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This is a true account conveying how Angela B.Wetzsteon, former University of Montana law student practiced law [unsupervised] without a license, and got away with it in the State of Montana.  Her own vanity license plate "A VANDAL" reflects so perfectly exactly who she is.  Angela Wetzsteon of Corvallis, Montana prosecutor for the notorious Ravalli County Attorney Office Hamilton, Montana (USA?).  Her former boss, George Corn and accomplice in crime Steve Bullock [now Governor --described in detail below].

many people seem to be requesting Angela Wetzsteon's email address.  If it wasnt changed, the email address was:  (the rc stands for Ravalli County).  This is a public work email address.  A supervisor who helped and protected Angela Wetzssteon is new county attorney Bill Fulbright his email is .
Note-- these email addresses have been changed several times since 2010. Updated 2014.

To view the "PROSECUTE ANGELA WETZSTEON" bumpersticker see:

George Corn is protected by Milt Datsapolous and is senior attorney in Hamilton MT and can be reached at (406) 961-9003 mountain time.  George Corn was Angela Wetzsteon's supervisor and should lose his lisense to practice, as should Angela Wetzsteon--but Montana has no law.


 Prosecute the Cowardly men that protected Angela Wetzsteon
Attorney General Bullock with Corn
courtesy of Bullock for AG--the only county prosecutor pictured in Bullocks bid for AG.  Bullock is now Governor of Montana, because we are run by corrpution and criminals.

see for info on Steve Bullock
see for info on George Corn.


Angela Wetzsteon began her career early here, wearing short skirts (I am told) to please former county attorney Corn.  Angela's Montana Bar License was not obtained until September 9, 2008, but she practiced law on August 8, 2007 in this very building in front of her green Toyota pictured


Angela Wetzsteon introduced tampered evidence, after discovery, violated speedy trial, tried the victim, Michael Spreadbury (decorated FEMA officer deployed at a disaster at time of "court date") in absentia [violation of right to confront witnesses, and "offense" was use of justifiable force--protecting property a supposed "inalienable right" in Montana].  Angela Wetzsteon unnecessarily bullied witnesses on the stand, entered tampered evidence AFTER discovery, the Judge had to intervene by telling her to stop bullying witnesses on the stand in his court; her supervisor was not there [George Corn]. Case was dismissed on appeal---after it was too late for Spreadbury's career at FEMA (case took 18 months to resolve).

University of Montana
$40M Expansion
to coverup Angela Wetzsteon's
Criminal Conduct

Did we not mention the US predidential appointment of Dean Edwin Eck in 2008 which brought down Jim Messina--former Obama Deputy Chief of Staff from Missoula MT 
  • The Governor appointment of Jen Anders in 2013 to protect Wetzsteon
  • The Coverup by the American Bar Association (ABA)
  • The coverup by the American Association of Law Schools (AALS)
    The Federal Judiciary thorough the 9th Circuit covering for Wetzsteon

Angela Wetzsteon attended the 145/145 ranked law school in the country--The University of Montana Law School in Missoula MT.  The last ranked law school in the USA (2012).

Angela Wetzsteon decided to have some fun with some friends by laughing at a former decorated FEMA officer, reduced to mopping floors in the local ER due to malicious, and unlawful prosecution by an unlicensed law student by the name of Angela Wetzsteon. to order bumperstickers (now with thousands of views)
this site also shows legal history of attempting to hold Angela Wetzsteon accountable for crimes.

Prior to that, Angela Wetzsteon apparently learned how to be a vandal, at the University of Idaho.  Wetzston continued this stealing spirit by not applying either ethics, or an adherence to Constitutional rights in a court of law, and as the montage of photos suggests, she has had some "heavy lifters" as support.  Angela Wetzsteon was protected by the Montana Supreme Court for violating one of their own orders (#12982; student practice) levied by her decision to practice law in this building without a license.  We call that stealing, Angela.
Angela Wetzston's car touting herself as a vandal, we prefer lawyer scum, lawbreaker, and unethical; but technically, yes Angela Wetzsteon is a vandal, by her own omission; and admission.

For an Angela Wetzsteon bumpersticker to prosecute her, see:

Look up student practice in any law database: Lexus, Westlaw and an interesting name will come up: Angela Wetzsteon. Angela Wetzsteon has done this to herself, and lets make sure she gets a life sentence of working for Ravalli County: no other employer should hire Angela Wetzsteon '08 for this proven criminal act of violating a court order.  Prosecutors (Mike Nifong--Duke Lacrosse) get disbarred, jailed for this: same contempt of court, but the North Carolina is not ranked last for justice as Montana is.  Montana is under the jurisdiction of the same US Constitution however.

AG Steve Bullock makes sure Montana is the last best place for JUSTICE and protects criminal acts herein.  See  more on Steve Bullock.

Steve Bullock protected Angela Wetzsteon using public funds, and in violation of Montana Ethical Rule 5.5 [fraud of public funds is the #1 criminal priority of the FBI, if you believe in them].
read more:

American Bar Association President Stephen N Zack
(this ass is long gone now)
Props are given to Mr. Stephen N Zack [former] ABA president from Miami, FL, the Montana Bar gets honorable mention for ignoring a comprehensive report about the UM Law school and Angela Wetzsteon's unauthorised practice.  [see report online--hundreds already have read it]:

Not without mention is Steve Bullock, Montana Attorney General for spending thousands of state resources (Tort Division--Michael King) to protect Angela Wetzsteon, the Vandal.  In literature, a scarlet A was embossed on foreheads for adulterers, we thank Angela Wetzsteon for her self imposed sentence: YES, YOU ARE A VANDAL!  You sidelined some body's life and decided you were above the law.

Irma Russell, Dean UM Law
Ms. Irma Russell, Dean of the University of Montana Law school would rather introduce Eric Holder, and hood Bob Bennett as an honorary doctor of law than take any action on the illegal practice of students at the University of Montana, or meet with members of the public. 

she resigned in 2013 as Dean of the Montana Law School.



Did we mention the University of Montana is a public funded institution (oops!)?  In a speech recently given by Dean Irma Russell, she said the law school is well woven into the fabric of the State of Montana...which means we produce VANDALS that fit right into the last best place for justice.  Even the best and brightest can be compromised upon moving to Montana.

"....moving to Montana soon... (Frank Zappa)" 

[will you visit Montana soon?]

 for letter to US President for civil rights protections for Ravalli County--Written by Peter Pilkey in 2009; Banned from the Bitterroot Public Library, Hamilton, Montana (USA?)
[scroll to see letter]

also published here on this blog----

So Cheers Angela Wetzsteon, it took a village of idiot lawyers to protect you, but you could not protect yourself for practicing law unsupervised as a law student. The Student Practice Rule states that you must be supervised in a court of law, not hounding witnesses on the stand when 6th Amendment rights to speedy trial were long past.  Angela Wetzsteon's professors protected this unethical, criminal contempt of court by their student at the University of Montana Law School:

1. Former clinics Director Peggy Tonon refuses to turn in Angela Wetzsteon, tutors in 2011.

2. Former Dean Edwin Eck of University of Montana Law School took Presidential appointment:

3. Advisor Bari Burke looked the other way for Angela Wetzsteon's misconduct: its a girl power thing.

4. Constitution Professor majored in violating Montana Citizens rights at the Attorney General office, as is former Dean Eck as Consumer Protection Chief.  Want to move to Montana now?

5. Montana Attorney General used public funds to protect unethical practice, not the public:

6. Senator Max Baucus protects Angela Wetzsteon, George Corn for criminal contempt and resigns to live in China as his Obamacare law is looked at in the courts.

Thank you for labeling yourself as a VANDAL Angela Wetzsteon, this will bringing some very important people down with you.  Good luck with that political career Mr. Bullock, you should not have protected a VANDAL with our public tax dollars. 

unauthorized practice, unsupervised

The old entrance of the UM law school.
We would have turned you into the US Justice Department for public fraud (their #1 criminal investigation...supposedly).  The public will judge Steve Bullock at the polls in November 2012, that is if the fraudulent election filing holds up (no office stated), Steve Bullock has demonstrated to the public of his confidence  to threaten citizens, cover up criminal activity in Montana. Bullock's 'native' status should elevate him to be Governor of Montana....NOT!

Destroying Steve Bullock's political life as Governor 2012:

The Dean of the Columbia law school has been informed of Steve Bullocks availability for Faculty after 2012.  George Corn, after being canned by Ravalli County is now willing to continue the improper influence on local judges by working for Datsopoulos, McDonald & Lind in Hamilton, MT.

We have actually contacted approximately 15 Deans in the USA who are members of the American Association of [LETS COVER THIS FELONY UP FOR WETZSTEON.COM] Law Schools or AALS.  From Stanford to NYU....these deans do the executive committee, they are all Jimmy Deans now.   Susan Prager Executive Director in Washington DC

Prosecute Angela Wetzsteon's supervisor: George Corn, Attorney General Bullock for protecting an unethical situation, violates Montana Ethics rule 5.5 (helping unauthorized practice).

So Cheers Angela....there is nothing to stop you from doing whatever you means nothing.

a picture put on facebook/myspace by Angela Wetzsteon
Angela Wetzsteon exposed:

We have enough self subscribed Angela B. Wetzsteon in Ravalli County, Montana.  The Angela Wetzsteon war, protected by Montana and White House officials:

As criminals can protect themselves, we call it LAWLESS AMERICA
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  1. How can Angela Wetzsteon "uphold" the law when she has violated public trust, law, and courts as criminal contempt for their institutions? Is this what being a prosecutor means?

  2. this article has been suppressed online, so I am going to link it to other articles, and you should send it out on social media like twitter, facebook, and others. The university of Montana has seen international attention from their covering up this and other issues on campus. The ABA champion Dean lasted 4 years. Angela Wetzsteon continues to prosecute as a felon, and be protected by Montana Governor Bullock.


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