Thursday, December 15, 2011

Isaacson, Riverfront , WMMHC release Confidential Info.

Katherine Isaacson, and the Deputy Director of Western Montana Mental Health Center John Lynn were asked, warned not to release the information. Stupid is as stupid does does not fall short of Riverfront Counseling Service. No offer of crisis counseling, no contrition from any staff from Riverfront, or WMMHC, no notification of termination of services, (a form of retaliation) nor offer of referral to other services.  Please consider hiring Katherine Isaacson after this mess.

Katherine Issacson LCPC is supposed to be a professional. Professionals resign when they make disasterous mistakes that can't be taken back: As described to the assistant to Paul Meyer, Executive Director of Western Montana Mental Health Center: It would be better to know a family member died in a fiery plane crash than know that therapy goals, diagnoses, prior treatment facilities, yearly goals were released without proper authorization. Katherine Isaacson retaliates after she fails as a director of a medical provider group in Hamilton Montana known as Riverfront Counseling.

Apparently HIPPA training, and that shinny Masters degree, and a professional "license" in Montana had no effect on Katherine Isaacson, a person who needs to resign and leave the health industry.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Riverfront Director Incompetent

Hamilton, MT (AP)* The Director of Riverfront Counseling and Support Services Katherine L. Isaacson recently released the ENTIRE confidential health file of a patient. Ms. Issacson holds a Masters Degree towards being a director of the facility in Hamilton, MT yet has no problems giving up information that federal HIPPA laws forbid release.

Katherine L Saelzler

Katherine L Saelzler Isaacson
Director, Riverfront Counseling and Support Services
Hamilton Montana 59840

Katherine Issacson's support services is apparently going lock-step with the corruption and incompetence in Montana, and failing to protect confidential information of her clients. Notice how even the dog is turning away from Katherine Issacson, Director of Riverfront Counseling in Hamilton.

As a subpoena requested confidential information, Katherine Isaacson LCPC did not protect her patients information, and should not be given employment anywhere else other than Riverfront Counseling Services in Hamilton, MT. To clarify the individual, Ms. Isaacson formally worked in Bozeman, MT prior to taking employment at Riverfront in Hamilton, MT.

A source to this blog network has informed us that Ms. Isaacson does not like to adhere to established policy at Western Montana Mental Health Center as staff meetings were conducted, and as the kinks were worked out for the new crisis facility, West House. There is a printed, in house policy that information is only released by way of lawful process. Apparently, Katherine Isaacson LCPC "support services" at Riverfront was to give up information on counseling goals, prescription scripts, and diagnosis of her patients. Ms. Isaacson may have violated state law in denying services to the patient whose confidential information was released, a retaliatory and punitive action which only caps her unprofessional actions at a licensed, and "professional" counselor in Montana.

This is not the first time confidential information has been released by Riverfront Counseling Service of Hamilton, MT. A former Mayor, Jessica Rendazzo, working as a Counselor at the facility Isaacson heads suddenly quit the Mayor's office and subsequently released FALSE confidential information in Hamilton, MT community. Professionalism reeks from Riverfront in Hamilton MT and Katherine Isaacson LCPC is adds to the may-lay by releasing confidential information

May future employers of Katherine Saelzler Isaacson LCPC beware: she is not professional, she does not direct her staff professionally, and she releases information that is confidential and protected. This information is to give Katherine Isaacson of Hamilton, MT a life sentence of incompetent co-workers and directors at Western Montana Mental Health Center.

An increased shame is denying health services due to Ms. Isaacson's professional shortfalls in Hamilton Montana. Any person could have crafted those subpoena documents, not signed by a judge, not ordered by a judge, intruding into confidential information of her patients. Ms. Isaacson was warned not to release the information prior to its release by the Riverfront Director in Hamilton.

Lets be very clear: Katherine Saelzler Isaacson is incompetent in overseeing her staff, releasing confidential information, and retaliating against her victim by disallowing health services.

The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights have a complaint against Katherine Isaacson of Riverfront Counseling Hamilton Montana, who has the ability for criminal charges and significant fines against Ms. Isaacson. The coverup, and retaliation all indicate that Katherine Isaacson is right at home within incompetent staff, and needs to stay there.

Enjoy your career Katherine Isaacson: going nowhere fast in Hamilton Montana.

(AP)* stands for all people.

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