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Neighbors of RML Hamilton MT

This is one of my most fun, but most serious posts from 2011.  It was written with frustration with NIH scientists blowing off safety and the public they are supposed to serve.  The upshot in 2013 is the AUDIT to be performed regarding RML Hamilton MT.  Good Luck Dr. Anthony S. Fauci and Mr. Marshall Bloom.  PHS KELLY HUDSON soilded his uniform.

Neighbors of NIH/NIAID RML Hamilton Montana
The Rocky Mountain Labs has abused its 100 year relationship with the Hamilton, MT community by keeping them up with the sound signature from the NIH lab, lighting problems with vehicle traffic, and bringing liability not covered by NIH, amongst other things.

Rocky Mountain labs feel that they can defraud the public, endanger their health, because there is no agency, no regulation, and no more powerful people than NIH. Did RML miss the science class where scientists have obligation #1 to the public?

Did they forget the NIH mission statement where accountability to the public, scientific integrity is stated as their goals? Who was the scientific genius who decided to directly harm the public, then threaten the public with mass death with no remedy or way of stopping a catastrophe at Rocky Mountain Labs? Without answering this question, possible answers include the directorship, department heads, and Institute Directors.

Another harebrained idea by NIH

NIH counted on the 65% of the population in Hamilton Montana with only a High School diploma. Why scientists like NIH employees can shovel anyone a pile of crap, and expect them to 1) Trust them, 2) blindly follow NIH for kickback money to local governments.

If corporations like WR Grace can kill 200 Montana residents in Libby Montana, why can't NIH also get away with mass murder if anything should go wrong? I'm sure Senator Max Baucus could cover up anything with the right 7 digit donation.

Its stupid mentalities like this which make most people say: HOW CAN NIH EVEN CONSIDER GETTING AWAY WITH THIS CRAZINESS in Hamilton Montana at RML?

When you dont have ethics, responsibility to the public, nor scentific standards, you have Rocky Mountain Labs Hamilton, MT.  Who cares if they remove personnel when it does not stop the unlawful, harmful activity on bahalf of the US Government?
Accident at RML, and sound issue.

can you imagine NIH officials sitting around a poker table saying "Those suckers in Montana, they will just be glad we are there, just wait". We'll tell them everything's fine, we rebuild our own safety facility on our Bethesda campus, but those stupid bastards will have to settle for an aerial ladder that they wont even know how to operate even if there is a situation they'll need it.

Victims of this mentality surrounding the RML facility have no choice, and have no say. VIP's from NIH who swore to serve the public now lie to the public, deceive the public and damage the public in Hamilton Montana. How did someone convince public health service scientists to purposely and intentionally harm the public?

How long will the public that pays for the NIH have to be a victim of it?


NIH NEPA Complaint, Ebola issue

Montana victims of NIH should have a right to liberty from NIH dangerous sound emissions at RML.
Montana Victims of NIH should have a right to be protected from infectious agents.
Montana Victims of NIH have a right to the same protection that Maryland residents enjoy.
Montana Victims of NIH have a right to have RML be accountable for their actions to the public.

RML needs to be good neighbors in their community, instead of doing what they want. US Government status does not mean deaf to the public they serve. Victims are made by arrogant and defiant public officials who care not about the damage being inflicted on the public.

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  1. With the 2014 outbreak of Ebola in Africa, I am really glad I dont live in Hamilton MT where the NIH refused to protect thier own employees or US citizens from Ebola, thier flagship lab where the world expert on that virus calls home.


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