Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The US Media is corrupt

The LEE AP Special

Lee Enterprises from Davenport, Iowa was given the helm of the Associated Press in the United States. Mary Junk, the milti-millionaire ethic less CEO of this shameful company sits as chairman of the AP. The most stupid stories are put up on the "wire" to promote the US President.

The US President's friend Warren Buffett has bailed out Lee Enterprises twice since their bankruptcy in Deleware this past January-May 2012. When a friend of the US president literally owns part of the parent company for the Associated Press (AP) then we have altered news in the United States.

Take, for example the case of Specialist William Alemar of the Virginia National Guard:

The Associated Press wants you to see this man, in his mug shot as a gun toting CRAZY.

Specialist William Alemar is an Iraq veteran, applied for the Naval Academy, and was merely training for the deployment oversees to "protect our freedoms" in the United States.

Here is a different picture of Specialist William Alemar:
This is a disgusting display of what is wrong with Lee Enterprises, the American Associated Press, and the politicization of everything. It does not help that the prosecutor is a hyphenator, a publicly outspoken against right to bear arms, and was stupid enough to charge Specialist Alemar with terrorism. Any charge that goes from terrorism to simple (misdemeanor) assault should mean forced resignation of Prosecutor Pamela Games-Neeley of Martinsburg, West Virginia.


Who is safeguarding our rights when the US media, US Prosecutors are removing rights like peaceful assembly, speech, or even wearing whatever we want, as long as there is not a threat.

Specialist Alemar was carrying an AIR RIFLE. it had an ORANGE TIP indicating that the weapon could not kill anything.

I would like to welcome officials and citizens from China, and Russia. Please read, document the shame of the United States. The people cannot trust the media under Lee Enterprises and the AP, and it cannot trust people who take a sworn oath to protect our rights. These same people like Pam Games-Neely are paid by the people.

Lee Enterprises is paid to alter the truth. Another example is the Treyvon Martin photo (the one where he is 12 instead of huge and 17 years old).
read more:
15 facts kept from you by Lee Enterprises and the US Media
By Lee Camp, R rated.

The US media is altering the US Presidential race, all paid, or paid influence of Warren Buffett owning a portion of Lee Enterprises. This is why they suck.

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