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Bill Fulbright in Ravalli County

On February 13, 2009 after this picture was taken, the employer of the person standing here was intimidated, upon the call of Glenda Wiles, County Commission Secretary
and action of Native Son and Hamilton Police Officer
Brad Weston.
NOTE: for these acts, Brad Weston was rewarded with hire with the Ravalli County Sheriff.  There are no Law Enforcement LEFT in Ravalli Co. only those who engage in crime.
Bill Fulbright is the chief law enforcement officer in Ravalli County

Read about the Criminal Conduct of a Ravalli County Prosecutor:

2014 Update on Bill Fulbright:
William E. Fulbright, otherwise known as Bill Fulbright, was intra-department nominated for state prosecutor of the year in 2007 should be nominated again for paying for outside audits of Ravalli Co. instead of doing his job.  As he allowed his law student employee Angela Wetzsteon practice unsupervised in 2007 (due to not showing up as directed by George Corn) he looked the other way for felony crime.   Bill Fulbright thinks being extremely cautious will keep him out of trouble.  I believe all of the misconduct is catching up with him.  But please dont chalk this message on public sidewalks, because Bill Fulbright will prosecute you while observing the "crime" too.

In other words, laws apply to the Ravalli Co. Attorney, even though the county seat (Hamilton, MT) never incorporated, and leaves Ravalli Co. lawless, America.  Bill Fulbright is the lead lawyer covering up the fact his local government does not lawfully exist.

Bill Fulbright may have ruined the biggest secret: Ravalli County does not exist by way of Montana Code Ann. MCA 7-2-2103.
Therefore, EVERY dollar in (or NOT in) the Ravalli Co. treasury is fraud.
Public Fraud is the #1 criminal priority of the FBI
good thing they are in town, right Bill Fulbright?
We almost forgot...if this were any other Ravalli County Attorney but Bill Fulbright, the case would have been dismissed. 

Contact Bill Fulbright in Ravalli Co at his official email:

His dept. does not list email/phone numbers of PUBLIC EMPLOYEES
because Bill Fulbright is not accountable.
nor an award winning prosecutor.
Even when good leadership enters the picture in Ravalli County, when a beast like Geroge Corn was in control for two decades, all of the staff in Ravalli County Montana refuse to do anything different. As Matt Kanenwisher tried to lead a commission, he understands that Ravalli County cannot exist via Montana Code Ann. MCA 7-2-2103, and basic rights cannot be improved. A published letter locally highlighted that the Montana Freemen were right: the governement in Ravalli Co. does not lawfully exist...

As crime is accomplished in Hamilton and Ravalli Co. Montana by law enforcement, it is rewarded by promotions, which enforces the behavior.  Commissioners, County Attorney personnel are aware of the crime against Americans and allow it to continue.  The Montana US President letter from 2009 illustrates this point to the US President [see link below map video proving Hamilton is unlawful], asking who the Chief Law Enforcement Officer WAS.....
George Corn...(we canned him in 2010).


"Crime in Ravalli County Montana the Nation": about implicating innocent people in Ravalli Co.

PROSECUTE GEORGE CORN FOR MURDER (contributed to his Nov. 2010 loss in Ravalli Co.)..but William E. Fulbright Ravalli County Attorney feels he won on his "merits"


City of Hamilton----1894 [without required paperwork]
Ravalli County------1893 by State Legislature

FAIL: No Paperwork
Proof City of Hamilton is not Incorporated
or see Documentary

[George Corn's conquest of Ravalli County MT, see Montana US President letter]
Criminal Background of George Corn, Ravalli County Attorney (1991-2010)

This writ, or request to the court came about due to a former Sheriff Deputy, Chee Burnsides, now Judge Burnsides violated the law, and the rights of a "CHALKER" in Ravalli County Montana.

[Chee Burnsides perjury prior to becoming law enforcement, hired in Ravalli County after killing a suspect in Handcuffs in 2006 Williams, AZ].  He later ordered the death of a dog outside his power.

This is the article about the Chalking incident involving Ravalli County officials. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ravalli County Attorney Fulbright

This Flag, this oath to protect protected rights and laws in Montana means absolutely nothing to William E. Fulbright Ravalli County Attorney.  Remove him in Nov. 2014
[Bill Fulbright made sure there was NO opponent in 2014]
Bitterroot Star
Ravalli County Attorney Fulbright & Ravalli County Sheriff Hoffman wave at each other.

Here is an article that Bill Fulbright wont want you to see. Mr. Fulbright and Angela Wetzsteon, his deputy were walking back from lunch on a June 2011 day. Some chalk was on the sidewalk. It said

Play the "Find my Threat" Game; "Google Find my Threat"

THE 2011 BLOG CALLED "FIND MY THREAT GAME" (Look for the cheerleader)

---There never was any threat, although 72 hrs. of solitary confinement ordered by Hoffman.

Writing on a sidewalk was a crime said Bill Fulbright, Ravalli County Attorney in Montana. I think he has about 6 kids, so I bet one of them wrote on the sidewalk at some time in their childhood. Bill Fulbright treats people differently, because he has so much power (from the people). I wonder who politically got rid of George Corn ( and allowed Bill Fulbright to win the County Prosecutor position?

I wonder...... The Bitterroot Rising Archive (google it if link is inactive)

William Fulbright did not show up August 8, 2007 to supervise Angela Wetzsteon as she was a law student and could not practice law. Angela Wetzsteon did anyway.

Bill Fulbright allowed constitutional rights to be bent, and did not do anything. Here is how Bill Fulbright handled BEING A WITNESS TO A "CRIME". He prosecuted it. A county attorney such as Fulbright cannot prosecute something he witnessed.  Unless you live in Ravalli County.

There are no standards in Ravalli County, there are no rights in Ravalli Co. Funny, that is the opening paragraph to the president asking for civil rights.......from the first African American president.
read more:

BOTTOM LINE: William E Fulbright Ravalli Co. has no soul.  Fulbright cannot uphold rights, Fulbright cannot make a decision to do the right thing. Imagine if Bill Fulbright thought about what he did. Has he seen George Corn lately?  Does Bill Fulbright need before and after photos to see what will happen to him WHEN he deprives American's rights?

Writ below,  then press release from 2007 about Bill Fulbright Ravalli County Attorney.

William E Fulbright only wishes he could write writs like this.


Cause No. 10-36086

District of Montana Cause No. 9:10-cv-00049-DWM

Michael E. Spreadbury

Hamilton, MT 59840
Self-represented Plaintiff and Appellant


Plaintiff and Appellant )             WRIT OF PROHIBITION

v. )                                                 IN RE:


Defendants and Appellees )


Comes now, Spreadbury pleads Writ of Prohibition before Honorable Court. Plaintiff Spreadbury put in position by Defendants where great injustice and irreparable harm will result if writ is denied. Appeal cannot cure action in lower court, acting without jurisdiction.Request is made in good faith by Spreadbury.

Relief Sought

Spreadbury seeks 9thCircuit Court to enjoin Defendant Ravalli County from prosecuting TK-2011-1426 in lower court without jurisdiction as described herein.

Issues Presented

Spreadbury presents issue of lower court prosecuting without probable cause, jurisdiction; irreparable damage to Spreadbury if convicted.Spreadbury wrote on public sidewalk with Chalk, charged with crimes (Appendix A). Prior deferred Sentence for asking librarian for help in public without threat (Appendix B, D) yielded 1yr. probation for Felony Intimidation MCA§ 45-5-203; Defendants deprive Spreadbury freedom of speech in continuous harm.Great Injustice, irreparable harm, without appeal remedy, lower court without jurisdiction; parameters met for Writ of Prohibition in TK-2011-1426 Ravalli Co. Montana:

Lifetime felony conviction, possible 10 year prison sentence for:

1. Asking a librarian for help in public without threat (Appendix B)

Cause No. DC-09-154 21st Montana 21st Judicial District [State Court].

2. Writing with Chalk on sidewalk as crime TK-2011-1426 (Face of Citation Appendix A)

Reason Writ should be Issued:

Spreadbury is within case and controversy with Ravalli County Montana for deprivation of rights Article III US Constitution. In aforementioned, Spreadbury pled for injunctive relief to District court (Appendix C). Bias toward Spreadbury: Defendant law student, clinic attendee at US District Court for Montana, Missoula Division, paid influence by Montana Law School for US District Judge Malloy, US Magistrate Lynch, clinic director required recusal 28 USC § 455 et. seq. Defendants deprive established rights of Spreadbury with 4 unlawful criminal charges since 2007 protected in Amendments to US Constitution.Spreadbury has been subjected to 3 unlawful arrests, §1983 case pending in this circuit. Career, livelihood interference by Defendants pled in aforementioned Gabbert v. Conn 131 F. 3d 793 (9th Cir.,1997). Lower Court without jurisdiction, irreparable harm, prosecutor bias, no reparable relief through appeal available to Spreadbury, Writ of Prohibition ripe before this court.

Facts of Current Case Before Court

Case and Controversy of Spreadbury v. Hoffman et. al. is before this court as Cause No. 10-36086 for 42 USC §1983, civil rights inter alia.Within the 2ndAmended complaint, Spreadbury prays for the following injunctive relief:

1. Count 8—Ravalli County Attorney Office (RCAO)

Prosecutor Fulbright now elected County Attorney, admits to Defense Counsel: “If it were any other person but Spreadbury, charges would be dismissed. (in Appendix B Opening Brief of Plaintiff)”.

Fulbright did not adhere to discovery rules, speedy trial provisions at common law, has personal interest in Spreadbury’s unlawful conviction.

Angela Wetzsteon prosecuted Spreadbury as unsupervised law student, now employed as Ravalli County prosecutor, personal interest in conviction.

Spreadbury pleads in ¶109 2nd Amended complaint: “RCAO has initiated action without probable cause against Spreadbury, more than reasonable belief it will continue….unless preliminary injunctive relief enjoined.”

Fulbright, Wetzsteon have personal interest in obtaining conviction, bias.

2. Count 9--Ravalli County Justice Court

Justice of the Peace in Ravalli County allowed unsupervised law student to prosecute law, denied motion to uphold Spreadbury’s 6th Amendment protected in US Constitution (in Appendix B Opening Brief of Plaintiff). Spreadbury believed judiciary of Ravalli County would act with malice, did act with malice towards Spreadbury July 22, 2011 in arraignment for charges without probable cause, equal protection to protected interest in Amendment 5,14 US Constitution; lower court without jurisdiction.

Spreadbury pleads in ¶120 2nd Amended Complaint of aforementioned conspiracy of Hamilton (MT) Police Department, Ravalli County Attorney Office (RCAO), Ravalli County Sheriff Office (RCSO), Ravalli County Judiciary will put Spreadbury in jeopardy of future constitutional deprivations.This Writ of Prohibition manifests this belief as reality.

Facts of Current Controversy

Spreadbury exercised right to free speech, protected 1st Amendment US Constitution to write with chalk on public sidewalk June 29, 2011. No less than 15 peace officers from Hamilton City Police Department, Ravalli County Sheriff encircled, and detained Spreadbury. Spreadbury cooperated with officers, and remained calm. In challenge to unlawful detention, Spreadbury respectfully informed officers if no charge filed, practice deprived 4th Amendment right to be free from seizures by government. Ravalli County Deputy caught up with Spreadbury and asked if he had written “all of the chalking”. Spreadbury answered in affirmative and Deputy ordered Spreadbury to stop. Charge of Disorderly Conduct, Montana Code Ann. MCA§ 45-8-101 and Criminal Mischief Montana Code Ann. MCA§ 45-6-101, both misdemeanors charged. On face of Citation is written “writing on sidewalk with chalk” (Appendix A).
[Ravalli County NOW UnderSheriff Steve Holten]
The Find My Threat Game---proving the Ravalli Co. Attorney, Montana AG wrong: with or without chalk or "crime"

Chalk not permanent damage, no disorderly conduct effected by Spreadbury, witnessed by County Attorney Fulbright, Deputy Wetzsteon, State Public Defenders June 29, 2011.

Third annual “Daly Days” Chalk Festival held by Ravalli County Montana day after Spreadbury arraignment before Judge Burnsides, substitute Ravalli County Justice Court JP from Darby, Montana City Court.

Spreadbury plead not guilty in arraignment July 22, 2011to both charges without assistance of counsel, prosecution not present at arraignment. Judge Burnsides made aware of Spreadbury disability status, documented by Social Security Administration. Judge executed necessary paperwork, court restrictions, adjourns hearing. Outside official hearing, Spreadbury informs Deputy, few feet away of Chalk Festival in appropriate voice. Judge Burnsides receives ex parte communication from Deputy [Undersheriff Steve Holten] about communication with Spreadbury not related to case. Judge Burnsides recalls Spreadbury, finds Spreadbury guilty of contempt, without representation, although Justice Court contempt precluded as hearing adjourned, Montana Code Ann. MCA§ 3-10-401. Judge Burnsides ordered the unlawful arrest of Spreadbury, a disabled person per Americans with Disability Act (ADA) without representation, due process, probable cause (jurisdiction) protected in Amendment 14 US Constitution.

At Ravalli County Detention Center, Sheriff Hoffman, main defendant in aforementioned created instruction list, specific treatment of Spreadbury: no clothes, no toilet, no privileges, isolated confinement, withhold prescribed medications, mental health evaluation recommended general population; Hoffman over-rode with “policy or custom” depriving Spreadbury right not to be treated with cruel, unusual punishment Monell v. NYC Dept. of Social Services 436 US 658 (1978), Amendment 8, US Constitution. Ravalli County Deputy in confinement taunted/withheld Spreadbury prescribed medications by more than 24 hours; detention staff attempted to under-medicate Spreadbury with prescribed medication in Ravalli County custody.

Brief in Support

Spreadbury properly pleads for equitable, injunctive relief from Honorable Court in form of Writ of Prohibition in aforementioned as court below lacks jurisdiction, great injustice, irreparable harm will result if writ is not issued US v. Brooklier 685 F. 2d 1162 (9thCir., 1982).

Traditional use of writ in aid of appellate jurisdiction both at common law and in the federal courts has been to confine an inferior court to a lawful exercise of its prescribed jurisdiction.

Roche v. Evaporated Milk Assn. 219 US at 26 (1943) citing Interstate Commerce Commission v. United States ex. rel. Cambell 289 US 385 (1933).

Spreadbury pleads to Honorable Court: Ravalli County, prosecutors in aforementioned established prior bias, willingness to deprive established right, prayer for equitable, injunctive relief ripe before this court, well established precedent met to implement Writ of Prohibition.Spreadbury aware issue of writ is matter of discretion with this court Pacific Car & Foundry Co. v. Pence 403 F. 2d 953 (9thCir., 1968).Denial of writ leaves Spreadbury no appellate remedy for lack of jurisdiction, bias at Ravalli County Justice Court from no probable cause for Disorderly Conduct, Criminal mischief June 29, 2011by prosecutor Fulbright with personal interest in obtaining conviction of Spreadbury Rest 2d Torts §666. Act of writing on sidewalk without communicating credible threat, obscene language protected Amendment 1, US Constitution.

Issue of writ prevents Judge Burnsides from all manner of errors, including departure from natural rules of natural justice, misconstruing substantive law Pulliam v. Allen 466 US at 533 (1984). Issue of jurisdiction for Ravalli County Court, “michiefs of misconstruction” against Spreadbury prevented by prohibition requested herein Pulliam at 534. Judge Burnsides former Ravalli County Deputy, prior contact with Spreadbury; prohibition for bias of prior knowledge, conflict of interest, current unlawful judicial conduct prevented by writ Ibid at 535. Honorable court has availability of collateral injunctive relief in exceptional cases as two Ravalli County Justices announce recusal, Judge Burnsides fails to lawfully adhere to proper Juris Prudence, contain bias to Spreadbury as question of lower court jurisdiction arise Ibid.

Relief is constitutionally required, necessary to avoid irreparable harm to Spreadbury Pulliam at 539. Spreadbury has filed in the aforementioned before this court for relief 42 USC §1983 inter alia.Section 1983 causes of action excellent exception to the anti-injunction statute allowing Federal Courts to intervene for Federal rights pled by Spreadbury Pulliam v. Allen 466 US at 541 (1984). Spreadbury has pled for equitable, injunctive relief against Defendant Ravalli County actors; injunctive relief to protect parties before this court for unconstitutional action under color of law from all branches of government: Executive, Legislative, Judicial Mitchum v. Foster 407 US at 242 (1972).

A writ is not directed against a Judicial officer, but the nature of the thing to be done Marbury v. Madison 5 US at 170 (1803). Where Judge Burnsides directed by law to do a certain act affecting the rights of Spreadbury issue of Writ of Prohibition is proper Ibid at 171. When jurisdiction of lower court doubtful, no other legal remedy, Spreadbury subject to unlawful prosecution, lower court lacking jurisdiction from no probable cause, writ is proper Smith v. Whitney 116 US at 173 (1886). Honorable court has jurisdiction to issue Writ of Prohibition 28 USC § 1291 Ibid at 175. The Court may restrain the exercise of judicial function on court about to exceed its jurisdiction Smith v. Whitney 116 US at 176 (1886).

Writ defined, Montana Code Ann. MCA§ 27-27-101 International Brotherhood of Elec. Workers AFL-CIO Local 1638 v. Montana Power Co. 280 Mont. 55 (1996):

A Writ arrests the proceedings of any tribunal…exercising judicial functions when such proceedings are without or in excess of the jurisdiction of such tribunal.

Spreadbury is appropriately attaching writ to Ravalli County, not private party, court marshal in the aforementioned.

Before a Writ of Prohibition may be granted Spreadbury must demonstrate that the acts of public officials are clearly unlawful under MCA§ 27-27-101 Kimble Properties v. Dept. of State Lands 231 Mont. 54 (1988). Court below, Ravalli County Justice Court without jurisdiction of criminal charge TK-2011-1426 against Spreadbury without probable cause, unlawful at common law Id.

As Defendant Ravalli County effects malicious prosecution on Spreadbury with intent to deprive Spreadbury equal protection of the laws or is otherwise intended to subject Bretz, Cline, Spreadbury to denial of constitutional right “too striking to ignoreBretz v. Kelman 773 F. 2d at 1031 (9th Cir., 1985) citing Cline v. Brusett 661 F. 2d at 112 (9th Cir., 1981). A thirty year history of deprivation in the State of Montana, in color of law, civil conspiracy involving Montana State actors, including the Montana Attorney General, Montana Chief Justice, ranking Montana US Senator: provided Presidential appointment in 2008 to University of Montana Law School Dean Edwin Eck to allow Defendant law student Angela Wetzsteon’s violation of Montana Student Practice Rule in conspiracy to deprive Spreadbury equal protection of the laws, malicious prosecution at common law that interfered with Spreadbury’s profession at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) August 8, 2007 Gabbert v. Conn 131 F. 3d 793 (9thCir., 1997). Defendant Law Student Wetzsteon, unsupervised as Defendant Fulbright, Defendant Corn failed to appear at Spreadbury’s trial in absentia August 8, 2007 for TK-2006-3068 without probable cause, in violation of inalienable right Art. II s. 3 Montana Constitution: healthy environment, protect property, Amendment 6 US Constitutionfor speedy trial, right to confront witnesses.Defendant Wetzsteon presented tampered evidence from the Ravalli County Sheriff Department outside discovery provisions, prompting Defendant Fulbright to say to Spreadbury’s retained counsel “If it were anyone else but Spreadbury, the case would be dismissed (in Appendix B Opening Brief of Plaintiff).”

Accordingly, Writ of Prohibition should issue to end litigation and save needless expense where respondent court could not render valid judgment because of lack of jurisdiction State ex. rel. Redle v. District Court in and for Missoula Co. 102 Mont. 541 (1936). Writ of Prohibition is a clear and indisputable right to relief when a lack of all means to redress wrongs Ibid.

Defendant Bill Fulbright, Ravalli County Attorney utilized Rest 2d Torts §666 effect of advice of counsel on existence of probable cause to charge Spreadbury with criminal act without probable cause Ravalli CountyTK-2011-1426. Fulbright has personal interest in obtaining Spreadbury’s conviction, established bias in prosecuting Spreadbury.

Ravalli County Undersheriff Sheriff Steve Holten, Law enforcement at scene of Chalk on Sidewalk did not know how to charge Spreadbury, called Fulbright Rest 2d Torts §666 for advice of counsel. Charges without probable cause deprive Spreadbury equal protection, denial of constitutional right of due process, equal protection Amendment 14 US Constitution. Ravalli County Deputy wrote “writing on sidewalk with chalk” on Citation (Appendix A) for Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Mischief.

The Arizona Court of Appeals held that a citation was insufficient to support lower court finding of probable cause, establish Spreadbury committed offense of Disorderly Conduct, Criminal mischief [Ravalli CountyTK-2011-1426]; protected activity of writing with chalk on public sidewalk Amendment 1, US Constitution, Otel H. v. Barton 93 P. 3d 512 AZ App. (2003).Citation did not contain any factual allegations that crime was committed, no affidavit to prove facts, conclusion of law Spreadbury committed criminal act Ibid. Whatever procedure a state may adopt, it must provide fair and reliable determination of probable cause (herein and in Felony Intimidation DC-09-154 in the 21st Montana Judicial District) as a condition for any significant pre-trial restraint of liberty (Appendix A, B) US Amendment 4, Gerstein v. Pugh 420 US 103 (1975). Spreadbury subject to 3 weeks pre-trial detention Montana 21st District DC-09-154; 19 hour lockdowns pre-trial, inmate # 311635 Missoula County Detention Center November 9 2009 to December 3, 2009. Writ to Supreme Court State of Montana was denied in DC-09-154 (Appendix D), sentencing Judge Harkin “did not want case out of Montana” or transferred out of state at hearing October 15, 2010 due to it being “...a local issue.” State of Montana ranks 48th in continental US for Justice, [US Justice Dept. 2007]. Spreadbury had no choice to plead due to jury tainting by Defendant Newspaper in Spreadbury v. Bitterroot Public Library et. al. 9:11-cv-00064-DVM-JCL US District Court for the State of Montana Missoula Division.

Spreadbury pleads irreparable harm, large civil conspiracy in color of law, no jurisdiction of Ravalli County Justice Court in TK-2011-1426, no appellate remedy due to immediate risk of revocation of deferred sentence, conviction of felony, prison sentence for protected act of free speech requesting help from Librarian in public, chalk on public sidewalk (Appendix A, D) exercised by Spreadbury in Ravalli County Montana. Issue of Writ of Prohibition proper, meets standards since US Supreme Court precedent established in 1803.

Respectfully submitted to the court

Dated this ___ day of August, 2011

Michael E. Spreadbury
Decorated FEMA officer, solved disasters for the United States
[attempt at destruction by Ravalli County Actors]
Note & opinion (post-publication):
Sandra Day O'Connor, former Supreme Court Justice "appeared" at the University Of Montana Law School with the 9th Circuit to hear cases and converse with Dean Irma Russell only two weeks after this landed at the 9th Circuit in San Francisco.  I would say this brief written by a US Citizen moved mountains.

Angela Wetzsteon remains a prosecutor in Ravalli Co. Montana although she practiced law solo in violation of Michael Spreadbury's rights August 8, 2007.  Apparently, his livlihood and quality of life were "fair game" by Montana US Senator Max Baucus using US Presidential appointment to cover felony crimes of Wetzsteon.
The Angela Wetzsteon War---coverup to the White House
A Dupty Chief of Staff of the White House Jim Messina was booted from the administration for protecting Angela Wetzsteon.
view more:

Judge Chee Burnsides lost his bid to be a Ravalli Co Judge, and his misconduct has been published and read by over 7000 viewers.  He lied to become a police officer in 2004, tried to convince people he is a lawyer in 2011, 2013, and 2014.  Honorable Burnsides may want to get comfortable as a city Judge in Darby, Montana. 
Bill Fulbright was self nominated in 2007:
Prosecutor of the Year is bullshit. 

Bill Fulbright fraud: nominated self from Ravalli County Attorney Office in 2007.(note: I wrote this from a hotel in Ft. Worth, TX winning an award from FEMA that less than 1% of the employees of that agency get.  Meanwhile, Bill Fulbright takes peoples rights in Hamilton, MT) SEE PRESS RELEASE BELOW...

Bill Fulbright, Ravalli Co. Attorney's favorite song:

(He ran, and still can't get away...from a Flock of Seagulls.)
My favorite song
about plight against Montana and Bill Fulbright
(except I am not the one who sold my soul)

For those who need to know about this press release, it talks about the FRAUD from the Ravalli County Attorney office to "self nominate" Bill Fulbright, probably due to not doing his duty supervising a law student named Angela Wetzsteon who now works for Fulbright (and committed felonies by prosecuting solo Aug. 8, 2007). 

We the People of Ravalli County
PO Box 416
Hamilton, MT 59840

For Immediate release: For more information:
October 9, 2007 Bitterroot Rising Archive

Ravalli County Attorneys help themselves to Prosecutor award.
Nominate themselves, despite constitutional violations.

Hamilton, Montana- Ravalli County Attorney George H. Corn, nominated William "Bill" Fulbright, a prosecutor from Hamilton as the Montana Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence (MCADSV) “Prosecutor of the Year”.

Bill Fulbright has been a prosecutor in Hamilton for the past 5 years, according to Joel Gallob, reporter for the Ravalli Republic.
Gallob does not site any other references besides prosecutors from the Ravalli County Attorney office in his story from October 8, 2007 published in the Republic.

Comment was not available from Kelsen Young, Executive Director of MCADSV from Helena, who gave the award Friday in Hamilton.

William E Fulbright as Deputy Ravalli County Attorney violated the basic rights of a defendant in a case where prima facie evidence, that is, evidence to proceed with trial was lacking. In a statement made to defense council Sasha Brownlee[1] prior to trial, Fulbright exclaimed that “… if this had been anyone but (Spreadbury) the case would be dismissed.” This statement is evidence that Bill Fulbright does not respect the rule of law, and prosecutes with malice.

Further this statement violates the Montana Constitution Article II section 4 with respect to equal protection under the law. The same legal provision of equal protection is found in the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.

Bill Fulbright Deputy Ravalli County Attorney demonstrated further evidence of malicious prosecution when he asked a county judge, JP Jim Bailey to violate rules of the court as they pertain to evidence.
In a motion dated July 30, 2007 in State of Montana v. Mike Spreadbury case #TK 2006-3068. Bill Fulbright asked a judge to break the rules of the court for evidence when he failed to submit discovery, a responsibility of the prosecutor on any case.

When discovery is not submitted, that is immediate grounds for dismissal. When Ravalli County is involved however, anything apparently goes. [Angela Wetzsteon was allowed to practice law unsupervised]

Dean Eck of the University of Montana-Missoula School of Law states that when a lawyer initially makes false statements to judicial officers, then they are liable for ethical breech of the Montana Bar Association. Shawna Ryan, administrator for the Montana Bar in Helena, MT could not be reached for comment.
[Dean ECK was given a Presidential appointment to look the other way for Wetzsteon's conduct].
read more: Google the "Angela Wetzsteon Blog"
George H. Corn, the nominator for the award, asked the judge for the same evidence request (on the same day) when Bill Fullbright Deputy Ravalli County Attorney was denied on July 30.
George Corn ’s version of the motion was accepted, due to making false statement of “severe injury” to the witness when in fact no medical attention was necessary as the witness inflicted damage to themselves:
Tampered Evidence by Ravalli Co.


entered into evidence
Angela Wetzsteon
as a law student.
August 8, 2007
read all about it:

Ravalli County Sheriff Deputy Albright, Hudson took this photo on October 10 2006 and Angela Wetzsteon as a law student unsupervised by William E. Fulbright prosecuted against defending property in Montana USA

"Evidence" produced by law student Angela Wetzsteon

Notice: the RIGHT cheek is scratched by equal-distant lines--like fingernails.

Note: Michael Spreadbury was standing to this woman's LEFT.

Note: No glass embedded, no medical attention needed,
just corrupt Ravalli County Sheriff October 10, 2006


As with his nomination for the prosecutor award, George H. Corn gets what he wants whenever he asks. Kathy Seeley, Assistant Attorney General for the State of Montana, and Josh Van De Wettering US Attorney in the Missoula office, in letters dated in April and September respectively state that George Corn has “wide latitude” in performing duties as County Attorney for Ravalli County, which seems to mean that he is above the Montana and US Constitutions. With the State of Montana and the US Justice Dept. protecting them, an award is small work for George H. Corn.

A defendant’s 6th Amendment right to speedy trial was intentionally violated in the above mentioned case by the Prosecutor of the year, William Fulbright. Initial appearance was on January 5, 2007 and
Justice Court“trial” was on August 8, 2007. Seven months is far greater than the 6 months required by speedy trial provisions. This amendment was written by the founding fathers to protect against false charges, and their associated damages to the citizen.

Article II Section III of the Montana Constitution gives inalienable rights to Montana citizens. The provisions are for a healthy environment, and to appropriately defend property.

William Fulbright, and George H. Corn were petitioned by 10 RavalliCounty residents in July 2006 in a community nuisance petition[2] to uphold these citizens right to a healthy and safe environment.  The people are not listened to by William Emerson Fulbright.

The RCAO ignored the petition, and decided to prosecute without evidence, which violates rule 3.8 of the Montana Bar Association for prosecution without probable cause. Preamble to the Montana Bar code of ethics is subsection (6) which states that the law should not be used to intimidate or harass individuals.
Obviously the Montana Bar association rules, the Montana Constitution, nor the US Constitution applies to the prosecutors in RavalliCounty.

Can a lawyer who wins a prosecutor of the year award violate the basic protections available to Montanaresidents, and American citizens? When RCAO help themselves to a prosecutor award it is mere peanuts in comparison to helping themselves to people’s rights.

(Bill Fulbright won election for Ravalli County Attorney in 2010 on the premise of protecting peoples rights--a classy politician really because Ravalli County has no rights to speak of, and Bill Fulbright is not bringing Ravalli County any closer to America and the guaranteed, protected rights in constitutional documents--its still cash for crime; and watch each other's backs so no one will find out we are committing PUBLIC FRAUD by non-compliance with incorporation statutes in the State of Montana [MCA s.7-2-4101 to 4105; MCA 7-2-2103]).


[1] Brownlee Law Firm Hamilton MT 59840 406-363-1777 Sasha Brownlee esq. watched Wetzsteon practice as a student; knew William E. Fulbright was supposed to appear, and prosecute a case for defending property, and a FEMA officer was the defendant.
[2] Community Nuisance petition dated July 2006 is on permanent record at the Ravalli County Administrative Building
215 S. Fourth St. Hamilton, MT 59840 Regina Plettenberg Administrator
ORIGINAL Source of Post:

FOOTNOTE:  Four (4) suicides occurred as William Emerson Fulbright was working as a prosecutor for George Corn in 2005.  The determinied cause was excessive bail (violating right).  The men were "unsavory"; alcoholics, homosexuals and other degenerates.  Note to Bill Fulbright, all men are created equal, and your sworn oath is to protect ALL of them.  I spreak for the dead and alive victims of Ravalli Co. and will not let Bill Fulbright continue to deprive speech.  He has gotten away with leaving clients on the lurch, declared bankruptcy as thier professional misconduct claims came forward.  Moving to Montana does not erase your history, sir.  By not speaking, by not supervising, people have suffered AND pay for your salary to protect them.

Your victims will speak, Mr. Fulbright.  The force of equilibrium, sometimes known as Karma is catching up with you.  I will alert the public to your victims, alive and not.

NOTE: Shortly after this writ arrived in San Francisco CA the Ninth Circuit arrived with a guest: former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.
Justice O'Connor will parade across the University of Montana stage, as the worst ranked law school in the USA to "normalize" Ravalli County's Crimes
This law school is suffering for William Fulbright's eithical problems of doing the right thing in Ravalli Co. Montana.
The Bar passage rate in 2014 is 64% at UMT Law which means Angela Wetzsteon would not have passed with the universal bar exam.

Angela Wetzsteon cant go anywhere else.
I hope they enjoy their self made HELL.
{the world is watching}


  1. Make sure to catch Ravalli County Attorney reviews on the Avvo website; they will only let clients comment from California. Mr. Fulbright has not had clients since before 2007 since he is a prosecutor in Hamilton MT. Mr. Fulbright only has victims; his term ends Fall 2014 as a public servant.

  2. If you know the people in California who won cases against William E. Fulbright, for lawyer misconduct please have them come forward, and tell thier stories. Incompetent and unethical lawyers who destroy lives like William Fulbright, Angela Wetzsteon, George Corn must be stopped.

  3. Bill Fulbright allowed the unsupervised law student Angela Wetzsteon to prosecute law. He then hired her. What lawyer allowes crime, unethical conduct and claim to uphold people's rights? Why a moron without a moral code.


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