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Rick Hill v. Steve Bullock on FWP

Bullock v. Hill on FWP

Steve Bullock the New York State trained lawyer wants to control everything about hunting and recreating in the State of Montana. His spokesman, Kevin O'Brien told a Butte Montana television station that his candidate is much better suited to change or control the hunt in Montana.

Bullock advocates "professional management" of FWP. This must involve good old fashioned brutality, intimidation and "we know best". Montana does not contain any professionals. Steve Bullock has the Montana way about him. Here is a fictional example of how Steve Bullock likes to get things done:

This trailer for Legends of the Fall (1994) even looks like Bullock.

In Montana, the authorities, answerable to Bullock do what they want through bullying. I've shown this video clip for about a year, and it has almost 75,000 hits since I put it up. Do you think that that amount of people are looking at an 18 year old movie? They are seeing Steve Bullock in action.

I know first hand. Steve Bullock threatened my livelihood and house for questioning his Ravalli County Prosecutor George Corn, the ONLY County Attorney Steve Bullock was pictured with in the 2008 race for Attorney General. This has been contained in affidavit TWICE.

See prosecute Steve Bullock, or Recall Steve Bullock, or check the image below. No body has put me in prison for perjury yet....because it is truthful:

The recall effort of Steve Bullock was blocked by the same woman who signed my Education license: now Secretary of State Linda McCullough who is the second highest ranking Democrat sellout in Montana, after Governor Brian Schweitzer; who stumped for a Kenyan at the '08 DNC.

Steve Bullock and George Corn in Hamilton, MT

Courtesy of Bullock for AG (2008)

Info on George Corn: www.GeorgeCorn.con

Steve Bullock used public funds from the Attorney General office to protect a multiple felon. This felon was Angela Wetzsteon who practiced law without a license, and swore she was supervised as required, and was not. Steve Bullock violated Montana Ethics Rule 5.5 for assisting the unlawful practice of ANYONE.

Steve Bullock also took from Montana victims $14 million as public fraud in the Zyprexa lawsuit. A $9.5M 'Mental Health Trust Fund' and $3.5M 'costs' to the Montana Dept. of Justice did not benefit the Montana Elderly victims of Zyprexa who were NOT mentally ill and prescribed the Elli Lilly medicine, got sick with Diabetes, or died. Public Fraud is the #1 criminal priority of the FBI, unless you are in bed with them like Steve Bullock as he assisted their raids in Montana against citizen initiated Montana Law (Medical Marijuana).

By contrast, Rick Hill is listening to the voters, and citizens of Montana when it comes to Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) in Montana. Apparently there are some real problems coming from all sections of the public in Montana. Rick Hill is making a bold step to stop the corruption within law enforcement in Montana including FWP. One does not have to look much further than Lake Co. when the poaching took place WITHIN the Sheriff Department, and most likely looked the other way by the Montana FWP.

Check the Missoula Independent's "Above the Law" article to verify this.

The very difference is that Rick Hill gets it. He will listen to the people. When has Steve Bullock listened or helped anyone in the Attorney General office in Montana? Dangerous politicians feel they can threaten people, have power over people, and RULE.

Steve Bullock feels entitled to own Montana as Governor in 2012. Rick Hill has demonstrated ability to serve Montana in US Congress, and is demonstrating his ability to listen to win the Governor race in 2012. The abuse in FWP and Law enforcement will continue under Steve Bullock's Montana. Here is a snipet from my living room as I was on probation for speaking in public, care of Steve Bullock's Attorney General office. This clip was translated into 9 languages in 30 days, and has more than 1,000 hits. Do we wonder why Montana tourism has fallen off?

Steve Bullock said he wanted to continue the "good work" as Attorney General. Is this it?
Is this as good as it gets?

Kristina Bessenyey MT DOC quickly became an "administrator" after this stunt.
no reasonable suspicion to enter, called backup although everything ok over radio.

The officer shooting in Hamilton has more than 150,000 hits. The Montana Highway Patrol lost a commander due to failure to investigate a hit and run accident in 2007, and Bullock named Tooley as his successor. Are we better off when the accident scheme (blaming victims of accidents via county attorney, MHP) for State Law enforcement?

Warning: death by Montana Law Enforcement
without incorporation (impersonating public official)
[City of Hamilton MT not incorporated "incorporation" of 1894 after 1893 Ravalli County inception ]

So for the first time in Montana's political history, and possibly never again can you vote for a Republican (Rick Hill) for progressive change of the Judicial system, while Steve Bullock will use his power and influence over public dollars to float his own agenda. The "polarity" of the parties have changed in the 2012 Montana Governor Race.

Rick Hill is wanting to change a few things.

Steve Bullock is jazzed that you dont know about his crime spree in Montana, and is pledging to keep his Montana native status, which only means status quo in the Montana Judicial System.

Steve Bullock's Montana (a VERY popular post):

So remember that stark video clip in this publication. Steve Bullock uses threats and force, (Montana Judicial system) and wants control of YOUR state Montana voters. Rick Hill has already proven his service in Washington DC for Montana. It looks like Rick Hill has made his impression. Its up to you to see for yourself that your family will be better off with a true statesman, who listens to the people.

Here is your next Montana Governor.  23,000 people have seen this advertisement.  Steve Bullock does not have a video on Youtube with more than 2,000 views as of Oct. 1, 2012.

 Rick Hill is making a bold move to counter the establishment of Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) in Montana. Montana needs a bold guy like Rick Hill to be our Governor in 2012.
with the help of corporate media (Lee Enterprises) in Montana, and the favorable "courts" Steve Bullock convinced people Rick Hill took unlawful contributions.  The Governors mansion was an easy grab for a guy like Steve Bullock who knows how to pull all the levers.

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