Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Steve Bullock gay marriage

Steve Bullock gay marriage

Steve Bullock has ruled Montana like an iron thumb.  His own Justice Department (swallow hard, Montana has no justice) would not prosecute a criminal due to having a conflict of interest.  The criminal was protected by your funds.  Her name is Angela Wetzsteon, who practiced law as a student in Montana.

Didnt I tell you there was no justice?

Bullock is taking a different stance on gay marriage than the Democrat "gay crazy" crowd.  Marriage is a personal issue, not something tied to governent power.

Steve Bullock is all about power.  Steve Bullock's wiki definition is the 800 lb. gorilla.  The actual wiki definition says the 800 lb gorilla is above the law.  So is Steve Bullock.

Your governor vote in Montana should not be about gay marriage, it should be about a lawyer like Steve Bullock being above the law, mis-using public funds, and attempting to violate campaign laws in 2008 and in 2012 by using the Montana highway patrol and active US Military respectively.

So if you are going to look for whether Steve Bullock opposes gay marriage to give him your vote, you are more of a stupid ass, and dont know a thing about the corruption, and abuse of power by Bullock.
Look up the 2007 Zyprexa lawsuit.  Steve Bullock stole the entire judgment from the victims: the Montana elderly.  As Steve Bullock lives up to his wiki definition of above the law, to no endorse him with your vote in 2012.  $4M was taken by the Montana Dept. of Justice, but I am sure his stance on gay marriage is more important than is public criminal status.

If you care about Montana law, Steve Bullock allows the FEDS to circumvent our law and conduct a raid.  What the WTF does an oath of office mean to Steve Bullock?  Absolutely nothing.

Read the constitutional scholars be baffled by Steve Bullock in Montana.  For a guy who went to Columbia law, Steve Bullock comes back to his native state and follows no law.

But Gay marriage is way more important that all the abuse, all of the civil rights violations, in Montana to Montanans.  Ask the Sheriff Anderson recall effort in Lincoln Co. Montana if they liked the threat of criminal charges by Steve Bullock.  Thats right threat of "culpability" by Steve Bullock for petitioning the public to recall an unconstitutional sheriff. 

But by all means vote on his stance of Gay Marriage....he may change that after the election.
So if you are intolerant of gay marriage, I am sure you will be tolerant of Steve Bullock's demonstrated abuse of power.

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