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Steve Bullock for Montana Governor

This article will have seven reasons why Steve Bullock should be out of public service in Montana.


"His Lips are SEALED"

GO-GO's Video
[good, fun music to read about Steve Bullocks' Montana antics]


I. Steve Bullock as Montana Attorney General used public funds to protect the unauthorized practice, and criminal activity of a Montana Law Student.

  • Angela Wetzsteon practiced unsupervised in violation of the Montana Student Practice Rule
  • Steve Bullock's Tort Defense Division under Michael King protected Wetzsteon.
  • The influence of Steve Bullock prompted the Montana Supreme Court to violate its own order that established the Student Practice Rule in 1975.
  • Montana Ethics rule 5.5 prohibits assisting unauthorized practice of ANYONE.
  • The FBI's #1 criminal priority is public fraud--proven with Montana Supreme Court Case # DA-10-0492 as the Attorney General office under Steve Bullock protected Angela Wetzsteon's criminal conduct with our tort defense division of the Montana Attorney Generals office in Helena, MT in 2010.
  • Student Practice rules for law students are followed in 49 other states, but Steve Bullock protected criminal conduct of a UM law student, and paid for defense with public tax dollars.
read more:

Disbar Angela Wetzsteon--scroll to see documents, participation of Steve Bullock's protection

Angela Wetzsteon online archive documenting criminal activity of Steve Bullock

FBI, US Dept. of Justice priorities [see the #1 criminal priority: public fraud]

Montana Ethics Rules: [see Rule 5.5 unauthorized practice]

II. Steve Bullock embezzles/hides public funds from lawsuits to benefit "victims" yet fails to benefit victims in Montana.

  • Zyprexa lawsuit in 2007 judgement did not benefit victims, as "Mental Health Trustfund" does not benefit victims who were not mentally ill in Montana.
  • $14M judgement netted only $9M for trust fund.
  • Montana Mental Health goes without doctors, proper care, training, violates confidentiality.
  • Steve Bullock stole $4M for the Montana Department of Justice from the Zyprexa judgment.
read more:
The Montana Zyprexa court scam: Bullock's trust fund does not benefit victims.

Helena Independent attempting to make a cookie cutter lawsuit cost $4M, other info

Western Montana Mental Health releases confidential health information, retaliates.

III. Steve Bullock does not protect Montana victims.

  • Missoula Independent "Above the Law" published Dec. 1, 2011 about crime within law enforcement in Montana as Steve Bullock is Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Montana.
  • Culpability statement (e.g. its a crime to petition gov't) for Lincoln Co. Sheriff Recall
  • Zyprexa victims were elderly, non-mental health patients who suffered medically.
  • Initiative writers (PolyMontana) wrote open letter dis-satisfied with Steve Bullock.
  • Victims of professional misconduct (Consumer protection) not protected; unauthorized practice of Angela Wetzsteon protected by Steve Bullocks Montana Attorney General Office.
read more:
Missoula Independent: Above the Law article (Steve Bullock does not protect Montana)

Culpability statement within affidavit for Steve Bullock's recall OR Scroll below for affidavit.

Initiative Writers not impressed with Steve Bullock attempting to block citizen driven initiatives:

Steve Bullock protecting unauthorized practice of unlicensed law student with public funds:

IV. Steve Bullock protects criminal law enforcement/no rights

  • Missoula Independent Article "Above the Law" (linked above)
  • Felony evidence tampering in Montana counties.
  • Steve Bullock does not improve the 48/48 status of Montana for Justice/Justice System (see "Recall Bullock" affidavit online or scroll below).
  • Steve Bullock claims "no Jurisdiction" to unlawful law enforcement activity.
read more:
Evidence Tampering in Ravalli County, no doubt goes on in all 56 Montana counties

Sworn recall reasons for Steve Bullock for Montana Governor: OR Scroll to bottom of this post.

Bullock's AG office claims no jurisdiction in Montana for the 32 sec.Video of Montana Law Enforcement & Probation Officer Misconduct (now in 9 languages, above 2000 views).

V. Steve Bullock does not respect Montana law or citizens.
  • The Citizen process for medical Marijuana law from 2004 not respected by Steve Bullock.
  • Steve Bullock does not respect protections, laws through the office of Montana Attorney General in Montana; Montana citizens are arbitrarily protected by Steve Bullock at his choice.
read more:
Democratic Perspective to Medical Marijuana and Obama's policy backfiring: An open letter to President Obama which did not net criminal charges on the messenger; 1pg

A letter to President Obama about Montana Justice System, including Steve Bullock's tactics that did reep criminal charges to the messenger; prosecuted by Steve Bullock (read on every continent).

Steve Bullock threatens when asked to protect Americans in Montana: OR scroll below to see sworn affidavit.

Prosecute Steve Bullock (& George Corn) for negligent Constitutional violations (deprivations).

VI. Steve Bullock gives pretext (false) argument about campaign funding for Montana.  Bullock represents a corporate party (Democrat) who accepts large out of state funds, help.

  • Steve Bullock tells of getting corporate money out of politics in Montana, even giving pretext speeches in front of US Congress, although Bullock represents a corporate party.
  • Corporate parties like Steve Bullocks Democrats care only for money and power, will threaten if that power or money is compromised.
  • Steve Bullock did not follow Montana election law, accepted funds from out of state interests.
  • Steve Bullock willing to threaten to maintain power, not willing to check corruption in Montana governments/law enforcement to protect the people.
read more:
Steve Bullock's pretext argument about corporate money in Montana politics.

Analysis of Steve Bullock's out of state supporters:

Steve Bullock wanting to be bigger than just from Montana; pretext about public funding.
Unfortunately when you threaten the livelihood of a Federal Officer, you stay in Montana, no matter how many political favors you did or expect.

POST ELECTION NOTE: Bullock won Governor race claiming illegal campaign contribuitons of Hill, and used his former boss Mike McGrath in the Supreme Court to win the election.  Steve Bullock conveniently was found liable for illegal contributions after he was Governor.
    VII.  Montana needs less corrupt lawyers, and less corruption to obtain prosperity.  Justice and jobs means prosperity for Montana.

    • "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem"
    • We the People Montana T-shirts said "Justice Brings Prosperity"
    • Montana Supreme Court does not abide by Montana law, or its own orders.
    • Montana's last place for justice in the USA directly affects its prosperity, job growth
    read more:
    Creating Jobs in Montana: at one time on top of search engines.

    [Steve Bullock stopping job growth in Montana due to WORST justice system in the USA]

    Montana Supreme Court protects corrupt Montana officers: Ken Bell, Angela Wetzsteon, others
    (takes bribes[per Montana Main St. blog circa. 2007]).
    MT Supra cases determined by bribes of lobbyists.

    This article does not support a candidate for Governor of Montana, it exposes Steve Bullock, Montana candidate for Governor who will NOT be elected in 2012.

    [also see for more details].

    Certification of Steve Bullock threat to livelihood in 2007:  affidavit below: (scroll)

    This sets up federal statutes violations by Steve Bullock.  One for threatening a federal officer, two for civil rights violations. 18 USC 372 AND PREVIOUSLY 18 USC 242 for Civil Rights.  You dont jail and prosecute someone for speaking in public as FELONY intimidation unless you are Steve Bullock in Montana.  Read about Steve Bullock's deputy George Corn who jailed, reaped excessive bail and was Steve Bullock's role model in Montana: [hidden on internet searches].
    This Affidavit and valid Recall Petition was rejected by the MT Secretary of State Linda McCullugh for Steve Bullock.
    {she knew Bullock threatened my livlihood}
    You get what you dont vote for in Montana; and the coverup and protection is DEEP.

    Thursday, December 15, 2011

    Isaacson, Riverfront , WMMHC release Confidential Info.

    Katherine Isaacson, and the Deputy Director of Western Montana Mental Health Center John Lynn were asked, warned not to release the information. Stupid is as stupid does does not fall short of Riverfront Counseling Service. No offer of crisis counseling, no contrition from any staff from Riverfront, or WMMHC, no notification of termination of services, (a form of retaliation) nor offer of referral to other services.  Please consider hiring Katherine Isaacson after this mess.

    Katherine Issacson LCPC is supposed to be a professional. Professionals resign when they make disasterous mistakes that can't be taken back: As described to the assistant to Paul Meyer, Executive Director of Western Montana Mental Health Center: It would be better to know a family member died in a fiery plane crash than know that therapy goals, diagnoses, prior treatment facilities, yearly goals were released without proper authorization. Katherine Isaacson retaliates after she fails as a director of a medical provider group in Hamilton Montana known as Riverfront Counseling.

    Apparently HIPPA training, and that shinny Masters degree, and a professional "license" in Montana had no effect on Katherine Isaacson, a person who needs to resign and leave the health industry.

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Riverfront Director Incompetent

    Hamilton, MT (AP)* The Director of Riverfront Counseling and Support Services Katherine L. Isaacson recently released the ENTIRE confidential health file of a patient. Ms. Issacson holds a Masters Degree towards being a director of the facility in Hamilton, MT yet has no problems giving up information that federal HIPPA laws forbid release.

    Katherine L Saelzler

    Katherine L Saelzler Isaacson
    Director, Riverfront Counseling and Support Services
    Hamilton Montana 59840

    Katherine Issacson's support services is apparently going lock-step with the corruption and incompetence in Montana, and failing to protect confidential information of her clients. Notice how even the dog is turning away from Katherine Issacson, Director of Riverfront Counseling in Hamilton.

    As a subpoena requested confidential information, Katherine Isaacson LCPC did not protect her patients information, and should not be given employment anywhere else other than Riverfront Counseling Services in Hamilton, MT. To clarify the individual, Ms. Isaacson formally worked in Bozeman, MT prior to taking employment at Riverfront in Hamilton, MT.

    A source to this blog network has informed us that Ms. Isaacson does not like to adhere to established policy at Western Montana Mental Health Center as staff meetings were conducted, and as the kinks were worked out for the new crisis facility, West House. There is a printed, in house policy that information is only released by way of lawful process. Apparently, Katherine Isaacson LCPC "support services" at Riverfront was to give up information on counseling goals, prescription scripts, and diagnosis of her patients. Ms. Isaacson may have violated state law in denying services to the patient whose confidential information was released, a retaliatory and punitive action which only caps her unprofessional actions at a licensed, and "professional" counselor in Montana.

    This is not the first time confidential information has been released by Riverfront Counseling Service of Hamilton, MT. A former Mayor, Jessica Rendazzo, working as a Counselor at the facility Isaacson heads suddenly quit the Mayor's office and subsequently released FALSE confidential information in Hamilton, MT community. Professionalism reeks from Riverfront in Hamilton MT and Katherine Isaacson LCPC is adds to the may-lay by releasing confidential information

    May future employers of Katherine Saelzler Isaacson LCPC beware: she is not professional, she does not direct her staff professionally, and she releases information that is confidential and protected. This information is to give Katherine Isaacson of Hamilton, MT a life sentence of incompetent co-workers and directors at Western Montana Mental Health Center.

    An increased shame is denying health services due to Ms. Isaacson's professional shortfalls in Hamilton Montana. Any person could have crafted those subpoena documents, not signed by a judge, not ordered by a judge, intruding into confidential information of her patients. Ms. Isaacson was warned not to release the information prior to its release by the Riverfront Director in Hamilton.

    Lets be very clear: Katherine Saelzler Isaacson is incompetent in overseeing her staff, releasing confidential information, and retaliating against her victim by disallowing health services.

    The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights have a complaint against Katherine Isaacson of Riverfront Counseling Hamilton Montana, who has the ability for criminal charges and significant fines against Ms. Isaacson. The coverup, and retaliation all indicate that Katherine Isaacson is right at home within incompetent staff, and needs to stay there.

    Enjoy your career Katherine Isaacson: going nowhere fast in Hamilton Montana.

    (AP)* stands for all people.

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    Occupy Movement Declaration

    This Document came from General Assembly NYC September 29, 2011
    {note, artwork with a flowchart was also with this document, but it stands on its own}

    As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies.

    As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.

    § They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.

    § They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses.

    § They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.

    § They have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization.

    § They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices.

    § They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.

    § They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.

    § They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ healthcare and pay.

    § They have influenced the courts to achieve the same rights as people, with none of the culpability or responsibility.

    § They have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance.

    § They have sold our privacy as a commodity.

    § They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press.

    § They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit.

    § They determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce.

    § They have donated large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them.

    § They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil.

    § They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives or provide relief in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantial profit.

    § They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit.

    § They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media.

    § They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.

    § They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad.

    § They have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas.

    § They continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts.*

    To the people of the world,

    We, the New York City General Assembly occupying Wall Street in Liberty Square, urge you to assert your power.

    Exercise your right to peaceably assemble; occupy public space; create a process to address the problems we face, and generate solutions accessible to everyone.

    To all communities that take action and form groups in the spirit of direct democracy, we offer support, documentation, and all of the resources at our disposal.

    Join us and make your voices heard!

    *These grievances are not all-inclusive.

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Protection racket in Montana

    When an official is in trouble and needs online protection, the criminal conspiracy is not too far off.   Harvard Law Review v. 35 says any group who work together to overpower any other part of society committing CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY.  Even if the group is not commiting any crime.

    By working together, to take rights priviliges, etc from the other group.


    violating a court order, and getting online protection from Lee Enterprises.
    [should we tell her Lee Enterprises Sucks?  

    Lee Enterprises defames people, and protects Montana Officials for a price.  We saw it, we heard it in practice in a county government meeting: reporting on demand from governments in Montana.

    Pulisher Stacey Mueller paid a price for telling fibs to their own lawyers, and resigned.  Did we tell you Lee needs Viagra (because they can't keep their stock price up).  The crash of Lee Enterprises means they can't protect Kristina Bessenyey.

    Montana Probation officer Bessenyey

    The other day, I had a visit from Kristina Bessenyey, my probation officer for asking for help in public, which is a felony in Montana. The general understanding of probation officers is that they need reasonable suspicion of a violation of probation, or unlawful activity to request entry of your house [I provide the written contract (published below) with my household].

    Kristina Bessenyey does not need such understandings.

    Kristina Bessenyey, Supervisor of the Hamilton office of the Montana Department of Corrections calls in law enforcement when she does not get what she wants. Then she calls them off using a radio code, but ads a trinket so the law enforcement show up to harass the probationer:

    These two Hamilton Police officers are Defendants in a current Civil Rights lawsuit.
    Chief Ryan Oster Hamilton Police
    [graduate of the FBI Academy circa. 2009]
    OSTER's Resignation:
    Detective Murphy Hamilton Police Department

    Read our Letter to President Obama asking to switch Hamilton PD with Chicago PD
    read more: [more than 10 million have]
    Should a police chief be standing in your parlor if there is nothing wrong, how about a Detective? In the unchecked world of Kristina Bessenyey, this is a natural and wonderful consequence of too much power. In this post, we are going to explore the goals, ethics, and policies of the Montana Department of Corrections, and how Kristina Bessenyey, is completely off the map with respect to these documents. Her superiors in Helena, MT do nothing with written complaints, so this is being taken to a world audience; it should be noted that Ms. Bessenyey's supervisor, Ron Alsbury has covered for Kristina Bessenyey violating policy, a judges order, amongst other things.

    Not only does Kristina Bessenyey abuse the public (not a goal of the Montana Department of Corrections) but she abuses her co-workers with condescending speech, and even discriminating remarks to other women: an EO complaint was filed by the receptionist in Hamilton; she has not been seen since.


    The Job description asks for a person with "people service skills" which apparently means entering without the proper authorization, and harass with law enforcement.
    Notice on here, that a good communicator is required, one that can provide documents, policies, when a probationer is confused about the process. Kristina Bessenyey communicates with the local law enforcement to harass, and intimidate the "offender". Who is being offensive in this situation?

    This is the only document that was provided to my household about searches. It says a reasonable suspicion of violation is the only time. The 4th Amendment, if it still exists, says no unreasonable searches by Kristina Bessenyey in color of law (thats wearing a badge, under authority of state government).

    Remember, I asked Kristina Bessenyey for a policy that allows her to enter my house. The supervisor over Ms. Bessenyey said it was "watery" or "undefined". It looks pretty clear to me: you have to suspect criminal activity, or contents not allowed: weapons, pepper spray to protect from bears while hiking, bongs, etc. The worst part, as you can see in the video above, Kristina Bessenyey brought a subordinate to teach them how to violate rights as an officer under color of law. You act under the law, the constitution, not above them Ms. Bessenyey.

    I had asked for a policy that describes the initial process paperwork that the sentencing judge specifically described as not needed. The Montana Department of Corrections policy for this is P&P 30-1 and it spells it out very clearly: the Probation officer is responsible for the post sentence investigation. Ms. Bessenyey had me fill out the Pre-Sentence documents (ordered not needed by the Judge) in a forceful and confrontational manner. Kristina Bessenyey is not subject to Department Policy, Judge Order, or the US Constitution in Hamilton Montana.
    It helps to be above the laws and constitution when your family friend is your boss, or the Montana Department of Corrections Probation and Parole Division. Kristina Bessenyey is a descendant of the late Marcus Daly (namesake of Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton, MT; Daly Mansion State Historic Site). Ron Alsbury covered for Kristina Violating Policy 30-1 for the Montana DOC, which is covering for criminal conduct per Montana Code Ann. 45-7-309(c) above.

    The receptionist who filed an Equal Opportunity complaint on Kristina Bessenyey and never seen since, said Ron Alsbury Division Chief of Probation had a meeting in Hamilton with the employees and Kristina Bessenyey gave all the right answers which made the receptionist sick to her stomach. The other probation officers in the Hamilton officers feel she talks down to them, disrespectfully. Lets look at some more critical documents that Kristina Bessenyey is supposed to uphold, and doesn't:

    Kristina Bessenyey, Supervisor of the Hamilton Montana Probation and Parole office violates public trust by showing up to a house without reasonable suspicion, then uses abuse of power (Amendment 14, US Constitution) with too much presence of law enforcement, officers in color of law. Ms. Bessenyey on two occasions misled, and did not give Department policy [because she was violating it]. The goals are to provide timely, accurate information [like when you are attempting to visit a house].

    Instead of helping probationers succeed, Kristina Bessenyey does her best to "revoke" them, intimidate them, and mislead them. Professionalism to Ms. Bessenyey means abuse of power, intimidate, and manipulate offenders by playing on their fears of returning to prison, or threat of law enforcement involvement. Personal responsibility means do what you want to Kristina Bessenyey, without any respect for rights, laws, or policy of the Department that she works for.

    [Post Publication add]: Kristina Bessenyey went upstairs to my bedroom alone, out of sight from the subordinate Probation Officer. While filming, notice the subordinate had a hand on her gun; is this how Kristina Bessenyey trains her subordinates or searches homes? See 30 sec. video above.

    Bessenyey knows no such ethic.

    As a former teacher and decorated FEMA officer (with a national security clearance), I would not classify Kristina Bessenyey as someone with honesty, integrity, or impartiality something contained within her Department's Code of Ethics. Ms. Bessenyey does not have respect for her colleagues, nor treat people with dignity, respect, or compassion. Ms. Bessenyey in her capacity as Supervisor of the Hamilton Montana Probation office uses fear, and outside of her job descriptions listed here.

    Ms. Besenyey vows to not discriminate against any probationer, AND DOES.

    Kristina Bessenyey vows to not demean offenders or probationers, AND DOES.

    Ms. Bessenyey vows to uphold the US Constitution, and performs an unlawful search, one that does not offer equal protection to the probationer, as compared to other probationer.

    Kristina Bessenyey will conduct herself in a manner that will not discredit or embarrass the Montana Department of Corrections......AND DID. [see video at top of post].

    Here is Kristina Bessenyey's actual getaway photo after the demonstration of the abuse of power in Hamilton, Montana USA:
    Kristina Bessenyey as the driver. I feel for the poor subordinate (whom I have intentionally kept anonymous). Notice the law enforcement vehicle from the Hamilton Montana Police in the background that Kristina Bessenyey called in, then called off via radio code "she thinks". I think they were in my house. I think Kristina Bessenyey abuses her position, and is protected in Montana.


    as a demonstrated leader, I recommend these attributes. I have, to my students who needed me for that direction in their lives. I have turned around hundreds of lost lives. Kristina Bessenyey doubfounds me, and the manipulation she can yield is astounding. For an explanation of Bessenyey's conduct, look to Dr. Philip Zimbardo with the "Stanford Prison Experiment": a person in power will abuse that power, until exposed, or proper oversight (none above her in Montana DOC).

    Stanford Prison Experiment--how roles like Probation Offier can lead to destruction:

    KRISTINA BESSENYEY IS A LOST SOUL (who abuses people with manipulation & power)

    keep hiding from the rules, ethics, policies, and US Constitution girl.

    I am paying for this treatment through fees. I think I have paid enough of a price.

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    Police Chief unlawful entry

    On October 4, 2011 Chief Ryan Oster entered a house in Hamilton, Montana AFTER a call of everything is ok. As the chief, he just made a new municipal policy: the City of Hamilton, Montana will enter a house, onto property when everything is fine.

    Ryan Oster is a listed defendant in a $27M civil rights case, and did this once before.....
    at the Ravalli Republic place of "business".

    Chief Ryan Oster enters a house, property without authorization.
    both of these "officers" are named in the civil rights lawsuit.
    Proof once more that Mayor Steele has no control over his police force.
    Keep paying your taxes citizens, these people will bravely wont protect you......from themselves.

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    Jim Messina-the criminal leaker from Montana

    The Jim Messina Political Show
    Jim Messina cried a bit when he was announced as Deputy Chief of Staff in the Obama White House. When Dont Ask Dont Tell was repealed by a US Senate vote, Jim Messina of Montana cried a little more. Prior to working in the White House Jim Messina was chief of staff for US Senator Max Baucus the Democrat from Montana who arrests Medical Doctors who have opposing views to Obamacare.

    Jim Messina in the White House

    The national health care which might spark civil unrest if imposed on the American people in 2014 has been deemed unconstitutional in the US Justice System.

    A woman named Melodee Haynes was shagging US Senator Baucus, 15 years his junior and acted as State Chief of Staff in Montana for Max Baucus. Ms. Hanes is now Mrs. Baucus. In a spring 2009 Democrat diner which Jim Messina attended, he explained to the KPAX-8 CBS  affiliate in Missoula Montana that Max Baucus "...was like a father to me." Well if Max was like a father to Jim Messina, then Melodee was like a mother to Jim Messina....all in the Political Montana family. Amongst other things, President Obama brought the Montana Ideology, and Jim Messina as staff into the White House. The Montana ideology does not include Constitutional Rights, as will be shown in our letter to 44 linked below. Jim Messina was integral in stopping civil rights requests from the first African American president from Montana.

    Montana US President letter

    In the fall of 2007 I got a call from Melodee Hanes explaining that a request for a congressional inquiry into civil rights in the State of Montana. At that time Jim Messina was Baucus's chief of staff over Melodee Hanes. Melodee was a complete hissy; totally unprofessional on the phone to a constituent. It all made sense; Melodee Hanes was emotionally attached to Max Baucus and took it personally that a civil rights request was made of her Beau: Max Baucus. Due to the telephone misconduct, I inquired as to the superior of Melodee Haynes: it was revealed as Jim Messina.

    So I write a letter to Jim Messina in Washington, DC. Since Jim Messina has no other experience in any profession other than politics since college, he was too important for a lowly constituent. Little did I know he was tapped for work in the White House as 'The biggest loser' to have worked there.

    UPDATE: Melodee Hanes became Mrs. Max Baucus and we found out that she fled prosecution of false "murders" as her former husband was the Iowa Chief Medical examiner, and Melodee the prosecutor of suspicious deaths of infants deemed homicide by Melodee's former beau.  The parents were indicted for murder in a scam.  Now Melodee is Administrative counsel for the US Justice Department and "fast and furious" Eric Holder.  Criminals love company in Washington DC!

    Funny, reading through this letter to Jim Messina of "Montana" it appears that this "man" is very good at covering political tracks. Mr. Messina decided to remove Deputy Director Powers from the Federal Bureau or Investigation (FBI) as he was interested in our letter to the US President:

    [Millions of viewers--something Jim Messina cannot control, including the email hacking to send it]

    The Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security is controlled by this "man" Jim Messina. If you read the US President letter from Montana linked above, you will see to Jim Messina's horror that we asked President Obama to ask his Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina who George Corn (Ravalli County Attorney) was, due to him abusing constitutional rights of Americans in Montana. Of note, George Corn is Max Baucus's best friend forever (BFF) in Montana. Max paid out millions, gave out presidential appointments via Jim Messina of Montana to save George Corn's ass:
    This one could HURT max:
    George Corn's stunts in Montana (he liked to put 15 year old boys away for 15 years as adults) [enjoy the stroll though the "unbelievable" crap covered by Max]

    This Jim Messina Political Show includes a cover up of a crime by a law student by the American Bar: Jimmy orchestrated the US Presidential appointment of Dean Edwin Eck to the IRS in 2008 to cover up felony crime in Montana.

    Angela Wetzsteon, the law student; George Corn responsible for criminal act, covered by Max, Messina, Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock (running for Montana Governor 2012)

    Well, We the (ordinary) People of Montana, other than writing the US President letter that millions have read also made a Website called Bitterroot Rising, and a documentary called "Beneath the Beauty". Wouldn't you know that George Corn would demand a court order that the material get removed from the Internet. In 238 glorious pages, we describe this terrorism on the American people.

    [now in archive status]
    Bitterroot Rising Archive [American hell in Montana]
    [Don't worrry, we put it up in LOTS of places.....enjoy the American Terror in Montana]

    Justice Archive about Montana: Beneath the Beauty: [available via paypal--money to producer: we want message out]

    We call Montana without rights "Montanistan"--something Jim Messina protects and cries about.

    Here is the press release where we describe Montana for what it is: a place without rights, which gladly accepts Federal dollars from the US Treasury, but does not recognize the US Constitution.

    How do political patsy's get in power of our government? In an attempt to be rehired by a federal agency Jim Messina as Deputy Chief of Staff can eliminate any federal worker without cause.

    Jim Messina has not ever saluted anyone, yet is more powerful than career military. The State of Montana has one of the highest rate of enlistment, yet Jim Messina calls lifelong career military "Schmucks". Jim MessinaBaucus.  This message is independent of politics...JimMessina is dangerous to the American way, no matter which way you vote in the booth.

    At the very beginning of the Obama campaign as it entered the White House, do we really know that Jim Messina didn't order that Executive Airplane over New York? Jim Messina had the worst education, and the worst preparation of White House Staff for Obama. Jim Messina proved permanent politics of the permanent campaign is more important than statesmanship, or scholorship.

    As the vetting process began for cabinet positions, Jim Messina showed his true colors: these candidates did not pay their taxes, and that criteria did not get caught by Jim Messina. Nobody canned Jim Messina due to incompetence because he was in charge in the White House.

    Do Americans trust Jim Messina as the permanent campaign that never stopped politicking? How bold to tell the American people that $1Billion dollars are needed to elect an unpopular candidate. It only proves that Jim Messina can spin any situation, and convince an under-educated populace that the first African American President who ignored a request for civil rights should be reelected in 2012 [see the Montana US President letter from 2009].

    Civil Rights in Montana

    We can't wait for your return Jim

    unlawful entry by police chief
    entry without reasonable suspicion by probation officer
    [Spreaking in public is a FELONY in Montana]

    If Jim Messina can convince you with words like making "2008 look prehistoric" keep your buzz into politics, America is in more trouble than I thought. Jim Messina was too important for the people, and instead of striving for statesmanship and stewardship of the American way, kept politics first.
    Bill Hicks on Messina's idea of Gays in Military using lots of language.

    Why should Jim Messina's personal issue of gays in the military be a policy when it only affected 13, 000 soldiers? If we decline all standards, we let losers like Jim Messina rob America of its ideals, and tell us what to think via expensive Television ads; we are sunk as once a great country.

    [Apparently the Chicago Tribune did not like this picture linked to this site]

    The University of Montana tower in Missoula MT is in the background.
    The Jim Messina political show was brought to you by the $1B campaign--but remember the Democrats want you to think big money is something they don't want. Lawyers call this a proxy argument: say they really dont like corporate money, but ask for more than any other campaign. How did America become so stupid to allow people like Karl Rove and Jim Messina to run our country?

    [Note: how about leaking military reports so he can get his DADT repealed.......yup thats our Jim]
    Its the Jim Messina Political show.

    The other crime Jim is covering up WATERGATE STYLE is the criminal contempt of a Motnana Law student Angela Wetzsteon '08 and orchestrated a $40M expansion of the facility to cover up the crime.  I speak of it in a blog about the University Montana law student he protected with a US presidential appointment:

    the $40M expansion of the University of Montana Law School
    did we mention the Eric Holder talk, hooding Bob Bennett,
    and the recent ABA re-credentialing?
    ...and the $1.7M given by US Senator Max Baucus to the law school.


    I also call it Obama's Montana Watergate on Montana Political News:
    The former Attorney General of Montana, now Governor was in on it too....

    Here's the ABA report about the Univeristy of Montana Law school (and ignroed for Messina):

    Thanks for reading about Jim Messina from Montana, running Obama's 2012 re-election bid.  They counted on a quiet press from Montana, due to Lee Enterprises monopoly in our state.
    Lee Enterprises made sure to make Jim Messina look like a Missoula hero, instead of the crook that he is to get his agenda across.

    Jim Messina = Karl Rove

    Thanks to your hundreds of views to this blog, Mr. Messina has been neutralized.  After re-electing a president, he is not a cabinet member, but being paid from a politics fund....for now.  The criminal leaks associated with him, and the felony crime coverup for Wetzsteon in Montana USA did him in.  I think the American people enjoy the reprive from Gay Crazy too.  You re forgotten Jim.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    The Montana Picture

    The Whole and compete picture of the State of Montana, ranked last for justice.  An Attorney General can commit public fraud, protect criminal acts of law students using public funds, cover up criminal accident schemes involving HIS highway patrol, alleged rape involving law enforcement, and implicate crime on innocent citizens in violation of state and federal constitutional rights sworn to uphold.           [photo:]


    see link below for more information, and proof of this statement:

    Will the FBI make good on #1criminal priority for public fraud....
    when 5 repeat instances occur?

    courtesy of Montana Search and

    we uncovered the fraud, now we need and investigator and arrests.

    proof of corruption in our US President letter:
    ONLY ONE--Counter for US president letter from Montana...
    [almost three MILLION viewers:] our DVD (Feds already have documentary, do you?)

    Saturday, April 23, 2011

    Montana State Librarian a hypocrite

    Legal_issues by klaussmeister
    Legal_issues, a photo by klaussmeister on Flickr.
    Darlene Staffeldt, in this 2006 Photo "discuss library law and what it means for public libraries."

    Staffeldt then goes on to ignore violations of state library law, mission, constitutional rights, negligence, and public fraud at a member public library.  Time for a resignation of Montana public official gone bad.  Ms. Staffeldt accused me of being a criminal....and forgot to see her own problem of not upholding Library Mission with funding, and correcting problems at member libraries.

    3.3 Million Library Thing viewers of the Montana US President letter, rejected from the Bitterroot Public Library and reason for the 2009 unlawful "ban" of civil rights at a Montana Library. See for yourself:

    UPDATE: like many other corrupt Montana officials (too many to list here) Ms. Darlene Staffeldt is retiring from not upholding Montana Library Mission.  The Bitterroot Public Library has a reputation in the world for not upholding rights; Darlene Staffeldt chose to fade away instead of doing the right thing.  Why are Montana officials so "bendable" to violate their constituents rights?
    Darlene Staffeldt's hypocricy was a fast track to being unemployed.  Bye-bye Darlene.

    August 20, 2009 the day sitting on public property at a Montana library became criminal trespass:

    The Bitterroot Public Library lost $510,000/yr in public funding.
    2 million to date and counting.....
    Bitterroot Public Library wants your house, abuses people's rights, violates state law.
    Bitterroot Public Library staff make known false statement to law enforcement, city leases library to Bitterroot Public Library for $1, city does not lawfully exist, public fraud of taxpayer dollars.  Uses ineligible city insurance to protect them from civil rights lawsuit.
    [published in the Bitterroot Star Weekly Newspaper, Stevensville MT--see link below]