Saturday, January 19, 2013

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Lawless America is filming thousands of victims of US Judicial Corruption to portray to the country and world that the laws either are not enforced in America, or are at a price, or for political favors.

Bill Windsor is the founder of Lawless America.  He has first hand experience, as I have of the lawlessness of the judicial system.  When laws dont matter, and even protect political criminals, and politicians in office, Americans suffer.

Visit the Home page of Lawless America at

The movie is expected to come out sometime in 2013, and the Youtube Channel for Lawless America has video testimony of Americans willing to give testimony to US Congress

To view, or subscribe to Lawless America channel point to:

The web site for Lawless America has a paypal account to defray the costs of production of the movie Lawless America.  Please give, please donate to Lawless America if you can.

I will leave you with people's testimony of what Lawless America is..... (10 min)

video called: Lawless America: What does that mean?
Bill Windsor has traveled to 50 states to video Americans suffering under their own justice system sworn to protect and uphold the laws of each state and the United States....and are not.
Lawless America is a thoughtful revolution one which intelligent, articulate Americans of all races, both genders are speaking up about the lawlessness in America.
Lawless America--a revolution of the people exposing the truth.

My youtube Account exposes local corruption truths in Montana:

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