Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bitterroot Public Library patrons

Library Patrons unwelcome

Reports coming in from the Bitterroot Public Library patrons in Hamilton, MT are that they dont feel welcome in their own library.

Is is because the library staff are free to remove their privileges outside of Montana law?

Is it the fact that the taxpayers in Ravalli County and City of Hamilton pay more than a half million a year to pay for a library who doesnt know how to serve the public?

Or perhaps a community which is so abusive to its own taxpaying people, that a library like the Bitterroot Public Library feel they can charge trespassing [August 20, 2009] date of this video.

Note:  The Bitterroot Public Library attempts to hide this video, share it with everyone you know.

warned of trespass on public property by a US police officer
Hamilton Montana

Hamilton Montana claims incorporation of 1894, and its county Ravalli claims 1893.  Even though there is a dumbing down in America, these public cities cannot lawfully exist.  Here is the map of Hamilton incorporation that I took of the official map purchased at the Ravalli County Clerk and Recorder

Breathe deep Hamilton, here are the truths of your public fraud, public abuse of taxpayers and patrons of Bitterroot Public Library.  Wonder why people dont feel welcome, perhaps its the 15 police officers who are abusive to the people who pay their salaries.  They arent smart enough to figure out to be nice to the people who pay their salary.

Law enforcement in an ideal world (outside of the United States) would have an IQ above 100.  The 75 level is the actual retard level [now called cognitive delay].  Emptying a clip into a double amputee in a wheel chair, or a defenseless person is what we now have for law enforcement in the United States. 

The connection to the Bitterroot Public Library and the law enforcement is clear in the top video.  The second encounter with Hamilton Police they were unlawfully in my house.  The police chief made policy to enter my house when a call was made specifically calling him off.  Here is that video.

So if you get a job at Rocky Mountain Labs, Hamilton MT perhaps you should rethink the career move to Hamilton Montana.  Abusive, excessive amount of law enforcement who abuse peoples rights.
The Rocky Mountain Lab in Hamilton MT

A library in Hamilton MT who is willing to use these people to abuse their patrons who pay for the library.  A letter to the US President asking for civil rights, and the Black US president ignored our pleas.  We Dubbed it "The Montana US President Letter" linked below:

What kind of small think is involved to limit the material included in a library?  What kind of people make fun of patrons, disavow their American Library Assoc. principles.  Simple.  The Bitterroot Public Library in Hamilton, MT where no law exists other than abuse the people.

Ready to move to Hamilton, MT?

Karma is still taking its toll on Hamilton MT and the Bitterroot Public Library.  I am just reporting the news for Hamilton, MT.  It continues to NOT be pretty.

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