Saturday, April 6, 2013

David Aronofsky Montana Open Letter

This letter to the Chief Counsel and Faculty of the University of Montana Law School caused his resignation within two weeks.  It was also sent to clinics supervisor, Dean as indicated below.

Message to Dean:
[Note--Dean resigned April 2013]

Mr. David Aronofsky                                                      June 8, 2012

UM Chief Counsel

University Hall 135

Missoula, MT 59812

 The University of Montana Law School
as covering up Felony activity

Dear Mr. Aronofsky,
David Aronofsky--FORMER chief counsel UM

Although I left phone message that I would call your office this week, I decided to put this in writing for clarification, and permanency.

We had discussed the Montana Student Practice Rule, a court order from the Montana Supreme Court the basis of my problem with the University of Montana.  Angela Wetzsteon ’08 prosecuted unsupervised, made false sworn statement [in 2010] that she was authorized and supervised while doing so in 2007.
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I find in unimaginable that you as chief counsel and faculty of the 145/145 ranked law school in America would think to “interpret” a court order that is obeyed in 49 other United States.  I find it unimaginable that even for Wetzsteon’s unauthorized practice that you would disclose in our conversation two weeks ago that third year law students (3L) from your law school continue to practice unsupervised.
Comprehensive ABA report on Montana Law School:

The Angela Wetzsteon permanent acrhive:

I have seen the futility of speaking to you, your law school, or the UM president.  With this being said, I have spoken with all of the stakeholders in this situation, and surprised myself at the guts to call or contact all of them.  You should be notified that some came in my direction anew in a surprising reversal.

Outside of your control, Mr. Anonofsky is the ability of the public to call authorities on students who practice unsupervised, and the onerous is not only on the public, but on the professionals within and outside the courtroom who have a responsibility to the public for their safety.

I would imagine that a parent of your law students might have a big issue of allowing law students in a courtroom unsupervised, especially as they are facing criminal charges.  I would also imagine that your school, already ranking last would cease to exist in short order with only one instance of law student crime.

As the administration of the law school refused to meet with a concerned member of the public who not only supports the school via state taxes, but was an alumni goes beyond my comprehension.  I trust you will show this correspondence to UM 17th President Royce Engstrom, as your direction to the UM police to threaten any contact hastens my ability or desire to contact UM administration either.

Let it be known Mr. Aronofsky that a UM official such as yourself who has the ability to speak on behalf of the University choose very unwisely to tell a victim such as myself about third year law students who continue to practice unlawfully.  Leaders take action, and when I assessed that your office, the Montana law school, nor the UM president’s office would stop the criminal activity, I interacted with those who could stop this activity, condoned by your own admission.

Actions on behalf of the University of Montana that condone criminal and unethical behavior amongst the international assault situation warrant your immediate resignation with cause.



Michael E. Spreadbury

cc: Law School Dean Irma Russell, Law Clinics "supervisor" Jeff Renz


  1. how you hold lawyers accountable to their crimes....public humiliation.

  2. Can anyone imagine how Angela Wetzsteon feels as people are "retiring" like flies dead on a strip due to her crimes of impersonation and perjury? The ABA is getting a really bad rap from my comprehensive report published on this blog. The guilt must be unbearable, but alas, her laughing at my expense (and her criminal action) is now priceless.


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