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Dangerous "bugs", more dangerous NIH "people"

"Initially, NIH determined that it would not be possible to attempt a quantitative assessment of risk resulting from an accident involving an infectious disease agent ..."
Source: NIH Blue Ribbon pannel:

Dangerous Accident at Rocky Mountain Labs (RML) Hamilton, MT

...a NIAID facility.

On May 7, 2012 the Rocky Mountain Labs held a community meeting. During the presentation the Biosafety manager Dr. Nancy Ho described an accident that the NIH facility was required to report to the US Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.

The accident was more than preventable, it should have never happened.

Dr. Nancy Ho, Biosafety manager at NIH Rocky Mountain Labs.

In fact, the Biosafety manager must be removed from her position. As this "professional" and others on her team did not catch the mistake of improper use of lab equipment--it is a BIG embarrassment to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at Rocky Mountain Labs.

If you look closely the blue and white box contain test tubes, and the item on the top, a PIPETTE was the culprit of the infectious agent breakage at a level 3 biosafety lab at RML Hamilton MT. The facility is a NIAID facility from the National Institutes of Health.

Proper use of a Pipette at a NIH facility
This photo NOT taken at RML Hamilton, MT

picture/schematic of a typical laboratory "transfer pipette"
meaning transfer of liquids--not stabbing any frozen material.

A glass pipette broke off as a researcher was attempting to stab, scrape or otherwise puncture a frozen layer covering the infectious agent for storage. Dr. Nancy Ho and her biosafety team felt stabbing infectious agents with 60% mortality rates was fine to continue, AFTER an accident happened. It should be noted that pipettes are used to transfer liquids, and have a tapered end like a eye-dropper, and would be a weak point on the device. As most High School students would understand using a pipette on non-liquids would be a problem, the top US researchers (with Ph'D degrees), and the top NIH biosafety people at NIH, CDC did not.

Researcher at Rocky Mountain Labs

RML Photo

Here is a video I shot on the sound problem, which Marshall Bloom and PHS officer Kelly Hudson committed scientific fraud to endanger, annoy US citizens who reside close to the NIH NIAID biosafety level 4 lab. It is only a matter of time when the directors of the facility disregard health and safety, and allow a dangerous, and potentially lethal procedure to continue at RML.

Rocky Mountain Labs, Hamilton Montana
a NIH NIAID facility
Knowingly and un-knowingly endangering Americans

As scientific procedures are conducted at the Rocky Mountain Labs that are so dangerous and so obvious, there is little to do but evacuate the area, and wonder when the accident that will kill federal employees will happen. As RML has the world expert on Ebola, and no federal protection via fire safety and hazardous material safety, the NIH has decided to be grossly negligent with respect to protection of Americans and federal employees.

A red-tag for the NIH facility in Hamilton, MT

The Rocky Mountain lab gets a stop work order--for allowing a practice so unsafe, so seemingly obvious: using a tapered glass pipette as a stabbing device with infectious agents is beyond insane. The decision by biosafety "experts" to continue this practice is criminal negligence.

There is no hope for NIH, and the Rocky Mountain Labs. As low frequency noise is thrust onto area residents, and incompetent safety managers ok the continuance of potentially fatal accidents, and work on materials without a cure (infectious agents) there is an expectation that a Fukashima type accident will occur in Hamilton, MT. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THIS LAB HAS A HISTORY OF SCIENTISTS BREAKING SAFETY PROTOCOL, EVEN EXPERIMENTING ON THEMSELVES WHICH RESULTED IN FIVE (5) OR MORE DEATHS AT THE FACILITY This cowboy attitude towards science is reckless, and should not be federally funded, period.
Marshall Bloom at the May 7, 2012 meeting

Resignation request of NIH NIAID RML Marshall Bloom
Dear Marshall Bloom: you have harmed; time to resign from RML.
RML and Marshall Bloom ignored six (6) sets of emperical data, but paid a contractor to knowingly commit fraud, and the NIH/NIAID RML facility acted with the contractor to defraud the public on health issues Feb. 2, 2011  This picture below documents the retaliation by NIH in Nov. 2011 as 71 dbC is 2 orders of magnitude louder than World Health standards of 30 dbA.  Rocky Mountain Labs decided they could have this contractor without license in Montana to set a standard of 50 dbA.

Photo taken Nov. 2, 2011 at RML gate Hamilton, MT
this noise level of Low Frequency Noise caused migrane headaches in neighbors.

With biosafety "professionals" like Dr. Nancy Ho and Marshall Bloom overseeing the facility there is NO assurance that a significant accident with death will not occur in Hamilton MT.
Video covering accident described above, and sound problem proof:
As our letter to US President Obama stated: the NIH has put "science" over safety as 29 volunteer firemen are the responders to the NIH Rocky Mountain Lab in Hamilton MT.
2013 UPDATE: NIH Bethesda had an outbreak in 2011 as portrayed on PBS "Superbugs" documentary.  Perhaps scientific fraud is now a norm in this health agency, or RML was too much of a small problem to worry about.
The SCIENTIFIC FRAUD by NIH officials in Hamilton, Montana:
UPDATE: Rocky Mountain Labs violates Federal law documented in Video.

We're going to miss PHS Commissioned Officer Kelly Hudson who destroyed his own career along with this residential property. UPDATE: NIH retains PHS officers who knowingly endanger the public.  When an agency polices themselves, even the mission statement has no place to hide. 


  1. Violating Federal law, and harming US citizens is fine for the Public Health Sevice, although a violation of their oath. I guess raising their right hand means they need to use the bathroom. not any promise to NOT harm American citizens, or their health.

  2. The NIH NIAID facility in Hamilton MT known as Rocky Mountain Labs has retaliated three (3) times as they cannot operate the facility without harming the public. The sound contractor, agreeing to commit fraud with RML has now been issued a cease and desist letter invalidating data "stood behind" by NIH. So much for scientific integrity.

  3. Only since the EBOLA outbreak in Africa in 2014 do I really thank my lucky stars that I abadoned my home within blocks of NIH in Hamilton MT. There is no protection except a hoped quick death.


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