Monday, August 27, 2012

Free William Alemar

Prosecutor Pamela Games-Neely

Specialist William Alemar will be released today Wed. 8/29/12.
The only one "stupid" here is the prosecutor, as Alemar is charged for simple assault to stop the civil rigthts suit against Berkeley Co Prosecutors. It wont work.
The prosecutor in the William Alemar case of "you scared the crap out of my"

William Alemar went running, possibly intoxicated with all of his equipment for the National Guard in Martinsburg, West Virginia. While this blog network is pretty sure WVA is still in the union, Alemar was charged with a felony act of terror for running with his ORANGE tipped training rifle, or as many are calling it---the Aerosoft air rifle (and yes it has an Orange tip).

Pamela Games-Neely

"He terrified a community that was dropping off their children that day. That's where the charge starts. Now, where we go from here depends on what other information that we have out there - and we have been able to amass a significant amount - but the charge is correct based on what the public was experiencing at that moment," Games-Neely said.

If clowns frighten some people, and black cats, will we see Veternary clinics and insane assylums fill up? Pamela Games-Neely has made an oath, similar to the one William Alemar did: to defend the constitution. While Guardsman Alemar was training to do his duty to uphold the constitution, his prosecutor Ms. Games-Neely merely thinks raising your right hand to a Judge or other official is just waving HI.

The stuff that may or may have not been on William Alemar's person as he got arrested for terrorism charges in West Virginia.


as can be clearly seen from a far distance, and in this photograph, there is an ORANGE tip to this "training rifle" that William Alemar was running with. The fear from soccer mom's should not translate into criminal charges, other than DIP (drunk in public) if Mr. Alemar was in fact publically intoxicated.

The Gender bias of the prosecutor Pamela Games-Neely is pretty apparent in this case. As the United States has been at war for over 10 years, and the use of Guard troops in combat a known issue, why then do we have a disconnect and fear in our population from military types preparing for thier job?

If fearful women are the cause of police action, and criminal charges, perhaps lets lay off all of the law enforcement in the United States, and give black robes to the moms taking their kids to school. Fear is driving the show here, and it is the responsibility of prosecutor Pamela Games-Neely to stop the circus. Instead of stopping the fear circus, Ms. Neely decided to show her power to the planet.

That power went against her oath, and Ms. Pamela Games-Neely will lose the next election. Thats how unconstitutional prosecutors lose their careers. In the next election, the right to equal protection needs to be exercised for Mr. Alemar and removing Ms. Pamela Games-Neely from office.

In solidarity with William Alemar
this video shows how to maintain your air rifle.
If you run in Martinsburg, WV you might scare the women
even through you have a orange tip proving its harmless.
A Petition to free William Alemar on

A community can be terrified of a lot of things. Pamela Games-Neely decided to drop all reason, law, and constitutional rights in West Virginia. Once these things happen our society does not rest on its principles, but we become the Salem Witch Trials all over again.
We live in a society of natual laws, and Pamela Games Neely has decided that her own law is more important specific to her gender, ruling on fear.

The people of Martinsburg can drive the ultimate fear into Prosecutor Pamela Games-Neely and remove her from her position, because she could not make it in the private sector as an attorney.

She doesnt know the law, or whats right.

As soon as William Alemar is free, is the beginning of the political end for Pamela Games Neely.

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