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Montana State Librarian a hypocrite

Legal_issues by klaussmeister
Legal_issues, a photo by klaussmeister on Flickr.
Darlene Staffeldt, in this 2006 Photo "discuss library law and what it means for public libraries."

Staffeldt then goes on to ignore violations of state library law, mission, constitutional rights, negligence, and public fraud at a member public library.  Time for a resignation of Montana public official gone bad.  Ms. Staffeldt accused me of being a criminal....and forgot to see her own problem of not upholding Library Mission with funding, and correcting problems at member libraries.

3.3 Million Library Thing viewers of the Montana US President letter, rejected from the Bitterroot Public Library and reason for the 2009 unlawful "ban" of civil rights at a Montana Library. See for yourself:

UPDATE: like many other corrupt Montana officials (too many to list here) Ms. Darlene Staffeldt is retiring from not upholding Montana Library Mission.  The Bitterroot Public Library has a reputation in the world for not upholding rights; Darlene Staffeldt chose to fade away instead of doing the right thing.  Why are Montana officials so "bendable" to violate their constituents rights?
Darlene Staffeldt's hypocricy was a fast track to being unemployed.  Bye-bye Darlene.

August 20, 2009 the day sitting on public property at a Montana library became criminal trespass:

The Bitterroot Public Library lost $510,000/yr in public funding.
2 million to date and counting.....
Bitterroot Public Library wants your house, abuses people's rights, violates state law.
Bitterroot Public Library staff make known false statement to law enforcement, city leases library to Bitterroot Public Library for $1, city does not lawfully exist, public fraud of taxpayer dollars.  Uses ineligible city insurance to protect them from civil rights lawsuit.
[published in the Bitterroot Star Weekly Newspaper, Stevensville MT--see link below]

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  1. In a case involving a Butte-Silver Bow library in the State Supreme Court, Staffeldt interjected independence of the library; yet with the Bitterroot Public Library Hamilton, MT the State Librarian has no care of the non-independent, two cases of hypocriticism.


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