Thursday, February 9, 2012

White House strongarms MEA MFT CORE endorsement

Steve Bullock, candidate for Governor of Montana 2012 just received a strange endorsement recently.
Eric Feaver of the Montana Educator Association (MEA-MFT CORE)

On the heels of slamming the Ennis Montana School District Superintendent for improper use of public funds (something Steve Bullock is expert at) he gets the school union endorsement in Montana.  Some thing does not add up here for the MEA-MFT CORE union headed by Eric Feaver in Helena.
Chicago Tribune
Jim Messina Obama Campaign Manager 2012            

What does make sense is Democratic operatives such as Jim Messina "from Montana" pressuring the union to back Bullock.  The question is, do Montana Voters follow unions endorsements into the voting booth?  It would be a hard sell to elect a Democrat in any state in the Union after the 2010 windfall for the other corporate party.

Read about the Jim Messina Political Show:

Steve Bullock used public funds to protect the criminal act of an unsupervised law student, Angela Wetzsteon even though the law student was not a state employee.
read more:

Eric Feaver should be ashamed of throwing a Superintendent under the UNION Bus, Doug Walsh who served Montana proudly as an Educator professional.  Steve Bullock must be nervous if he is calling in favors from Jim Messina by getting a union endorsement.

Can't other educators in Montana figure out that this "endorsement" came pretty high up if the same news cycle has a superintendent trashed by Steve Bullock.

Ahh Politics in Montana.  As in everywhere, its all perception and mostly a steamy pile of bull.
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