. The victims of the Zyprexa lawsuit did not get benefited from the mental health trust fund: they were not mental health patients. Some did develop diabetes, and other complications.

The Montana Zyprexa settlement with Eli Lilly was for $14M in 2007. Bullock and McGrath took $4M for the Montnaa DOJ, and the Mental Health trust got $9M, although it is unclear how that actually helps Montanans now. Montana Mental health has been without doctors, and Montana faces a shortage of Clinicians per cover stories from the Missoula Independent; so what is Steve Bullock's $9M trust fund benefiting, his unlawful campaign for Montana governor? Who will investigate the $4M "court cost" for a cookie cutter copycat lawsuit? Will the public see that Steve Bullock is all about money and power?


Here is Steve Bullock's pretext: He's not about the money, but uses the public's resources unlawfully.

Steve Bullock for Governor: fraudulent use of public funds: Zyprexa, Wetzsteon, un-declared Campaign. Steve Bullock does not protect victims in Montana, he makes more of them.

Vote No on Steve Bullock November 2012.

[this post does not endorse a candidate, it exposes Steve Bullock]
Steve Bullock feels he can abuse Montana citizens rights, ignore Montana victims and run for Governor.
On November 6, 2012 we can show Steve Bullock that he is a fraud.

Steve Bullock protected this felony crime from 2007 as one of the first things he did as Governor.  Jen Anders was taken away from the Montana AG office who was assigning a special prosecutor for this case.  Steve Bullock intervened in 2013.



We, the people will let Steve Bullock dig his own hole.  That Hole is full of COAL.
Merry Christmas, Steve Bullock
From Max Baucus, making sure your coal checks from China dont bounce.


  1. Its great that hundreds of people are learning about the Zyprexa scandal with Bullock stealing $14M from Montana, and his unethical and criminal protection of Angela Wetzsteon. Yes he did threaten my livelihood, in a phone call asking for help of the AG office in 2007. Government does not work for you in Montana, they know whats best.

  2. If any person, including Governor Bullock violate the #1 criminal priorty of the FBI several times and to the tune of tens of millions of US Dollars, then threatens the livelihood and residence of a Federal Officer, how is this person not incarcerated?

  3. Answer to the July 2, 2013 question: Steve Bullock is too valuable to the US Justice department since he allowed the raids on medical marijuana in Montana, (at that time) law that Steve Bullock did not uphold as AG. In street terms, Bullock is the FBI's bitch, not the people's champion.

  4. Another Governor of note who worked with the FBI/Justice Dept. was Ronald Reagan: the 60's movement in California. I'd bet Bullock would sell his soul (or threaten more people) to be propped up as US President by the Feds. HIs soul is selling cheap.

  5. last time I checked, "family men" don't threaten anyone's livelihood then prosecute them for a protected act like speaking in public. Enjoy your slide out of political office, because your dark side got the best of you Steve Bullock. Also we covered the fuzzy bunny media trick in the president letter.


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