Monday, April 15, 2013

First Security Bank SUCKS

Warning customers and future customers about bank practices of First Security Bank in Montana. Victim of Bank error, abuse, discrimination and poor service. If you value your assets, you will bank elsewhere.

Monday, April 15, 2013

First Security Bank Missoula, Montana

What I like the most about First Security Bank in Montana is their denial. It is similar to the University of Montana denial as the NCAA, US Justice Dept., CNN, and a world audience came to see the mentality of ignorant, stupid white people who by definition cannot even see their mistakes. The non-prosecution of rapes on the University of Montana has cost the area MILLIONS of dollars.

First Security Bank will have impacts due to the World understanding (they are not ignorant) that Montana was ranked last for justice by the US Justice Department. The University of Montana Law school is also ranked last by US News and world report. What does this tell you?

1704 Dearborn        
Missoula, MT 59801       
(406) 728-3115

this is their Orange St. @ Broadway location

Executives in Montana: Scott Burke of First Security Bank in Missoula (FSBMSLA) Montana will never take responsibility of abuse being dished out to customers. What First Security Bank also does not realize is that even if the Montana Banking Commission "saves" them from acting with discrimination, the public who is not attenting UM Missoula, and reading the internet see for themselves that stupid white people do no deserve their money from vacations, choice of college, and choice of Banking institution. Please keep reading about First Security Bank!

First Security Bank is snuggling up to other banks, online review sites to attempt to cover up their discrimination of customers. This "old boy network" has worked for Montana for decades, helping each other out, but First Security Bank thinks ignoring a problem makes it go away.

As I explained to Royce Engstrom, University of Montana president before the rape crisis that doing so would make the problem much worse....and looks like I was right. To the tune of millions of dollars away from the Missoula Community---which includes perspective customers from First Security Bank who should know better than to bank with stupid white people---who cover up misconduct at their bank......and think they can.

Discrimination at First Security Bank (FSB)

Ms. Sue Brown January 8, 2013

Human Resources First Security Bank

Missoula, MT 59801

CC: Sheryl Fisher, HR
RE: Discriminatory practices at Hamilton FSB branch.

UPDATE: The First Security Bank lied to the Montana Banking Commission about mistreatment, saying like a Bar, they have the right to refuse anyone. FAIR PLAY: consumers looking for bank accounts should stay away from First Security Bank (FSB) get on that horse symbol of theirs and ride well away from this bank.

"We reserve the right to refuse service if we make ignorant judgments of prospective customers....therefore please bank elsewhere."--The Management

Dear Ms. Brown,

I had left a message in HR yesterday morning about being denied access to a business account, and apparently this is so important to First Security Bank (FSB) that no contact was made by the bank. I tried again today, and again even the customer service employees at FSB could not reach their own in-house Human Resources Department.

The Human resources available at the Hamilton, MT branch are those bank officers at FSB willing to make judgments about prospective customers. I am taking the time to write this because I am sure FSB will continue to employ officers of this bank who wholeheartedly decide who should have an account with First Security Bank (FSB).

My prior business account was destroyed by these same officials who are employed by FSB in Hamilton in 2009. I paid more than $200 in fees for the Hamilton FSB error, something these apparently ignorant people felt would not be rectified by me three years ago.

I acquired the opportunity to work in Asia but needed a business account to successfully complete a project. Since I paid the FSB fees, and a period of three years had passed, my understanding was I could open a new account with First Security Bank in Hamilton, MT.

As I waited for all other customers to be serviced, or gossiped with by your accounts representative named Maggie, I was approached by Vice President Allen Hill of First Security Bank. I was informed I was a “charge-off” customer and the bank could not open an account. No computers were consulted, no phone calls made by any FSB official, including the Bank President Robert Whalen. The accounts representatives in Missoula told me very cavalierly that the computers in both banks obtain the same information; meaning the Hamilton FSB employees could have easily found out their judgment was false.

Last time I checked, I am not black, I don’t have leopard spots on my skin, and I was dressed professionally on the day in question in June of 2012. I also fully understand that women probably don’t have the same standing, and FSB will not take this seriously even though discrimination is a very bad idea at a bank who obtains FDIC insurance: read federal oversight.

Does FSB train its employees in its policies, or do employees and officers of FSB just judge people who come into its doors so to give FSB money via exuberant fees from their “free accounts”? While I freely admit, I told Mr. Hill I would Blog on this matter I have. More than [now 725] people have read and told friends about your bank practices at First Security Bank in Montana.

To be Honest, I have more faith in the general population than I have in FSB, or even the Montana Bank Commission. I was just wondering what a Human Resources person felt about the “resources” of FSB acting in such an appalling manner? I have faced several instances from FSB; what I would call unprofessional behavior. Your CEO’s in the Flathead are no better---they let this kind of behavior slide at FSB.

I had asked Mr. Hill to get someone on the phone, and explained that I had paid the (exuberant) fees. A slight bit of shock crossed his face as he repeated my speech that I paid the fees. Fees that FSB Hamilton stole from me, for that branch’s error. As the computers in Hamilton, and Missoula tell the same tale, this leaves the employees and officers in Hamilton who violated FSB bank Policy and Federal law. Why doesn’t FSB just do nothing as the public is aware?

How does a bank such as First Security Bank (FSB) acquire such human talent? Where does this bank find such judgmental employees? How does one company, First Security Bank have such disparity between offices? How is such a travesty allowed by a corporation such as Glacier Bancorp? Perhaps all outsiders who are not white old people known to these bank officers be treated with such disdain? How is Montana to increase its job force when a business is treated with such judgment?a

Read more about how First Security Bank sucks in Montana:

I don’t think Scott your bank CEO gives a crap, as long as he can afford a steak at the Montana Club, and play links in the climate weather. Perhaps Allen Hill will get a raise, and Maggie will continue to screw up royally as long as incompetent staff are above her. Remember all FSB branches represent the company, including Hamilton, MT.

So the real statement to be made here is that FSB embraces discriminatory behavior of its employees. The buck stops with its human resources, that would be you. As the disgusting, and non-lawful actions continue at your bank, the unknown supply of consumers will demand better service at a better rival bank, and hopefully will move their funds after hearing this account.

I am currently a proud credit union customer, and holder of two (2) business accounts at competitor banks. Never have I been treated as I have at FSB as described in 8-10 US States or several foreign countries. Please secure your bank with more professional employees.

Keep up the tremendous work, and don’t forget I documented the non-contact by FSB HR Dept.


Michael Spreadbury


First Security Bank FSB based in Missoula would rather give false statements to the banking commission in Helena than look at hard facts that they discriminate, their employees do not follow policy but the Montana Banking commission feel discrimination is called for.

"Its nothing new" said the Montana Banking Commission when provided evidence of being treated differently by FSB officials in Hamilton, MT. "Hire a lawyer" even though banking practices are in their mission statement in Montana.

Funny, I thought we pay for a banking commission in Montana to ensure sound banking practices. Apparently not in the case of First Security Bank (FSB).

First Security Bank would rather blame their customers, than treat them with respect.

First Security Bank in Montana would rather judge you than serve you.

First Security bank presidents would rather lie than deal with their own employees.

Fisrt Security Bank lost many customers when Citizens State Bank was bought out.

First Security Bank would rather blame customers for their own problems than deal with them well.

When did our society allow a bank like First Security Bank never be wrong?
When did First Security Bank think abusing its customers could be covered with published defamation.

First Security Bank is the Worst Bank that I have ever dealt with. Perhaps First Security Bank never heard the phrase "the customer is always right". The new phrase is First Security Bank is always right.

My assumption about First Security Bank was correct, Scott Burke does not give a crap about customer mistreatment, he is a small minded stupid individual just like his employees in Hamilton. Mr Scott Burke is stupid because he wrote defamation and false statements to the Montana Banking Commission.

The truth, as it happened is a threat to First Security Bank because its mangement or officers of the Hamilton branch did treat a member of the public differently, due to their own judgment which was entirely FALSE.

First Security Bank loves to charge excessive fees for their "Free Checking" and dont know how to handle it when someone actually pays the false charges. Please know if you are a business customer, that First Security Bank will judge you (most likely falsely) and be completely ignorant to their own policies at First Security Bank.

Unless you want to give your money away, do not start an account, and close your account with First Security Bank.

Free Checking at FSB

Free Checking to First Security Bank means THEY decide if you should have money in your account. Your assets are now First Security Bank.

FSB boasts free checking, but it comes with quite a cost. As a former customer, I can attest to loss of funds from an account from First Security Bank Montana error.

It quickly became my error. And my loss. And my credit loss.

UPDATE: First Security Bank CEO Scott Burke is considered a "visionary" for stealing business funds from companies in Montana and giving them to the Missoula Chamber.  This practice usually is reserved for criminals, and it was never visionary to steal other people's money.  It is not Scott Burke's money, its his customers or former customers like me who were disenfranchised from their funds by FSB Montana due to error, or not following policy.

If a customer of First Security Bank thinks this is security, or even the way a bank should handle things, please find a better bank than First Security Bank in Montana.

So...after this error, and payment of hundred of dollars of fees for FSB error, and three years go by. First Security Bank did not forget how terrible they treated me.

First Security Bank graduated to discrimination. You will be judged by stupid white people who are uneducated but love to hate their customers at FSB. Is this a place you want your business account, or your hard earned dollars....I should certainly hope not.

These bank employees seem to have trouble communicating with each other. When one person cuts a check to close account, another seems to think more money is owed. Idiocy I know, but those are the practices of First Security Bank in Montana. In a day of computerized account capture, even the telephone is too difficult to master of Vice Presidents of First Security Bank in Montana.

Again, is FSB a place where you want your funds?

The Montana banking commisison turned a blind eye to FSB and failed the Montana public.

Have you ever heard of a bank refusing to open a business account without checking ANY information whatsoever? This is First Security Bank's forte, and way of doing business.

Do you feel secure at how things are done at FSB?

The state informed me that FSB holds 100,000 accounts when there are 1 million people. The goal of this campaign is to reduce that number to 75,000 and/or get Scott Burke fired in Missoula.

Abusive, and discriminatory practices do not lend well for FSB to succeed in todays market. As FSB decides to limit the number of accounts allowed, this blog will certainly help First Security Bank achieve that goal.

While banking in the United States, I have never encountered the treatment of bank employees like FSB. Do not Bank with First Security Bank in Montana....

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