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Boycott Montana dont VISIT

Northwest States Boycott: Wolf Hunt & Civil Rights
In response to the Wolf Hunt in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming several animal groups are proposing a BOYCOTT of these states, and products such as Beef, Idaho Potatoes, and Leather.

Notwithstanding the wolf situation in the northwest, Americans do not have rights in Montana. Americans do not have constitutional rights in the 48th ranked state for justice, Montana (of 48).
LIVE demonstration
No rights in Montana


unlawful search, unlawful entry Montana style: without Constitutional rights.
The right to speak, the right to assemble, right to equal protection is replaced with the right to go to jail, and law enforcement abuse your rights further (cruel punishments). Excessive bails are levied, which created 4 suicides in the Ravalli County Detention Center in one was charged, fired, and no one was awarded a significant wrongful death award.
Boycott Montana due to no rights!
here, no right to enter public property, have right to enter library outside Montana Law.

Right to speak charged with FELONY CRIME in Montana!

It is wonderful that so many Americans feel passionate about a species other than their own. Wolves are a natural predator, are pretty to look at, and if their hunt inspires Americans to boycott Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming in a time of limited tourism [Montana's ranking source of income] it might well have an impact.

Here is a wolf petition (we get thrown in jail for petitioning our government in Montana).

Defenders of the US Constitution get thrown in jail, livelihoods destroyed in Montana. This is the only reason why I support the Boycott against Montana, only for Constitutional reasons.

So if you love the Stars and Stripes, and what is left of America, please hear this call: we have no rights in Montana, our US District Judge Donald Malloy does not uphold the US Constitution, although he tried to protect the wolves as endangered.  Judge Donald W. Malloy is now in Tuscon AZ after he protected a law student (Angela Wetzsteon) who practiced unsupervised in Montana:
US Judge Donald W. Malloy on Montana Law School Board of Visitors
(protected a law student who attended clinic in his district)
US District Judge Malloy is center balding.
Angela Wetzsteon was protected by Malloy, Obama staff, the Montana Governor

Why Americans have to dis-associate and go crazy about animals is beyond me. Dealing with the Inhumane group of New Hampshire was just that--inhumane.

When a decision needs to be made about human rights vs. animal rights some of the animal people are just simply not taking in new information. Intelligence means changing your views when information creates no choice other than a shift in position. Americans need something to believe in, some have "blind faith" in something that does not talk back: animals.

Coming from an American in Montana, I support the wolf boycott, but only due to no human rights, nor constitutional rights in Montana. The Legislative rider overriding US Judge Malloy troubles me, only due to my Congressmen, my President ignoring the suffering of Americans in Montana, when queried. There is no America left when our rights are gone; even to petition Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming about a wolf hunt.

If wolves is your thing, great. I back the US Constitution, and cannot bear the suffering and death of Americans I have encountered in Montana. The wolf boycott will shed light on the justice issues Montana faces, not just with its wolf hunt. Our documentary is "Beneath the Beauty" available at [proceeds go to the cost of production].

The first African American US President ignored our pleas for civil and constitutional rights for Montana (as did the Congressmen). Americans are supporting wolves, what about rights?

The economy in Montana IS contingent on tourism. Please stay away from Montana, for your own safety from Grizzly attack, violation of rights, and to support your wolf advocacy.
Montana Governor needed in chains:

Helena, Montana
October 14, 2011
at Montana Capitol building NOON-2PM
[look out Montana--real economic boycott from a national & international audience]

Predator Defense Press Release about Montana Action:

[name your reason, there are many.]
US Traveler advisory to stay out of Montana---by the Montana Recreation website (recnmontana)
The Montana Attorney General website also issues a travel advisory to foreign and US travelers.
Boycott Montana for unsafe, unlawful practices
story copied from, although I am original author, and editor here.

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