Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can Pam Bucy do it?

Can Pam Bucy take an objective view of the Montana Justice System and truly see what it needs?

From the campaign and facebook feeds, Pam Bucy has been spoon feeding us that our justice system has been protecting us.  I wonder if she really believes this.

Pam Bucy comes from the University of Montana Law School in Missoula, MT the ONLY law school in the state, and ranked last bu US news in 2012.  Pam Bucy got honors grades there.

If she is the ranking assistant attorney General can she be objective and see areas that need improvement?  Where has Pam Bucy shown us the vision of their candidacy for Montana Attorney General?  She has the token hunting photos, so Joe Six pack might think about voting for her in Montana, but what about the improvements she would like to make?

For example, what about the problem with following the Constitution, in any way in Montana?  We are not too good for federal dollars, but cant uphold basic rights.

No reasonable suspicion to enter home, used law enforcement to harass, and intimidate citizen of Montana.  Pam Bucy was endorsed by both of these groups: Probation officers, and law enforcement.

32 seconds that Montana wished never happened.  This video has been translated into 9 languages within a month of publication, and over 1,000 views worldwide.  All of a sudden, Pam Bucy Yellowstone National Park doesnt look so attractive in Montana.

Pam Bucy will the the Chief Law enforcement officer in Montana if elected as Attorney General in 2012.  Will she tolerate law enforcement impersonating public officials, AND not caring for law, even when it is right in front of them.  Will Pam Bucy make Montana stay just as usual, or will she bring us more justice?

All I have heard from Pam Bucy is that we should trust our law enforcement, and our county attorney officers are protecting us.  Well, after spending 72 hours in solitary confinement for writing on a public sidewalk with chalk, I guess we get those Federal dollars to neglect fundamental rights, right Pam Bucy?

Pam Bucy needs to show her leadership skills, and respond to the public when they have asked many times how she feels on Medical Marijuana.  Its actually a law in Montana.  I would like to know how Pam Bucy will uphold our law in 2012 as many of us will enter the polls to protect this state law, that Pam Bucy's predecessor, Steve Bullock has ignored.

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