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William Crowley Boone Karlberg

Bill Crowley is the principal lawyer at Boone Karlberg PC Missoula MT.  He knows how to play the old boy game.  Unfortunately for William Crowley, that means he sucks as a lawyer, has no leadership of attorneys at Boone Karlberg, and gets his ass handed to him in oral argument in Montana by Pro Se litigants.

Bill Crowley did not get the message as the WORLD tuned into the UM rape situation.  The Missoula Co. attorney plays the same game, I guess when you dont got the skill you slide the least common behavior trait.  Bill Crowley fearlessly took public money to protect corruption.  The FBI says its the top criminal priority, Bill Crowley says, I am the king of corruption, and that is the only game I know.  

Note: see DV-10-639 Spreadbury v. Kenneth S. Bell, City of Hamilton for Oral Arguments from the 21st Montana District on April 29, 2011 and July 20, 2011 for Mr. Crowley's performances described above.

Look below and see the mail fraud, tampering that Bill Crowley knowingly engaged in at Boone Karlberg Missoula.  Bill thinks people who stand up for what they believe in are silly.  I think Bill Crowley is incompetent, and Boone Karlberg needs an audit.

There is more to it: Boone Karlberg Missoula requested confidential health information with an affidavit, it resulted in the Health Supervisor to lose her job....for Mr. Crowley and Boone Karlberg.  Using its influence in Montana, Boone Karlberg violated established and respected law.

The proof is within this brief (written pro se) that kicked Boone Karlberg PC Missoula's ass all over the Montana Supreme Court and hopefully into a jail cell for William Crowley:

Boone Karlberg PC

A nobleman once said: payback's a bitch.

This wont be too much of a pitch or sell: lawyers suck.

They suck because they take lots of money to defend someone or something. In the case of Boone Karlberg PC, they took the public's tax money to exclude someone from a library, and protect a librarian that lied to a judge, several times.  Laws and rights are there to manipulate for lawyers like Boone Karlberg, because that is how it is played in Montana.

The Bitterroot Public Library

Boone Karlberg Missoula MT defended the Hamilton City Attorney who committed a crime by having their CITY ATTORNEY, Mr. Bell enter a civil courtroom to get an order of protection.

Boone Karlberg PC used the late singer Donna Summer's words to sway the corrput Montana Supreme Court "Enough is Enough".  I cry enough when I know that GLR and Boone Karlberg protected Missoula Hospitals and Health Providers (Western Montana Clinic, others) as a diabetic killed three family members traveling north of Lolo on US 93.  I cringe as Boone Karlberg protected the killing of three people, and I am reminded of this as I drive by the three white crosses.

There is no standard for non-family members as no facts that a threatening event occurred in Montana. Boone Karlberg defended a family law statute for a non-family situation.  Boone Karlberg also did not care that NO FINDING OF FACTS or conclusion of law were established.

Boone Karlberg lied to a judge in open court recorded on transcript regarding a city attorney entering a civil courtroom. The Lee Enterprises affiliate in Hamilton MT lied in the account of the oral argument, which in itself is a crime.

No crime was charged against the librarian, nor the newspaper.

This is what Boone Karlbeg PC protected: Trespass on public property.

Boone Karlberg presented papers that would have stopped my ability to file more cases, essentially a threat in itself, so I would not get information on the felony hit and run accident covered up by Hamilton police chief Ryan Oster.
see more: Mayor Steele is informed of Chief Oster's misconduct in video....does nothing.

Chief Ryan Oster decided to unlawfully enter my house: when he was called off specifically by this woman who had no reasonable suspicion to enter my house.
Thomas Leonard got paid due to public fraud of Hamilton, MT taxpayers.  This is the #1 criminal priority of the FBI.  Do you think Thomas Leonard is affraid?  Nope because he works to the most corrupt law firm in Montana Boone Karlberg PC in Missoula MT.

Boone Karlberg protected these officers in Hamilton, MT.  Paid by public funds.

Boone Karlberg did not care that accepting public funds and the use of them are the #1 criminal priority of the FBI. Boone did not mind due to them being old connected boys who could put out any fire, no matter the criminality of the activity.

Boone Karlberg, representing an unincorporated City had no problem requesting my personal medical information, educational information and the Federal Judge chimed in that I "asked for it" by trying to show in this case that the Bitterroot Public library removed my privileges without cause, outside Montana Law [MCA 22-1-311] and I was defamed by Montana newspapers. Let me put it this way: The City of Hamilton, and Ravalli Co Montana do not lawfully exist so they can make up law, and treat people like me any which way they want.

Thier track record: Inmates die after their right to reasonable bail is denied.  I was interrupted on public property and prosecuted for trespassing.  Ballsy when they violate the #1 criminal priority of the FBI--public fraud of $30M in YEARLY tax dollars.  We wrote to Obama about it in 2009:

Montana law required the library to removed privileges when a willful violation of the rules occurred. The director at the Bitterroot Public Library admitted no staff of hers asked me to leave the library.

I requested the Montana US President Letter be entered as temporary reserve.

The old boys, protected by Boone Karlberg laid waste to my life, my dignity, and were being paid by the Hamilton taxpayers by fraud of services.

I was accused of 4 crimes, went to jail twice and lost most of my friends.

Boone Karlberg made sure they were paid well to accomplish everything that happened to me.

Boone Karlberg got special treatment in the courts that I did not get.

Boone Karlberg played special tricks to win like not following court orders...then blaming me.

Boone Karlberg decided to tamper with my mail, and no one would do anything about it. Boone Karlberg can break the law when they want.

How do I know that Boone Karlberg tampered with my mail? Its easy, out of the two years that I delt with them, they were the only sender that tampered with my mail, consisting of several pieces of mail.

A March 3, 2012 letter from Boone Karlberg PC

A November 2, 2011 letter with Boone Karlberg Missoula MT mail stamp

Mail tampering by Boone Karlberg PC Missoula employees.
no other sender sent me mail, nor could US Postal Employees be involved....
the letters would consistently come this way from Boone Karlberg PC only.  They have their own meter to pay for the postage, as see on the Boone Karlberg PC letters sent to my residence.
this is the November 2, 2011 letter from the other side.

These lawyers at Boone Karlberg do not follow the same ethics, or law book that you and I do. This is what happens when old boys make up the rules. This is what happens when the judges join the old boys and dont uphold the law. The Missoula Co. Atty and Bill Crowley, executive partner at Boone Karlberg PC Missoula MT are CLONES. One is under international scutiny, the Boone Karlberg partner is in denial that he is doing the same thing.....JUSTICE FOR HIRE.

Boone Karlberg in Missoula MT is a disgraceful firm. There are no lawyers in Montana, only criminals. Boone Karlberg lied, cheeted, broke laws, and had the court on their side. It was not a fair fight. My briefs were citing law, controlling authority....none of it mattered.

citation: an oral argument against Boone Karlberg in US District Court.  I cited caselaw, federal statures, and Boone Karlberg went on and on about I was in the "wrong".  Wrong because I dont drink from the corrupt stream Boone Karlberg does.

Boone Karlberg PC billed from Missoula MT and came to Hamilton MT for oral arguments, arguments that I easily won, even against the executive partners of Boone Karlberg in Missoula. It was no contest as seen by lawyers, friends, and people in the gallery who could not believe I was kicking the ass of a partner like Boone Karlberg, or The Attorney General representative of Montana.

Montana ranks last for justice, and old men like principals of Boone Karlberg decided who gets prosecuted, who gets defended. As soon as Montana plays favorites, law firms like Boone Karlberg make lots of money for protecting and engaging in crime.

Notice in the THIRD example of Boone Karlberg tampering that the end was ripped UP and the signature hole in the front occurred.  {look at the end of the letter for obvious tearing}

Boone Karlberg retains attorneys from the University of Montana law school---ranked last in the nation 145/145. So when you get an attorney from Boone Karlberg PC Missoula, you are getting the
Boone Karlberg Missoula MT gave $25,000
for this criminal training ground.  More like a highway to Hell.

But Boone Karlberg PC will make you pay the highest in Missoula MT.

In more ways than one.

Boone Karlberg are not in jail because they pay high rents off of your dollar. In the case of the Library, to protect evil people who took privileges from a person who were never asked to leave, who also used the improper Hamilton Police who charged trespass on public property.

But Boone Karlberg lawyers in Missoula MT would disagree....because they are paid to disagree.
Paid with fraudulent tax dollars.
Your dollars to protect crime.

If you are in a bind and need a lawyer, do not retain Boone Karlberg PC in Missoula MT.

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