Sunday, September 23, 2012

Youtube videos are free speech

What presidential candidate will stand up for the US Constitutional rights?  Neither.

Wouldn't the support of the right to speak elevate a US Presidential candidate into the white house?
It should.

It is sad that our elected officials, paid by public dollars cannot cut to our base belief, from the US Constitution.

I have Youtube videos, and they have already changed the problems that I was trying to highlight.  It was my right to speak and record these videos on public property.  Two of them are about public property, one about rights of private property (my home).

The videos have cut back against corrupt local governments, and warned public institutions that the public are watching them.  Youtube videos are a great way to exercise your first amendment right to free speech, or peaceful assembly.

Why cant America have a presidential candidate that will uphold and speak to the US Constitution.  It is obvious that no one else, besides the public are seeing that the rights are slipping in America.
Youtube: the new way for Americans to uphold their rights.  Tough luck for the rioters in the middle east.  Americans will speak, or make fun of whatever we want.  Because it is our right.

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