Saturday, July 28, 2012

no Justice in the USA

When Americans think of a courtroom, with the seals, flags, and the Magistrate dressed in black, we think we are surrounded with justice.  Think again.

The white haired bastards who step outside of their powers on the bench think no one will stop them, no one can impeach them, because the judicial commission is full of assholes like them.  The newspapers are always supportive of them.  Enter Lee Enterprises in the United States with Monopoly in the State of Montana.

Destroying someone's reputation is as easy as not following any rules, not even the judicial ones when it comes to defamation.  Its all a lot easier when they all work together.

Locally in Western Montnaa, we made a movie called beneath the beauty.  You can find it at  The movie participants found that there is no lawful incorporation for Hamilton, MT or also the county involved, Ravalli.

see for yourself.  When no incorporation happens, that means all of the public officials are IMPERSONATING public officials.  They are also committing the #1 criminal priority of the FBI, (public fraud) also willing to ignore their own orders.   See for yourself.

There is a new movie being made in America, it is called Lawless America and filmed by Bill Windsor of Georgia.  Bill is traveling to all 50 states documenting the problems and no justice that Americans face in the USA.  It is called Lawless America the Movie.

So when public officials abuse the citizens who pay for their salaries, this is how we expose corruption in the United States.  It the oath of office is not enough, the truth should take care of the rest.  Please friend "Lawless America" on Facebook and check for updates on website.

Americans have had enough of the bullshit coming from Judges mouths, when it comes to violating our rights, not following statutes, and generally abusing power.  Lawless America is the crack in the dam and will expose judicial abuse to America and the World.  Its about time that people understand that America is not home of the free.  That was the guise that now is ending.

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