Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jim Bailey Justice of the Peace Ravalli County

I decided to come out of semi-retirement as a blogger to warn the voters of Ravalli County about the JP race in 2014.  JP Jim Bailey is running against Michael "Rocky" Bailey for the dept. 2 justice of the peace in Ravalli County Montana.

The reason I am doing so is I dont forgive Justice of the Peace Jim Bailey for allowing an arrest warrant unlawfully as a defense counsel was present at my "trial" after many of my supposed constitutional rights were violated by Jim Bailey. JP Bailey thought that a bench warrant for someone with counsel for a misdemeanor was lawful.  Send Jim Bailey packing November 4, 2014.

I dont forget how Jim Bailey, Justice of the Peace Ravalli County knowingly allowed a law student without supervision prosecute in his courtroom several times.  For those of you who dont know this about Jim Bailey, it is completely true.  The information I have about Jim Bailey Ravalli County Justice is that he needed a job in 2002, and was approached in the Job Service in Ravalli County Montana.  Jim Bailey as JP in Ravalli County MT has been obedient ever since.

A judge should be independent.  Michael "Rocky" Bailey was an upstanding law enforcement as Montana Highway Patrol.  Other sources say he has more integrity in his pinky finger than Jim Bailey for Justice Ravalli County.  Jim Bailey has proven in the case of the law student, now main deputy prosecutor for Ravalli County MT he does as he is asked--even if it violates rights, the law, and common practice in a court of law.  The second source worked in the courts in Ravalli County and watched how Rocky Bailey conducted himself around Justice Court staff.

Read about the law student:

--This FELONY CRIME occurred in Jim Bailey's Dept 2 Justice of the Peace Courtroom Aug. 8, 2007.

[Angela Wetzsteon was admitted to Montana Bar Oct. 9, 2008]
On May 21, 2010 Wetzsteon swore in affidavit that proper supervision occurred although Jim Bailey called her a State Attorney in a sworn statement on August 17, 2007.  Wetzsteon swore on or around June 10, 2010 for a second affidavit she was supervised, and "didnt know why" the student paperwork was not turned in to Bailey's court.  Jim Bailey was criminally negligent to allow a law student without supervisor in chambers, or in a courtroom as a state prosecutor.

Jim Bailey Justice for Ravalli County has been on the bench serving the County Government, not you as taxpayers.  Jim Bailey JP Ravalli County up for election in November 4, 2014 cannot count to six.  The reason Jim Bailey needs to be able to count to six is to dismiss court cases involving a misdemeanor if a court case has not been achieved--its only covered in a speedy trial provision of your constitutional rights.  Jim Bailey JP Ravalli county thinks your rights are like the new fuzzy math.  After counting past six, but thinking it is less than six, Jim Bailey is willing to arrest you for being deployed for the United States.  I doubt Michael Rocky Bailey would allow a law student in his courtroom without a supervisor, because without it the law student is committing impersonation of a state officer, a felony which should yield 5 yrs prison time plus fine.

Jim Bailey has sucked off Ravalli County for more than 10 years as a Justice of the Peace.  It's time to let corrupt, spineless judges "retire".  Ravalli County needs a judge who works on the people's behalf, and not as Jim Bailey has done, for the County Government who also abuse rights.  A decent judge like Michael "Rocky" Bailey would call out tampered evidence, time expiration, or bogus charges but a scumbag like Jim Bailey would allow it to occur.

On November 4, 2014 vote out Jim Bailey Justice of the Peace Ravalli County MT.  This blog will remain up forever about Jim Bailey as his crimes against me will never be forgiven, nor forgotten.  The same goes for The Most Honorable Chee Burnsides Darby MT City judge which several blogs alerted the qualified voters in Ravalli Co who converted the blogs into only 300 county votes out of 29,000 possible.  Jim Bailey should be retired as a Justice by Ravalli County voters in 2014.

Jim Bailey may have been doing favors, but he is a danger to your rights in Ravalli Co. Montana.  Please vote for Michael "Rocky" Bailey on November 4, 2014.

Jim Bailey failed to appear with any capacity to uphold the law or rights in his courtroom since 2002.  Its time the voters vote out Justice of the Peace Dept. 2 JIM BAILEY.

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  1. in 2015 this judge whose county does not lawfully exist threw up a crumpled motion at a defendant. In most places that would be simple assault. Bailey was frustrated when actual law crossed his eyes.


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