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Ravalli County Montana

This letter was published on Wednesday April 17, 2013 by the Bitterroot Star Weekly available at  The letter is not available online due to the Editor saving me from defamation from the knuckledragger mentality, and the criminal conspiracy of the government actors which includes the Ravalli Co. Sheriff Office.  My phones continue to be monitored although I have never committed a crime, nor ever will.

Its scared officials violating the #1 Criminal priority of the US Justice Department, and being caught at the criminal game they've played since 1893--120 years.

True Freedom continued.

I’d like to answer the letter on true freedom from April 10, 2013.  It loosely defined freedom when a person takes responsibility for themselves, their property, and accepts the societal repercussions for their actions.  The author stated if Hamilton & Ravalli Co. were illegitimate government then the people must rebuild and shape a lawful government to better serve the people.  My question asks which is more dangerous: A group of people making believe the Government doesn’t exist (Freemen) or a group of people pretending they are the government (Hamilton & Ravalli Co. governments)?

Incorporation paperwork for a Montana municipality is required to be available for public inspection, yet currently absent for Hamilton, and worse: publically claiming a year after the county was formed.  Every county in Montana is required to have a legitimate seat; Ravalli Co. presently is out of compliance with Montana law, and cannot continue without this requirement.

To the people so inclined to create a lawful government, this power is vested to you in the Montana Constitution Art. I s.1: “All political power is vested in and derived from the people. All government of right originates from the people, is founded by their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole.” Section 2 states the people may alter, or abolish government whenever they deem it necessary.  Montana statutes for municipal incorporation give specific instruction for procedure: a census, petition, notice of election, defining municipal boundary, and other instructions that anyone can follow.

As I read common letters from the Bitterroot Star (County Planning Board, public meeting notice, public information) these problems would be eliminated as a lawful government would uphold these laws, and other requirements instead of finding ways that suit a group (commissioners) or an individual (county attorney).  Current City of Hamilton, Montana residents can decide the future of their City, and whether to provide a county seat, or to revert to its annexed status as a Missoula County outpost.  A newly created municipality can create a new county at the people’s direction as vested with that power in the Montana Constitution.

 We cannot continue the same old tradition of taxing the people, and forcing a criminal “mill” which includes 15 police officers as a city of 4,000 that dictates 4; unsworn, unlicensed prosecutors, in a locked compound investigating mostly fiction of their own making.  Do 12-15 felonies occur every week in “Ravalli County”?  Watch the 21st District Court Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9am and see the mill for yourself.  The 2005 suicides did not evoke a radical change of attitude: both county Judges are still on their respective benches, and mistreatment in the infamous Ravalli County Detention Center (RCDC) has not improved, nor did Sheriff Hoffman keep his 2005 claim to the New York Times of not running for office again.
Families of Inmates who were lost in the RCDC
who later walked out on Sheriff Hoffman.
picture courtesy of Lee Enterprises and

I accept responsibility for sitting on public property, speaking in public without threat, writing with sidewalk chalk without threat, and protecting property. Ravalli County knowingly failed to protect from a life threatening situation, ignored evidence, put a law student “prosecutor” in a courtroom, and made these normal acts into sensational criminal acts with the help of a “newspaper”. 

Lee Enterpirses--a paper that criminalizes protected activity
like assembling on public property. 

The real question becomes: when is the denial, the vilification (see NAZI psychology) and the void by local government not serving the people going to drive people to form government units that comply with Montana law?  As imposter local governments [City Seal:1894; County Seal:1893 FAIL] accept municipal funds from the public, they are engaged in municipal fraud and may get removed from their public office.

Local city and county governments can seal any person’s fate by use of tampered evidence, or other unlawful process (violation of right) condoned by every public official in Hamilton, and Ravalli Co.  A touted candidate for Mayor, a former County Commissioner ignored responsibility for the Ravalli Co. Road Department; the people paid for an unnecessary lawsuit that could have been avoided.  We deserve sworn public officials unwilling to comply with the Ravalli lawlessness, who listen to the will of the people which may include dissolving all government in this area, or alter the current government for true freedom.
The Montana US President Letter about Ravalli County can be read at:
we asked for civil rights from the first African president.....and ignored.

To see how a law student in Ravalli County can prosecute without a license or sworn see:

A travel advisory is issued for American travelers to Montana.  All foreign nationals are also advised to stay away from the State of Montana by the Montana Attorney General Website:

The Montana Recreation (recnmontana) website also says stay out of Montana:

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